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Made By Stoner Jessie puppy dog art dogart

Im starting to feel really bad bc not finishing commissions, so i promise the next post will be commission. . . Please share around, comments appreciated as well. . . . Made in IbisPaintX . Time taken: 3 hours .art  commissions  digitalart  artist  artstudent  illustration  animation  drawing  IbisPaint  wolf  characterdesign  originalcharacter  artistsoninstagram  fantasyart  oc  wolves  wolfart  canineart  dogs  wolfdrawings  wolfoc  dogart digitalart

Toby on sofa Sketchbook ink and watercolour. tobyandhisredball inkandwatercolour artistsketchbook dogart drawings

Asia is up for adoption at @pawssionproject ❤️ Swipe ⬅️ for more details. adopt adoptph aspin aspinclub adoptdontshop rescuedog art drawing illustration dogart blushmaker blushpets

EYES .... that's why I attach so much importance to them in my creations ... I believe that eyes are the most beautiful part of each person and living being.  They are for me like stars that illuminate the face and reveal all that we are and feel ... each person, each animal has its own expression that deserves to be captured in its UNIQUENESS.... and for me it is a bit like "capturing" a little of their essence, seen through my eyes 💙 Nice week friends😘 - - - - - OCCHI.... ecco perchè do cosí tanta importanza ad essi nelle mie creazioni... credo che gli occhi siano la parte più bella di ciascuna persona ed essere vivente. Essi sono per me come stelle che illuminano il volto e rivelano tutto ció che siamo e proviamo... ogni persona, ogni animale ha una propria espressione che merita di essere colta nella sua UNICITÁ.... e per me é un po come "catturare" parte della loro essenza, vista attraverso i miei occhi 💙 Buon week amici😘 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -occhi eyes dogs dogart dogartist miniaturedog cani dogslover petart amiciaquattrozampe amicipelosi dogseyes dogsculpture amoilmiocane myart claylove polymerclay polymerclaycreations claycreations sculpeyclay handsculpted fattoamano

Another two-faced portrait for some great pups! @helper.dog.duo These are really fun to do :). art digital digitalart petart petportrait dogart dogsofinstagram pupstagram doglovers dogpainting petpainting

Puggy Pug! Absolutely loved making this little guy and all his rolls 😍 Pugs are now available in my Etsy Store (link in bio☝🏻) if you'd like another breed making them please message myself to see if I do your breed 🐶❤️ . . . pugsofinstagram puglove pugs pugstagram puglover pugworld dogs dogsofinstagram dogartist dogart dogsofig dogsofinstaworld dogloversofinstagram dogs_of_instagram pugplush dogplush petplush custommade custommadeplush custommadedog custommade handmade handmadedog etsy etsypugs etsyseller etsystore etsyshop etsysellersofig etsysellersofinstagram

Some art I did recently,,, im rlly proud of the first one! Please share this if you can as im very proud of it! I think I have a new style,,, dog sparkle pastel art drawing digitalart furry furries pink arttrade glitch cute medibang aesthetic sparkles dogs dogart furryart

Working on the background over the weekend hoping to finish this portrait soon. Backgrounds are not my thing 😅 but I felt this really needed it. Minoo was staring at something out of the window... More challenges! ✏️🥵♥️ . . . .saluki salukisofinstagram salukilove salukicute sighthound sighthoundsofinstagram sighthoundlove greyhoundsofinstagram greyhoundlove greyhound whippet dogportrait dogdrawing dogart onlylongdoggos longdog longdoggo dogillustration petportrait petart petdrawing pencildrawing pencilart portraitdrawing portraitart animalart illustrator fineart realisticdrawing realisticart

Brrr, zimna, ale powalczę 🌊🐕🤩🌞🌡morzebatyckie waterpiesnadmorzem dogart fotografia

Бросить все и уехать домой, жить в доме с печкой, слушать треск огня. Выбегать босиком на чистый снег, встречая новый день. Иметь хозяйство, из десятка кур, весной засаживать огород, а летом собирать плоды, из самых вкусных овощей и фруктов. Знойным летом, опрокидовать на себя ведро воды холодной, это получше всякого контрастного душа. Просто хочется жить, а не скучать по дому с печкой, слушая как за стенкой возится сосед.

VEM AÍ 🐾encontro dos ursos 2020 NEWFIE FUNFEST2020 Mais uma vez apoio o evento com muita honra e alegria! Palestras, concursos, arte, diversão! Coloquem na agenda, vai ser itimalia gigante 🐕🐶🐾♥️ terranova newfie newfoundland newfiepuppy newfiefunfest newfiefunfest2020 newfiecwb terranovabrasil terranovacwb newfiebrasil ursoslindosdobrasil cassolo dogsofinstagram caesgigantes bigdog caesgigantescwb perros cane doggystyle🐶 doguineo bigpuppies pintura sandrapinturas pets dogart artista amocachorro

Hell hound but he’s baby and has really long eyelashes :) hellhound dogart cursedart weirdart art artistsoninstagram idkwhattohashtag

Thank you @dogs.draw for my digital drawings of Opie! 🐾🐕🥰 drawing opie dogsofinstagram dogstagram adoptdontshop rescuedog bandana dogart pawsome pawsitivevibes

First little watercolour in ages, loved doing it! 💙 watercolour watercolourdog dogpainting dogart

Animal Sketches No.1 My challenge this year is to improve my animals by sketching as much as possible! I’m trying to dedicate anything up to 1hr every few days to sketching... (because I can’t commit to everyday - I already failed at that!) sketchaday drawingchallenge artchallenge improvesketching sketchdaily showyoursketch showyoursketchbook animalsketch animalsketches animaldrawings dogart dogsketch dogdrawing dogportrait dogportraitdrawing pencil_art kershcreative

Co się gapisz? Drzewka szukam🌳🌊🐾balticsea nadmorzem biegambolubie dogart

How freaking cool is this piece??? ⁣ ⁣ If you like this as much as we do, then remember to leave some love for this amazing artist ❤️⁣ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ✏️ Artist:  @kelseyrushingart ⁣ ❤ Use hashtag fandomartsharing to get featured.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 📬 Contact us for feature info/business⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 📝 Partners: @femchi_art @dora_guta  @crimson.chaos.arts ⁣ 👥Recommended pages :  @artbyoso @ig_art_battles⁣⁣⁣⁣ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣beetlejuice michaelkeaton pastels timburton thisishalloween blackandwhitemovies animation dogart timburtonfilms timburtonart timburtonfan sketchcard timburtonmovies artisttradingcard art fanart everydayishalloween copicmarkers prismacolor burtonesque bullterrier drawing movies gothicart darkart  dannyelfman timburtonfanart

‘Spanish Pondenco’s’ 12x16” mixed media pastel on Clairefontaine Pastelmat. I absolutely loved drawing these two beautiful dogs and had so much fun with the owner trying to get photos without her partner knowing. Flick through to see the process and photograph kindly sent by my client or her husband and the final gifted portrait. . .artcollage artprocess petportrait podenco spanishpodenco spanishdog doglover dogs dogart animalartist commissionedpetportrait commissionedart yorkshireartist art drawing artist dogdrawing petart pets wip arttips portraitartist pastelart pastelpencils colouredpencils panpastel rembrandtpastels pastelmat artwork artgallery

Such a cute puggo. One of our favourite breeds of doggos. What is your favourite breed? 🐶💭 •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀dogcollar doggydaycare dogsthathike dogtreats DogFood dogclothes dogsofficialdog dogoargentino dogworld dogsoftheday doggram dogstargram dogtoy dogsarethebest dogo dogofthedayjp dogart dogfriends dogso dogsdaily dogslovers DogsOfAustralia dogshow dogaccessories dogsofmelbourne dogsoftoronto doggroomer dogfeatures doggielove dogshirt

HAPPY 30th BORKDAY TO DUG’s MUMMA @joniraecarrack 🎈 . Dug had this card commissioned for you from the Woody’s Walks card team as he wanted to say thanks for being you 🐶❤️ .dug bordercollie birthday woodyswalks woodyswalksbrighton happyborkday happybirthday dogart drawing dogdrawing petportrait dogsofbrighton dogsofbrightonandhove

Squeak snoozing on his blanket. This drawing is featured in my blog post "Rainy day dogs." dogart dogsketch pencilsketch

Squeak and Wilma. This drawing is also featured in my blog post "Rainy day dogs."dogart dogsketch pencildrawing

River Rose, the beautiful Dalmatian @river.the.dalmatian 🌹 looks so lovely in so many different colours!! ❤️💙💛! . . .dalmation dalmationsofinstagram dalmations dalmationdog spottydog dogscarf dalmationlove dalmationart dogart dogartist dogpainting dogillustration blackandwhite dogwatercolour watercolour painting artwork art animalart

The Hugo Collection - Inspired by the life and times of the greatest floof of our generation. art workofart picasso vangogh modernart modernfloof instagood instafamous labrador labradorretriever hugo polarbear museum ondisplay dogart

Quick drawing of a dog! I haven't been doing a lot of drawing recently, tomodachi life has taken over my life. . . . . . . . . .art drawing pencil pencils colorpencils colouredpencils dog dogart puppy orange

Dzień Babci już tuż tuż 👵 Dla wszystkich Babć lubiących małe pieski, albo tych, co kolekcjonują psie figurki 😉 mamy 10% obniżki na Chi KUFĘ od dziś aż do wtorku 21 stycznia 🤗 Promocja trwa w sklepie na naszej stronie www.kufadesign.com 👈 Pozdrawiamy i życzymy conajmniej 100 lat w zdrowiu i szczęściu! 🌷 • Soon we're gonna celebrate a Grandma Day in Poland 👵 For all Grandmas who like tiny dogs or collect dogs figurines 😉 we have 10% off for Chi KUFA from today till January 21 🤗 Promo is running in our store on www.kufadesign.com 👈 To all Grandmas we wish at least 100 years with health and happiness! 🌷kufa kufadesign chikufa dzienbabci chihuahua chiwawa chihuahuas shorthairchihuahua chihuahualove chihuahualover chihuahuamood chihuahuaoftheday chi chihuahuaoninstagram lovemychihuahua dogfigurine figurine dogstatue dogdecoration dogart dogdesign chihuahuafigurine chihuahuastatue chihuahuaportrait dogportrait dogdecor dog dogs doggift bestgift

A cat commission I did for a lady as a memorial painting 🐱 Commissions available for pet art & many more subjects petartavailable cats catart catsketch catpainting petartavailable dogart catsofinstagram catlife catlovers dogs dogartwork dogpainting artfromaphoto artistsofinstagram animals animalart animalartwork

Got two simple refs done yesterday for this baby! (A chibi and an anthro ver) I’ll dm the full images once it’s bought 2 the buyer I really like how soft n lovely he turned out but I can’t really keep him because I’m trying to save up for stuff I consider important..? and that’s why I’m going to take usd offers over 10$.. he’ll come along with 2 headshots showing his eyes! (one w/ the hair and without.) if I really like the offer, I guess?;; ((the pose of the second ref IS inspired by @tomatofrost - I hope you’re okay with that!!;;)) • 💙 💙 💙 •wolf art digitalart digitalaetwork digitaartist dogart canines canineart emodoggo dogdesign dogdesigner quicksketch medibangpaint sketch softshading

Mabel the Cockapoo🐶🖤 - Background colour can be changed, name can be added and can remove collars if wanted.🐾 PriddyLittlePaws- -petportraits petportrait art dogsofinstagram artist dogart petportraitartist portraits petartist commissionedart animalart pets petart digitalart dogs artwork dog cockapoo cockerpoo

#марсеане #Сёма #Парфён #спиноне #спинонеитальяно #дратхаар spinone spinoneitaliano drathaar gwp griff griffon mars themartianchronicles spacedog spacedogs dogspace photoshop dremers fantastic aroundtheworld fantasize martian #сземлинамарс art artwork dog dogs artdog dogart

I mean look at him, he’s having a REALLY close look there isn’t he?! ..If I’m being honest he’s the biggest critic of my work (as well as my hubs) always helping me improve! Today will be spent like this, painting away in my happy place 🐾 Have a wonderful day everyone ✨ . . . . . . .petportraitspetportraitpetportraitartistpetpaintingwatercolourwatercolourpaintingwatercolourdogcustompetportraitdogartistsartartistanimalartwatercolourdogwatercolourpetportraitdogwatercolourdogpaintingdogportraitdogartgiftbirthdaygiftideacommissioncommissionartpersonalisedgiftcustompetportrait

少しテンション上がったかな? 何するわけでもないんやけども。 #ボーダーコリー bordercollie bordercolliejapan #保護猫 #猫 cat #キジ猫 #さび猫 #黒猫 blackcat #いぬとねこ #犬と猫 dogandcat dogart catart illustrator photoshop #はちわれ #ロシアンブルー #エキゾチックショートヘア rosianblue exisoticshorthair mixcat mix

A school project I did for my AP art class in high school with reference photo. art colorpencil dogart

Sneak peek of a cosmic commission- a two pup space race! dogsdoingthings

❤❤️ Amazing Rottweiler Dog Portrait with Pastels by @sabine.lackner_fine_animal_art ❤❤ ---------------------------------------------------------------- ✔If You Like the Artwork, Follow and Support the Artist!!!✔ ---------------------------------------------------------------- ✔Swipe Up is now on, DM us the link of your choice, so we can promote it!!!✔ --------------------------------------------------------------- ✔If you appreciate what we do, support @art_4world through the link in bio!!!✔ --------------------------------------------------------------- ✔For immediate feature you can buy us a Ko-fi in the link in bio!!!✔ - -art_4world artoninstagram artoftheday artofinstagram arts_help instaart instaartist instaartwork arts_gallery artsy artgram rottweilerart dogofinstagram animalportrait animalartist dogsofinstagram realisticdrawing petart animalart realisticart dogart dogsofinsta lovedogs doglovers dogsofig dogstagram dogdrawing dogportrait dogoftheday dogsoftheday

🇸🇰Tak máme tu kresbu celého tela po dlhom čase co si o nej myslíte? 😏 . . . . .dogartist dogart art artwork dogcartoon vizsla vizslacartoon

Almost done... Wish me luck! 🤞😉🐶 Presque terminé... Souhaitez-moi bonne chance! 🤞😉🐶 ⏱: 18h 🖍: Caran d’Ache Museum aquarelle & Pablo 🗒: Strathmore Bristol 300 series 11 in. x 14 in. (27.9 x 35.6 cm)lauriesenacq sketchoftheday colorpencildrawing pencilartwork coloredpencilart carandache artistoninstagram strathmorepaper realisticdrawing pencildrawing animalportrait coloredpencildrawing sketchbook pets petart petstagram petdrawing petportrait dog dogportrait dogdrawing dogart dogsofinstagram animalcreatives dogslover dogslovers artrealism realisticdrawing beagle animalportrait

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