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Ready to emerge from the cocoon that is Thursday and flutter intro Friday Morning. baccywiththegreyhair

Gizmo and Marvin bring so much energy, love and joy to our daily lives. I’m so grateful to share my life and home with them! Marvin is trusting us so much more now, so that means less nipping and more cuddles! He’s a purring machine. 😊 Marvin started his life on the street, he was found with his mom and siblings by a dumpster. Thankfully he was rescued by a local shelter. He spent the first few months of his life waiting for his forever home in a shelter and then a petco.. people were attracted to his 2 different colored eyes but kept passing him over because they didn’t want to deal with his bite-y nature. I think it’s a blessing in a way because if it weren’t for that, I’m not sure we’d have had the chance to take him home! All he needed was some love and patience, bad behaviors can come from bad experience (just like with people).. it doesn’t make him a bad cat or unworthy of a loving home, just means he needs a little extra and to be taught the right way. Have you ever adopted an animal? If you haven’t and you’re interested in sharing your life with a cat, dog or even a rabbit - go visit your local shelter! There are so many lovely animals out there just waiting for their forever home. ❤️ . . . . .marvin catmom gizmo mygremlin catsofinstagram catlife catmomlife crazycatlady crazycatladyclub fallfeels petsofinstagram petsagram cutecats balckandwhitecats catoftheday adoptdontshop catsofnewjersey artistsoninstagram creativehappylife heterochromia

👉 Follow @lnstameow 😻😽😹🙀😺❤️ Video: Unknown 🎥 . . .britishshorthair #ネコ catsofworld crazycatlady kittensofinstagram catnap kitties catlovers #ねこ neko bengal catsofig catsofinstagram #고양이 cutecats caturday catlady purr purrfect cat kedi thedailykitten #кот gato gatos #ねこ部 katze #냥스타그램 gatto

Happy tbt sweeties!😘 This is double love right here peeps!💓💕💞 Baby Mithu and his little sister, Patch!😻😻 Plus you get Meowmy's kids when they were teens!😂😂 ... .. . Our HASHTAG stampedecitykitties . .. ...Mithu familytime yycfamily yyc yyccats yycpets catsofinsta catsandkids babymithu loverboy bestcats excellentcats meowsofcanada gato_cats acatslife peopleandcats crazycatlady catsofinstagram catnada canadacatclowder

I don’t think this diet is working cat cats catstagram catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram cats_of_world cats_of_day fatcatsofinstagram siamesecat ilovecats crazycatlady meow kitty

What’s up?

Loud and proud! catmommy! 🚗💨 Beep beep! 😻😼😽 . . .catmom furbaby meow fiat smallcarclub beepbeep purfect crazycatlady

SO THIS FINALLY HAPPENED! Addison and I have wanted a kitten for some time now, you may remember I had to give my cat up when Addison was born due to her aggression towards her (& long hair!).. Well, we "accidentally" fell in love with this kitten at an adoption event and we couldn't help ourselves, we couldn't wait to get permission from my husband! (I even harassed him while he was in class, oops, sorry babe, love you!) AND HE SAID YES! So introducing, the newest member of the Olpstead, DOBBY!! She got named Dobby because of her ONE SOCK and Dobby is Addison's most recent love and obsession :) Hooray for kitties! What kind of pets do you have in your household?newkitten tortoiseshellkitty dobbythekitty onesock additiontotheolpstead olpstead wehaveazoo beardiesanddoggiesandkittiesohmy dobbythecat rescuekitty adoptedakitten momlife furmom crazycatlady catmom dogmom dragonmom bestmom myhusbandisthebst heletmedoit besthubby

Anybody else have a cat like this?cat crazycatlady catquote ilovecats catswithattitude

Miss Belle is back at the vet for liver testing, as her initial bloodwork showed very high levels. For all her health problems (pancreatitis, diabetes-now in remission, now a uti and liver problems) she's a very sweet little peanut, as her vet calls her. With everything she does to get my attention, she could have played the psycho in Fatal Attraction. "I won't be ignored, mom!", as she knocks things off tables. Last photo shows how she was feeling toward me! bebelle rbf restingbelleface catstagram catsofinstagram instacat cats_of_instagram cutecat blackcatlove blackcatsrock adoptdontshop assholecat crazycatlady kauffeluvr

Deal of the Day for those travelers with pets 😹😻😹! This frickin amazing cat backpack is on sale for $35.99 with code CARRIER5 at @bcproducts and Yes! You can take your pets on assignment with you! Make sure you let your recruiter know ahead of time so she can research the area to make sure it’s “pet friendly” for housing. Some places (like all of New England) aren’t so easy to work with. I’d pay to see someone traveling with their cat like this to an assignment 😹😻 Share your tips on traveling with pets below! 👇🏻

[Géraïne] - Garde juillet/août . Aujourd’hui je vous présente Géraïne, une minette craintive et stressée. Géraïne a accès au jardin qui est bien sécurisé, à chaque passage elle réclamait à sortir et passait la visite dehors. Il a fallut un jour de pluie ☔️ pour que Géraïne ne puisse pas sortir, j’ai donc profité de ce moment pour en tête à tête pour gagner entièrement sa confiance... Bingo j’ai eu le droit à une Géraïne en mode patounage avec son « doudou » et depuis ce jour Géraïne n’a plus été sur sa défensive et j’ai eu le droit à des séances caresses 🥰 . La confiance d’un chat ça ne se prends pas ça se gagne 🏆 .patience confiance jaimemonmetier catsitter crazycatlady catlover nonalabandon dontbuyadopt adoptdontshop oise valdoise

Joe is such a good foster daddy 😻crazycatlady

The purrfect way to wake up. I’m not always a fan of waking up early but coffee and my favorite cat blanket always help. ☕️ 🐈 The Cat’s Meow @verabradley collection is now available in store. blankets cozy verabradley catsmeow catsofinstagram coffee earlymorning verabradleystyle verabradlyblanket lakegeneva visitlakegeneva verabradleyaddict bookworm shopsmall thursdaymotivation pet crazycatlady catlovers catdecor petsofinstagram catmom kittens coffeeholic butfirstcoffee lakegenevawisconsin

Taking a break away from Patrice for a moment. crazycatlady tuxedocat selfie cats

Once a crazy cat lady, always a crazy cat lady. tbt❤️ Follow our cat friends with "normal" moms 😻: @gingertabbypride @peachtheorangecat @redsir_pickles @tiger.di.lion @maui_is_not_impressed • • • • •moe_and_furriends tbt throwbackthursday crazycatlady cats_of_world catsrule lovecats

...a baby for me, and a playmate for my cats! ....too bad it was cancelled 😰😿👽

My project for the day! - This beautiful bunch of yarn is gonna be a rainbow blankie for our furriends @gingertabbypride. It’s gonna be a pretty one. Can’t wait to share it with you guys. This is how each and every order is made: on my lap while watching tv. - Message me for details about getting your very own blankie, scarf, bow tie, hair bow clip, or maybe one of each for your furbaby!!! All orders are custom made for YOU, totally unique, and inspected for quality control by both Rogie and Rosie before shipping. And the best part? They help with Rogie’s GIANT vet bill! - Gofundme linked in bio PayPal: luridplight@gmail.com Venmo: rogie-and-rosie - rogieandrosie cat catstagram catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram coi coicommunity tabby tabbycat catlady specialneedscat differentlyabled disabledcat differentlyabledcat strokesurvivor catladytribe catmom crazycatlady tripod tripawd 3leggedcat threeleggedcat amputee crochet tripawdlife tripawdcatsquad blanket handmade rainbow pride

Having Almond milk coffee with the best mug in the world. ☕❤️🐱 Crazy cat lady Enamel mug Available on our online shop! www.darfish.com Worldwide shipping 💌

Our little rescue baby cookie loves her safe place in the bathroom. If only she would like the other kitties. All in time girl. So glad this little baby found me 💕 calicocat cookiethecalico catsofinstagram rescue adjustmentperiod crazycatladies crazycatlady socute lover eatplaylove newcatintroductions

I'm a cat lady in every game I play 😅 .eso elderscrollsonline woodelf crazycatlady gaming bethesda

Look what he did to himself (swipe up) There is a rack in our kitchen near the gas oven. Oscar often sleeps there. This Monday my mom forgot to move hot milk bowl from oven. we r doing our thing as usual. Suddenly we heard a sound of Somthing fall off in kitchen. We ran into and saw milk bowl is in the floor and Oscer run away from kitchen. When we reach him we saw he was cleaning himself. His left side was wet with milk. He burned his cheek and ear with hot milk. 😔😔😔 And I don't know how to react... He is fine now....

Cuddling with my little tiger, Zsazsa. One of my five cats. A cat's purr can help healing. Lowering stress: petting a purring cat can calm you. Purr vibrations help to heal infections, swelling, bone healing and growth, pain relief, muscle growth and repair, tendon repair and joint mobility. Just saying.

Good morning from El Gatos 😻 theo zeus bandit 2 points if you can guess which is which lol crazycatlady

Blackberry has come a long way. After nearly a year and a half, she has come to trust me enough to let me pet her. I love this cat so much. I’m so happy and overjoyed with her progress. She’s such a blessing to me. thankYouJesus lovemycats feralcatsofinstagram feralcatjourney lifewithcats crazycatlady lifeisbetterwithacat soblessed blackcats blackcatsofinstagram lovemycats

someone is cozy today. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ This month has been a big transition period for our family. The cats seem a little lost sometimes. ⁣ ⁣ I feel their personalities changed a little. They’re more relaxed and comfortable. Or maybe I’m just noticing more. ⁣ ⁣ Pixel - the aloof one is all about snuggles now, like all the time. Tater here is more loving when snuggling vs the annoying drool claw thing 😂 and spike- well he’s still himself but less annoying. ⁣ ⁣ Still feel something is missing but with time we’ll be ok.

Cats are just purrfect for humans (and other species)😻🐾

Lola decided to roll around in the spilled dog food this morning. She’s a strange one ... ... ...tuxedocat cats catsofinstagram instacats meow furfamily pets feline felinefriends crazycatlady crazycats catsfordays cattitude lovecats cats_of_instworld cats_of_instagram cat_delight catlovers kitten cutekitten kittencuddleparty furbaby kittensofinstagram kittens_of_instagram kittenlovers catlover

With the amount of cats and kittens we’ve let into our home, I feel like I have earned my own little seal of approval status for cat products 😂 . DIY Cat Litter Freshener: Baking soda + Lemongrass Essential Oil . Katie (and Button) Approved 🐱 . Doesn’t get much easier than that! . . . . . . . . . . . . . .catmom crunchymama naturalmama oilymama naturalcleaning wellnessblogger wellpreneur fostercat crazycatlady wellnessjourney nourishyourself nontoxichome nontoxicliving fosterkittens aromatherapy naturalhealth selfcare healthylifestyle cleanliving naturalsolutions naturalproducts  marketing catlovers workfromhome homebusiness MLM mlmcompany diy

Starting tonight or tomorrow, I'm going to be deactivating several listings that I'm taking to Kitty Conference that are close to running out. If they don't sell then I'll repost them, but I don't want to take any chances of not being able to fill orders. So if you've been spying a certain item (especially zipper pouches and keychains, now is your time to buy!)

Feliz Cumpleaños CrazyCatLady, de parte de Simba 👑 Utah 🇬🇧 Moyo🐁y los smelly cats callejeros que cuidas 👼! (Entre otros bichillos 🐗🐢🐒) 🎂

Look at this sweet face! Joshua 😻 Did you know you can see all of the kittens who are available for adoption if you go to my Instagram profile (@charlies__army) and tap on the highlight titled Adopt us!? I have a lot of babies in search of their forever homes! . Interested in adopting? Want to support us by becoming a monthly donor or sending a needed item from our Amazon wishlist? All those links can be found in my profile or at linktr.ee/charliesarmy ♡

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Gon with the Wind Gon in 60 seconds Gon Baby Gon

This is the best time of the day! Meowmy comes home from work and then crashes on the couch so I can cuddle up around her arm and chest. I can snooze like this forever ❤️ cuddles cuddle purrfect_meowdel meowdel siberiancatsofinstagram siberiancat sibiriskkatt purrfect nevamasquerade cat meow gato katze truelove photooftheday lookoftheday katter peeweesweden siberian_cat_lovers beautiful therapy cptsd warrior

As Shania Twain said, you don’t impress me much.

Spike Bones and I are chilling in my cube today as we prepare for therapythursday 😼 we’re cooking up spooky surprises for Meowlloween! 😻🎃 we’re hopefully going to have a pawty at the yurttohealthehurt where everyone can get scared to heck and then talk it out! 😹 Happy purrsday everyone!

Valaki tegnap 22 lett.🎉 @agnessupicz (Tényleg jöhetne már az a pap!✝️ lastpic) happy messingaround kitties buddies funtime hbd crazycatlady

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