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Hi I’m Rocky and this is my adoption story. My mom frequented the dogs home A LOT she was a student and always begged dad to go there. Mom always left sad because she could not adopt a dog because she lived in student housing. One day, when mom and dad were making their regular rounds to talk to Atticus and Zeus they saw me. I was almost 2 years old, skinny and very scared. My precious humans had left me there because of a change of circumstance. The people at the dogs home were so nice to me, but I really wanted a good home. Mom says when she saw me it was an instant reaction of knowing I was hers. She and dad immediately started looking for new places to live. They found a house that would let me live there and it even had a garden! I went home with them and we went for walks and I started warming up to my new home. Don’t get me wrong there was a lot of testing boundaries (a lot of beds destroyed) a lot of anxiety, and stubbornness . But I settled in. Mom and dad knew exactly what to expect and now things are great! I guess the moral of the story is, don’t give up on your rescue dog. We’ve had 2 recent relocations and it’s scary. Our behaviour may not be model at first but give us time and the right patient training and we will be the best friend you’ve ever had. Thank you so much to cardiffdogshome for keeping me safe and finding me my forever home. You wouldn’t believe how spoiled I am now! And to anyone out there looking for a new friend, I highly advise checking out your local shelter. adoptdontshop husky dogsofinstagram huskyheaven huskynation huskygram huskylovers dogs rescuedogsofinstagram rescuedog doglovers dogstagram shelterdog

Mum goals right here!!! Pretty boy Lous gorgeous mumma bear Champion Versace is you don’t already know ☺️. Owned and loved by the people we will be forever grateful to @imperialbloodlinebullies ... give them a follow if you are keen to see the best of the best! . . . . bullylover bullygram abkc americanbully bullybreed bulliesofinstagram pitbullsofinstagram xlbully xlpitbull standardbully pocketbully dogsofinstagram tribullies brindle rednose dontbullymybreed dogstagram doglover puppiesofinstagram xlbullynation doglife family love bullyworldwide workout puppylove trusttheblood australia royalfam

Ovako sunčana jutra me totalno oraspolože.. Lepa je i zima, ali na nekoj planini tamo ima puno snega! ☃️ Mnogo volim sneg, skakućem kao zeka😄 Ovde u gradu onako.. malo je dosadno, mnogo je hladno, tmurno, piiiih... Tako da hvatam zrake sunca gde god stignem, i definitivno ako mene pitate leto je - LETO, sunce, sve zeleno, šume, plaže, kopanje u pesku, plivanjee.... eeeeh.. odbrojavam! ☀️ dogsofinstagram jackrussell tanning januar psibeograda dogsofserbia mojljubimac petcare dogstagram instadog dailybarker jrt jackrussellsofinstagram dzekraselsrbija

Don’t miss the show!dogsofmichigan dogstagram miwinterdogclassic michiganwinterdogclassic doglovers puremichigandog @americankennelclub @dogs.lovers @midogs313 @dogsformichigan @dogsofthemitten

Big moment Bear lying on Koda 👏🏼 1. He’s wants attention on his terms 2. He doesn’t like anyone touching him apart from me, Fredj and a handful of other people 3. He hates other dogs touching him (he has a melt down) 4. He’s still a bit awkward with the puppy. Koda is all loving and Bear doesn’t know how to take him 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ sharpei propersharpei sharpeitraits black blackdog chinesesharpei handynasty chinese bear myboy mylove dogsofinstagram dogs dogstagram dogsofinsta dogslife dogtrait americanbully xlbully americanxlbully kodatheboulder boulder bouldershoulders champagne

🙏🐾RESERVED🐾🙏 Aki may have a home but she has lots of friends who are desperate for new surroundings with a family to love them. LOTS TO LOVE - GO HERE;- hopevmselainesdogs.com/adopt-a-dog.ht… AdoptDontShop adoptme dogsarefamily FridayThoughts FridayFeeling itsallaboutthedogs ADOPT @hopevmsdogs AdoptDontShop adoptme itsallaboutthedogs adopt AdoptDontShop adoptdontbuy ukdogs dogsuk ukdogsofinsta TongueOutTuesday charitytuesday adopt adoptdontshop adopt adoptadog dogsofinstagram dogs dogstagram rescuedog rescuedogsofinstagram rescuedogsrock foster fosteradog fosterdogs uk ukdogs @hopevmsdogs

Silly daddy didn't take any pictures of me out with my new pals today!!! You can tell he doesn't run my Instagram for me😂 So I've stolen this from @whippetpippin (I hope you don't mind😊) I had a fabby time just running about after my ball and watching a romance blosom😂 . . . .puppy puppies puppiesofinstagram puppylove pupper pup dogsofinstagram dog doggo pointerdoodle pointermix puppers dogs_of_instagram heidi pupsofinstagram pups pointer doodle welovedogs doglovers ilovemydog dogstagram pets petsagram scottishpuppy scotlanddogs scottishinstadogs instascotland dogpals puppypals

To celebrate Grumble becoming part of the family we have no included him in the logo. We love it, thanks to @rainworks_design_uk for their wonderful work. Peas fank u ❤️ . . .dog dogsofinstagram dogoftheday dogstagram dogs doglovers doglife dogmom dogsofinsta doggo dogenrichment doglover nationaldogphotographyday doglove dogphotography doggy dogwalk dogpark dogs_of_instagram dogofinstagram dogsofig bulliesofinstagram bullies bulliesofig pigletandme

Eine Fettlederleine ganz schlicht in schwarz, mit Edelstahl Beschlägen 🖤 Ich liebe Fettleder 🥰tapsy_hundfassbar_schön unikate handmade mitvielliebegemacht dogstagram dogsofinstagram petstagram petsofinstagram fettlederleine hundeleinen

BUTTER BEAN - Today I am 18 weeks old. I had my last puppy shots today and am not a big boi. I weigh 34.5 lbs and am just a big floof of love. My favorite past times are sleeping on moms fresh laundry, eating her socks, waking up at 7 am even if we go to bed at 3 am, eating lots of food so I can grow big, zoomies on the patio, and terrorizing my feline brother. . Soon I will go to puppy training and be the best boi ever. I know how to sit, down, paw, dance, and stay (but that one is sometimes hard). Next mom is going to teach me to come. . Thanks for coming to my PupX Talk. .goldengram goldenretrievers goldensofinstagram goldenretriever cutegoldens butterisgolden butterbean doggo dogstagram puppstagram puppy cutepuppies dogsdoingthings carolinagoldenretrievers charlottegoldenretrievers queencitypups dog charlottegoldenretrievers puppylove charlottedogs puppiesdoingthings pupbox barkbox

Yeah I’m into fitness!... fitting this whole bone in my mouth 🙈🐶💪🏼 Doesn’t taste too great though 🤔 angusthediggerdog exercise time weights gainsfordays chewingaway yum labracollie mixedbreed springerspaniel dogoftheday puppysofinstagram puppy love dogstagram thebest

Dirty nose - up to no good

受験生のみなさん! がんばってください👍✨ . . #シルバートイプードル#トイプードル#いぬすたぐらむ#いぬ #いぬのいる暮らし #いぬのきもち dog dogstagram doglife doglover toypoodle toypoodlelove #センター試験#受験生応援

Guys.. public service announcement..this white stuff is awwwwwesome ❄️ dogsofinstagram dog dogstagram pet pets lovelife nature snow lovesnow winter wolfdog dealbone

17/01/2020 Cuma Dayı ve Yamaç Efe uğruna ameliyat olduğum Yamaç Efe feda olsun kuzuma 7 Cücelerin 7.si Yamaç Efe öbürü adı üstünde Dayı atarlı giderli ben seviyorum onları çok hemde çok ve çok şükür... . Ankara Kazan Çubuk Arasında ki Kaptı Mevkiinde 180 civarında muhtaç canı doyurup tedavilerini yapıyorum ayrıca bahçem de çok sayıda kurtarılmış bir kısmı engelli özel can var haliyle yükümüz arttı profildeki link tree den @patifood mama kumbarasını seçin cihadbey06 olarak kayıtlıyım desteklerinizi bekliyorum 🙏 Bağışlarınız için Köpekköy sokaktaki canlıları koruma ve yaşatma derneği İş bankası Kahramankazan şubesi Hesap no:4361-0257444 IBAN: TR09 0006 4000 0014 3610 2574 44 İsim olarak Köpekköy sokak yeterli 🙏🏻 . https://www.paypal.me/TugceYildirim . I am retired and we devoted ourselves to animals with my wife. I am feeding more than 180 dogs in the mountains every day and some of them are in my garden. This place is far from the city, there are only a few peasants living here but they don't like dogs. There isn't even garbage because every place just mountain. We have a lot of dogs so we need your support...I can't feed them without your support 😔 You can buy food via patifood for this animals. Link is writing on my bio. No english language option on the site but it is understandable... I am waiting your dog food support please don't leave these dogs alone🙏kpek yavrukpek animal animals dog dogs sokakcanlari ankara kazan çubuk kaptı satinalmasahiplen mamakumbarasi mamadesteği merhamet terkedilmişkpekler qatar qatarlife dubai turkey dogstagram petstagram streetdogs love lovely doglove doglover dogstyle dogpuppy abandoned-pets

This picture admires me every time . 💯 FEEL FREE TO FOLLOW US💯 💯👉 @dogoargentinopower 👈💯 💯👉@ilovedogoargentino👈💯 . . Owner: @dogoargentinoaustria

아씨 . 졸귀탱 👍 개귀차니즘

Comprendre son chien et l’aimer tel qu’il est ❤️ @happy_pets_camp s’implique au quotidien pour transmettre comment avoir une relation de confiance mutuelle saine et durable 🙏🏻 Votre chien est votre meilleur ami ne l’oubliez jamais.coaching dog softness bestfriend lovemydog dog dog puppy cute dogs_of_instagram pet pets dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs dogstagram dogoftheday lovedogs petstagram doglover instapuppy instadog petsagram photooftheday lovepuppies hound adorable animal animals doglover doggies animaladdicts

oh hey, wake me up when it's the weekend 🥱

I have an announcement - MY PAWRENTS ARE MAKING ME A BIG BROTHER!! . . We are so excited to share our family news with Duke’s friends too! Happy weekend everyone ❤️❤️ 🐶 🐶 🐶bigbrother pregnancyannouncement myhumansaregettingmeababy worldofcutepets dogstagram puppyeyes dailydoseofcute buzzfeedanimals dogswithjobs iheartdogs mydogiscutest dogsarefamily pawsome peoplepets todayfanphoto ellenratemydog dobermanpinscher doberman_featured dog_features doberman dobermans dogsofinstagram dobermansofinstagram dailydog dobermanpuppy cutest doggy dogsrule bark

🙏🚨KIKO NEEDS TO FIND A FOSTER OR FOREVER HOME BY THE 25TH JANUARY 🚨 💖🐾Without question, your dog gives her heart for all time🐾💖 Excellent with kids, dogs, EVERYONE Lots of energy & love to share AdoptDontShop adoptme FridayFeelinghopevmselainesdogs.com/adopt-a-dog-ki… AdoptDontShop adoptme itsallaboutthedogs adopt AdoptDontShop adoptdontbuy ukdogs dogsuk ukdogsofinsta TongueOutTuesday charitytuesday adopt adoptdontshop adopt adoptadog dogsofinstagram dogs dogstagram rescuedog rescuedogsofinstagram rescuedogsrock foster fosteradog fosterdogs uk ukdogs @hopevmsdogs

Who’s the best big brother? All signs point to ME!

Go out and get it 💪🏼 There’s a lot of bravery in putting yourself out there, whether in nature, your career, or your personal life. Whatever “it” is, there will always be countless reasons not to jump. Sometimes we all need a little nudge in the right direction, or a gentle reminder to not just settle for OK. 2020 is a year of DOING IT! Cross that thing off your bucket list you’ve always thought is too “expensive” or for “next year”. Make that career change you’ve always wanted. Dive headfirst into new friendships, loves, and experiences. I’m giving you that nudge 🤗🏔

Swooning over this sweet moment 🥰 Matching Hair Bows for Big Sister and Baby sister 👶🏼 Our Hair Bows come on two sizes, Small and Large. The Larges are roughly 3.5” and the Smalls roughly 4.5”. Both have French Barrettes on the back of them. Featuring @monicaannpets ⬅️ If you’re ever looking for collars and leashes she has very cute high quality ones. My dogs have been wearing her collars for well over a year (maybe 2?) and they are still in like-new condition.

The face of joy

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