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Ser Sandor is looking for someone who will give him a pet home and commit to a life with him. He has decided he doesn’t like being a show cat or a father. So he will come neutered and microchipped. If you think you would like a very sweet Cornie in your life message us. He is good with other cats, dogs, and respectful kids. GoTCurls GoTCurlsCornishRex cornishRex Crex Caturday catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram cats kitten catsagram cfacat ChampionCat curlycat curlsfordays Meow

Crex leather Email: info@crexleather.com Whatsapp: 092 305 6028282

Our very own pink panther 💖🐈

This is excellent. Comfortable. Delightful. Perfect, actually. Wait, that's better. Yes. This works. Exactly right. Absolutely. . . .kitten tuxedocat tuxedocatsofinstagram catlovers catstagram catsofworld catsofinstagram bestmeow meow neko ilovemycat instacat catlover cats_of_instagram cutecat curlycat cornishrex cornishrex_of_insta rexcat crex cornishrexofinstagram cornishrexcat dailyfluff dailycat greeneyedcat gato rexesofig puppycat

日本の女性ジャケット crex’s

crex leather tannery

Cow split, sheep and goat leather gloves. Different color we can supply. Also we can make goat grain leather gloves. crex leather

crex leather

opierae is such a high jumper 🙀opie crex cornishrex catsofinstagram

When Dean bought Sammy this cardboard bowl for his birthday I thought it was stupid. Turns out it’s his favourite thing and he won’t sit in anything else now. Boxes are so 5 minutes ago!! 😹🤷🏽‍♀️💖

Un par de ES44AC de diferentes empresas ffcc descansando en via de maquinas esperando llamado para su proximo tren FXE 4621 - CREX 1327 SIGUENOS: @fxe4125 ferromex crex citirail fxe es44ac generalelectriclocomotives poket_rail train_photography trainvideos rail_supremacy railroad

Good evening everyone!! 👋🏾🐈

Goodmorning, slept like a Queen, thank you Homan for installing my bed. 😻 janiztheCrex catsofinstagram cats_of_world catsoftheday caturday cat cats cat_features catlovers catstagram catlove cornishrex janiz crex

Helping me change the sheets 😂 and everything turns into wrestling crex cornishrex kittens wrestlers catsofinstagram opie opierae pig pigwidgeon

Happy 2nd birthday to this clever and loving cat @frankrobbierex cornishrex welovecornishrex crex cornishrexcat cornishrexofinstagram

While waiting for my coloring book proofs to come (tomorrow) I have been working on a needle felted sculpture! I've made sculptures like this before but never with a needle felted head and body, so it's been fun and I am learning a lot as I go. I also really liked making the hat. It is so cute and I think I need a hat like this. And the eyes are fun too. I painted them with watercolor on paper then glued them onto the backs of glass cabuchons. I have a lot of little details I am going to add before he is done but I am very excited to see how he turns out. 💗 . . .cornishrex cornishrexofinstagram rex crex cornishrexcat cornishrexcats semihairless flamepoint blueeyes needlefelting felting feltingwool feltingwork feltingneedle wool woolart textileart catart fiberart fiberartist create createcommune sculpture woolsculpture forest autumn fall

I am such a good, handsome boy, right? Greetings, Havu ° ° ° ° °havukissa alchemistcats cornishrexofinstagram crex cornishrex

Kitty wants eggs

Our beautiful Atticus turns 7 today! 🎂😺💖 He’s the sweetest soul and sadly has been struggling with some tummy issues for a while now - and we are working through some different treatment options for him. Hoping we can find a solution for him soon!! It’s so heartbreaking when our furry family are unwell.

scuttlebutt says that the CREX lease is up at the end of the year....BNSF washingtonrailfanning pnw_train gelocomotive trainsofinstagram railroad train leasedloco Washington FallbridgeSub

😸💜🦎Someone has discovered the warmth of her best friends home. 🤣 I couldn't believe it when I came around the corner! . Not to worry, she was promptly removed and Lucy's cage secured better. Although they're cool with each other I only let them hang out supervised. Piper, after all is a predator, although a cute af one, a predator who likes to hunt and "play" with tiny animals/things that move. And Lucy could probably do some damage too if she wanted. Bearded dragons have been known to rip limbs from other beardies so...umm...yeah... . . . . . . .cuteaf petsofinsta beardies beardeddragon cornishrex sealpointcornishrec crex siamesecatsofinstagram cuteanimalsofinstagram animalloversofinstagram furryfriends scaleyfriends

Happy Sunday everyone! 👋🏾💖🐈

Mini😸 and Papi🧔🏻 have been to the vet today and Mini😸 received his usual injection 💉 and it went well! . . . . .miniophoenix mrminiroyalty cornishrex rexcat crex cornishrexofinstagram rexesofig catmewsweekly petoftoday nc_cuties picsofcatmodels coolcatsfeature COIcommunity catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram catstagram catstagramcats instagram instagramcats svenskakatter katterpinstagram swedishpets bns_cats svenskakatterpinstagrampuurrfectcats meowed 9gag catstocker ilovemycat . 😸🧔🏻💉💛🙏🏼 .

Bowl yoga for cats 🤷🏽‍♀️😹🧘‍♂️ Happy Caturday everyone!! 💖

Oh wait he has a bell 🔔 😻 mom’s shouting 🙀 treeeeeeex I told you don’t touch crx cornishrexcat catstagram catsoftheday catlover rexcornish catslife crex rexcat feline cat rexesofig rexcat rex cornish gingercat gingercatsofinstagram

He smells outlandish 👃🏽 strange bird 😾 wonder what he‘s up to 😼 doesn’t seem he’s useful in any way crx cornishrexcat catstagram catsoftheday catlover rexcornish catslife crex rexcat feline cat rexesofig rexcat rex cornish gingercat gingercatsofinstagram

Look 👀 who is this guy? mom told me she created him and he’s going to be sold 💰 this is why I’m not allowed to touch him 😼 crx cornishrexcat catstagram catsoftheday catlover rexcornish catslife crex rexcat feline cat rexesofig rexcat rex cornish gingercat gingercatsofinstagram

Min lilla drake! 🐉🐲😈😻 birkthecrex crex cornishrex catsofinstagram

Please do not disturb when I am enjoying the comfort of my favourite box! 😹🤷🏽‍♀️📦

How does the saying go? "A naner a day keeps the vet away," right?

Cat fu fighting or ninja cats 🐾🐈😹 . I love Phoenix backleg 🐾😹 and Mini's always front paw leg 😹🐾 .throwbackthursday. . . . .miniophoenix cornishrex rexcat crex cornishrexofinstagram rexesofig siamese siames meezer tbt catfufighting ninjacats catmewsweekly petoftoday nc_cuties picsofcatmodels coolcatsfeature bns_cats COIcommunity catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram catstagram instagram svenskakatter katterpinstagram meowed 9gag catstocker ilovemycats. 🐈🐾🥋🦵🏼🐾🥋👊🏼🐾🥋💪🏼🐾🐈 . .

This little girl is 11 today! I'm her pet and she is my best friend!!! Love her! 😻❤️ catstagram cats catoftheday catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram blackcatoftheday blackcat cornishrex cornish crex #черныйкот #кот #корнишрекс #корниш #дружба friendship

Scuse me hooman, I has to sit. cornishrex crex cornishrexsweden

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