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I find this happening between teams too... at workplaces ( who gets the credit)!! the senior vs junior tussle continues.... . . Friday mood! . .justkidding friday mood dogs doglover dogsofinstagram golden goodday loveandlight

Teníamos que publicar esta foto 🙊 en la parada militar no podía faltar el callejerito ❤️😍 doglover instachile instagram instasantiago cutedog

It's Friday Pawfriends und ich kann das Wochenende schon rieeeeechen 😁 Heut hat Mamis einen ganz kurzen Arbeitstag 😍 Sie sagt pünktlich zum Mittagsschmaus ist sie daheim 🤭 Übrigens trage ich hier das tolle Halsband von @_leinentraum_ was ich bei @amstaff.emma.mailo gewonnen habe 🤩 Habt einen schönen Tag 💜🤗 Werbung da Personennennung . . . . . Pawfriend🐕🐾: @whippet_ria . . . . .friday weekend staffy teamstaffy staffordoninstagram stafford staffymom amstaff amstaffmom amstafflove amstaffgram amstaffofinsta americanstaffordshire dogofinstragram dogoninstagram dog doglover dogmodel instadog hundeliebe hundeaufinstagram listenhundliebe souldog beauty mygirl myoneonly

Fatty and Curly turned 9 today...cake will be ordered 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊📜🎂🎂🎂 pets dogs spoiled sausagedog dachshund mustlovedogs doglover mansbestfriend wienerdog labrador beagle uncertifiedservicedog therapy ptsd dogowners petlovers unconditionallove birthdaydoggo

Playing with one of my sisters! 🥰 1y9m @dogstagramdog @dogslife.co @boxer_ig @dogsofinstaworld @9gag @barked @instadoghub @insta_dog @boxer._.dogs @tasteofthewildec boxer dog americanboxer europeanboxer puppy puppieoftheday goodgirl dailyboxer puppylove lovely cute weloveboxers boxerdog doglover boxerlove boxerlover instamodel dogmodel instaboxer dogsofinsta instadog dogstagram pet petlover luna lunatheboxer perro animales adorable mascota

🤫 Boa noite 🌷 Good night 🌷 Bon Nuit 🌷 Gute Nacht🌷 Buenas Noches🌷 Buona Notte 🌷 . . . .dog love pretinha denguinho doglover pinscher sleep goodnight buenasnoches buonanotte gutenacht bonnuit macherie goodvibes good instagood instaphoto tbt🔙 tbt

흥부자 여르미😚 소심 웬디🐕‍🦺summeryoon 🦦 . . . #여름 baby #엄마 #아빠스타그램 #아빠 #수달이 daddy #여르미👶🏿bedlingtonterrier dog doglove #멍스타그램 puppy dailyfamily #베들링턴테리어 #멍스타그램doglover dogstagram bedlingtonterrier dog doglove dogsofinsta #멍스타그램 wendy puppy daily

Mi vida 💕 . . . .schnauzer schnauzer_lovers schnauzer_planet schnauzer_of_instagram schnauzerworld dogs_of_instagram doglover doggy love tbt

Do you have a dog with food sensitivities and need to feed an exotic protein? Those exotic proteins are pricey because they’re...well, exotic! We have a deal for you! For a limited time get Zignature canned Venison for $2.60/can, Guinea Fowl for $2.05/can and Goat for $2.05/can! That’s 50% off and NOT short-dated! (While supplies last, not to be combined with any other offers/coupons, no reward extras)❤️ exotic canned Zignature dog doglover foodsensitivities

사랑이 기절

. 『My ballad song🐶🎤💕』 . 秋に合わせて トムのバラード🎤🍁を お送りします🥰 . 🐶「えぐじゃいるの、あつし👨‍🦰をイメージしてみまちた✨✨🎤」 . . #ヨークシャーテリア#ヨークシャテリア #ヨーキー #犬#愛犬 instagramdogsdogsofinstagramprettydogdogyorkie yorkshireterrierinstayorkieyorkiegramyorkies doglovers doglover dogstagram dogstargramyorkiefamousyorkieswag#犬が歌うyorkiesofficialinstadog#歌う犬 #わんこ#犬の似顔絵#犬の絵#愛犬の似顔絵#愛犬オーダー

Don't be lazy weekend is coming soon dogofinstagram nagalanddogs indiandogsofinstagram spotlessdalmatian halfdalmation doglover pawstagram

Pet me pleaseeee 🐶🐶🐶

This little guy was such a cutie 😋 & a very good boy 🐶 . . .groomer doggrooming doggroomer grooming tbt petstylist doglover cutie love cute bandana fluffy throwback dogsofinstagram andiscliper

笑一笑 世界多美妙😊

Well machine is still out of commission so lots of fun training moments today. Did a lot of tracking work. Guess who caught their first pest? Miss Felix! Here are some random fun photos and also some tracking ones. ——————————————————————— - 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 -workingdogs farmdog mtfaydor timber pnw canecorso corso italianmastiff mastiff gsp pointer doglover pitbull pitbulladvocate bullybreed amstaff dogsofinstagram dog dogstagram birddog pointersofinstagram packlife boerboel southafricanmastiff americanstaffordshireterrier germanshorthairedpointer pitbullpointerpack pitboelpointerpack

Did you see Fancy on KOMO’s @seattlerefined today? She’s a superstar now so we will probably get a list of new demands.👑Thank you Seattle Refined for giving Fancy a hand finding her forever home! It’s her time! 👑 Fancy is looking for a forever home or foster until she finds it. She is a true Diva and, thus, needs to be the only animal in the home. DM for more Fancy facts! 👑 📸 by @erikasmithphotos_ 👑 👑 👑pitsofinstagram seattledogs pnwdogs doglover pitbullsofinsta dontbullymybreed dogstagram rescuedogsofinstagram rescuedog pitbullsrule rescue pitbullove pitbulldogsarefamily pitbullawereness pitbullsmile pitbulldog pitbullpup instapitbull betheirvoice inherentlygood pitbullrescue pitbullnation

mis guaguas doglover

How do you travel? Tell us in there comments below! ⛽🚙 🐾🐶

tbt As it turns out, balloons won't last long with my teeth 😆🤪yorkiesofinstagram yorkie yorkshireterrier yorkies yorkiegram yorkielife yorkielove smalldogs dogsofinstagram #йорк #йоркширскийтерьер animals bestdog mypuppy yorkiesworld # doggo doggy doggie doglover dogs

Ty was a bit camera shy today... 🐾 sagegroomingsalon sagedoggrooming doglover doggroomingsalon

Hace varios meses mi hermana encontró 7 perritos como de 2 meses apróx, abandonados en un sector rural, lejos de la ciudad, y se logró conseguir casa para 3 de inmediato, quedando 4 a la intemperie, con turnos para ir a alimentarlos, por 2 meses hasta hace 3 semanas en que solo quedaba uno ya que la inconsciencia de WEONES que pasaban rajados, sin importarle los perritos y atropellandolos (se encontró uno muerto y 2 que no se sabe nada), nos trajimos al que quedo, bautizándolo como Halcón, por la calle donde estaban abandonados y su carita refleja el gran cambio anímico, lo robusto y grande que se ha puesto con buena comida y cálido hogar ☺ NO COMPRE MASCOTAS, ADOPTE!!doglover pets beautiful looking

。 It’s autumn morning. 🍁🍁  秋意濃濃。dogwalking doglife #秋天 #紅葉前撮りtgif

love these dogs forever 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎dogs dog dogsofinstagram dogstagram puppy instadog pets doglover dogoftheday cute pet love instagram puppies of doglovers animals ilovemydog puppylove doggy puppiesofinstagram manusatha_ petstagram animal cats instagood nature dogsofinsta photooftheday bhfyp

Woke up like this 🙌🏼

One of the things that is always seen, is a fascination with puppies. But when they become adult dogs, they are sometimes looked at like a whole new creature, as if a caterpillar had become a butterfly. But they’re just dogs. Dogs that deserve a great home. So why should you get an adult/senior dog? Firstly, adult dogs will not destroy your house as their teething is already done! They can still be taught commands. As it turns out that an old dog can learn a new trick after all. But most importantly, they will love you for giving them a home when they were taken out of theirs. It will take time for them to trust you, but they will. And they will wag their tails. They might not lick your face or kiss you 24/7 or sleep with you in your bed, but they will make sure you are the most important person in their lives. And for that, they deserve to be in a happy home. Adult dogs are great family pets, please get in touch if you’d like to adopt.

. . 0920 My darling happy birthday♥️ 私と出会った時は生後5ヶ月。 売れ残り寸前でした このまま売れなかったらどうするんですか?って ポッポさんに聞いたら 「このままうちにいてもらって、繁殖を頑張ってもらう感じです💦」 と言われて それもそうか〜と思ったり おうち犬にしてあげたいな、とか。 ただ、うちにはすでに2歳の娘がいたし、悩んで考えて 結果うちに迎えました🏠 去勢したので、しーくんの雄の血は絶たれてしまったけど 我が家に来てから顔が穏やかになったとポッポさんに言われたとき よかったなーと思った。 とにかくヤンチャ。 破壊魔。 厳しく育てた、つもり。 私にだけは、手を舐めたり、私に乗ったり添い寝したりは一切してくれません ぐふぉ、、ボスになりすぎたこれは計算外でしたつらみ👉🏻👈🏻 . . 去年相方が先に逝ってしまい、色んなこと、しーなりに考えて受け入れてくれたと思う。 これからも宜しくね☺︎ . . 写真:うちに来てすぐの頃、貰ったバンダナ🐆 まだ毛が生え揃ってなくて、ブラックマスクが濃いね😊目もちっちゃい

A dica é Amor, para quem te ama sem pedir nada em troca.spitzalemao spitz dog dogsofinstagram puppy puppies love cachorro luludapomerania doglover dogstagram tbt doggo

산책 더 하고 싶어서 안올라오고 버티는 사랑이... 결국 다시 나갔다고 한다.,,


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