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Monday morning grind let’s get it. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 . . .hustle . . .movement motivation drive work celebrate mindset growth development

Monday morning grind let’s get it. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 . . .hustle . . .movement motivation drive work celebrate mindset growth development

La famille Tout Près d'ici s'agrandit. Aujourd'hui, direction Lompret près de Lille avec Florence et Sébastien Delattre. Ils sont la 5eme génération sur l'exploitation familiale. 🤗

Thank you, Surinder for the 5 Star review! Not only use Noft to organize your notifications, use our premium version to prioritize and block what you would see on a daily basis! Download the premium version for only 1USD from the Play Store, link in bio. 📱 . . . .noft technology blockchainscience innovation platform future work app mobileapp socialmedia assistant security tech business busypeople information solutions development time timemanagement software instatechnology trends androidapp coding appdesign download premium kickstarter

📲 ¿Sabes que son los ChatBoots? Aprende más con nuestro glosario tecnológico 🔥📲 🔥 Te ha pasado que en alguna plataforma digital, seguramente. chats 😯aprender internet intelligence smart tecno web html development software entreprenuer tech tecnologia mouse tecnology apps mobileapps developers css javascript geek php java webdeveloper coding boot root

PlanetK2 £50K giveaway!! No strings. No catches. Just a chance to win Human Performance support & expertise. To be in for a shot to win just email us at 50Kgiveaway@planetk2.com and tell us ... Why you? What’s it for? How will you pay it forward? It’s as simple as that! Entries will be reviewed and winners selected monthly so get your entry in today!performance hr learning development leadership humanresources competition giveaway coaching teams

Anxious about meeting us for the first time? We’re honestly a friend bunch! A sketch plan of your project - Yes, just like these, will enable us to understand your project requirements - this will help to explain what you have and how you would like to change your home. If you have a project in mind, please contact us. Free, no obligation. . . . . . . . . . . . . .architecture architect development building house home buildingproject

•PROGRESS• The dry stone walls for the green house are time consuming but look amazing next to the yellow brickwork, excited to see what it looks like finished . . . . .construction carpentry bricklaying landscaping tools work project progress design building development business site constructionsite constructioncompany instaconstruction instaproject instawork instacompany instabuilding instabusinessbath bristol huttonbuildingservices

🤓 CPD 🤓 As a member of the @british_acu_council I am required to undertake at least 30 hours of professional development each year to ensure I stay at the top of my game. So today, whilst my partner has taken my little one to a birthday party, I have come into clinic a few hours early to have a read through my ‘Acu’ magazine and research deeper into a few areas I am super interested in. Things are always changing and new research is often coming out and it’s so important for me to keep up to date with this so I can offer you the best and most up to date acupuncture treatments and techniques possible. Plus I love finding out new information and ways to help my patients 🤓 . .acupuncture cpd acupunctureworks regulated improving development

How not voting can impact your real estate portfolio. I Voted 🗳 | Please Vote. • • •DreamMakerRealty GoldenTriangleGroup RealEstate Buy Sell Invest BuySellInvest Development Construction Education Investments Growth Residual AaronCharles

Harness the Power of Continuous Learning - BECOME AN AMA MEMEBR TODAY! www.amanet.org/membership/training development membership leadership

Roots ground us. In order to grow stronger, we deepen our roots of education and development to support us through any challenges we may encounter.

[LE FUTUR EST DÉJÀ LA !]⠀ Esther Duflo vous connaissez ?⠀ Elle est la plus jeune et seulement la 2 ème femme à avoir reçu le Prix Nobel d'économie lundi dernier !⠀ Sa réponse préférée aux questions sur le futur ? "How would I know?".⠀ Si mêmes les prix Nobel ne savent pas, on est mal ...⠀ ⠀ ⠀MondayMotivation Estherduflo economy french Nobelprize development MIT

When NASCAR is in town and we have a day off what else do you do but take advantage of it. Thank you to JTG Racing and Andy Gillis for hosting us in the pits. 🏁⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠ -⁠generalcontractor contractor commercialconstruction build builder building construction constructionkc project constructionproject client constructionsite development designbuild customerservice

We’re gonna shine a light on some pumpkins because it’s tradition at Betty Virginia Park. . . . crossbayoupointproject development shreveport consulting architecture creative design work property innovation opportunity

What is the Jack Welch Matrix? And what the 4 Types of Managers? Practical info + tips!⁠ -⁠ Read article? Link in bio⁠ -⁠ Daily quotes: @thequotehero⁠ www.toolshero.com⁠ -⁠toolshero communication thequotehero quotehero knowledge platform skills career development knowledgeplatform model marketing business goals innovation management socialmedia strategy stressmanagement leadership technology communicationskills culture organisation jackwelch jackwelchmatrix

Those who travel the roads of Jackson should see less potholes soon. The city plans to spend $40 million on road repair and the replacement of aging water and sewer lines.⠀ https://buff.ly/2OstqI7⠀mississippi development jackson roads

Pivot pickoffs for softball players. Why? - Female athletes tend to have a lot of laxity or looseness at their spine. This can be a huge advantage for creating rotational power but if you don’t have the strength and control to time it up correctly, it can lead to a more upper body dominant throw. - The pivot pickoff is designed to work on a ton of things but the focus for her is to pull her hips, the torso, then have her arm unwind and throw. - She does this with focusing on pivoting her body in the direction of her throwing side and having the ball hit and roll behind her back when she finishes. - This positioning takes the slack out of the muscles in her hips, torso, and shoulder. Which allows her to feel the sequencing. -strength speed sport training trainsmart baseballstrengthtraining performancecoach performance strengthtraining sports baseball mlb agility velo velocity baseballism southbay power verticaljump distance sportspecific exitvelo armstrength armcare individualized development athlete softball#

Kudos to Kizzie 🎉 for taking home the 1st place prize at the regional handwriting competition! She competed against students from 2 local primary schools in the Oldeani Ward 📚 • • • We are so proud of her and the 4 other Gyetighi students who qualified for the competition alongside her!

🔥 It’s a movement! 🔥 WhatsNextTraining merch coming soon.

My artwork ‘the Bath’ from my series SPIRIT in a beautiful loft in The Hague 🥰architecture architecturelovers interior interiordesign townhouse loft realestate thehague development canopy_investments fineart fineartphotography florezoe operagallery

Conscious, community-focused living. Nature presented in its raw, unmanicured form. - At leləm̓, over half of the land is dedicated to open spaces and parks, trails, wetlands, greenways, and large gathering spaces. - Learn more by visiting our website: Link in bio - . . . .consciousness consciousliving environment land nature wetland preservation greenspace repurpose reuse thermalenergy nature forest urbanvillage yvrre vancouver vancouverre vancouverrealestate development vancouverrealtor newdevelopment comingsoon vancouver vancouverbc vancouverrealtor realestate coastalliving musqueam vanre home lelemliving

Sofrendo desde pequeno 😂😂

As well as the fun - imaging finished project, mood boards, paint colours. Free, no obligation. . . . . . . . . . . . . .architecture architect development building house home buildingproject

We are honored to manage Social Media accounts for burger_arena . Designed and Managed By @emcansolutions . Made with ❤ By emcan team . More is coming . Emcan .. Yes we can 💪 .emcan emcansolutions emcan_solutions emcan_company emcan_apps emcan_projects mobile_apps play_store apple_store development design branding social_media hosting domains systems motion_graphics

We provide an amazing opportunity for each of our clients a 1 hour drop in chat about our current projects, but more importantly about the project you may have in mind. Free, no obligation. . . . . . . . . . . . . .architecture architect development building house home buildingproject

The Dream Team takes Texas! Making deals to expand Big Air across the Lone Star State.

Fala Dev? Quer aprender sobre Desenvolvimento Seguro de Aplicações Web? Então fica ligado no que vêm por aí. ••• Se interessou? Se cadastra para garantir uma vaga: 👉🏻 Link na Biodevelopment secure informationsecurity code coding secureprogramming programmer programador webdeveloper webmaster sql sqlinjection sqli coder segurancadainformacao webdev javascript php webserver api apache programming webdesign

When you are ready to start a legitimate business, and need help filing your LLC and tax I.D number, look no further. Help is here! My services consist of obtaining both leaving you headache free @iam_mcmillondevelopments @iam_mcmillondevelopments @iam_mcmillondevelopments LLC taxI.D business NewBeginnings entrepreneurship assests success investing ownership financialndependence financialFreedom knowledge selfEducation skills awareness development LLC

Expectation feeds frustration as it's simply an illusive form of control by attempting to grip the rains that aren't ours to hold. Breathe. Release. Let go. Allow your life naturally, quietly unfold. love couple relationships expectations selflove development letgo unfold youandme time

Naming Is Hard ⏩ Never miss any update from us 👉@tuxdailyfp ❗ Get notified right away on our daily content, tap the triple dots on the top right “…” and tap "Turn Post Notifications On ⏫⏫⏫" . FB Page: 👉 www.fb.com/tuxdaily .programmer programming coding developer code coder stackoverjoke meme java javascript python webdeveloper software softwaredeveloper computerscience webdesign computer technology webdevelopment engineer development webcoding programmers softwareengineer programmingmemes computerengineering codinglife stackoverflowCredit to:

💥 RE BRAND 💥 Voller stolz dürfen wir heute nun endlich unsere neue Marke „Starball Sports“ veröffentlichen! trademark . Dies ist uns aber nicht genug: wir gehen auch zum ersten Mal mit unsere aktuellen Produktpalette an die Öffentlichkeit! release . Enjoy and feel free to share - Link in bio! 🙏🏼 rebrand new products development

Over the past week a local organisation who promotes healthy and active lifestyles amongst young people were working with the older students from our Alor Disha centre. . The organisation gave the students guidance on exercise and keeping active. On Saturday evening the students held an exhibition for the local community who turned out in large numbers to see our students show what they had learned over the previous week. . . .ngo charity school development 4change education picoftheday instalike instacool socialgood activism nonprofit causes donate change dogood fundraising philanthropy socialgood causes csr association volunteer  socialimpact donors nonprofitwork giveback 4charity dogood nonprofits

Loved this sweet moment at the @nyacademyofart takehomeanude Fundraiser with @brookeshields in @j_mendel and my fabulous stilt sisters @nataliemcfancy and @kaleidoscopicdream!! Thanks @sothebys for hosting and @houseofyesnyc for having us! Thanks @gnpace for the fabulous photo! charity events nyc red fundraiser performance flowers inbloom raising money forthearts stilt stiltwalker dance ambient roving entertainment causes art development education auction performance

The magic formula 👨‍💻 . Follow 👉 @mb_coder for more and Tag Friends 👬 👫👭 ..

Shadow drawing = silhouette painting ☀️🦕 kidsart artistickids development finemotor ColourfulKids ArtAndCrafts

By time in life we develop a mindset that we are more right in everything because of all the pain and sacrifice we go through what we forget is that others go through the same pain and sacrifices which makes them develop the mindset they are right. In this scenario neither side is right or wrong. We have to be able to connect the dots of togetherness in order to grow. growth life together world development people love each other unity

From interior to exterior painting, we can do wonders for your home. We can make things easier for you. It will surely turn your living spaces into something new. We provide a full range of interior and exterior painting services. We assure you that we only use the best products and materials no matter how big or small our projects. We believe that our clients only deserve premium paints for excellent results. You can Book us online based on your availability to better serve your needs using this link: https://evergreenenergy.setmore.com/services Contact 951-221-8464 or email sales@evergreen-construction.com for inquiries. LOCATION 29980 Technology Dr Ste 11 Murrieta, California 92563basement basementpainting creativity development drawing painting productivity evergreen home evergreenconstruction sandiegocontractor sandiego losangeles losangelescontractor california socal art renovation homerenovation oceansidecalifornia

Ever thought about joining one of our programmes but you weren’t sure if it was for you? Scared of committing to the unknown? Don’t panic the opportunity to try us out and experience one of our fun and awesome sessions is now here! 😆 This Thursday at 7:15pm we have a completely free taster session! 🙌 Christmas will be here before you know it so if you’re thinking about taking that leap to smashing your goals, get yourself in! What have you got to lose! 🤔😀 elite elitetogether transformation fit fitness coaching development improvement health mindset getfit gettingfit fitfamily fitnessjourney weightlossjourney instafit instafitness instadaliy picoftheday motivated dailymotivation  positivity lifestyle lifequotes fittness workout lifechange cardio NoPainNoGain

New York...one of the world’s major financial and cultural centers. Skyscrapers, Broadway, Central Park. And only getting better!safetyonpurpose. . .newyork fall construction skyscraper architecture culture cityscape industry development jobs contractors steel allmetal greenconstruction safety building buildings nyc ontherise nycshanty

SOLD 710 California, Venice Beach | Amazing development opportunity | Contact us today to help find or sell your place 🤩 . . . .venicebeach california losangeles la beach love travel sunset realestate realtor milliondollarlisting photooftheday picoftheday ocean santamonica development developer multifamilyrealestate investor flip

Zainteresowanie naszą ofertą przerosło najśmielsze oczekiwania! 🖤 Ze względu na to jesteśmy dla Was dostępni aż 7 dni w tygodniu❗️ Spędźmy te piękne, jesienne dni razem! 🍂 Umów się na prezentację naszych domów 🏡 codziennie, w godzinach od 10:00 do 18:00 i zamieszkaj na osiedlediamentove 💎 lub silvahomes 🌳.happycustomer osiedlediamentove silvahomes zory estate realestate realestateforsale forsale property propertyforsale home homesweethome estate2019 development developer

We are proud to continue to partner with @livingclassrooms—helping to develop our workforce in the Maryland region. Partner Partnership Mentorship MentorDevelopment SafetyDriven WeKeepOurCommunitiesMoving FlaggerForce

When your beta version is on most popular list 🙏🏻Repost @coderhumor (@get_repost) ・・・ Debugging at it's best Follow @coderhumor for your daily dose of humor😛 .programmer programming coding coderlife code coder developer development webdeveloper programminghumour programmingmemes softwaredeveloper softwareengineer software hardware computer technology hacker hacking c html javascript java webdeveloper webdesign geek nerd funny bug

Work in progress – rethinking patterns in 3 dimensions ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀curtain harmonica development workinprogress patterndesign textiledesign samiraboon studiosamiraboon #サミラブーン #スタジオサミラブーン #テキスタイルデザイン #ダッチデザイン

Huge well done to our trampoline squad who competed in the first NDP qualifier for 2020 on Sunday 13th October in Harlow. The results were: Club level 1 girls age 7-8 Olive Hood - 4th Club level 3 girls age 7-8 Scarlett Hidle - 2nd NDP level 1 girls age 7-8 Izabella Beaumont - 1st Lucy Burr - 3rd NDP level 1 girls age 9-10 Paige Frisby - 7th Laci Wakeling - 16th NDP level 2 girls age 7-8 Amber Fendell - 1st NDP level 2 girls age 11-12 Aimee Robinson - 3rd NDP level 2 boys age 11-12 Gabriel Thorp - 7th NDP level 3 girls age 7-8 Bethany Hendry - 1st Caitlyn Isom - 2nd NDP level 3 girls age 11-12 Daisy Guest - 4th NDP level 3 boys age 13-17 Declan Staines - 6th Seb Poter - 7th NDP level 4 boys age 9-12 Noah Wilkinson - 1st NDP level 4 girls age 11-12 Amy Fendell - 13th NDP level 5 boys age 11-14 Oliver Moss - 1st Robert Elliston - 4th NDP level 5 girls age 13-14 Izzy Pyle - 5th NDP level 5 girls age 15-21 Megan Taylor - 12th Sophie Young - 19th NDP level 6 girls age 15-21 Eve Hood - 3rd NDP level 6 boys age 15-21 Jay Alvarez - 1st Maximus Felton - 4th We are so proud of you all well done!trampoline competition regional harlow essex gymnastics squad development

Our company offers free consulting sessions. Book yourself one free session now and never miss this opportunity to get to know us more and vice versa. . . . تقدم شركتنا جلسات استشارات مجانية. احجز لنفسك واحداً الان و لا تفوت هذه الفرصة للتعرف علينا أكثر بوضوح. . . . . . . .apps webdesign webdesigner web ios android python developers development kuwait kuwaitcity websitedesign logodesigns php javascipt css html computer computercompany software softwaredevelopment graphicdesign graphic_art websitedevelopment websites computerscience

One of the key jobs for a parent is to create a safe and stable environment for their kids. When they feel safe they have freedom to grow, test boundaries, and explore. Otherwise, they are consumed by fear and anxiety.feel feelsafe safety safe children security confidence selfesteem trust risk mistakes learn grow development parents families care love protect explore mentalhealth wellbeing health emotional wellbeing share feelings vulnerable vulnerablechildren girl photography

At the core, web pages are simple. It’s the experience and information we add that makes each page dynamic and intriguing.

Just two generously-sized 3 bedroom houses remain at Eastfields, Cambridge, CB1. Each house is available for £494,995 and both qualify for the Help to Buy scheme PLUS choose from a range of incentives when you reserve (t&cs apply)! Call 01223 455 380

We can't believe it's been a whole year since some of our committee headed over to Ghana to measure the impact of our alumni's projects there!ghana africa measuringimpact scholarship alumni nonprofit nonprofits mondaymotivation mondaymorning project developments development developmentcharity

На что обратить внимание в ĸоде и архитеĸтуре? Почему важен code style? Что самое необходимое при дизайне архитеĸтуры? Насĸольĸо гибĸой может и должна быть архитеĸтура? Каĸ не перемудрить с абстраĸциями? ⠀ Всего пять дней до MobiDev Pro 4.0, чтобы получить ответы на эти и другие вопросы! 🚀 ⠀ __________ ⠀ Ждём вас 26 октября в БЦ "Портал" (Николаев). 🚀🙌🏻 ⠀MobiDev MobiDev_Team MobiDevTeam MobiDevPRO MDPRO MobiDev_PRO_4 iOS development Programming Programmer Developer iosdeveloper WorkShop IT Mykolaiv #Конференция #Николаев

Развиваю свою осознанность! 🤓 26 сентября проходил 4-ех дневный тренинг "Сила Сознания" 💪🧠 Долго не писал пост, так как инсайты и изменения доходят по сей день. 🤯 Мне казалось, что я вполне тренингованный парень и владею достаточно много знаний о том как работает сознание и как мои мысли управляют реальностью🧐 И тут я ошибся🤦‍♂️. Оказывается я толком ничего еще не знаю и это прекрасно. Прекрасно открыть новые инструменты, возможности своего сознания. Мне есть куда расти и развиваться. Я благодарен @yanatar1 и @dinaramendesheva_coaching за этот треннинг🙏 За то, что добавили красок в мою яркую жизнь 🌈 Я научился ставить контекст, и задавать себе созидающие вопросы. Теперь я больше уверен в том, что все чего желаю исполнимо, достижимо! А так же благодарю очаровательного организатора @margochelik которая вовлекла в эту историю 😉 #мойпуть myway #мояжизнь mylife #путьдениса denisway #силасознания powerofconsciousness #развитие development

Congrats to @benjamart1414 for committing to @cunebulldogs. Hard work pays off and best of luck! • • @grandview_baseball @legendtitansbaseball @cherokee_trail_baseball @ponderosabaseball @coloradobaseballnetwork @parkerbaseballnetwork @thefactory303 @rockcanyonbaseball @heritagebaseball_ @chapbaseball • •Baseball HSBaseball YouthBaseball LightningCommits Development TrustTheProcess LightningFam

"Economic cooperation is the key to peace and prosperity." VIT Pune MUN is delighted to introduce the second committee of our 2020 edition:The World Trade Organization (WTO) The World Trade Organization is an international forum where countries discuss and negotiate trade agreements and disputes. It also operates the global system of trade rules. The WTO strives to lower international trade barriers and foster economic growth around the world. VIT Pune MUN believes that the future of international trade rests with all of us. We thus look forward to witnessing great ideas and leadership in this committee.VPM2020BeTheVoiceConferenceOfChangeWalkTheTalkActToImpact

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