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Don't think Cleo will have an issue being around and being adorable. I did have to clean some cement from her paws but that gave me an idea. We will figure out boundaries she is doing good though just sitting there and watching. kitty kittymascot crafting curiouscat dirtypaws

WUT IS THIS??? Somebody looks curious.. 😏 Does your cat love or hate water? Share with us down below some of the funniest and cutest water-kitten moments ❤️ I will start here - one of my cats really loves jumping in the kitchen sink of the tap is on a bit and drinks water directly from it 😂😂 cat cats catlife catlove catlover catstagram catsofinstagram cats_of_world catlady catladylife catladylove kittenlady water catsandwater curious curiouscat curiouskitty kittensofinstagram instacat instadaily instapic catpics funtimes havingfun kittens_of_world kittens_of_instagram kittenlovers kittens_today

Jude’s very excited about this delicious adventure with hellofreshnz . .deliciousadventures delicious burmese curiouscat

Now Preparing to start new storage. My cat is interested in this work.tonkinesecuriouscatstartupstoragenewstrage GDRIVEThunderbolt

天天在家好奇外面的世界,一出门怂的要死。catsofinstagram catstagram picnic cutecat curiouscat curiousity

My hooman said I occupied her chair... Impossible! That's my bed, I just lend it to her sometimes for her to do her work... midnightthemeow catsofinstagram cat meow kittens cute curiouscat catstagram catlover catoftheday cats_of_instagram purrfectfelines pawsome dailycat catday neko ilovemycat catoftheworld catloversclub catlovers actioncat purrfect tuxedocat

💭💭💭 New kitty adopted and it looks like he really likes his new bed!! Welcome to the family Leo🥰kittylove newbed cute deepthoughts catsofinstagram meow kitty cutecats curiouscat adorable

Oh no daddy, I can't let you do any more work. I has to inspect and sniff it first. Have to make sure it's safe, even though mommy was here earlier.sallythecat esasally esacat catsofinstagram kittyinspector safetyinspector curiouscat stinkyface guyswhosew

치즈 도도 뭐가 그렇게 궁금하니 .. 호기심 천국들아 . 무슨 생각을 그렇게 하니 아침마다 . . . 창문 열어주니 아침부터 일광욕을 하는지 이거 뭐 대화가 안돼니 말 좀 . . . . . 왠지 짠하노 ㅎ 귀엽기도 하고 . . #테라스 #베란다 #호기심천국 babycat #고양이그램 #스코티쉬폴드 #하이랜드폴드 #아메리칸숏헤어 americanshorthair sightseeing highlandfoldcats kitten catlife #햇볕 sunshine #구경중 #귀요미 with #동행 #그림같은일상 catofthedays catsofinstagram catloversclub catlover cutecats #정오 curiouscat #무슨생각하니 thinking #사색묘

I'm a cross-eyed cat 😊 my name is Mishmish (apricot in Hebrew) and what is your name? Let's meet, comment 🤗catsname cats meow cat mycat cutecat lovelycats morningcat curiouscat whycats inscat catshome catsofinstagram catatbalcony catstagram catlover ilovecats

@dishapatani Spotted at santacruz💥 . . Follow👉@celebs_life_updates Inquiries👉@rj_0355 dishapatani nationalcrush beautiful fenty sportychic morningupdatesamazing curiouscat lovelife sdsummit foreverlove shot looksgood

Walking through a hospital today, i noticed a huge display... a mural with larger than lifesize people next to paragraphs about how this hospital puts PEOPLE FIRST. (Emphasis theirs). And then i walked past the cafe and saw Coca-cola dispensers, and I'm not even going to describe what was on my grandpa's tray, except to say I'm proud he refused even a bite of it (and i had grapes ordered for him instead.) These are disease-causing foods. The reality is that the hospital is a business and sick people are its customers. If people are not sick, they don't need a hospital, thus the hospital loses customers (translation, loses money). So it's in the hospital's interest to sustain the sick society. But subtly, of course. By all appearances, they are heroes who save the day... and then poison people in a slow way they don't notice, through toxic food, because we're not conditioned to connect the food we put in our bodies with how our bodies respond - and yet there's nothing more logical than output from input. I know a lot of changes need to be made to the "health care" system, and I'm not advocating for socialism either. But a system that is based on profiting from people's diseases, including a government in bed with big industry disease-causing food manufacturers, is just so unevolved. It's anywhere from embarrassing to infuriating that this is the state of the art. I get that money is needed to build the facilities and pay staff to work there. But who are they really serving? Who are the people they are putting first? It baffles me.catcuriouscatfastfoodnationhealthcare healthcarereformhospitaljunkfoodhelphealthadvocacy vegan wfpbwritersofinstagram

Where are you going, slave? 😁curiouscat whitecatsrule Awesomecats

Checked something off the list I wanted to take a boo at this summer. Interesting ... labryinth naturetrailssurprisedme curiouscat open newthings workingmywaydownthelist lovingeverymoment solvingmyproblemsbynotworryingaboutthem andsoitis💫

Kitten Quinn got curious during the baby's bath tonight. So cute. catsofinstagram bathtime curiouscat tabbycat furbaby

Finalised 3d printed model! Our curious cat gives a sense of scale to the model. Maybe she was just pretending to be Catzilla! 3dprint model architecture 3dprinted architecturemodel cat catzilla blackcat curiouscat pla

Curiosity almost drowned the cat 😂curiouscat Squash

Decorative & entertaining! 😸gingercatsrule curiouscat cattoy lovemycat

Hmmm...what’s up there? curiouscat catsofinstagram cutestkitty love meow 🐾

ワタシがおおきいわけではなく トイレがちいさいのよ。 #ねこ #猫catcatscatsofinstagramcatstagram#にゃんすたぐらむ #ねこすたぐらむ #こねこ #仔猫 #子猫 #兄弟猫 #雑種猫kittenkittens curiouscat#ハニオ日記 #猫のいる生活 #保護猫と暮らす #猫多頭飼い #猫好きさんと繋がりたい #うちのサンゴ

Doin’ a curious, then doin’ a mini bath. . . .curiouscat lifeoforchid catvideo windowcat inspectorcat

Oh yeah, it’s all coming together

P.J. discovered today that he would not do well in prison...curiouscat regrets horribledecision puppylife

We are watching you! 🕶️ cat curiouscat cutecats

Trying to see what’s going on counter-side . curiouscat jasperthecat isthatforme?

Trying to figure out what’s in here 👀🐈 curiouscat slatatata slatsworld newyorkcitycats cats catlovers

Playtime in the light reflection. . . 🐾Promo Codes🐾: 10% off @purrandco = cathouse10 15% off @wildwolverineco = cathouse15 15% off @positively_pets_ = rep15 20% off @kittycornershop = cathouse15 20% off @whiskerscrafts = cathouse20 .cathouselove catlady meowdeling catlover petphotography catfollowers cattopmodel practicingphotography ileanacat paizeecat flynncat katiecat pamperedcats spoiledcats rescuecats adoptdontshop catstercats canoncamera curiouscat focused publicfigure catgaze silohuettecat cateyes photogeniccat pet_delight animalsinfluence brandambassador cutenessoverload playtime

fluffycat. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .kitty cat catsofinstagram lovely beauty king fluffy curiouscat cutecuteanimalscatlover kittens adorable furry keanureeves cats_of_world catsplaying lovelycat pet dog

Que haces ahí? Esperandote para jugar... ❤️ . .catslife catsofinstagram rescuecat crixusandobi cutecats curiouscat catparents catsdaily

I love the bit-“less” bridle, so did Deliberate he says it’s perfect for hacking about the woods🌲 . . .horse cat friends curiouscat coexist farmlife farmphotography chestnut equestrian warmbloodgelding southgeorgia stablelife horselover horselove equestrianwanderer

When you take your fur-babies to the vet and their personalities really shine through 😂 Thanks to @astoriaveterinarygroup for their wonderful care and attention as always! . . .vet justacheckup twolittlemonsters scaredycat curiouscat hunter cricket

A real cat fight. Lily and sadie fighting over the catnip covered scratcher calicos calicocats calicocat calico catnap catlove sadiethecalico lilythecalico calico calicos calicocat curiouscat cutie cat cats catnip catfight catscratcher scratcher

Our neighbors say I am the most curious resident of our street 😸. But I only want to show my tribute to the one and only king of all meerkats 👑 and my furever angel friend BOSS 🌈💙 . These humans will never understand us... // Lihma @boss_maui_star_the_bengals meerkatmondayforboss ________________________________________meerkatmonday curiouscat lookatme tributetoboss bengalcats ig_bengals cats meowed meowbox bengalcatsofinstagram bengalworld weeklyfluff cats_of_instagram cute bestcatsclub excellent_cats bengaladdicted krazycatoftheday balousfriends katzenfreunde bengaloftheday bengalcatworld bengalcatcentral stubentiger pawsies_club catwalksonleashes bremen

Our Grammy and Grandpa came to visit this weekend. They gave us lots of treats but I still had to check to see if Grammy was hiding any more.... . . . . .catsofinstagram petsofinstagram catpic orangecat gingercat gingercatclub rescuecat ilovemycat meowbox daily_kitty_cat dailymeow catoftheday cutecatcrew happycatclub orangecatsofinstagram curiouscat adoptdontshop catsofindianapolis naughtycat

Çok meraklıyım😻 Curious pufy فضول خان پوفى، قد و بالاتو فدا، ماشالاmeraklıkedim yaramazkediler kedim curiouscat mycat#فضول_خان #فضولی_ممنوع #گربه_پرشین #پيشى_من persiancats cats_of_world world güzelim huzur #پيشى_جان #آنتاليا_تركيه #تركيه turkey türkiye antalyaturkey🇹🇷

আমি পান্তুয়া। আমি বই পড়ি। করণ জোহরের বায়োগ্রাফি 🐱🐈😺😸😹। goodnight mainecoon maincoon mycat modelcat mew instacatholic instacat_meow instacat_meows instacatsgram instacatsgram instacatmodels instacatmodels instacat_models instacat_models instacat instacatlovers instacatlovers catkissing catphoto catpage catlover catlady catpaws catplaytime catsofinstagram catpics curiouscat catsleepingpose catmodel catplay catloveplayingcat catlovecatkissing catloverxoxo

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