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Guess I'm pretty comfortable. cuddletime kitty babies

Would you look at this?! 🥰 Last night, my baby boo curled up and fell asleep on my lap. Just like old times. The big secret about adulting is we have no idea what we’re doing. It’s these moments, though, that make me feel like I’m doing SOMEthing right! babyofthefamily lastone cuddletime mothersanddaughters fivemoreminutes

After a long hard day of chasing squirrels, wrestling with my siblings, there is nothing better then snuggling with my hooman... cuddletime myhoomanisawesome ruffday doglife🐾

My office mate Finley coming into the conference room to offer me emotional support during polo planning time!cutepuppy littleguy officepuppy themightyfin supportdog stressrelief cuddletime

🌟💫🌟 Cuddle with your child and pray, “Dear God, thank You for making [child’s name]. I am so glad You gave him/her to me so I can be his/her Dad/Mom. Thank You for making this amazing world for us to live in. Some of our favorite things You made are [you and your child list some things]. You are so, SO good, and we love You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.” 🌟 Great job, Mom or Dad!gatheringkidsaz parentcues raisingupthenextgeneration speakintoyourkids parenting faith praytogether prayer godmadeeverything kids toddlers love family familylife cuddle cuddletime

Fortnite and cuddles 😻😻fortnite brotherlylove cuddletime

granddaughter grandpa cuddletime muchlove loveofhislifeIt was my Dad's birthday when i found out im pregnant with my Monique. I don't know how will im going to tell to my family back then. I am so blessed to be their daughter. Papang is been there since day 1 for Monique. He loves her more than he loves me 🤣🤣. That's what they always say. He spoil her to death that i always argue with him but he is still doing it. Monique is so lucky and blessed to have you as her father figure. THANK YOU PAPANG for always being there for Monique and I.

Our mini blankets are the perfect lovey for your baby to cuddle with. Small enough for little hands to hold and carry, soft enough for snuggles. Click pic for shopping info.⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠chaosandcuddlesshop handmade babylovey sososoft allthecuddles naptime snuggle cuddlesarethebest minkyblankets babysnuggles cuddletime napplease babyblankets kidsblankets newbaby babygift babyshowergift giftsforkids flashesofdelight smallshop seattlemade

Someone doesn't like thunderstorms! ⛈cuddletime

There has been a lot of Newton Scamander on my insta and facebook lately. Here is some more 😁 Newton cuddling with the kitten Esme. Side note:We don't let him get too excited when having supervised kitten time. Due to high prey drive we only allow unsupervised small animal time with his cat James Bond and my parents cat Agent K. Both smart enough to get away slowly should he enter that mode. muttsofinstagram dogsofinstagram kittens cuddletime

Helping me to work😂 or making me 0% productive😆

Family snuggle morning!! 🤪❤️🥰🐾🐾👣👣 What a fun way to start the day with my 3 precious babes all snuggled in together for lovin. Totally happy and content in this moment ❤️ dachshund family furbaby mybabies cuddletime snuggletime

All cozied up for a relaxing “Friday Eve” movie night! fridayeve imreadyforfriday thursdaynight stickit movienight cuddletime


She is all sass . I haven’t seen her since Tuesday, so I figured she’d be a little happier to see me... nope! She was annoyed with me because I tried to cuddle her! . . .sassy sassypuppy goldendoodle wrigley home cuddletime imissedher furmama mybaby babygirl bestfriend mansbestfriend

A little pre nap snuggle with my guy 💙. I know there will be a time when it’s no longer cool to cuddle with me, so I’m going to soak it all in while I can. momlife cuddletime babyboy Mickey

This is how we spent Eva's last evening as a 2 year old. Being silly and even snuck in some cuddles 💞momsgirllasteveningbeing2cuddletimehappybirthdaysoonbe3

Angus doesn’t exactly fit in the cat hoodie pocket any more but it’s still comfy enough for a nap. It even made Mimi jealous enough to come over and use him as a pillow!catsofinstagram blackcat tuxedocat cathoodie angusmeowcdonald mimi angus cuddletime

Flashback to cuddles with my @charlotterjevans friend. Friday’s are for snuggles. cuddletime snuggles cavoodle

Needing some cuddle time! Love Mr. T! 🐾💕 beagle beaglesofinstagram cuddletime mrt @mizzertucker love

tbt to winter snuggles! It’s not sweater weather here quite yet, but it’s always cuddle weather in my house! ☺️💗 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾livinlalunaloca lunalump littletiny minidachshund dachshundsofinstagram doxie minidoxie thedoxieworld doxiesofinstagram minidachshundsofinstagram sausagedog corgi corgisofinstagram dogsofinstagram dogslife throwbackthursday cuddletime ilovetosnuggle

Nothing better #육아#일상cuddletimebaby

Me being nosy at my parttime-home while my hooman is on holiday 🐈feechenswelt fee catz instagram catsart paws cuddletime catsart instacats instacat picoftheday love nosy nosycat hooman instacat_meow ourcaturday

Keep your paw on the ball so no one steals it while you nap thisismine

We bought our first sectional from Haverty’s called the Corey. It’s a bit different than others we looked at in the instead of a chaise it has what is called a “cuddler” on one end. It’s a larger seat angled just perfect for cuddling! Harrison is showing how it works and he approves. sectionalsofa havertysfurniture coreysectional cuddletime bullterrier bullterriersofinstagram harrisonthebullterrier snoozingpup rescuedog

Somebody decided that it was cuddle time right after my workout. How could I say no? 🥰 . .hessuchagoodboy lablove ilovemydog cuddletime dogsarethebest labradorretriever chocolatelab labrador yogaburn yogaburntotalbodychallenge

If he could sit with me through life, every day, all day, i would be ok with that...but I will take it for now 🥰bronsonmurphy motherofboys cuddletime littlemoments

Well, hello there 🐱 one kitten rarely comes alone 😅 looks like a nice spot to sleep I guess ♥️ ________________________________________________________ weirdo cutenessoverload iloveyou love hellokitty hellokitten kitten bkh bshkitten hellobaby cuddle britishshorthair britischkurzhaar silvershaded cat catsofinstagram catofthedays fluffy adorable cuddletime sleepy goodnight pets meow instacat instapet catstagram special

cozy mornings with mom... but i get sad when she goes to work :( • • • •goldenbaby goldenretriever goldenretriever_ golden_feature goldensofinstagram goldendog dogsofinstagram doggo sleepy pleasedontgo cuddletime

I adore this soul so beyond words or anything! I'd sacrifice my life for her... fight along side her... she is universe she is love💜doggo dogsrule dogsofinstagram bestdog holdmyhand holdinghands mybaby sweetgirl loveofmylife everything everythingandthensome shesgotitall allofme rotlab rotmix karma cuddles cuddletime infinite

Then vs Now! Forgots how Smol I once was... not dat long ago 🙈... ♡♡♡ .throwbackthursday tbt throwback puppygram 🐶🐾🐶🐾🐶

We’re living up to our mission statement today: “Nurturing meaningful connections.” How many kids can you fit on one lap? waitaminute thatonesadoll adorable cuddletime tricityfamilyplace tricities poco portcoquitlam coquitlam burkemountain familyresourceprogram strongstartbc

Outdoor study time with the dog 🤔 studybuddy nothelpful cuddletime cuteinterruption

Ready for Winter.❄❤🐶 Leo feels the cold and loves dressing up before heading out.💪❄❤

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