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My little princess came for a cuddle cuddlebug dog mansbestfriend oldgirl shesgoinggrey doggylove

I see some of you got a lot of snow. We’re getting a lot of rain. Good thing the girls are here to play with me. Have a great weekend rain or snow. toypoodle poodlesofinstagram phantompoodle rainyday stayingdry goodtime grandkids sweetgirls funny sillygirl playful lotsoffun mommassunshine lotsofenergy lilfirecracker pocketrocket cuteasabutton speedy zoomies cantcatchme lapwarmer cuddlebug lovebug sweetheart newdress

Learning how to play with Hoomans is something all puppies & doggies must learn. Luckily, Kona does not need much training in the play-biting department. The moment I say: „Auu“/„Ouch“ in a higher pitched tone she stops and gives me the opportunity to retract my hand. She is amazing like that. 🖤🐶 P.S.: although one might not believe it: it‘s the little teeth up-front that hurt like hell!!! 😖😖 We have play-biting under control, but sometimes naughty Kona tries to grab me by the pants and let me know that IT‘S FREAKIN‘ TIME WE WENT ON OUR WALKIE!! 🥳🐕🐾 That is when she pinches with those front teeth and occasionally in her eagerness grabs more than just material. 😳😖😭Accidents happen on both sides even when playing, still very impressed at how much self-control she exercises and how she always understands it‘s time to stop that kind of play. Also something I have been thinking about lately: my dog never uses her teeth to hurt me even though she could. You know... unlike we hoomans tend to use our tongues to be mean to one another! Let‘s learn from these little fluffs to be compassionate & loving, rather than just be mean because we have the means to... mybiggestteacher konas_tales sofiasshelterromania adoptdontshop # #romanianrescuedog rescuedog igersviennaontour livelovebark fluffy fluffydog playwithme poodlemix mixedbreed igersromanian petstagram blackpoodle dogstagram puppylove doggylove doggygram doggylife fangs doggy_tales cuddlebug weekendvibes livefolk liveauthentic boopmynose

Let’s hold hands 🥰 cuddlebug

1-15-20 we are officially 16 months old! How it happened, I have no clue! Trying to savor every day with this little guy but they keep blowing past me 😭😭😭 happy 16 months to the happiest baby💙💙babyboy boymom JosephCarl cuddlebug cutenessoverload iwannaeathimup babiesofinstagram babiesofinsta babies breastfedbaby littlelove myrhhbaby littlecutie cheeksfordays mylittlemush ineverknewlovelikethis

It's FosterFriday and foster pup Kira is hanging out with me while waiting for her furever family! Just by showing her love for a couple weeks, I feel like she has become more trusting of me and loves to stare at me while smiling. She also smiles when she gets pets or when she sees me after a long day at work. smiles gainingtrust tlc pureloveFirst video is what I recently started to see whenever I got home from work. She's gotten more of her spunk back and turns around in circles when she is very excited. welcomehome2nd video: She is also a master at catching treats. flyingtreats nobigdealLast video: We are starting to work on "sit" now and she seems to be getting it. The trick I learned from bestfriendsanimalsocietyla nklapetadoptioncenter was to use a wall and move the treat above and past their head so that they back into the wall and have to sit. This is a very effective method since they do it on their own instead of you pushing their butt down to sit. Kira is determined to work on this and show this off to her furever family when they come around. gooddog bestgirl dogtricks willdoanythingfortreatsIf you are interested in adopting Kira, contact @outtathecage!adoptkira teamkira adopt adoptdontshop outtathecage rescuedog dogsofinstagram rescuedogsofinstagram rescuedogsarethebest pittiesofinstagram pitbullsofinstagram pitbull cuddlebug sweetestdog fosterdog fosteringsaveslives

When you have a cracker of a migraine, get yourself a foster puppy, they are super handy - Tove fosterpuppa kitkatcare adoptmeplease dogsofbrisbane puppyofinsta rawfeddogs cuddlebug

It is a cold dark night and my mom and my Jay went to get tie food without me. I don’t know why because I am the only one in our family who has a tie that he wears and nobody ever feeds that tie which has pibbles on it. Anyway I am cuddling my fishy to feel better. 🥡🥡🥡 cuddles cuddlebug staybuttery pitsky husky pitbull pibble

Bella has decided that before bed she must lick my whole face and then fall asleep on my arm or stomach she normally just feel asleep by my legs or in her bed but she's been doing her new ritual for a week now. pawrtner🐾bedtime lovemygirl goodnightkisses dobermansofinstagram dobbyofinstagram bestfriends goodgirl cantmovemyarm cuddles cuddlebug dogs dogsofinstagram

He has started burrowing and covering himself up when it's bedtime. "bUllY bREedS ArE dAngErOUs" 🙃 . . .barron pitbull pittiesofinstagram bulliesofinstagram pitbullsofinstagram dogstagram instadog puppylove pupper doggo mamasboy dogsofinstagram cuddlebug bestsnuggles

My husband and I have involuntarily adopted two "feral" kitties who sneak into our house everyday and have made themselves at home despite our resistance. We've named this one Sage and he is a cuddle bug. He starts purring as soon as he sees me and likes to give little love bites during belly rubs. I don't think I've ever met a more affectionate cat. adoptacat newpet kitty catmom catdogmom kitten cuddlebug lovebug cute petparent furfamily love

Goodnight everyone 🥰😍sleepykitty cuddlebug

Repost @jennasylvie with @get_repost ・・・ “I’m so sad that it is Friday, I wish it was Monday instead,” said no one ever. Araiah's counting the days off we have this weekend, I hope she counts to 5. If only toddlers ruled our work week, am I right? .. .. Outfit details: Bow @aryasworldboutique T-shirt and footless tights @viandjax .. ..viandjaxsquad viandjax aryasworld bbaraiah toddlerlife thisisme okanagankids handmade learning Friyay bluefloral weekendvibes handmadeclothing smallshop shopsmall supportmoms discoversmallshops canadianmade canadiankids ootd cutestuff thisisone mylittles livingherbestlife cuddlebug cheerful toddlersrule counting discovery

fbf last year today, my newly acquired hooman learns I must be in her arms 24/7. This was one of many vids she took of me.. she just couldn’t get enough. Pre-IG account. 😂😘🥰cuddlebug lovebug adopteddogsofinstagram gotchaday adoptdontshop nakeddog baldisbeautiful dogsofinstagram dogsofphilly hairyhairless dailydoseofditto chinesecrested seniorrescue olddogsneedlovetoo doghairdontcare

“Snoggg Flog I’m a sloth hog & this is my Friday night suckleee 😜”—-heyzeus• ๒ •fridayfeels pugstuff zen pug love pugsandkisses snugglebear cuddlebug snugpug cuddleme cute furbaby pugstagram pugloversclub

Savoring these moments. They grow up so fast! Love you Princess Lia 👑 . .LiaChristina BabyGirl GirlMom Babydoll momentslikethese Motherhood Goals PressPause MakingMemories CuddleBug CozyTime Beddyby OneOnOne MyMiniMe

Sitting on my favorite pillow. 👑🐩🐾💖 ..I’m not spoiled or anything..🙈🐾🐾 mysha cuddlebug fidoandfluffysrescue fridayvibes rescuedismyfavoritebreed

Someone was beyond happy to have found the perfect spot all cradled like a baby in Mommy’s lap. ❤️🐾🐶 PuppyLove MommysBoy Labrabros CuddleBug

“I think I’m gonna like it here” - already claiming the couchgoldendoodle doodlesofinstagram doodle puppy puppiesofinstagram cuddlebug loveatfirstsight

Mr. Rooney loves his face rubs ❤️🐓 PS: I’m thinking of making Rooney his own page...🤔 What do you guys think? . . . . .rooster roo rhodeislandred crossbreed whiteleghorn cuddlebug sleepy chickencoop chicken chickenmom chickencoopsofinstagram birds chickenlovers hensandchicks explorepage explore

When your boy is needy and you took too long to let him get on your lap Chuck Flamepoint Siamese cats catsofinstagram siamesecatsofinstagram cuddlebug needyboy

Love my rough and tumble Figgy boy!! He’s the most solid of the kittens and knows how to play hard...but cuddles even harder!! He is such a sweet little love! 😻💙🐾 • • •fosterkittenmama foster_kitten_mama adventuresinkittenfostering🐾 kittensofinstagram sweetkitten centralfloridakittens cutekitten newbabies wintergardenpets wintergardenkittens wintergarden cutebabies toocute 2cutefosterkittens savinglives fosteringsaveslives kittens tinybutmighty rescuecats rescuekittens petrescue theffriends figaro blackangwhitekitten theffriends playshard cuddlebug

Cuddling up on the couch on this cold winter night. adoptdontshop instapuppy cuddlebug

Goodness.... don't know what I would do without her!!♡ Love my Layla girl!! . . .cuddlebuglovemypupunconditionallove

I couldn’t love her more. 💗 sweetpuppy ilovemydog cuddlebug

Did someone say there was 8 inches of snow heading our way? I thought it was spring. patientlywaiting bluenosepuppy dacc rescuepup puppyrehab pitbulllove doggo pibblepuddle lovebug cuddlebug pittiesofinsta

Friday nights get crazy around here. cuddlebug weimaranerpuppy sleepyheads earlytobed

Kids pajamas edition today! I love cotton pjs for my babies. I personally can’t stand fleece of any kind, whenever my skin touches fleece, my whole body cringes (like when you hear someone squeezing the balloon or hearing a sound of chalk rubbing against the blackboard). That’s why I always get 100% cotton clothes and pajamas for my kiddos. I linked their pjs and a few others that we own and love. Anyone else hates fleece or am I alone in this? • • • • liketkit @liketoknow.it @liketoknow.it.family @liketoknow.it.home LTKfamily LTKkids LTKunder50 kids kidsofinstagram kidsfashion kidsfashionmodel kidsfashiontrends fashionkids fashionkidsmoms mywhowhatwear toddlerlife toddlersofinstagram toddlerfashion toddlermomlife toddler sleepingbeauty sleepy cuddle cuddles cuddling cuddlebuddy cuddleseason cuddlemood cuddly cuddletime cuddleweather cuddlebug cuddleandkind

We're having an early Caturday in the basement recliner. I'm catching up on some shows. I guess they're catching up on some sleep. 😹🤷🏼‍♀️ catsofinstagram kittensofinstagram kittenface kinkyzoo petmomproblems furbabies Samwise Strider Elrond CuddleBug

I’m ready for my bedtime story and blanky now 🥰 chubberstoughlife winternightsin jrtlove dogsofinstagram adoptdontshop cuddlebug

With owning a business, you get to meet so many people. Being able to network and people, has allowed make a reptile friend 💁🏻‍♀️🦎❤️👏🏼 〰️reptiles cuddlebug tongueout networking businessowner todaywasagoodday life adventure sanantonio texas

When the pack is studying but I love me some cuddles ❤️🥰

Bedtime stories are more useful than you thought. Reading books to your children gives them the opportunity to hear words that they may not otherwise hear, especially bigger words that you may not often use when speaking to them.

I don’t ever want to leave this spot. Pleeeaaase don’t make me. cuddlebug velcrodog bestdogever attitude loveme nodogsonthebed europeandoberman

Cannon baaaalllllll! This is what we call it when Snickers sits on the couch next to you and free falls backwards onto you. This is the position he ends up in. It's supposed to Fluffy Butt Friday. Sorry about the full frontal. fluffybuttfriday, fido fidofriday dogsofinstagram farmdogfriday farmdoglife cuddlebug

DidYouKnow that dysania is the state of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

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