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Another good work day with the puppy pals, Uncle Moose and Merlin the clinic cat 🐈 • • • •dalmatianpuppy dalmatiansofinstagram dalmatian @dalmatiannation dogstagram dogsofinstagram @dalmatian_fever puppiesofinstagram puppylife thedalmatianlife @thedalmatianlife dalmatiancommunity @dalmatiancommunity dalmatiannation puppylove spotteddog mbdogs @petslala canadiandogs staffpets cliniccat

🐾Nos compagnons peuvent parfois avoir une drôle de façon de communiquer avec nous 🤷‍♀️. Saviez-vous que les chats auront tendance à boire d'avantage si l'eau💧 est fraîche, froide, et facilement accessible? Message reçu Plaquette😹! ⭐En vedette est Plaquette, résidente chez notre hôpital 🏥 Cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous ⤵️ pour en savoir plus sur l'importance de la consommation d'eau chez le chat et des trucs pour l'encourager à boire 😸💦🚰 https://monvet.com/fr/fiche-informative/1029/comment-encourager-un-chat-a-boire-plus-d-eau-monvet groupemonvet groupevtérinairemonvet catsofinstagram blackcatsofinstagram petcommunication cliniccat funnycats vetlife🐾 vettechlife

It’s Friday so I’m playing hide and seek with the staff. I have the best hiding spot ever. They’ll never find me! hideandseek friday besthider canyouseeme harold cliniccat clinickitty catsofinstagram tuxedocat

Just wanted to let everyone know...I made it...I made it to Friday! 😅 cliniccat cliniccatsofinstagram vetclinic catsofinstagram orangetabby oromedontevetrinaryservices catlife

One of my humans carrying me to my chamber after a day of ruling! . . .queenk queen royalty royal spoiled calico sassy catsofinstagram cats catstagram rescue vet medicine veterinarian cliniccat royal evening bedtime

Wait, what’s that sound? Are you holding snacks?!😋 • • • •cliniccat catsofinstagram instacat ankenyanimalandavian ankeny iowa veterinarian arladopt ragamuffin snacks

Rainy, dreary days are good for a good stretch and a looong nap! vetclinic cliniccatsofinstagram cliniccat rainyday

Carhartt: that safe place to keep your Pussy warm and dry! pussycat carhartt coveralls cliniccat

When someone has his "eye" on my lunch!! @patchcatams insta_cats instagramcats catsofinstagram catstagram cliniccat dirtybegger

Meet Marbles! He’s hanging out at the clinic today. • • • •tobytheclinickitty thepetwellnesscenter vetcliniclife clinickittycliniccat vetclinic veterinarian

You’ll never dine alone at Chez Beechmount😉. igotobeechmount vetclinic vetmed iloveloocy cliniccat

Snack time for Autumn and Django! nomnomnom cliniccat

Doughnut is definitely a special order! 😍 Boss cat is back to play while Gary is away! cats pets veterinarymedicine veterinarian cliniccat officecat vettechlife vetlife parkdale toronto

Our clinic cat Trinkles catstagram catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram cats cats_of_instworld cat cliniccat veterinary

High Five!l — It’s Friday!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. . .catsofinstagram fridayfeline blindcat catlove

Stay safe on those icy roads! We will be closed tomorrow, Saturday the 18th due to inclement weather. . . Please contact CP Vets at (814)237-4670 in case of emergency. . . @dougythecliniccat cliniccat catshaming snowday veterinary vethospital udvh

Thith cat at the Wench’th work looks like it ith trying to use The Force to get the pencil 🤣🤣 Cats are tho weird! kitten usetheforce jedimindtricks thinkstrong mindpower concentrate cliniccat helpercat

Tonight’s Episode of Clinic Cat 📺: Surgery and stealing patient carry cages! Just a typical day cliniccat veterinarylife cliniccatlife ragdollsofinstagram cattv gsvets

Have you met Ginger? If you have you know she is quite the cat. Talkative and playful, Ginger came to us with a litter (her siblings) that didn’t survive. Lucky for Ginger she pulled through and was able to stay in the hospital as regular kitty princess! Can you guess how many beds Miss Ginger has ? gingercat cliniccat princesscat sassypants ifcatsworepantsherswouldbesassy

Trixie is a mood 👆🏻

Charlie. You gotta earn your keep!! cliniccat 22handsstables marriedwithhorses snow

Benny keeping my seat warm while quietly judging me. oldman cliniccat catsofinstagram

A HUGE thank you to all the beautiful families that donated stock to the Wildlife Bush Fire Appeal 💕 The first drop of donations is going this weekend. We will be accepting and delivering donations till the end of January so there is still time if you wanted to contribute! Now who is going to be brave enough to tell Boss none of this is for him....🤷‍♀️ . . bushfireappeal donations australiaisonfire wildlife cliniccat thankyou australianwildlife cliniccatsofinstagram

Happy Thursday purrsday 😻 We hope you find time to sunbathe in front of a window today!

I’m the printer guardian, guardian of the printer. I only nap on the job a few hours every day... no that doesn’t get in the way of my job. @xerox for the right amount of snackies I could guard your printers too...... 😉 • • • • cliniccat vetcliniccat vetclinic catlife vet veterinaryclinic cliniccatlife xerox printer veterinary veterinarylife vetmed vetmedlife gingercat orangecat orangecats fiftyshadesofginger sleepingcat nappingcat corvalliscat corvalliscats catsofcorvallis oregoncat catsoforegon corvallisor corvallisoregon oregon bentoncounty albanyoregon willamettevalley

Always finding that one sliver of ☀️

tbt to ZK’s early days (9 months ago) and now. We weren’t sure if her eyes were salvageable but by some stroke of luck not only does she have one eye remaining BUT she still has some vision in that eye. She has quite the little personality and loves to talk and kitty parkour off the walls. If you have ever met her you know how sweet and quirky she is. Love my Zom. ❤️

LUNCH TIME! Noon just so happens to be my favorite time of the day 🤤 also got to eat my salad with a friend 🥰😂💙 intermittentfasting intermittentfasting16hours intermittentfastingforbeginners lowcarb healthychoices cliniccat fasting ifwithemily

So funny story: Toby loves to sit on peoples laps so when I started sitting on a super tall chair he had to get creative because he couldn’t reach me anymore! Now he climbs onto the counter and leaps across to my lap! • • •thepetwellnesscenter tobytheclinickitty cliniccat sillycat smartcat thethingscatsdotogetattention

I'm Back!! Took a little social media break but am back to normal business now!! Today I'm just trying to stay warm!! canada cold freezing cat dsh cliniccat cliniccatlife vetclinic cliniccatsofinstagram vet veterinarian veterinarymedicine vetmed vettech billa catsofinstagram catsofwinnipeg

Thirsty Thursday! 💧 • • • • • •thirstythursday cliniccatsofinstagram cliniccat cuteanimals lloydminster lah

Hard at work 😴 . .cliniccat Riley Bashaw vetclinic

If there’s a snowstorm, will I still get treatos? ❄️

Thursday’s are for pondering the meaning of life...jk they’re for daydreaming that it’s already Friday! fredthecliniccat daydreamer vetcliniclife cliniccatsofinstagram cliniccat fiftyshadesginger catsofinstagram

Your fur* is winter fire, January embers. My heart burns there, too. • • • —Stephen King obviously didn’t know the right words to put into this quote, because he’s never met me 💁🏼‍♀️ winter coldweather stephenking cliniccat quoteoftheday luna greenbayallouezanimalhospital

I love sitting at the front of the clinic watching clients come in with their furry friends. I always introduce myself. barrheadvetclinic cliniccat

FRED SAYS: IS YOUR PET ARTHRITIC LIKE ME? As you can see, Fred move at speed of tortoise, but without his regular medicines, he would move slower than molasses in winter. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Like many senior (and even some adult) pets, Fred develop arthritis and move sorely. Fred was also very round boy for many years, which make him more prone to develop arthritis. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Fred not able to jump like young rapscallion any more, so Fred moms got special Fred stairs so he not have to jump up on to Fred chair! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Fred also take daily glucosamine supplement for many years, get monthly injection to help make more cartilage in joints, and have weekly therapy laser sessions to make joints less swollen and relieve pain. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Fred (and Fred humans) want all senior pet to be free of aches and pains from old age. Ask my humans today if these medicines would work for your senior meower or woofer! 🐱🐶 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀osteoarthritis vetvisit veterinary dailyfluff heydrandy torontopets rvt vetmed trinitybellwoods dundaswest instafluff seniorcat seniordogs downtowntoronto seniorpetsofinstagram torontocats catsoftoronto gtacats catsofinstagram fredalmighty dogsoftoronto cliniccat

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