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Repost @charlieralphclinic • • • • • • Want to reduce fine line, wrinkles, facial folds? Or are you looking at creating structure and volume to the face and lips? Swipe >> for info 💗 hyaluronicacid fillers dermalfiller cosmetics cosmeticnurse ha chinfiller lipfillers injectables cosmic

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🐯🐯🐯 "Solo eres tan libre como crees que eres y la libertad siempre será tan real como crees que es." Robert M. Drake.🍃🙂jaguar otorongo puma felinos azul psy art arte fruit hechoamano jewellery jewelry handmade hechoconamor wireart wirewrap exclusivo unico astral cosmic cosmico magico universo specialpeople talisman witch magic amazonas #🐯 #🐆

Thanks @multicultifamily for the monday wax delivery @goldenbugmusic - Cosmic Trigger @marcpinol @krikorparis 🙌 cosmic goldenbugmusic multiculti

An illustration of a blazar, or a spinning black hole that gobbles up matter and shoots out jets of high-energy radiation and particles. ⠀ ⠀ Blazers are supermassive black holes emitting powerful jets of ionized matter travelling at nearly the speed of light and pointed directly at Earth. They are the most luminous and energetic objects in the known Universe. ⠀ ⠀cosmos cosmic nebulae nebulas spacephotography deepspace galaxies constellation aquarius interstellar spaceexploration hubbletelescope spitzerspacetelescope keppler supernova astronomical jameswebb chandraxray nightsky nightphotography astronomer space ouruniverse astronomy astrophysics nasa spacex whatsoutthere planets

・ こんばんは🌙*゚ ねるこ😴です!  実は気づけば今日で錦糸町店がオープンして半年でした😳!本当に怒涛の半年間で…あっという間でした✨沢山のお客様に来店して頂き本当に感謝いっぱいです😭🙏 . 先日は名古屋パルコに新店舗もオープンしておりますので皆様是非チェックをお願い致します💫そしてこれからも錦糸町店、そしてメディストアをよろしくお願い致します🙌  さてさて!本日は先日入荷の新商品をご紹介💁  蜘蛛モチーフのリング!そしてピアスが入荷してきました〜🕷🕸!リングもピアスも大きめになっていてインパクト大!の商品となっております…!蜘蛛の巣も細かい細部までこだわりのデザイン!薔薇&蜘蛛の組み合わせは最高に可愛いですね🥀✨  一足先にハロウィンアクセサリーはいかがですか…🎃✨  そして残り2時間とはなりますが…本日まで!店内2点以上のお買い上げで10%オフ(一部除外品あり)!となっております📣!いつもよりお得お買い物できるチャンスなので是非店頭に要らしてくださいね🙌  スタッフ一同元気にお待ちしております🐷💓  medistore #メディストア #メディストア錦糸町PARCO店#錦糸町PARCO#パルコ#蜘蛛 #ハロウィンアクセサリー ?What's MEDI STORE★ #ボディピアス #軟骨ピアス #へそピ #医療用ステンレス #サージカルステンレス #アレルギーフリー #金属アレルギー対応 #バック #時計 #イヤリング交換可 #イヤリングコンバーター 【ピアッサー取り扱いあり(提携医院にて穴あけ無料)】? ORIGINAL BRAND ★ mull kascanal mullca cosmic canmeri canmerivintage iamme odd device idem  

Work by @astro_artiste ... . Follow : @wickedtoxicart Moon 💜 🙏 Follow 👉 @astro_artiste ._ . . . . . .psicodelico psico psicodelia enelviaje tripart relaxtime artspaceacidart spaceart spacetrip spacenation spaceinterestelar universeart cosmic cosmoscosmonaut cosmoart universotricolorastronaute wickedartoftheday wickedtoxicart wickedart creepmachine

Truth is eternal. There is an eternal way of seeing & hearing it. “That which we seek with passionate longing, here & there, upward & outward, we find at last within ourselves.” At all times, we should live in rapt devotion to our all-understanding & all loving being. The Self is here now, & alone. There is no need to strive for God when stillness holds the secret of our search. Lo here, lo there, we seek throughout the world in mazes of uncertainties, while Now within the silent centre of our heart, God waits in shining beauty our first flash of understanding, when the mortal beggar turns back to his immortal throne. ~ Nadaiam divine meditation tao balance love devotion teacher soundofsilence one now thelanguageoflight life truth eternal self stillness beauty cosmic nature sun grace be being joy health wealth consciousness understanding knowledge

{ quand vendredi 13 continue } 💀 Mais quelle joie de découvrir au réveil que cela doit faire déjà 45 minutes que je devrais être au travail, mon réveil qui n’a pas sonné... déjà on commence bien la journée. 😤 Mais quand tu va dans ta salle de bain, et que devant ton miroir tu découvre que ton œil est toujours aussi rouge et enflé, bah pas d’autres choix que de prendre un rendez-vous chez le médecin, tant qu’a faire. VIVE LE CHALAZION ! Bref la journée bien pourrie qui s’annonce, je vais continuer à préparer Mabon, ça me changera les idées au moins. 🍂 🍄 ✨Je comprend pourquoi l’as de Coupe était présent hier dans mon tirage de cette semaine. Il m’invite a ne pas me perdre dans mes émotions, à prendre soin de moi, ne me pas me délaisser. Travailler dur cette semaine permettra d’avoir une reconnaissance de la part des autres et vous apportera succès mais il est également temps d’y voir plus clair dans les projets et de savoir où l’on va, soyez déterminé dans ce que vous entreprenez. ✨tarotcards tarotreadersofinstagram riderwaite energy cosmic witchesofinstagram witchcraft paganism pagansofinstagram

She wore them beautifully on her shimmered skin, her birthstone and star sign pendants 💫 Startoldsecrets

・ ・ 今日もありがとう🖤 ・ ことばが浮かばないから エネルギーで*:..。♡︎*゚¨゚゚ ・sun sunset sunshine earth sea light lightalchemy cosmic essence art love #太陽らぶ #いろいろインストール中

Made up to have my brother @kiddaanew out here with me on what’s been easily the most epic journey of my life 😆🤙🏼💯 2020 adventure what you sayinnn 👽👀🚀

I went sightseeing to Shanghai using transit. When I come to Shanghai, I can't go home without watching this tower. I can't forget the shock when I first saw it. It is a very modern and cosmic tower. In Shanghai, it seems that photo sessions are popular. 約5時間のトランジットを利用して上海をブラブラ🚶‍♀️ このトランジットの時間では、外灘に来るのがやっとですが、東方明珠電視塔を観れたら、それだけでいい😊 初めてこのタワーを観た時の衝撃は忘れられないなぁ…。 近代的で、宇宙的。 世界の広さを思い知らされました😉 目の前で観るのはやっぱり違います‼️ 上海では個人撮影会が流行っているようで、至る所で皆さんがモデルになりきっておられました☺️ . .china shanghai transit tower shanghaitower beautiful modern cosmic clearsky bund photosesion gourmet travel #中国 #上海 #外灘 #東方明珠電視塔 #上海タワー #近代的 #宇宙的 #一人旅

Out of this world, cosmic and gorgeous @truekatya MUAH @beauty_by_luba Assistant @inuka_ti special thanks @meccacosmetica for incredible products to help make the shoot so special. photoshoot photography melbournephotographer photographer cosmic beautifulgirls glitter

Out of this world, cosmic and gorgeous @truekatya MUAH @beauty_by_luba Assistant @inuka_ti special thanks @meccacosmetica for incredible products to help make the shoot so special. photoshoot photography melbournephotographer photographer cosmic beautifulgirls glitter

Monday’s don’t have to be dull ❤️💖💙💚💛🌈 cosyknits gestuz brightenupyourwardrobe cosmic airandgrace nunoobags redgloss ootd fashion alluring

🌟Your horoscope is up and as always It's Cosmic!✨🚀(Link in BIO) . 🌟🌕Any post full moon hangovers? it's such an energetic peak it can be difficult to know what to do with all that emotional energy, the big feels flying! if you had a blowout, don't let guilt spoil a fun time-it's important to let off steam every now and then. . 🌟If you channelled the energy into something creative, romantic or mystic, fantastic! let me know how you surfed the energy, I'd love to hear. . 🌟As for me, I celebrated Star Power sales stats which position me officially as a successful author, hahrah! (perfect timing with that Pisces moon and a book for modern mystics! ) . 🌟I channelled most of the energy into writing up a big proposal, had a psychometric jewelry reading and a beach walk, hung out with fun friends while I serenaded them with my newbie guitar skills 🎶🎸(electric guitar, next time I'll even plug it in lol), and they got spirit (the white wine kind-classic!) listened to Miley Cyruses single, 'Slide away' as the perfect longing lasts longer theme song for my feels, some of which were elated, some sad, and some magical, visionary and creative. . 💜🦄 Click the link in my bio to learn what's new in the cosmos for your sign this week - there's a couple of costume changes from lovely ♀ in her home sign, while the thief is extra charming (*hint ☿♎︎)-and an important cosmic u-turn so things can finally move forward career wise-shoot for the stars & be prepped to do the work!. 🌟😊🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏿‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️ . . Repost @robineisenberg ・・・ art created for @melindafrenchgates 💕 evoke.org ✨check out more of Robins space girls, she’s prolific & they’re gorgeous! . . .astrology horoscope zodiac zodiacsigns crystals yoga tarot modernmystic mystic love vegan eco lunarphases moon naturalbeauty moonsigns cosmic vegetarian thirdeye queerzodiac starsigns queerastrology starpower modernmystic mystic virgoseason astrologersofinstagram love selflove selfcare intuition intuitivebeauty art

It should be your fav polo caps ➖ Temukan koleksi topi dari kita hanya di www.cosmicclothes.net atau langsung datang ke joyhouse kita di @cosmic_serang di jalan ahmad yani no.139 a kota Serang ➖ www.cosmicclothes.net COSMIC CLOTHES®︎_2019 . cosmicclothes funinprogress cosmic clothing funinoutfits

Day 2 :) Un grand Merci @theroofrennes pour l acceuil et la confiance 🙏🙏 super moment dans un très joli lieu très prometteur 😁 wallpaint urbanart urbanpainting wallart muralpainting abstraction ornemental contemporary contemplation paint monumental acrylicpainting tollens cosmic energie jaune curcuma vert rennes

Our understanding of the universe and technological application are growing exponentially each day. CHECK OUT THE LINK IN BIO TO READ FULL ARTICLES! Via: sciencealert.com ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 👉Follow:@seekersofthecosmos to broaden your understanding of the universe! 👉If you're a tech enthusiast, go give a follow to our new page @seekersofthefuture ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖astronomy astrophysics space spaceloverblackhole stars universe theoreticalphysicsphysics carlsagan quantumphysicsstephenhawking michiokaku NASA nasa🚀esa elonmusk einsten spaceenthusiastspacetravel cosmic cosmicperspectiveneildegrassetyson hubble hubbletelescopejwst galaxy stars astrophilequantummechanics hawkingradiation

パラマハンサヨガナンダジと野菜畑の惣菜😋🍴💕 #野菜 #玄米 #菜食 #パラマハンサ・ヨガナンダジ #あるヨギの自叙伝CosmicCosmic Mother ChannelerChanneling#チャネラー #ありがとう #愛してる #愛 #至福 #萬福 #裕福 #感激 #しあわせ #アーナンダ #感謝 #豊 #海 #青い家 #空 #鎌倉 #幸福 paramahansa yoganandaji

玄米ご飯、野菜畑の惣菜と味噌汁😋🍴💕 #野菜 #玄米 #菜食 #パラマハンサ・ヨガナンダジ #あるヨギの自叙伝CosmicCosmic Mother ChannelerChanneling#チャネラー #ありがとう #愛してる #愛 #至福 #萬福 #裕福 #感激 #しあわせ #アーナンダ #感謝 #豊 #海 #青い家 #空 #鎌倉 #幸福 paramahansa yoganandaji

New Collection!! You must have this cool one❤ . @orbitdistrostore Desainnya trendi banget, sehingga bikin penampilan kamu modis dan gaul pastinya. Bahannya juga terjamin kualitasnya lohh. lembut dan adem dipakai. Jadi, selain bikin penampilan makin modis, dipakai juga nyaman bro! ____________________________ Order And Information 📲 082221352344 (BNA) ☎ (0281)892294 (PBG) ____________________________ Visit Our Store ⬇⬇⬇ Orbit Banjarnegara Komplek Pertokoan Atrium Square, Banjarnegara Orbit Purbalingga Jl. Jambu Karang No. 1A, Purbalingga . .kaoscowok jaketcowok jaketjins pants celanachino kaoskerah tshirt shirt hat skinyjins kaosdistro kaoscowok distrobandung brandbandung clothingbandungcoffepark proshop bronze unkl cosmic rsch wadezig redcable orbitdistroorbitdistrobanjarnegaraorbitdistropurbalinggaorbitstorebanjarnegaraorbitstrorepurbalingga

Hello dear my friends🙌💝 Please enjoy my Artworks of my exhibition in KYOTO I will never forget this wonderful &fantastic Museum festival“ICOM:International Council of Museums゛&my Exhibition in KYOTO🇯🇵I sincerely thank you for coming during despite your busyness. -Have a wonderful weekend🙆💚💛💜💙💝REISEI ❇️ ❇️ 先日京都にて開催させていただいた ICOM麗清的美心世界展✏️ ❇️ 今年は様々な 新たな世界への 出会いと共に 神々の光のエネルギーと これ迄の様々な思い&体験を 作品に入魂🔥🔥 ❇️ 作品展中には世界各国🌍️の 美術館関係者の皆様が ご来場下さり🙏✴️ ❇️ 私が一番思い入れのある 『救世観音菩薩』作品を 某...美術館へお迎えしたいという 夢のようなお話を賜り 毎日感動&感謝で 涙の作品展となりました🙏💕 ❇️ 2020年は🇺🇸NEW YORK🗽 又は🇫🇷PARIS🗼で Exhibitionを予定 ❇️ まだまだ麗清は 夢の旅の途中...💃🔥🚀🌍️ ❇️ 救世観音菩薩 AVALOKITESVARA of SALVATION ❇️ 新月降臨 NEW MOON ADVEN ❇️ 満月降臨 FULL MOON ADVEN ❇️ 月蝕 LUNAR ECLIPSE ❇️ 神光...降リ注グ時 DIVINE LIGHT ❇️ 神縁 DIVINE DESTINY ❇️ 源頼朝...新月二想フ MINAMOTO NO YORITOMO FEEL IN THE NEW MOON ❇️ 大吉祥 HAPPINESS SUNRISE ❇️ 本日も皆様素敵な秋の1日を🙌❤️REISEI ❇️ ❇️ICOM麗清的美心世界展ICOM国際博物館会議icom京都2019icom京都icom京都大会icom京都大会2019 #麗清reiseiartisticartartwork#そうだ京都行こうartist#宇宙cosmic#禅zen#写真好きな人と繋がりたい#ファインダー越しの私の世界#写真撮ってる人と繋がりたいbeautifulig_japanig_nipponhealingphotophotoofthedaylovecoolinstadiarylike4like毘沙

Baby quando ti avvicini è fuoco🔥 @danielcosmic @astolwho danieleastol dastol cosmic astolwho

Make a decision⁠ to talk about⁠ why you are blessed,⁠ not why you are stressed.⁠ You give life⁠ to what you focus on.⁠ Kristen Butler⁠ ⁠ 🖼️ Artwork by @eugenia_loli⁠ ⁠ ⁠collage collages collagesocietycollage_art collagedesigncollage_creatives collageartistcollagecollective collagestashcollageartists collage_guildcutandpaste artcollageanalogcollageanalogcollagecommunehandcutcollage retrofuturismcosmic galaxy nebulas trippyartpapercollage collageartworksurrealcollage collagecollectivecocollageart surrealcollageartgluemyart⁠

Fact or Fiction: The Life and Times of a Ping Pong Hustler - directed by Leo Leigh This is one of the projects that I have been asked to been involved with over the years as a professional session musician. It was for a film about the American table tennis champion Marty Reisman directed by Leo Leigh. It was really good fun to do - the session was only done over a day at a local Brighton recording studio, it was a good laugh despite some of the complicated syncopated rhythms on one of the tracks that meant I had to do quite a few takes. Got there in the end though! Official trailer for it is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6Zw6RO18ZU I have been recently asked to clarinet session work by another Brighton recording studio - this time for a studio album they are producing which will have a Pink Floyd /slightly psychadelic /space vibe - right up my street - so watch this space! Incidentally, if any other good Brighton (or London) recording studios ‘need’ clarinettists (or I've branched out into using the EWI5000) for session work - contact me on emmapapper@googlemail.com or you can direct message me - I am very responsive! I am always up for interesting musical collaborations! lifeandtimesofapingponghustler leoleigh mikeleigh filmmusic gravitasvod gravitasventures sessionmusician clarinetplayer recordingstudio brighton homesickrecordings syncopatedrhtyms pingpong hustler sessionwork musicalcollaboration pinkfloyd psychadelicmusic cosmic spacemusic responsive ewi5000

M O N D A Y. Feeling snug in my mystic dress and we all know girls love pockets but this has a hood! Absolutely love this piece from @dresslily. . . . . (@goslingartist is wearing yellow tights and boots with a purple cosmic space dress with a hood. She is outside in front of a barn door).. . . . . 📷Photo/Edit: @g.woolliams. ..🏷Outfit- Shoes @newlook old, Tights @snagtights, Dress @dresslily.. . . .mondaymoments mondaymorning mondaymood snagtights snagtightsarethebest snagtightscolonelmustard bootsaremadeforwalking bootweather sassyboots dresslilly dresslilyplussize cosmic cosmicgirl shesouttathisworld feelinggood sassychic mysticmeg mysticvibes

Feeling your post-Pisces Full Moon download coming into focus yet? With the lunation occuring conjunct the 💨fog machine💨 aka *magical and mystical* Neptune, we could have been swimming in spiritual bliss, disconnected in our escapism, or just UNCLEAR. For many there may have been tears, as Pisces is where we are meant to let the emotions flow, especially in the quiet moments we have with ourselves, in our dreams, and in Meditation. . . I know that Pisces Moonlight triggered a few tears💧 . . With Mars conjunct the Sun in Virgo opposing this FAR OUT PLACE, some may have experienced the surge of energy with anger, criticism, or frustration with not having answers. Virgo wants to perfect and Pisces wants to dissolve. COMPASSION + FORGIVENESS are the ultimate high road in the last sign of the zodiac. (Want to read more? Continue to my blog through my Linktree)✌🏻 . . 🌊Announcement: I was in bed for days before and after the Full Moon with mild flu-I’m BETTER, but it put me behind on the VICTORY ASTROLAB. I’ve delayed. No worries-it’s all Divine Timing and probably better after Equinox -it’ll be a FRESH season. Still time to sign up at Early Registration for a bit more...I will be in touch later today to those who have reached out AND will be hosting another Free Webinar on Tuesday before SATURN GOES DIRECT🤘🏻 . .astrology VICTORY spiritualastrology esotericevolutionaryastrology kali chiron plutonianastrologer uranianastrologer victoryastrologyastrologersofinstagramcosmic weather astrologyschool astrolab 2019astrology 2020astrology empowered astro-education

¡A veces también salen cosas divertidas, como este jamón cósmico!😂😂😂Sometimes fun things also come out, like this cosmic ham!😂😂😂. hamcosmic funnycolorsfantasyinstacool# experimentfluidarthappy fluidartwork artworkinstaart photooftheday nofilter

To complete the cycle of life and let the creation happen, I believe both male & female are necessary characters to play the role, together (in sync or rhythm...) thus, I've incorporated the idea of Lord Shiva and Aadishakti, here. So that, it'll not only have just a biological fact and science into it but also the cosmic subtext. By looking closely, you'll see the trident formation in the illustration. A trident which symbolises two things; one is Lord Shiva himself and the second is the representation of three Nadi or Energy Channels. Aadishakti, who's the half of the Lord Shiva...and together they form an essential male-female shakti which powers the creation itself. It's a fusion, a dance and a cosmic relationship between two diff embodiments of equally powerful energies (...when come together, they create sth magical!) . . . This is what a || CREATION || is ❇️🌸❇️ . . . PS : Fun fact; a menstruation cup you can also see in this illustration and the blood which is the vital part of life also showcasing the river and wherever it's flowing the life is booming out of it. . . . Checkout @oddistrick for more of these abstract visual arts and conceptual illustration. Hit like if you can see and feel the idea of it and share, ppl. Thankx in adv, y'all 😋🤘 . . . . .digitalart drawing doodle lineart storytelling cosmic lordshiva artist universe artwork bnw red illustrator designer artlovers god creation female adobephotoshop artistsoninstagram illustration_daily sketchbook abstractart visualart fineart conceptart creative art illustration sketching

The Japanese have a phrase, which is like our phrase, “follow your nose”, they say “follow your feet”, because unlike the United States, Japan is a very easy place to wander in. It takes narrow streets, curly kinds of places for effective wandering. Here you’re not allowed to wander, if you go wandering in any nice part of town, the police will stop you.. But in Japan, you still can wander.. and you can take a side turning, not knowing the faintest idea of where you’re going and suddenly you discover the most amazing garden in a courtyard, or a funny little restaurant where the most unusual food is being served, or a bar where there is only room for two people to sit.. very pleasant friendly surroundings, you didn’t get shown this, you followed your feet and discovered it. Now all the best things on any journey I’ve ever taken were unscheduled, and most of the scheduled things were a disappointment because of a big build-up of expectation and then flop. So, therefore, the essential principle of the positive side of the pursuit of pleasure is the unscheduled life. Now of course, for the convenience of other people, some schedule is always necessary but its best to make it a kind of hum-drum habit thing and don’t get uptight about it, because it is nothing more - just as the skeleton is a frame work for the flesh, so a schedule is bones for wiggles - and we need some bones you see, otherwise everything gets too gooey but don’t take your bones too seriously, always allow for the unexpected because this is true at the level of the most simple, most sensual pleasures… so too for the paradoxes that come into mystical literature, such as “he that must save his life must lose it”, or that the highest knowledge is non-knowledge, all that sort of paradox is simply this, you see. That the cosmic consciousness is what arises, of itself, when you see that nothing arises at all, except what arises of itself. || . . . . .AlanWatts pursuitofpleasure artistsoninstagram writingcommunity poetsofinstagram crystalhealing cosmic photography positivequotes paradox knowledgeispower life love psychadelicart deepthoughts consciousness followyourheart

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