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My ceramics collection for my @makeartthatsells class with @lillarogers & @mtantau I need to get moving if I want to finish my wood set before the new class starts Sept 30th. makeartthatsells ceramicscollection domedecor matshomedecor2019 freelanceillustrator artist artist homedecordesign nauticalart nauticalhomedecor whales handdrawnlettering lettering watercolor dianelabombarbe lamarina

I recently found this painting I did about 20 years ago. I was able to repair some scratches because it is watercolor and gouache. Before I started taking @makeartthatsells classes I had almost forgotten that I once knew how to paint. Lol My kitchen table is now always covered in protective cloths and paints. I love that. artist illustrator floralart watercolorpainting gouachepaint dianelabombarbe makearteveryday freelanceillustrator artistforhire florals

So enjoying painting on paper again! More elements for my @makeartthatsells Home Decor class. I think Im going to take the new Home Dec Plus class starting Sept 30th so I better catch up this one! Lol makeartthatsells @lillarogers @mtantau homedecor homedecordesign artist illustrator neverstoplearning watercolor dianelabombarbe nauticalhomedecor nautical art

Some roses I made a few years ago in Adobe Illustrator using the gradient mesh tool. illustration illustrator adobe vector artist drawing flowerdrawing floralillustration artistsofinstagram floralart artlicensing dianelabombarbe

I'm trying to make myself do art every day even if it's a quick little procreate drawing like this. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀womenthatdraw art drawing artist illustrator instaart sketch artoftheday artwork digitalart dianelabombarbe livingroom cats catsofinstagram procreate cartooninteriors livingroomart lesstvmoreart

My metal collection for my MATS Home Decor class. Ive redone this board so many times. I think Im finally done. Haha Having so much fun with their courses. @makeartthatsells @lillarogers @mtantau nevertoooldtolearn nauticalart nauticalhomedecor marineart marinaart illustrator illustration artist freelanceart homedecor productdesign dianelabombarbe

Working on a bunch of things for my @makeartthatsells Home Decor class. I just love these classes for pushing me in new directions & sometimes old directions too (watercolour). Im loving using watercolor & acrylics again. matshomedecor matshomedecor2019 illustrator illustration homedecor interiordesign artist dianelabombarbe nauticalart nautical

hSometimes we just need a bit of goofy in our lives. He's available on many more items in my @redbubble shop. https://rdbl.co/2XPAZKv⠀ ⠀redbubble redbubble myrbthing illustrationartistsofinstagram artist illustratorsofinstagram dianelabombarbe chibi chibiart cartoonmonster blue cutemonsters monsterofinstagram ⠀

Give your room a fresh beachy look with one of my ocean designs on a pillow or throw blanket. https://rdbl.co/2IiQpBP⠀ ⠀ @redbubble redbubble redbubble myrbthing illustrationartistsofinstagram artist illustratorsofinstagram dianelabombarbe oceanlife fishart fishillustration oceanillustration oceanart schooloffish beachlife ⠀

Grab a set of my silly sushi characters in my shop over at @redbubble. https://rdbl.co/2IOTKHV⠀ ⠀redbubble redbubble myrbthing illustrationartistsofinstagram artist illustratorsofinstagram dianelabombarbe sushiart sushi sushiillustration sushistickers kisscutstickers cartoonkawaii kawaii kawaiisushi ⠀ ⠀

Silly Cat sticker set in my @redbubble store. ⠀ https://rdbl.co/2IiQqpd⠀ ⠀ redbubble redbubble myrbthing illustrationartistsofinstagram artist illustratorsofinstagram dianelabombarbe catsart catstickers catillustration cartooncats⠀

Need a little help waking up in the morning? My abstracts are loud enough to wake you up without annoying the neighbours.⠀ https://www.redbubble.com/people/dianelabombarbe?ref=artist_title_name&asc=u ⠀⠀ @redbubble redbubble redbubble myrbthing midcenturymodern midcenturystyle midcentury art abstractart boldcolor colorful wallart dianelabombarbe @dianelabombarbe

Have a sweet tooth? Check out one of my yummy sticker sets on @redbubble. Thanks for looking! https://www.redbubble.com/people/DianeLabombarbe?asc=u ⠀⠀redbubble stickerset stickersheet sweets foodstickers bakerystickers illustration illustrator dianelabombarbe artistsofinstagram artist cutefoodart foodillustration foodart yummy sweettoth gingerbreadman

A'hoy Matey! Getting some art in my @redbubble portfolio. Here's a set of stickers for the nautical lovers out there. I'm having so much fun putting these together. You can find them in my shop here: www.redbubble.com/people/DianeLabombarbe⠀⠀ Thanks for looking!⠀⠀ ⠀⠀nautical dianelabombarbe redbubble marineart nauticalart oldmanandthesea shipart stickers stickerart stickersheets @starfishart seashellart illustrator artist artistsofinstagram redbubbleartists myrbthing

Just playing around with some Warhol inspired bold colors on some vector illustration.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀dianelabombarbe artist illustration boldcolor illustration seafoodart seafood lobster lobsterart Warholinspired Warhol illustrator colorful rainbow adobeillustrator artistsofinstagram

Oh my gosh, I had so much fun working on my latest @makeartthatsells assignment. I LOVE editorial art so much but haven't tried it before. This was created in repsonse to the book ‘WABI SABI: Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life’ by @bethkempton. ⁣⠀ What a challenge it was trying to combine textural and digital bits and pieces in a way that I liked.⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ @lillarogers illustration editorialillustration illustrator phrase wasbisabi treasurethemoments chawan bamboo serene relax inspirationalquote quote dianelabombarbe artist japaneseart japanese mixedmediart mixedmedia editorialart editorial japanesetea teacup ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀

Decided this one needed more of my favourite summer tomatoes. I need to find more big pots to grow a few more plants this year. Nothing likes growing in my garden so I’ll do the pots. heirloomtomatoes heirloom oldfashionedtomatoes gardening harvest tomato tomatoes illustrator illustration drawing digitalart foodart veggies vegetableart healthyeatingart healthyeating dianelabombarbe procreate retrosupply antiques heirloomtomatochart editorialillustration

Drawing some heirloom tomatoes today as a warmup. I have to say I’m really loving Procreate. I still love vectors but all this texture is such a nice change. I have this vintage colander. Its hard not to collect all the old things. Hahaheirloomtomatoes digitalart illustrator artist dianelabombarbe foodart oldfashionedfood art illustration colorful rainbowfood vintagecolander vintagecookware retrosupplybrushes retrosupply

Some fun little birds, drawn in Procreate with @retrosupply brushes last night.⁣⠀ ⁣⠀illustration illustrator digitalart digital art artist birds flowers birdsandflowers pastel cute sketchy floralart dianelabombarbe retrosupply birdart

I had so much fun designing this for my @makeartthatsells Bootcamp class with @lillarogers . and @tantaustudio . I would never think to draw so many crazy things but these classes have been a great way to stop the art tunnel vision I’ve had for years. I got a but carried away and drew a bunch more things to go with this. So Ill try finish them soon. Drawn on paper with pen then finished in Procreate. makeartthatsells matsbootcamp2019 matsbootcamp productdeasign illustration saltandpepper sushi kawaii cutefood cute foodart procreate artistforhire dianelabombarbe creativity findyourimagination imagination

Another design for the exploreflorals class Im taking. I could sketch folk art designs all day. Love them!⠀ .⠀ @victoriajohnson_createexplore dianelabombarbe illustration floral folkart folkartfloral floralart flowers bird nlue symetry oldfashioned adobeillustrator vector design colorful plants artistsofinstagram traditionalart

My second design for this week's challenge in my exploreflorals class. Folk art, one of my favourite styles!⠀ .⠀ @victoriajohnson @victoriajohnson_createexplore dianelabombarbe illustration floral folkart folkartfloral floralart flowers oldfashioned adobeillustrator vector design colorful @strawberry @strawberries vectorart artist blooms fruit

Thinking of spring with this bright green watercolor and ink drawing pattern. ⠀ .⠀watercolor watercolour illustration fabricdesign spoonflower green spring mixedmedia pattern textiledesign paint diane555 dianelabombarbe handdrawn repeatingpattern

I have enjoyed Victoria's "Create Christmas" class so much! Now I need to find time to create everything I have sketched out. ⠀ .⠀createchristmas @victoriajohnson_createexplore @victoriajohnsondesign dianelabombarbe illustration christmas pets dogs illustrateddogs dachshund retro art illustrator cartoondogs

Finally got that fall Fox colored from a few weeks back. The linework was drawn in pen then vectorized, coloring done in Illustrator. ⠀fall fox foxes autumn artist drawing penandink adobeillustrator illustration digitalart artist dianelabombarbe diane555 drawing sketchbook istock shootuploadrepeat gettyimages

Fun concept this week in the Create Christmas 3a class I'm taking with the talented Victoria Johnson. ⠀ .⠀christmas flamingo tropical tropicalchristmas dianelabombarbe vector adobeillustrator illustration createchristmas ⠀ @victoriajohnson_createexplore ⠀ @victoriajohnsondesign SURTEX

Ive really been enjoying doing more hands-on art again after sitting long days at a computer for so many years. Paper puppet parts for some new concept photos. papercrafts papersculpture photography gettyimages dianelabombarbe exacto conceptphotography crafts istockbygettyimages shootuploadrepeat business businessman cutpaper illustration

I've been meaning to put this doodle page up. Tiger Swallowtail butterfly.⠀ .⠀diane555 dianelabombarbe istockbygettyimages doodlepages doodle sketch penandink ink drawing art butterfly swallowtail

A pair of beautiful ploughing horses at the International Ploughing Match Pain Court. ⠀ .⠀dianelabombarbe photographer InternationalPloughingMatch PainCourtOntario, horse ploughhorse workhorse heavyhorse palimino ontario fall

beautiful grey horse kicking up some dust in front of the big Utah sky. What a perfect place to spend some time.⠀ .⠀greyhorse horse utah galloping dianelabombarbe dust istock gettyimages istock.com/diane555 diane555 photography photographer shootuplaodrepeat

Jewel-like colors of the beautiful eggs from a local organic farm in the dappled light of an old maple tree. Not one of those fake 'organic' farms but one where the chickens actually go outside every day, all day. Nothing tastes better.⠀ .⠀eggs colorful freerange cagefree freerun organic coloful dianelabombarbe istock gettyimages istock.com/diane555 diane555 photography photographer shootuplaodrepeat

Milk weed. let's try to hang onto a few of our butterlfies.⠀ .⠀milkweed monarchbutterfly plants nature ecology prettywomen dianelabombarbe istock gettyimages istock.com/diane555 diane555 photography photographer shootuplaodrepeat

⠀ An older shot I always liked. Pumpernickel Bread With Wheat, Milk and Eggs.⠀ .⠀artisanbread bread milk dairy eggs foodphotography dark moody stillife breadboard dianelabombarbe istock gettyimages istock.com/diane555 diane555 photography photographer shootuplaodrepeat

I've been spending less time on a computer and more time with a sketchbook. Eventually though, I take them to my computer to finish.⠀ .⠀ .⠀dianelabombarbe istock gettyimages istock.com/diane555 diane555 art illustration drawing artist drawing gettyimages iStockIllustrators istockbygettyimages summer lighthouse doodle penandink whale typography text

Inktober 2017 Day 3: 'Poison'⠀ Can't belive I managed to get 3 done! woot Maybe this year I'll do the entire month.⠀ .⠀inktober inktober2017 poison penandink drawing illustration dianelabombarbe illustration mushrooms toadstool poisonous day3 sakurainktober

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