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Here he is 🐋 Looking all sparkly and golden. I love the details of the ships, they’re a new design I’ve been playing around with. ✨🌟✨I’m donating this piece to @odysseyclayworks fundraising auction on November 2nd. ✨🌟✨ Mark your calendars if you’re in town, or DM me if you’d like to donate a piece yourself. . . . . . . .whalesofinstagram humpbackwhale porcelain handmadepottery sgraffito ceramics makersmovement howiamaco instapottery americancrafts ceramicdesign mobydick

Mark your calendars for this Friday to visit the @kcurbanpotters for the closing of Art Blender. Thank you @bekahblisspottery for the invitation to collaborate! Her pots where a dream to draw on and I love the textures she added to my sculpted tooth forms. 😊kc kcmo kcmoartists kcmoceramics ceramics ceramicart handbuiltpottery contemporaryceramics drawingonclay kcurbanpotters

∆ Reina de Tafi ∆ • Ese es el nombre que elegí para este color que nos tiene enamoradas a todas, el nombre es en honor a mi madre, que en su juventud fue reina de belleza de Tafi Viejo. • Empezó siendo un esmalte comercial, de esos que es casi imposible que quede parejo al pintarlo con pincel ( técnica que usamos en el taller ) pero como era un color hermoso, le seguíamos dando oportunidad. • Un día se me prendió la lamparita y me di cuenta que yo podía hacer ese color y mejorarlo para que al pintarlo con pincel quedé perfecto como en la foto. • Así que aquí está, el Reina de Tafi 2.0, listo para ser usado y dejar más lindos sus trabajos. • En la foto, maceta de Marina, hecha para regalar en el día de las madres. • • •bohemiaceramica ceramica ceramiclicious ceramics ceramique poterie manualidad  esmaltes hechoamano ceramicacontemporanea  modernceramics argentina ceramicartist  loveceramics  ceramiclife ceramicaamor hechoconamor ceramicartist pottersofinstagram taller arte hechoporvos pottery potteryart tafiviejo lomasdetafi tucuman madeinargentina madeintucuman

Осінь в Карпатах / Autumn in the Carpathians 700х700mm 2013 #кераміка#керамічнепанно#керамика#керамическоепанноceramicartceramicpanelceramicreviewceramickiev

Spoon rests now available at @kitkitdizzi in Nevada City!!

Finally finished this beauty last night 🤗🤗 • • • • •art ceramics ceramicart artist artlife schoolwork faces explorepage exploreart likelike followme comment passion

Our Anvers design is the perfect complement to these bay windows, shown as blinds and cushion upholstery in bleu. manuelcanovas blinds windows interiors design french frenchdesign interiordesign chic elegant homes homedecor oriental ceramics blue cushions

First Onggi done in my Ceramic Master class, with much help from @kwakkyungtae stoneware ceramics makers handmade keramik #セラミックス #도기류 #도예 pottery instapottery mnartists humanpoweredpottery throwingpottery clay woodfired woodfiredpottery wildclay anagama handbuilt onggi #옹기 koreanpottery icheon icheonceramic kwakkyungtae

Happy Mugshot Monday! Check out the adorable little muggies our little friends made in our studio a few weeks ago. They are bisque fired and ready to glaze. Aren’t they precious? One even has a carving of a puffin on it! * * * https://etsy.com/shop/WanderingGoosePotter wanderinggoosepottery pottery wheelthrownpottery cone6 ceramicreview porcelain pottery_lovers potterylovers handmadepottery clayart wheelthrown potterylife potterystudio potterymug ceramics ceramicsstudio ceramicart wheelthrownceramics handmadeceramics handmadegifts etsyfinds etsy clay pottersofinstagram instapottery potterylove potteryofinstagram kilnfolk mugshotmonday handmademug

bowls for sale!! 1,3, and 6 are $20 each and 8 is $30! message me if you're interested, discounts for buying more than one 🥳

Uživancija je potpuna 👌🏻 @milinkuvar photocredit ceramics plate handmade unique porcelain

Monday媽媽弄陶記 . 感恩小手已懂得自動埋位,小口亦已作準備😂 #手工陶器 #為食的小手 #雪媽餅餅 .lovemyself loveart ceramics clay glaze #陶 #釉 #泥 homemade biscuits

A veces me piden mezclar productos y salen Frankensteins lindos, como esta . *Taza Fenix Estrellas* ⭐️ . . Les gusta como quedó? . 📬 Pedidos y Consultas por inbox 😉 .mypottery unmontondecosaslindas regalosconamor regalosunicos ceramica ceramics handmade handmadeceramics artesanal custommade personalizado lovemyjob hechoamano handmadewithlove madeinargentina hechoenargentina original clay apedido ondemand instapottery handmadeceramics ceramicart gift star estrella fenix taza

I made this little tree a couple of months ago using mosaic tiles and china plates. I love the circles which depict the boughs and branches. A lady saw it and loved the idea and has asked me to do a triptych (3 panels) of trees through the seasons 😁. Luckily she doesn't need it until next year, which is great as I am so far behind with my Christmas creations. I can't wait to start work on it though as I am brimming with ideas of how it can look. This little tree is for sale and will be added to my website as soon as I can get round to it but please DM me if you are interested in the meantime. 😁🌳

In the fall, I can’t get enough hot beverages! I tend to oscillate throughout the day between hot tea and coffee. Right now I am on to Chaga Tea from @baikalteas! I love earthy flavors, so this tea is perfect for me! What are you drinking right now? Are you a fan of the warm fall beverages like I am?

I’m feeling the pull to make another collection of my more elaborate one-offs. The cycle of making these pieces is slow, each step demanding focused attention to the process. It’s a different sort of brain activity that I love to do and also need to take breaks from. For twenty-plus years, I made this work in constant rotation, in very large collections. It eventually led to burn-out. The period of time that I gave myself time to unhinge from feeling that I "had" to work in this way gave me the freedom to explore different styles, which in the end, all inform one another. Working in this cycle also provides respite from any one of them becoming monotonous. Now that I make fewer of these pieces my relationship to them feels more connected and intentional. It’s often a scary thing for creatives to move away from styles they worked hard to develop and explore new ways of expression. In my experience it’s deeply necessary to allow for this creative freedom to keep the flame of curiosity alive. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• dianafaytceramics pottery ceramics pottery of instagram keramik cramique poterie contemporaryceramics wheelthrown portland oregon contemporarycraft skuttkilns seramik fazekassg #陶器 #도기류 stoneware ceramic-artist handthrown ceramicdesign çine keramikk handmade scrimshander etchedclay womenartists

Did you know you know there is something that is like an uber for RVs? It’s called @rvshare and it’s great. Cass and I joined some friends for a weekend getaway, and we had a great, relaxing couple of days essentially finding the perfect RV in such a simple way. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣Some highlights: making my famous grilled cheese sandwiches with this @bestmade and romeindustries Cast Iron Pie Iron. I use thick sliced, Texas Toast bread along with the best gruyere and white cheddar cheese I can find. Make sure you put butter all over the bread for the perfect toast. I ate my grilled cheese while sipping a little whiskey from my favorite @benjamin.june ceramic X Flask. The fire pit and conversation was perfect as the evening grew later, listening to @sarahjarosz . It’s such a unique feeling listening to her music, I feel so relaxed and transported to a different place while also feeling so alive at the same time. ⁣ ⁣

Getting ready for Holiday Open House December 7 and 8 at 3620 Perkins Ave. Cleveland. Some new wood fired pieces.judithsalomonjacquiekennedygretchengossgariewaltzerphotography clevelandceramicswoodfired contemporaryceramics

И еще парочка. А знаете ли вы, друзья мои, как сложно не заехать пастелью на край горшка? Хорошо еще тут глина красная, не так заметно: то ли высол, то ли пыль. 😉ceramics ceramicfordolls dollstagram dollhouse miniature succulent polymerclay planter luccioletto_for_dolls barbie

We get enthusiastic when our clients challenges us with different materials 👌🏻what do you think about this ceramic ?faz7 mundos_perdidos_id interiordesignarchitectureconstructionconstrucoes engenhariacivil civilengenieer ceramics#@pophamdesign

This is my rendition of a dril-bu, or Tibetan bell. Growing up my parents were Buddhists, and we would go to the temple often. I remember being enchanted with the reliquaries in the shrines and altars. Not only are they sacred objects of ritual, they are intimate objects of my memory. My ceramic bell has a different sound than the original, exploring how its function is transformed through my interpretation.. like the religious practices of my childhood. UMm especially since my parents converted to UFO religion lol 🙃ssnycmembersshow19 sculpturespacenyc longislandcity exhibition gallery ceramics wheelthrown wheelthrowing metallic glaze stoneware clay handmade studio ceramicstudio nycgallery

Something so simple... Just took 20 minutes to make my life 1000x easier. The one thing having my own studio space has taught me is I NEED to learn more. My classes always taught me so much but there were rules, procedures, and narrowed teach to task lessons (so our heads didn't explode). Damp box, I'm so glad to meet you! Amd holy cow an i learning so much from the Ceramics Congress Workshops and discovering new artists as well!! Thank you @theceramicscongress this week has been AMAZING!homestudio ceramics ceramicscongress learneveryday hallalujer potterytools studiopottery savemylife worksmarter

bowl for the plant 🌱 ceramics love loveceramic israel telaviv blue nice

This is the last of "Friuli Folk" ring serie.⁣ The floral pattern reminds the traditional ceramics! ⁣ *⁣ *⁣ *⁣essebiartjewelrydesign jewelrydesigner jewelrygram instajewelry jewelryblogger ceramics tradition floralpattern friuli friuliveneziagiulia madeinitaly furlan statementring

Línea moteada. La hermosa paleta la consigo en @arcillasdelsur . Pero el resultado final, es decir, el moteado, es producto de experimentaciones a distintas temperaturas. Estas macetas las conseguís en @botanicatienda , o pasando x mi taller con cita previa. ceramics ceramica contemporarypottery contemporaryceramics laplatacity

#زی رلعابی روشی جهت تزئین (نقاشی) مصنوعات سفالین و سرامیکی است که قبل از لعابکاری بر روی قطعات #سفال یا #سرامیک اعمال می‌شود. بدین ترتیب تزئینات زیرلعابی کاملاً بادوام خواهدبود؛ چون لایه ای از لعاب آن را می پوشاند. البته چون دمای مورد استفاده در این روش برای پخت لعاب بالاتر از روش تزئین رولعابی است، طیف رنگ‌های قابل استفاده محدودتر است. در نقاشی زیرلعابی بعد از آنکه ظرف در کوره حرارت می‌بیند، رنگدانه‌های مورد استفاده (جهت رنگ آمیزی) که از اکسیدها مشتق شده، با لعاب زبرین درمی آمیزد. ظروف چینی تزئین شده با جوهر آبی و سفید و سفالینه‌های ایزنیک از نمونه‌های نقاشی به روش زیرلعابی استUnderglaze is a method of decorating pottery in which painted decoration is applied to the surface before it is covered with a transparent ceramic glaze and fired in a kiln. Because the glaze subsequently covers it, such decoration is completely durable, and it also allows the production of pottery with a surface that has a uniform sheen. Underglaze decoration uses pigments derived from oxides which fuse with the glaze when the piece is fired in a kiln. It is also a cheaper method, as only a single firing is needed, whereas overglaze decoration requires a second firing at a lower temperature. However, because the main or glost firing is at a higher temperature than used in overglaze decoration, the range of available colours is more limited, and was especially so for porcelain in historical times, as the firing temperature required for the porcelain body is especially high. Early porcelain was largely restricted to underglaze blue, and a range of browns and reds. Other colours turned black in a high-temperature firing. #صنایع_دستی #سفال#سرامیک #هنر #ایران #لالجین#همدان #گالری_هنر_دیمه #دیمه sofalceramics art culture iran handsmade colorful repost # hamadanlalejin dimeh dimeh_art_gallery crafts iranian_art irantravel architecture interiordesignpattern homedecoration

My husband decided to play around with his photo booth setup... works for me! 😂 I love earthy tones and dark colors, so it's a perfect combination in my eyes. This double espresso cup is headed home to Colorado with my sister. 😊☕ pottery ceramics artist handmade mug coffee espresso handmadepottery

Where are all my plant people at? I’ve got little terra-cotta pots comin’ at ya! The question is... what to plant in them? 🤔 🌱 . . . .pottery ceramics ceramicjar modernceramics potterylove lagunaclay lagunaglaze

Меншиковский дворец (1710–1720-е гг., арх. Д. М. Фонтана, Г. И. Шедель, Ж.-Б. Леблон, А. Шлютер, Б. К. Растрелли) — пожалуй, самый очевидный керамический адрес Петербурга, но не рассказать о нем в нашей специальной рубрике мы не можем. Где ещё вы увидите такое количество голландских амуров, пейзажей и разнообразных предметов быта — и все это на керамических плитках?! ⠀ Во дворце сохранилось четыре из тринадцати интерьеров, стены и потолки которых покрывают 27810 (!!!) бело-синих голландских облицовочных плиток. Это не только соответствовало общеевропейской моде, но и было очень практично и красиво! Александр Данилович выписывал плитки для своих комнат прямо из Голландии (надо сказать, что в России подобные и не производились). В письме к Христофору Брандту (посреднику в торговых делах в Амстердаме) он писал: «Тако же вышлите нам сюда тысяч пятьдесят хороших синих плиток на убирание палат». Любопытно, что размещение плиток разных типов на стенах не было случайным — в основном оно соответствует архитектурному решению интерьера. Плитки, минимально заполненные рисунком, создают белый фон, усиливающий ощущение наполненности интерьера светом и воздухом. ⠀ Сюжеты, представленные на плитках дворца Меншикова, чрезвычайно разнообразны. Изображения детей, предметов домашнего обихода, рыб, кораблей и архитектурных пейзажей представляют настоящую энциклопедию голландской жизни, соседствуя с библейскими сценами, мифологическими персонажами, морскими чудовищами и божествами. А их живописные качества, тщательность рисунка, тонкость исполнения служат неисчерпаемым источником вдохновения любителей архитектурной художественной керамики.

thinking of all yous moving through big shifting seasons, possibly crawling thru midterms or any other wonderful intensities brought by dagwaagin🍂. I hope you are feeling warm, inspired, or at least well caffeinated if that is your medicine 😵❤ p.s. who sent me this sweet mugshot?! mondaymugshot ceramics wheelthrown glazeplay pottery

Listen to your favorite music 🎶, sip a warm beverage out of your favorite mug ☕️ and bring on the week 💪 because it's Monday! Matching mug and coaster are handmade in-house. . 🏡 🏡 🏡 🎶 ☕️💪 . . .detroit michigan 313 909 coaster tea coffee coffeemug ceramic ceramics music musicproduction djs dj mugoftheday mugshotmonday mugshot musicmonday musicproducer drummachine samples midi analog techno house dance music welldonegoods

Some textured bowls ready to get cleaned up and fired! When you're looking for bowls- do you prefer to buy them in sets? If so, how many would you like to see in sets- 2, 3, 4? Let me know in the comments! . . .potterystudio ceramics studio ceramicsstudio pottery handmade highhopesceramics artstudio art artist modernceramics porcelain ceramicbowl bowls wheelthrownbowls potterytrimming diamondcoretools stacks

Indulging in the simple pleasures of fall: plaid flannel, baked goodies, and this simple handmade ceramic plate in "Dock" color glaze from @lafayetteavenueceramics - get yours in our online shop (link in bio!)⁠ ⁠ ⁠ (📷: @lafayetteavenueceramics)⁠lafayetteavenueceramics ceramics wheelthrownceramics ceramicist ceramicartist ceramicsart ceramicvase handmadeceramics handmade pottery handmadepottery ceramicplate dockandtide maker handmadekitchenware handmadedishes fallbakinghandmadedishware handmadedish falldecor makermovement handmadeplate fallflannel handmadeceramicplate wheelthrown whiteceramicplate handmadekitchenware handmadedinnerware ceramicist handmadeplates

Field Guide exclusive collaboration with @oatmeal.shop & @carlajweeks three stoneware serving vessels based on iconic Los Angeles architecture hollywoodbowl stahlhouse sunsettower. . . . . .stoneware ceramics handmade losangelesdesign fieldguideforliving regmoon haegar davidstewart

Talavera ceramic tableware's enduring beauty will last through the generations. They are microwave safe, dishwasher safe and with a little care it's beauty will shine.⁠ ⁠ Come create a table scape for the up coming holidays.⁠ ⁠timelessbeauty ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠talavera talaveraceramicsandtile bayarea berkeley tile ceramics mexicanfolkart homeandgarden tableware lanterns handcrafted hechoenmexico interiordesign homedecor handmade talaverapottery mexico hechoamano ecofriendly eco regalospersonalizados regalosoriginales mexicanfiesta mexicancrafts mexicanart gifts giftideas homedecor remodel

Grâce à ses caractéristiques esthétiques et à sa polyvalence, le grès cérame effet porphyre exploité dans la collection Dolmen Pro est une surface idéale pour des projets d’intérieur et d’extérieur offrant un rendu charmant et robuste. A découvrir chez Atlas Concorde Cannes et nous nous ferons un plaisir de vous accompagner dans la réalisation de vos projets.atlasconcordecannes atlasconcorde home homedesign design decoration deco ceramics ceramique carrelage architecture cannes mandelieulanapoule cotedazur frenchriviera picoftheday photooftheday instahome

I’m not sure if this is cheating, but I’m not skilled enough to throw really thin walls. I *am* skilled enough to throw chunky cylinders which I trim down when they’re leather hard to make cups that don’t weight 5 pounds after firing.

중국 백자 🔥🔥🔥 #물레#물레성형#물레작업#도자기#도예#공예#작업#작업장#일상#식기#달항아리#항아리#주병#매병#백자#청자#대회#연습#그릇ceramics ceramic pottery potterybarn

It’s go, go, go on Christmas orders. I’m in proper ‘batch’ mode & trying to make things as efficiently as possible. I have 1 batch drying before firing, 1 batch drying before fettling & colouring and this next batch in the making. Oh, and the kiln is cooling with another finished batch. Hmmm, I’ve overused that ‘batch’ word & now it sounds funny in my head. 🤪 😂 Perhaps I need a break 😀 - - -ceramics smallbusiness maker potterystudio contemporaryclay vases #

New arrivals ceramics thelittlepaperboat oldtowncorfu corfu @gio.parathyra !!!

Repost• @delhomserviceleague Nov 13-Wayne Higby to speak @themintmuseum randolph —ceramic artist, educator @alfredceramicartmuseum Alfred Univ has inspired many a ceramic artist, including Carol Gentithes of @johnstongentithesstudios in Seagrove. Says Carol, "His boundless energy and insightful commentaries propelled me to be bold and expressive in my artistic endeavors." Come and see Higby's lively presentation, “Light Falling on Grass”! alfredceramicartmuseum delhomserviceleague theceramicsseries delhomdigsclay ceramics ncpottery themintmuseum JohnstonandGentithesStudios

Миниатюрная композиция из суккулентов в 'разбитом' горшке. Люблюнимагу!ceramicfordolls ceramics luccioletto_for_dolls dollstagram dollhouse miniature succulent planter barbie

Any day's a good day for sake! Which cup will you choose?

Nella meraviglia delle ceramiche l'estate scorsa. grottaglie ceramics

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