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She's ready to attack 😂 • •attack targetaquired bigeyes dialatedpupils funnycat

dialatedpupils 😶👀😂😍

First load of crap for the page. Sept. 2019. You honestly wouldn't believe how long that pupil took to fill. The first image is the original...doodle bop...the second is what happens when I have the urge to destroy. art davidbowie spaceoddity tripping dialatedpupils sittinginatincan pencil gelpen marker felttippen IHaveNoPreferedMedium IDestroyEverything manic lostmymind DontSendHelp

Hey Crew! What’s up, I’m still here. I hope you didn’t think I gave up or quit, just doing a little self reflection today that’s all. I love what I do and I’m very happy with the content I put out on the Internet so far but I’m struggling finding the energy to move forward today. It’s the weekend, hip hip hooray. Weekends I push even harder on the blog. Fashion Week and Fall is in full swing and I couldn’t be more elated. Hopefully in the coming years, I can attend the shows as a real blogger who has many many followers to report back to. Cross my Heart, Hope to Die, I hope God makes me very successful on here!! What do we have in this animated photo?! A pretty kitty🐱 and a jump as you go energetic froggie 🐸 both giving us their big googly eyes. On the top we see 2 orange goldfish swimming to their heart’s content while facing each other directly full on inside the circular sunglass frames that are resting on the nose bridge of this glamorous feline. Doesn’t he remind you of Puss in Boots? Wow what a work of art the froggie’s expression has dramatically planted on us this Friday evening! The neon colors and the size of his dilated pupils are inconceivable addicting!! I could be starting at him all night if I had all the time in the world, to fixate my attention on him is very easy to do when you have an amphibian painted so wildly different and colorful! . . . .frog frogs frogsofinstagram amphibians gettingcreative nature exoticlife cats catsofinstagram pussinboots wildlycreative goldfish goldfishworld bigsunglasses impressiveshot attentiongrabbing dialatedpupils bigeyes froggie froggies soanimated somuchexpression fulloflife feline felineeyes frogeyes goldfishworld frogstagram googlyeyes creativevision

Mychel's new favorite accessory. dialatedpupils fashioninsider @mychel_purtill

Dilated pupils 👼🏻💖😂 @hayley.leblanc @annieleblanc - -pupils dialatedpupils hayleyleblanc tiktok annieleblanc darkeyes hahah funny cute gorgeous birthdaygirl👑 aww cutie awwwww explorepage

Why do my eyes continue to forsake me...eyeexam blindspot visiondialatedpupils

the biggest eye I've drawn in a while, if not ever. my comfort zone can fit inside a matchbox with room to turn in her sleep.art artist eyedrawing realism realisticdrawing realistic blackandwhite highcontrast graphite sketchbook portrait dialatedpupils

Anyone else hate going to the eye doctor? Creepy eyes are a plus 🤣🤣 adulting eyeexamsarefun lookatthosepeepers creepyeyes dialatedpupils icantsee

When you have an eye appointment and an interview in the same day 🤦🤷dialatedpupils LOL oops selfie Crossing fingers I got the job!! 🤞😘💖

When your doctor picks your new specs cause she says... "You're fun... You're a unicorn" 🥰 I'm glad they're cute and all me... Cause my a&$ couldn't see sh$t since my eyes were dialated! MyFavoriteColorIsRainbow

throwbackthursday of @katyperry shot by @thecobrasnake gorgeous dialatedpupils cutiepie goodmorning

Never one to miss out on a pointless fad, I dollify -ed myself today. Being a cheapskate I had to improvise as I wasnt willing to shell out for the paid version to get a range of hats, my beard needed a touch more *ahem* badger texture adding and the range of tee shirts was crap. I'd also like to point out my eyes have never been that huge...well, not for a while anyway!boredatwork dollify cartoon metalasfuck coheed coheedandcambria oneamongthefence entershikari shikarifam squadup nofilters dialatedpupils woah

28th of June my eye decided to give me a scare and spaz out. Was in E.D from 10 PM until 2:30 AM and then up for an optometrist appointment at 9am the next day. Finally on the mend now.dialatedpupils longnight eyes

Good news bad news? Eye dr said my eyesight looks great. No swelling of the optic nerves or discs or watever. So no optic neuritis. However...he suspects i have something called bilateral occipital neuralgia. Which is like damage to the nerves running from my occipital lobe to my spine. I mean makes sense. Ive been in a few mild car accidents. I used to slam the back of my head on the wall as a kid cauae i hated myself. I also recently went iver a speed bump and flew into the roof and cracked my neck lmfao i never went to the dr. Lol and i also have ms so mayby sone lesions in that area? So idk. Still doesnt explain the throbbing in the rest of my spine.but watever. Well see. Gotta see the eye dr i believe next week. Also gotta set up apt with gastro to see wats up with my mri. My liver hurts reallllly bad today :[ anyway the journey continues! Leys geter done! Also look how big my pupils are lol. Theyre big to begin with but looks crazy. Am i disabled enough yet? Smh wait dint shake my head itll mess with my occipital nerves. 😂😂😂😂 hope everyones having a great day!chronicillness chronicillnesssucks spoonies mssucks bilateraloccipitalneuralgia multiplesclerosis balosconcentricsclerosis wtf alwayssomething thejourneycontinues letsgo igotthis hugepupils dialatedpupils

Stop Motion Animation Workshops in July! Thanks to everyone who has signed up 😍 Create your own character ((to keep! )) and learn the basics of timing and stopmotion techniques. *All materials supplied *All welcome *kids & adults *Booking Link in comments or go to my Facebook page. Use the skills you learn to create your own animations at home! ^^please share^^ Workshop Times, held at Gertrude Contemporary  Wed July 10th 6-9pm Wed July 17th 6-9pm Thurs July 18th 6-9pm Snippet from 'Europa' 2014europa animation melbourne AU Puppet claymation stopmotion gertrudecontemporary workshops characterbuilding plasticine gracejones sci-fi outerworlds pinkplanet saltcrystals brokenglass model sculpture lostworld setdedesign speakingintongues dialatedpupils

Hoy me dilataron la pupila...para poder ver mi retina y verificar que todo esté bien. El Dr. no entiende cómo alguien de mas de 45 🙈 puede tener visión 20/20 y no necesitar gafas para leer ni ver de cerca. No se explica! Y yo feliz, pues gafas solo uso cuando estoy en el computador👩🏻‍💻. Mi cirugía lasik de hace casi 20 años sigue perfecta!!! Lista para mis próxim@s clientes!!! Separa tu cita para un facial orgánico, una microdermabrasión o una sesión de microagujas(microneedling)! . 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♂️💪🏻 .entrepreneur professionalskincare estheticianlife esthetician dialatedpupils nearsided

The iris dilator muscle, is a smooth muscles of the eye, running radially in the Iris and therefore fit as a dilator. The pupillary dilator consists of a spokelike arrangement of modified contractile cells called myoepithelial cells. These cells are stimulated by the sympathetic nervous system. When stimulated, the cells contract, widening the pupil and allowing for more light to pass through the eye. Via @globaldoctors Follow for more such posts. Follow @yolo.science Follow @yolo.science yolosciencescience💯 amazingscene amazingscience scientific sciencetoday sciencefactpage sciencefacts humanbodyfacts eyefacts irismuscle pupilcontraction dialatedpupils pupildialation contractedpupil musclesworking learnscience knowlegde knowhow learning knowledgeispower📚 iris itsamazing sciencelovers sciencepage nature

I had always wanted to shave my head at least once in my life. But I only cut it down to an inch. I'm just not punk enough for you, am I? This was in Philadelphia in 1996 and I have absolutely scandalous stories to accompany this photo and others. . Second photo: Just my dad, brothers, and me. Interesting combo. Surely a photo for church. I think I was 15. Making Steve 17, Mike 19, and Ricky, 25. Dad must have been 48. Younger than I am now. grabbag rebeccalynnmusic.camping Early love of 🌎. That's for sure. And well-documented, thanks to my mother's baby book entries and photographs taken by both parents. Grateful for that! . I had very long hair. I'm pretty sure I'm 9, turning 10 in the camping photo. Nine was a VERY significant age for me. Ask if you're curious. . My brother Steve might be an artistic genius, I dare suggest. He was inventive and creative from the start. A thing of endless curiosity, his output throughout his life. Almost unbelievable! He loved The Marx Brothers. He might have been about 8 or 9 here. I'll look again. Fascinating stories abound. . That's Pops and me and I in Tahoe. SLT. . Big eyes, collared shirt, and the following goony pic are probably very late 90s. That means late 20s. Living in LA at the time. From 1997 to 2004. dialatedpupils

Posting my profile pic because I look cute, why not. 😸

Humongous Pupils for life 😅 🥺 In other news, I was finally formally diagnosed with IIH this week, signed off from work for a few weeks and put on Topiramate, and Anti-epileptic medication that is also used for migraine control and has some pretty scary potential side effects. (I'm talking kidney stones, depression, suicidal thoughts, seizures..not to mention two other pages of other crazy things). No babies allowed which I'm so sad about, they can cause serious fetal malformations which I'm not prepared to risk. Of course it sucks to have to put our plans on hold but I want to be as healthy as possible before starting our family and would never want to put my child in danger, so I guess it's just something I have to deal with for the time being. I know it will be worth the wait :) It's not all doom and gloom, Topiramate does have a very common side effect of rapid weight loss! I can't lie that I am hoping that happens, and not for vanity reasons but because losing weight will potentially put this and my PCOS into remission! The latter makes weight loss so incredibly hard that this may just be what I need. I just want to be healthy so I can get off these meds and start preparing to have babies again!! idiopathicintracranialhypertension topiramate hugepupils dialatedpupils hypertensionheadache invisibleillness getmyselfhealthy ttcjourneyonhold pcos iihawareness

Got that medical look going. dialatedPupils

tripping acid sid dialatedpupils 👀 browneyes 👽🤖🙈🙉🙊

Day 91/365 dipping my toe into a bit of choreography (insert terrified scream) I didn't get to scrim today as my eye exam left my pupils too open for the bright lights on the track. Instead I was safe and coached while wearing my super cool shades inside 😂skateeveryday skatingisoxygen rollerskatevictoria rollerdance rollerderby evesofdestruction bellesofthebrawl eyeexam dialatedpupils notdrugsiswear 90smusic saltnpepa shoop

DAMNN that catnip was GOOD! Y’all gotta puffpuffpass like my homeboy @snoopdogg !!! taste tyga 420 blaze dialatedpupils pussyispower

114/365: April 24 2019 I went to the eye doctor for the first time in three years and got my eyes dialated, so of course I had to take photos of my crazy big pupils.365 365challenge 365in2019 365photoproject 365photochallenge eyes pupils dialated dialatedpupils pupils giantpupils itme selfie greeneyes

Barley is a real life beanieboo dialatedpupils

When my mom sees my eyes get this big.. she knows it’s time to RUN. bigeyes hyper crazycat abouttoattack attack rawr ares aresvonmeow attackmode pupils bigpupils dialatedpupils readytopounce pounce

I need to make up the bed, but she is too cute (and mean look at her dialated pupils). GoodMorning MorningChores MakeUpTheBed Bed FloralSheets Cat DialatedPupils CuteCat MeanCat

Had a weird vision problem out of no where today. It got worse and worse. Then I researched on the internet and found out I will likely die. So I turned off Google and called my dr. Turns out it was a ocular migraine. Good news. I'm not dying, and have healthy eyes! dialatedpupils eyeappointment ocularmigraines healthyeyes greeneyes hazeleyes

Word. My eyes are extra sensitive this morning. 😑 gameofthrones dialatedpupils got seemslegit

*Leaving the eye doctor* It’s cool doc, I have my own Back to the Future glasses IDontNeedGlasses DialatedPupils WhereWereGoingWeDontNeedRoads BackToTheFuture ThatsARealBeard

Feeling cute. Might knock everything off the coffee table later. Idk.

Dialated eyes, after going to the optometrist, can sure make seeing difficult, especially if you're driving, which is what I just did. At least I made it home in one piece.dialatedpupils optometry drivingwhiledialated blurryvision

After dilating your eyes...you get some pretty sweet shades! MA-doubleG-IEdaughter eyechart dialatedpupils toocool

Perks of getting your eyes dilated include: awesome sunglasses, looking like your high, and enlarged cell phone font 👍eyeproblems eyedoctor dialatedpupils ifeelold

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