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This is even more whimsical than usual for me! The capybara now has its Santa hat on. I have really enjoyed making this!ceramicsculpture ceramicanimal handbuiltceramics capybara scarvaearthstone workinprogress christmascapybara christmashat

✨Good news! Shop will be updated soon (I will post a shop update reminder in my story tomorrow) and this red panda will be this drop as well🧡 . I have been seeing his name a lot in the Rare Pet election. Thanks for the wait😌 . I really want you guys to name this sweet little guy! Throw me names in the comment🤗

Con las baby suculentas huevito en la XI versión de la Expo Flores y Jardines de Temuco expofloresyjardines ceramicanimal ceramicagres ceramics ceramicagreschile suculentas macetas faunagres

✨Gonna make some starry night pets for Spooktober🌚 Starry night bear, hood cat and chick coming soon🖤 (Spooktober only💫)

How’s your day? Tangerine Bear greeting you🍊 I have been colouring the brooches and waiting for the pots to dry! But I broke one of them...Bennie the bunny😭 Gonna color the pots tomorrow🤗 I hope you had a productive day🧡

Good Saturday morning 🌞 or night as usual for those of you in other time zones. Here's two spoopy friends making a preorder comeback because I know many of you were disappointed to have missed them last year or during the last shop restock. The little cat ghost is a tad different from last year's, can you tell what it is? ✨These pre orders will take 1-2 months before they're ready for dispatch but of course I'll send them off earlier if I manage to get them done sooner. After dispatch they will usually take 2-3 weeks to be delivered anywhere out of Singapore but that is dependent on your local post as well. I actually already started on a few to give me a head start. With my arm pains it's better to space things out. The preorder listing will be made available 🌱21 Oct 12pm Singapore time🌱 on my Etsy shop. I will place a countdown timer in my stories so all of you can check exactly how much more time it is till they are available. They'll be up till all the slots are sold out (-: Thank you all so much for all the love. If you have any enquiries do drop me an email or send me a message through Etsy 🙏🏻 I would really appreciate it. Have a beautiful weekend ahead!

Bandejas realizadas en cuerda seca, con animales de tierra, agua y aire.... Mañana taller abierto por el día de la madre de 14hs a 21hs . . . .ceramicdecoration cuerdasecaceramica ceramicanimal ceramics cuerdaseca bandejas keramika ceramica ceramicailustrada ilustracionceramica ceramic

Grosse novità in arrivo alla Ceramica del Ferlaro! 🐧🐧🐧 Ancora qualche giorno e ve le mostreremo in anteprima 😊 E domani si comincia con i workshop di decorazione nel nostro laboratorio di Collecchio! 🖌️🎨 Big news coming soon, stay tuned! 😉

Little sheep comission in progress. herbivores ceramicanimal sheep

Peach bear🍑 and his squash friend! I have been working on some pins with the left over clay today☺️ Since I am out of clay right now, will go to buy some new clay tomorrow🧡 New batch coming soon! More new bears and pets to come✨ Please stay tuned🤗

ENCHANTED FORESTS 🌲 Dodo Toucan animals are inspired by the tales of our childhood: wild wolves, sly floxes and gentle does. This autumn, our new animals are coming from the Northern American forests! Can you spot them?⁠ -⁠dodotoucan ceramic ceramicanimal forest raccoon squirrel clay ceramica madeinfrance handmadewithlove automne foret ceramique animaux danslesbois autumn ratonlaveur

Bennie the Bunny with its new squash friend saying hi✨ . I hope you had a chill holiday, and to be more chill, you can check out my latest studio vlog on my YouTube channel😂(link in bio) swipe for the preview of the vlog🧡 . And all orders will be shipped by tomorrow! Thank you so much for the wait☺️

Hello 🌞 I want to say a big thank you to everyone who supported my shop update last weekend 🌻 and also all of you who follow me along my journey here. It's unbelievable I get to do what I do and I am grateful everyday for this opportunity. You guys are amazing and I am lucky to have a community of kindness here. Thank you so much for your endless understanding, this one lady operation really appreciates it. I am still in the process of finishing off and packing all your treasures but they will be off to the post soon! I'm sending my pieces off to some new countries this time around and it's a delightful feeling - I have works heading to Germany, Ireland, Iceland to name a few. Having major wanderlust now reminiscing my trip to Iceland years ago. Iceland has such beautiful and bizarre landscapes! And still stands as one of my favourite visited countries. Thank you endlessly ✨ if you've reached this far down in my ramblings, I'd also like to share that I'll have a preorder coming soon for some spooky pieces. One's recent and one's from last year (-: It shall be shared once I have all my packing and shipping sorted. As another bonus, swipe to meet, Truffle (whom I call Chuffles), my mum's dog. She's a sweet, feisty girl with an iconic splash of white on her left hind foot that she's had since she was a baby. She was using me to stretch while I was doing up my restock photos last week ☺️ Have a beautiful day ahead!

🍓Thank you for loving strawberry bear, he is the one who gets new home in the first second every time✨ . It is magical that weird kawaii ideas can turn into daily functional used pots, this is one of the most amazing thing about handmade ceramics☺️ . Let me know if you want me to make more fruit bear✨

It's been a long time since I've made pangolins 😊 🍓small reminder: I'll be updating my shop soon.... check my bio for details. Also, my Etsy is linked, but there's a possibility that I'll be listing through my Shopify. I will definitely keep you posted on what I use. 🍓. . . . . .porcelainsculpture pangolins ceramicanimal pangolin clayart loveceramics wemakecollective handmadeisbest favehandmade ceramics claylove contemporaryceramics makersgonnamake instagramartist originalart homestudio pottery ceramicart artistsoninstagram creativeminds porcelainart destinartist claylove kilnfired sculptureart keramik ceramicsobsessed smallsculpture originalartwork aurawinworks

Greeting from the Queen Chick✨she is still looking for a new home🧡 Have you seen the latest Rare Pets member list? It has been out🤗 . I will be starting a new batch soon! Gonna get some new glaze, since I have some new ideas for the bear😏 super exciting!!!

Good Sunday morning 🌞 We have two different themes today. One a dreamy blue with stars and another with an Oaty glaze and cobwebs but they still look mighty good together. They were both sculpted using mint leaves so they have their similarities. They are joining the shop restock in a couple hours (-: the countdown timer can be found on the story highlight in my profile titled - Preview 13Oct If you swipe all the way you'll see another bread experiment that I'm having now for breakfast. Always fun seeing the progression of the dough into a loaf? And feels so great enjoying your own homemade bread. Hope you're having a beautiful day 🌿

Guess this rascal! 🍓Small reminder: I'll be updating my shop soon.... check my bio for date/time. Also, my Etsy is linked, but there's a possibility that I'll be listing through my Shopify (I just have to set it up). I will definitely keep you posted on what I use. 🍓. . . . . .porcelainsculpture ceramicartworks ceramicanimal # clayart loveceramics wemakecollective handmadeisbest favehandmade ceramics claylove contemporaryceramics makersgonnamake instagramartist originalart homestudio pottery ceramicart artistsoninstagram creativeminds porcelainart destinartist claylove kilnfired sculptureart keramik ceramicsobsessed smallsculpture originalartwork aurawinworks

Dancing bear! . . . .ceramicanimal bear

暴風雨前夜、ガソリンも売り切れでしたが、 マレーシアのアートフェアに作品を出して頂いております。 皆様におかせられましては大事無きようお祈り申し上げております。 Do come and see Izumi’s series of ceramic otters at the Gallery Hanakagesho booth. You will be enchanted by the curiosity of the friendly critters, who will want to know more about you, as we hope you will want to know more about them! Art Expo Malaysia 2019. DATE:10th – 13th, Oct. 2019 MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Center( MECC ), Kuala Lumpur http://artexpomalaysia.com/ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・artexpomalaysia2019artfairceramicartsotter ceramicanimal izumi #泉水

Are you ready for a new pets drop? ✨Shop update will be @ 10:00 am (Vancouver time) tomorrow! . Turn on the shop update reminder in my story to get latest notification So you can snatch your favourite pet before others do💪 . If you want a shop update preview, please vote in story to let me know💫

I think we're all set for the shop restock on 🌱 13 Oct 1pm Singapore Time 🌱 I will be sharing a preview of all the new treasures heading into the shop in my stories soon (-: Which piece makes your heart smile? For me this time round.. I must say I adore the little black/blue swallow ✨ I sculpted it after watching a few swallows gliding through the air one evening. They were so swift and free and light 🍂 I specifically chose this coloration to model the Pacific Swallow as they are one of the more common types of Swallows found in Singapore. I'm glad they turned out so sweet and I hope you enjoy them as much as I had fun researching and making them. Have a beautiful day ahead 🌞

I love these blue whale pendants! I’d love to know what kind of creatures you would like to see me make next!

Queen Chubby Chick in glaze✨ it took me soooo long😅 since it is very hard to glaze on the little edges! . I spent the longest work time on this Queen Chick so far💪 but it is worth it! . I used baby pink glaze for the flowers and cheek, lively green for the leafs 🍃

Made a seal at pottery today . . . .ceramicanimal seals

Good morning ✨ Today we have a congregation of shiny things. Some feeling a little spooky and some on their way to adventure with rosemary sprigs. Look at that little snail leaving a stardust of a slime trail on the fox's back. A hand for scale to show their relative sizes. Each one carefully sculpted, glazed and fired by moi 🖖🏼 The shop restock has been set for 🌱 13Oct 1pm Singapore time 🌱 A little later this time hopefully to accommodate my friends in other timezones. I will have more to share soon! Have a lovely day ahead 🍂

What about a tangerine bear?🍊 All day glazing today💪 . There are quite a lot of new pets this time! Get your eyes peeled on the update! The pets are almost done🧡 Shop update will be here soon🤗

Little white fox carrying the sun and moon 🌘 The cool, dimpled moon surface in a silvery white gold and where it's illuminated by the sun, a bright yellow gold. For when life needs a little balance. These little ones are fresh out of the kiln. I think this is the first time I used both white and yellow gold on a single piece of work. I've read that when mixed they might react unpredictably so I was extra careful. It produced a nice result on this piece so I'm very happy (-: Always read and research when uncertain 👌🏻 I'm working up towards an Etsy shop update this weekend or on Monday. Still sorting out the schedule but I'll let you all know first thing when it's confirmed. Thank you and I hope you have a beautiful day ahead 🌞

I'm working on small animals at the moment. This dog is about 15 cm long. Sometimes fotos help to see details. I changed the eye after taking the foto. There were no lines for fur. workinprogess greenware ceramic handmade handbuilt Unikat keramik keramikkunst ceramicart sculpturalceramics sculpture ceramicanimal ceramiques ceramicdog oneofakind handgemacht handmadeceramics

I work primarily in 3 clay bodies. This photo represents two of them. One the left is high fired porcelain meaning - kiln firing around 2345 degrees Fahrenheit. The little owl on the right is low fired earthenware kiln fired around 1945 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though both clay bodies are white colored, one can see there is a difference in background colors. Porcelain can survive many temperature conditions while earthenware less so. Each clay body has unique qualities. Larueshandinclay blackscupltor chicagoartist afrolatinoartist black_ceramicist peopleofcolorpeopleofclay porcelainartist earthenwareartist slabbuiltceramics stampsforceramics stampartist stampart ceramicartist blackartmatters blackartistry ceramicanimal ceramicartist clayisfun handmadeceramics homedecor

. 두번째 고양이 작업 _ 갈라지지 말고 마르자! _ #스튜디오뮤 studiomew ceramics pottery ceramicanimal ceramiccatcatfigurine catsofinstagram etsy #반려묘도자기인형 #도자기스톤함

Quaglie in lavorazione nel nostro laboratorio 😊 Ogni pezzo è rifinito a mano, per ottenere i dettagli minuziosi del piumaggio e dei licheni che potete osservare sfogliando la gallery. Questa coppia è pronta per essere smaltata - disponibile su ordinazione e in qualsiasi colore!

Unknown maker vintage ceramic figure. The nose ring seems to indicate a bull to me, but others have suggested a goat. Only marked with an “Illums Bolighus” (a Danish retailer) paper label. illumsbolighus midcenturypottery midcenturymodern ceramicanimal

. 이번주는 고양이 스톤함 3개 작업. 고양이가 조금 크게 만들어졌다. 집중하면 형태 잡는데 3시간 정도면 충분한데 그 집중을, 작업대에 엉덩이를 붙일려면 시간이 걸린다. 눈코입의 음영을 되도록 적게 해야 유약 고임을 줄일 수 있을것 같다. 던컨 유약으로 붓칠 시유도 시도는 해보도록. _ 오브제 보다는 저 함이 문제임. _ #스튜디오뮤 studiomew ceramicanimal ceramics catsculpture customorderetsy etsyshop

✨I am thinking of opening a new collection for Chubby Chick! 🐥 . Like I will make various designs of them, such as mouth open chick, worm in the beak chick, floral head band chick...you get what I mean!🤗 if so, throw me ideas of your own version of chubby chick! I would love to hear that🧡 . Let me know should I do that, or you just want him to be classic and unique in each batch😏

I’m gonna be gearing up to do a market tomorrow at locopops! Come out and visit! animal animalpendant pendants ceramicanimal ceramicanimals

Pony by Eric Leaper. England Introducing My Little Pony at The Ceramic Menagerie, but, as I'm sure you'll agree, this enchanting equine by Eric Leaper is much cuter than Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash & co. Eric Leaper (1921-2002) moved to Cornwall in 1954 and started the pottery known as Leaper, Newlyn. After its closure in 1980, Eric relocated to Brane near Land's End and continued to produce wonderful pieces such as this perfect pony. Beauteous! Height: 5½"ericleaper ericleaperpottery leapernewlyn pony equine horse ceramicpony ceramichorse ceramicanimal ceramicfigurine cornwall newlyn brane mylittlepony rainbowdash twilightsparkle beauteous theceramicmenagerie ceramics studiopottery ceramiccollector ceramiccollection

✨I am thinking of making a Grape Bear! It will be so fun to have a fruit bear collection🍇 . I have finished throwing today, can’t wait to trim and sculpt them tomorrow🧡Though I am super tired right now😵

Today the challenge is Wild Animal. This is my ferociously adorable yellow Hippo Planter. Available on my Etsy Shop! merlesvintagechallenge vintageplanter hippopotamus hippo vintagehippo yellow cutelittleguy ceramicanimal vintageceramics cheerfulplantergreenthumb succulents sixpenceoddities etsyreseller etsy

Jak się lenicie? Z własnoręcznie pomalowanym kubkiem herbaty w dłoni? Czy ciasno owinięci kocykiem?🧣 W ten jeden dzień wszystkie wrocławskie leniwce namawiamy do wyjścia z domu - bo takiego dnia jak ten, nie przeżyjecie nigdzie indziej! 18 października świętujemy w pracowni Światowy Dzień Leniwca. Kto zdąży - zapraszamy na 17:00. Kogo złapie po drodze niespodziewana drzemka - może dojechać później 🌿 Tego dnia pocieszne pyszczki i długie pazury najbardziej wyluzowanych zwierząt świata zagoszczą na ceramicznych formach! Tradycyjnie przyjmujemy zapisy ma Facebooku, Instagramie, na kontakt@malumika.pl i pod numerem 728 401 209. __________ A dziś malujemy dla zwierzaków potrzebujących, którymi opiekuje się @eko_straz 🐰 Zabierzcie ze sobą znajomych i karmę dla zwierzaków i wpadajcie około 17. 10% dochodu przekażemy na potrzebujące futrzaki i kolczaki 🦊🦔 • • • • • • •sloths zoowroclaw leniwiec leniwce slothsquad slothlover slothart ceramicanimal animalceramics ceramicanimalsculpture wroclawart wroclawcity visitwroclaw wroclawdesign rkodzieło_pl polishpottery handpaintedpottery wazon ceramicvase potteryforall wroclawgo igerswroclaw kochamwroclaw ceramilicious kochamzwierzta weterynaria upwroc weterynarz wroclawlove mayco

I am starting a new batch tomorrow🤗 so excited! . This is Tammy the Baby Tapir✨ I actually made a mom for her. But the glaze I applied was too thin, so I didn’t sale her mama😅 . I am glad that Tammy made it to a new home! I am sure she is okay without her mama👍

My friend was a polar bear. A handmade ceramic figure for those who love animals and fantasy . . . . . . . . . . . . etsylovers bestgifts giftideas ceramicfigures ceramicanimal animalloversunite handmadepottery contemporarypottery handmadedecorations

Imagination in the palm of my hand. Available tomorrow on my Etsy shop 🥳 . . . . . . . . . ceramics ceramicanimal etsy etsyshop keramika originalgifts gifts arcilla bearfigure

So today this yellow dog appeared in my stories and some of you showed love to him! I am surprised😂 . This dog actually has a name, he is Sock Dog. He is created in my first year of uni, also that time I was doing illustration (by marker, sigh the old days) of him, swipe to look at them✨ Also @moonchildillustrations gave me a brilliant suggestion, that is to make sock dog holds your brush😂😂 it works holding my thinnest brush lol So I decide to remake him by glazing him and making his hands longer👍

Yes, talking to a giraffe can change your life 🦒🦒🦒 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . etsylovers etsyshop etsy animallovers miniaturas ceramicanimal ceramics ceramicracoon bestgifts ceramicgiraffe

✨Sakura Bear is a lucky bear, because he is always the first or second one who gets a new home🌸 . I have been packing today, most of the pets will be shipped out by tomorrow✨ . Attention to the new pets owners, your pet(s) might appear in your mailbox or front door soon☺️ how exciting🧡

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