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Hallo, ich werde auf diesem Account vorerst nichts mehr posten, da ich seit Anfang dieses Monats "nur" noch mein eigenes Pferd @_gqh_showmeyourassets_ bewege. Ich freue mich darauf, mich voll auf Hubi konzentrieren zu können. • • • Habt Ihr im Bezug auf Denksportaufgaben für Pferde Tipps/Ideen? Ich bin auf Eure Kommentare gespannt. Danke! • • •westernreiten redroan liebingstier pferd besteshobby hobby denksport cute süß showmeyourassets lookathim domestic love ly ersteseigenespferd reitbeteiligung pferdeliebe westernpferd westernreiten freizeit zufrieden glücklich

Drastic actions like total shutdown of economic activities and movement to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus by the government around the world can lead to a spike in the cases of domestic violence. Here are some measures that can be taken to prevent domestic violence in this coronavirus lockdown. Swipeleft👉🏽lockdowncovid-19endgenderbasedviolencesaynotodomesticviolence

Easter Bank Holiday opening hours! Have a great weekend everyone! www.quadfuels.co.uk • • • •quadfuels heatingoil heatingfuel domestic commercial agricultural fueldelivery localbusiness oil business delivery fuel northwales cheshire shropshire

Oink oink ! 🐽 Série de photos mettant en vedette trois micro-cochons domestiques qui ne demandent qu’à être adoptés ! piglet cute animal domestic irresistible adorable baby breeding pig piglove growing photo studio photographer nikon D850 profoto animalphotography

😭😭Os cachorros são como anjos da guarda. Almas puras e companheiras que vêm à Terra nos trazer amor. Mas, por serem tão iluminados, têm passagem curta por aqui. Sofremos por essa anjinha ter partido, mas sabemos que ela está num lugar melhor, contente por ter cumprido sua doce e curta missão. R. I. P. Lady, seus primos Apollo, Lucille, Khyara, Mamãe, Papai e toda nossa família aqui em Cruzeiro/SP sentimos muito e que Deus conforme sua Mamãe Ana Clara, Titia Fernandinha, Vovó Ana Paula e Vovô Marcus aí em Manaus/AM. 😭😭 🍼 2019 ✝️ 06/04/2020cute little cart funny adorable basket baby miniature fun dog precious no person child pet domestic tiny sit stroller indoors downy girl boy lovely ride pose fluffy toy small loved hound

Stage 1 of the Baltic Quays car park completed, full board changes, upgraded trunking size, replaced burnt out contactors and identified all circuits... blood sweat and tears went into this one but extremely pleased with the final product @schneiderelectric

We use Facebook of course, so please follow us there too. Both that platform and this have different posts daily, and a diff focus :) http://www.facebook.com/praxisprojectnb

Another top quality fit by Team RRS it was nice to fit a job by where social distancing could be applied. resin polyurethane epoxy industrial domestic artist westwales

Throwback Thursday to yesterday! When cooking is not your forte... you will be challenged to cook for your life, so don’t F$@& it up... channeled my inner @rupaulofficial while cooking! -worstcooksinamerica matchatea cooking domestic cantcook brownies dinner killingit success 603fashionista throwbackthursday quarantine

লাইক, কমেন্টস ও শেয়ার করতে ভুলবেন না .....😊😊😊 . . Follow @coach_hironmoy . .turmeric domestic barasat howrah ig_kolkata kolkatagram kolkatablogger Kolkata

Принцесс играет со щеткой. Кошки такие забавные. Очень полезно иметь в доме животное, весело и мило. Кошки - это маленькие тигро-львы. Сами по себе, но всегда рядом с человеком. #кошка #животные #новаязеландия #карантин #коронавирус catsofinstagram cats animal domestic covid19 coronavirus newzealand svetlanastrizheva

10mm Porous tarmac - natural cobbled border

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👈🏼‘16 Shelby GT350 ‘96 Viper GTS👉🏼

Просто я и Каспер радуемся солнышку ☀️и ждём, когда это всё закончится, и мы сможем гулять долго долго на улице все вместе 🙏🏼❤️ #самоед#самоедскаялайка#касперсамоед#жизньсобакdogcaninedomesticanimalpetcutepuppyanimalsbreeddomesticfriendfunfurrydogsportraitpurebredheadhappyness#самоедчелябинск#венди#вендишпиц#шпиц#шпицуляshpitzlifedog

Estamos en cuarentena así que buscamos la inspiración en casa... domestic cats cats catslovers igtones picoftheday feline autumn nikonphotography animal

SachTimes.com SachTimesPak News UrduNews BreakingNews Pakistan Domestic Health Healthy Scientist Corona CoronaVirus Ivermectin Treatment#سچ_ٹائمز #سچ_ٹائمز_پاک #اردو_نیوز #تازہ_ترین_خبر #داخلی_خبریں #ملکی_خبریں #اندرونی_خبریں #پاکستان #صحت #ماہرین #سائنسدان #سائنس_دان #کرونا #کورونا_وائرس #آئیورمیکٹن #علاج

ISh📸tUrRide TBT ThrowBackThursdsy 3/1/2020🤦🏾‍♂️🦠😷 carsandcoffee carsandcoffeeknightdale photoediting photographylife nikon photography lexus dodge ford mopar chevrolet bmw honda moparfreshinc📸 automotivephotography cars trucks foreign domestic imports tuners luxury classics custombuilds @ford @lexususa @officialmopar @dodgeofficial @chevrolet @honda @bmw @carsandcoffeeknightdale Owner➡️❓

«И не забудь, я холост, поэтому пусть порция будет небольшой!» прокричал мне в след Гиди Цур, фермер в душе и биолог по образованию, проживающий на окраине кибуца Сарид в долине Израэль. Я пообещала приготовить ему запеканку со свекольными листьями и мангольдом, которые растут у него в огороде, и которые он любезно разрешил мне сорвать для себя. С первого взгляда кажется, будто некоторые люди выращивают овощи, чтобы себя прокормить. Глядя на Гиди, не скажешь, что он чем-либо вообще питается. Тогда то я поняла, что заниматься земледелием можно и по другой причине - коротать одиночество. ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ vscovscocamIsraelkibbutzkibbutzlifeenjoytobeinisraelSaridcountrysidevillagestudiostudiophotographyhomestudiogarlicvegetablelightoldtableclothspringspringiscomingdomesticminimalismstilllifetendercozinessstrange#

Distributors for leading brands to most industries in the industrial, manufacturing, construction, mining, engineering, IT, agriculture, medical, retail, hospitality and domestic sectors in Mozambique.dieselgenerators geradores powergeneration powerplant industrial manufacturing construction mining engineering IT agriculture medical hospitality domestic

Waiting for the lockdown to get over be like.... shotononeplus stayhome

The Pet Canary, William Merritt Chase (ca 1886) domesticity domestic spaces interiors thereisnoplacelikehome dissertationlife

A project we completed at Sblendid, Bluewater. MF ceiling, walls/ceilings completely plastered and decorated. Great work by the all the team, especially all the night shifts that were required. A project we helped @newtonsgroup with a few years back. • • •awplasteringltd bluewater brentwood basildon essex london essexbuilders londonbuilders construction domestic commercial renovation newbuild builders business plastering propertymaintenance propertydevelopment plasterers plasteringcontractors contractors architecture design engineering interiordesign homeimprovements extensions houseextension shopfitting officefitout. • • • Contact us for any Plastering works you may need throughout 2020!

photography @i_am_yabu stylist @fujiievi make-up @yusuke_kasuya hair @ena_hair_make model @higa______ @ia_0823 fulloflove fashion tokyo domestic model

⠀ 라희 흥분해서 코 핑크색 된거 귀여워! 내가 기둥할게...! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ It's so cute that Rahee's nose is pink with excitement! I'll be the pillar...! ⠀ #고양이 #냥냥이 #냥펀치 #캣스타그램cat catstagram domestic cat

Ever wanted to be in the spotlight? If you fancy it at home, in the office or on the shop floor let us know! Get in touch with Niche Electrical Contractors Ltd via the website **Link in bio** to receive your free quotation. Or you can find our contact details on the Instagram Page. niche electrical spotlight anylight domestic NICEIC IPAF PASMA safetyfirst precision elegance electricians electriciansofinstagram

How iconic is this car?!👌👌 I absolutely LOVE these!! - - FOLLOW @skreet.cars FOLLOW @skreet.cars FOLLOW @skreet.cars Creds: @koichiro_veilside - Be Sure To Follow For Everyday Car Content!! 👉 @skreet.cars @skreet.cars - DOUBLE TAP👊🙏 - -skreet.cars streetcars turbocharged supercharged racing drifting drag burnout ls chevy ford 2jz hondaprojectcar racecar speed wheelie engineswap motorswap mopar powerstand powerslide 1320 importdomestic


🎖 퐁당 골드 앰플 🎖 금빛 광채의 탄탄한 피부를 위해 ✔ 모공+미백+탄력케어 ✔ 집중케어 동안앰플 ✔ 피부 톤과 탄력 개선은 기본! ✔ 모공 속 노폐물 제거와 수분까지 가득! . . . 🎖For the solid skin of gold luster. ✔ Pore + whitening + elastic care! ✔ Improving skin elasticity is the basic! ✔It's full of moisture and removing waste from the pores! - #스마트스토어 #화장품 #도매 #퐁당 #앰플 #맞팔 #맞팔해요 #맞팔환영 #선팔하면맞팔 #좋아요 #좋아요반사 smartstore domestic pongdang ampoule #퐁당골드앰플 like4likes follow4follow f4f l4l #일상 #일상스타그램 #여행 #여행스타그램

I love my kitchen. 😍 Makes me wanna cook all day 🍴🍲🍳 didthat housewife housemother domestic

for more recipes, follow medomesticfoodhealtyfoodnatural 😎🙋🙌🙏👍🔝🔥🍴🍜🍲🍞🍏💣💣💣💣👤

In this domestic project, the Game with it's simple design in classic white has been recessed to seamlessly fit in with the surrounding interior environment led ledlighting recessedlighting domestic

💧WINDOW CLEANING💧 Keeping a few of our airbnb accounts in check and up to date on this beautiful day Get in touch today for a free quote 0️⃣7️⃣7️⃣0️⃣8️⃣4️⃣0️⃣6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣3️⃣ Www.shinetimewindowcleaners.comwindowcleaning Guttercleaning facias soffits conservatoryroofcleaning signcleaning blockmanagement commercial domestic landlords bexhill littlecommon coodenbeach collington ninfield Herstmonceux catsfield hooe battle whatlington sedlecombe westfield hastings saintleonards guestlingpettlevel icklesham winchelsea professionalservices

Effects Of Covid-19 On Tourism And Easter 2020 . . In anticipation for Easter, a lot of our tour operators planned tours around the season. But with Covid-19 raging, most Easter tours have been postponed. . . Its hard to go on international tours when borders are closed, airlines have suspended operations and cities are on lockdown. . . On the bright side, what we may see during this pandemic is a fresh approach to tourism. With the travel restrictions on international flights around the world, this is a huge win for domestic tourism. . . For more on this, click on the link in our bio.eastercelebrationcelebrationscovid19tourstourismcoronacoronaeffectcoronavirusvirusinternationalflightsdomesticCNHubconnectnigeriaarticlesdomestictourism

Virgin Australia cancelling all domestic flights except for one return flight Sydney to Melbourne daily except Saturdayvirginaustralia australia airport plane travel luxury luxurytravel windowseat viewfromthetop view domestic virgin sydney melbourne aviation avgeek comeflywithsid comeflywithme

We understand that your home goes through the journey of a lifetime. Through family, weather, renovations and everything in between, it needs to last the tests of time and topped off with a high-quality roof (from @auswide_metalroofing of course), you can rest assured your roof will last for years to come. Get in touch today to learn more about our services. - - - -sutherlandshire sutherlandshirebuilder sutherlandshirebusiness sydneybuilder construction sydneyroofer sydney renovation carpenter australianroofer australianhomes shirebuilder sydneyhouses architecture design residential inspiration outoor domestic commericial auswidemetalroofing metalroofing gutters skylights wallcladding rooftop sydneyrooftop

Was too distracted by my new paints and I forgot to post the rest of my University of Brighton series about women and the domestic. Selling these as part of the great initiative @artistsupportpledge by @matthewburrowsstudio they are all £75 each and are about 32x26cm and are one off monoprint's daisyjarrett monoprint printmaking contemporaryart women domestic artistsupportpledge supportartists supportthearts

Shenzhen menjadi bandar pertama di China yang mengubal undang-undang baru tentang larangan pengambilan daging kucing dan anjing berikutan kes wabak COVIDー19. Selain daging kucing dan anjing, beberapa daging haiwan lain turut dilarang pengambilannya sebagai hidangan makanan. Shenzhen telah melarang haiwan liar yang dilindungi dan haiwan daratan yang diambil dari liar, begitu juga dengan haiwan yang dibiak secara ternakan dan haiwan ternakan liar. Berdasarkan undang-undang yang diusulkan juga, hanya mengizinkan sebilangan daging sahaja untuk dimakan termasuk babi, lembu, biri-biri, keldai, arnab, ayam, itik, angsa, burung merpati dan burung puyuh serta haiwan akuatik yang tidak dilarang oleh undang-undang atau peraturan lain. https://themalaysiapost.com/world/asia/2020/04/09/shenzhen-jadi-bandar-pertama-di-china-larang-makan-daging-kucing-dan-anjing/shenzhen wuhan china beijing coronavirus covid19 domestic cat dog pets haiwanpeliharaan hidupanliar eksotik law rules bat market pandemic crisis virus

If I was a police 👮 officer or in charge of police force I would arrest Bill Gates for creating a disease that’s infecting, hurting and killing my colleagues plus the world! That’s the definition of premeditated murder! That’s a form domestic bioterrorism if I’m correct!

@mansacleaningservices Creating Happier Places to Live and Work! 😌💜💚💙💛❤️ ——————————————————————————— 📩info@mansacleaningservices.co.uk ☎️020 7923 9960 💻 www.mansacleaningservices.co.uk _____________________________________________________________cleaning contractor cleaningservice domestic commercial services mansacleans home business interiordesign regular housekeeping carpet airbnb office schools london uk lifestyle happy freequotes lockdown corona virus covid 19 health

Here are some pre shut down photos of our site in Brancaster, a new house with garage / playroom. Lots of glass and zinc on this one construction Norfolk builder zinc domestic

Book Your Transfers The new feature for booking online transfers through out the world is now active on our website. Book any transfer on bidding bases. You can even quote your expected prices for any transfer. Get quotes from reliable vendor across the world.. The process is simple Log on to website https://travelnow.co.in Under 'Live Bookings' select 'Transfers' Punch in pick up and drop points Received quotations from multiple vendors website upgrade travelwebsite internatonal domestic transfers airporttransfers hoteltransfers carforhire bookmytransfers cars premiumcars sedans hatchback luxurycars SUVs new feature travelnow bookit taxi safe secure reliable

Веселые угольки 🖤 .veniamin_silver_cat cats_of_world catsofinstagram instacat_meows cats_of_instagram topcatphoto catloversclub sweetcatclub happycatclub meow #счастливыйкот #котики domesticcat cat feline domesticanimal kitten pet fur domestic cute pets animals purebred adorable # paw cats playful

Can’t remember the last time I cleaned up alone, Kaedy loves to help out! . . Are boys the same? Kaedy’s daddy certainly didn’t emulate his mother as a child 🤣🤷‍♀️ . . . . @swanbranduk @dyson littlehelper domestic quarantine lockdownlifemummyslittlehelper sidekick minihinch mrshinchhome hinching toddlertoys toddlerlife mummemes followarmy

Did you know that Adapa is the leading ramp manufacturing company in Australia? We provide ramp solutions that are affordable and readily available. To learn more, contact us today! 📞 1800 232 782 🌐 adaptaramps.com.auAdapta domestic commercial prefabricated ramps ramp handrails rails steps residential wheelchair disability DDAapproved access colorbond

Как упоительны в России вечера...

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