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My family❤ Well, you all know Norbu, so I'm not gonna talk about him. Olly is the grandpa in the house. At a young age he has been safed from a dump and he was brought to The Netherlands. He didn't need to wait long for a home, I adopted him two months later. He was very scared in the beginning and didn't want anything from us. But for years I have trained with him and slowly he gain more trust in all the things that are around him. He's very easy, but insecure and sensitive. He wants to be around me, but not close to me like Norbu is. He's now 10 years old, pfff... Not a good playmate for Norbu, but still they have a lot of support from each other and became a team.

I’ve got my tongue out, but it’s not Tuesday! 👅 - Daisy

Grandma-dog is a very observant co-driver. She was allowed to sit on the front seat. Normally she has to stay in the back of the car where she doesn't see as much and sleeps more. dogs dog instadog walkthedog dogsofinstagram dogsofig dogsofinsta collie colliedog colliesofig colliesofinstagram roughcollie bluemerle dogpics dogpicsdaily mobilepic funnydogs colliebeauty collieworld collielove pets pet doglovers dogphotography colliegram roughcolliesofinstagram

She was thoroughly enjoying herself ❤

- 거실에서 뻗은 둘을 깨워 각자 자리로 보내기 전에 차한잔과 요즘 열띠미 읽고 있는 책한권으로 이너피스중.. 혼자만의 시간을 갖고 있어요?🍵 매사 시작보단 마무리에 중점을 두는 편이고 뭔상황이든 좋은게 좋은것이라 믿고 앞으로도 이생각 그대로 뭐든 진행해 나가고 싶은데.. 자꾸 남탓하는게 생각할수록 악에 받쳐 감정적으로 해결하고 싶은 맘이 욱욱 올라와서 윽씨 괴로바.. 오빵ㅇㅣ가 가끔 니는 피도 눈물도 없는 독한 매정한 인간이라고 저한테 디스쩔거든요? 눈에는눈 이에는이 아니 것보다 배로 앙갚음 하고 싶진 않아서 참을인 세개 꾹꾹 눌러 새기며 이성적으로 생각하고 원만히 헤쳐나가보려 엄춍 노력중인데 그게 이리 어렵고 난리바가지.. 이와중에 뒤집어지게 코골면서 세상모르고 자는 얘를 보니.. 짜증날정도로 왜케 귀욥냥 캬ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 참을인 세개고 뭐고 다땔치고 걍 쭈구리 하나로 끝나벌임🥰🐶 . . #쭈구리#샤페이#샤페이쭈구리#반려견소통#반려견일상#개뻗음#개스타그램#독스타그램#이너피스dogdoggydogpicsdogdaysdogdailydogsofinstadoglifedoglovepicofthedaysharpeidogsharpeiworldsharpeiloveinstadoginstadailyadorabledogsleepingdogtireddogpeibypeilovesweetdreamsilovemydog

just chillin' 😎😎 . . 🐾 . . . 🐾 . . . . 🐾 . . . . .dogs dogsofinstagram pets dog cute dogmodelsearch dogs_of_world dogpics dogphotography doglovers

Perfect end to the weekend with a walk in the sun today 🐾🐾

Having one on one conversation with daddy 🤫 Meandmydad

Follow @pet.comic for more 💙

Yellow Vibes...... ❤❤🐶🐶 Follow 👉 @petlovers_funkey 📷 by : @gracewunder ❤ Love ০ Share ০ Commentdogpics petlovers_funkey doggystyles funnypets animal animallover loveforanimals petsofinsta petmania pets_of_our_world petlife petsgram pettypost dog🐶 doglife🐾 dogloversclub catlover horselover petlover animallove animalselfie crazydogmom loveanimals❤️ pug dogplay dogvideo dogfunny petlovers birds petsofinsta mydogismy

😩😍 Credit/ @pongo.the.floof Tag your dog loving pals🐶💗 Follow @cutedogz.insta ✨ Follow @cutedogz.insta ✨ Follow @cutedogz.insta ✨ • • •dogs dogsbeingbasic cutedogpics cutedoggy fluffydogs explorepages awwww tinydogs tinydog cutedogsofig dogsofworld cutedogphotos dogpic dogpics puppypaws cutepuppypics funnyanimals dogtrainerslife puppyplay cutepups seeme dailyposts dogfood socutee littleanimals dogloversclub

I FINALLY GOT TO GO TO THIS HUGE POOL!!!💧🐾🚤 i loved being right at the front of the boat with my paws up on the bow and my ears flying in the wind! the water was a little chilly so i just dipped my paws in it but next time i’ll hopefully be able to swim!! boxerdogsrule boxersofinstagram boxer boxerlovers boxerpuppies puppies puppiesofinstagram dog dogsofinstagram boxerdaily boxerpix dogpics cute boat lake canyonlakeaz

Is it fall yet? Mom wants some pumpkinsfallcolors

What's your favorite thing to do on Sunday? Mine is pestering my humans! 🤪 Mom says I get away with it bc I'm cute! . . . . .cavapooworld cavapoo cavapoopuppy doodlesofinstagram doodletales dailycavapootales doodlesoftheworld dogstagram poodlemixes lovemydoodle instadogs doodsoftheday dogpics doodlepuppy hereforthedoods doodlesaroundtheworld

쿤이야 내가 너때매 벤을 산건데 자꾸앞으로 넘어와~ 전번엔 진짜 사고날뻔 했으~ ㅋㅋㅋ 내시끼 . . . .malamute redmalamute #레드말라뮤트 #말라뮤트 #애완동물 #펫스타그램 pet puppy dog doggie socute😍 #반려견 #강아지 iloveyou smartdog cutedogpics dogpics dogpic cutepic #댕댕이 #댕댕이그램 #내강아지 #일상 #존귀 #졸려 #애완견 #강아지그램 #졸귀탱 #졸귀

Dog Walk Diary: Taking Selfies on Martin Breg during the novel research 🤳🐾 No filter. Natural beauty 😎dogwalkdiary dogwalkpic selfie dogselfie dogpics yorkiesofinstagram yorkie yorkshireterrier novelresearch martinbreg dugoselo

Huge body, tiny paw 🥺 😍 . .pugloversclub pugsofinstagram pugpics pugworlddomination dogsofinstagram pugs pugslife pugsnotdrugs pugscorner puglife pugworld pugsandkisses pugnation pug blackpug pugstagram dogstagram dogoftheday pugoftheday pugaday dogpics #퍽스타그램#퍼그스타그램 #댕댕이 #멍멍이 #견스타그램 #강스타그램 #반려견 #퍼그는사랑입니다 #퍼그사랑

🖤☠️home sweet home☠️🖤

Happy birthday Batali, my food provider! Wishing you good health and happiness because you have to walk me everyday. And, wishing you prosperity and good fortune so you can afford my lifestyle ❤ ILY Batali . . . . .chicospookypants anjing dog pet doglife igdogs dogsofinstagram instadog igdogs instapet dogoftheday dogsofig cutedog ilovemydog doglover pecintanjing dogpics dogpicoftheday adopteddog adoptdontshop goldenretriever goldenretrieverlover goldenretrieversofig dailygoldens goldenretrieversoftheday goldenretrieversofinstagram goldensofig goldenretrieverid goldenretrieverindonesia

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