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The twins from ourma , one man who drinks wine and there’s me unable to see any of them🤷‍♂️growappp eyesopen 🍊

A few hours driving in silence, my thoughts, memories and analysis of situations past and present revolve around this one thought: “Ignorance is a breeding ground for Paranoia”. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim to your own lack of understanding. eyesopen bevigilantnotafraid alwaysbelearning increaseyourownawareness mentalfortitude🧠 foryoursakeandmine conclusionsbasedontruth dontsabotageyourgoals putintheeffort

Catch the eye. 👁

TrustingTheProcessreally feelin’ this one. 😌✊🏽 ••• The Practice of Presentnessexposes you ... to you. Often our “Lost Place” creates the exact environment we need to be in. 💡 When we properly utilize that AloneTimewe are often met with an opportunity to: - expand our perspective - free our potential - deCode Life ••• LOST MAY BE THE EXACT PLACE WHERE YOU’LL BE FOUND. ———————————————————TheSmpleCoachDonovanDeeDonnell.com ———————————————————eyesOpen mindAwake GodsVesseliAmDONOVAN EnergyWrappedInFleshLifeCoach

All within a few hundred paces of the front door...eyesopen

Exciting things are happening ... If you are local to UT keep your eyesopen while traveling on I-15 at 5300 ... billboard timelessdesign exceptionalquality utkitchendesign utmanufacturing utcabinetry buylocalutah cbk

"With a taste of a poison paradise I'm addicted to you Don't you know that you're toxic? And I love what you do" ✔🔝👁freebritney eyes greeneyesbritneyspears toxic popmusiclovemusic beautiful eyesopen photography

Talkdis ..when do u hear about a unarmed police getting killed wait for it... ..never... 🤣worsestatementever.... wakeup standup eyesopen blogger podcast powerful whyus blacklivesmatter blacklivesdomatter bigboimusic finalemadeit mistafinale MondayMotivation @missfinale @deontaylor @blklivesmatter @blackandbluemovie realtalk wholovesus


Remember I told you have a lot of horned images?..... well here’s another one for the 14th Creepy Cloud photo ☁️👹☁️ * * * I really love this one, honestly, he looks more Native American to me than anything scary, and I thought that’s a poignant post for today. * * * “I am what time, circumstance and history, have made of me, certainly, but I am also, much more than that. So are we all.” James Baldwin * * *creepyclouds pareidolia extremepareidolia horned sunsetporn sunsetlovers sunset skylovers cloudlovers iseefaces whatdoyousee nativeamerican dontbescared lookup eyesopen answers questionsandanswers halloween cloudwhisperers cloudporn skytribe prettylittleskyers

🤯Let's say you just woke up and it's 2029!!!😱 THERE'S BREAKING NEWS!!! 🚨🚨ONLY if your fico credit score is 700 and above 🚨🚨 you can continue to do the following.... 🌍🎪Eat at restaurants 🛍Purchase clothing or fuel 🐈🐕 Own a pet Are you covered??? If not take action, and stay prepared!covered protected alert woke payattention focus eyesopen sleepingbeauty america badcredit nocredit victorywithvica breakingthedebtcycle Ismellvictory upgrade

An Eye for Beauty🎀 Beauty: those qualities that delight or give pleasure to the eye, ear, mind or heart; loveliness; elegance; a charm or grace.eyesopen eyeforbeauty

"Quote for the day "Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate, and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed." --Paulo Coelhoachievementunlocked eyesopen concentrates besure exactly hittarget target actionfigures resultsday

Another fictitious design for the german seal „Blauer Engel“. Keep your eyes open, they make sure that your product is produced under the best conditions for the environment. You can find it on paper, printers, colors and so much more. poster campaign postercampaign eyeballposter eyesopen blauerengel graphicdesign design graphic

Flowers are the sweetest things that God ever made and forgot to put a soul into.ukgooddaytravelhealthmindlovelifeeyesopenmindexplore

Living my reality. thankful eyesopen myearshaveheard

new website design for client sidlo1.sk website design webdesign ui eyesopen marketing sidlo1sk

@sarabareilles played Madison Square Garden tonight, and even though I saw her at Mohegan, I blasted her music all day today. I thought back to seeing her in concert for the first time almost 10 years ago. Her music has been the backdrop for some of the best and most challenging times in my life, and there is no one that deserves this moment more than her. Her honesty, talent, and strength blow me away. Congratulations, Sara, so so SO deserved!! 💜💖 . .newyorkcity newyork Manhattan amidstthechaos music happiness live love laugh learn eyesopen lyrics tour sarabareilles waitress broadway msg nyc

„Wenn du durch eine harte Zeit gehst und alles gegen dich zu sein scheint, wenn du das Gefühl hast, es nicht mehr eine Minute länger zu ertragen, GIB NICHT AUF, weil dies die Zeit und der Ort ist, wo sich die Richtung ändert!“ ... ♥️ photoofthedayicanbelieveinyourselfstrengthcouragestrongattitudetrustfaithmooveheadupkarmaeyesopenworthythankfulenjoypositivityü45progressionfilanevergiveupholdonconfidentauthenticRealgrattitudegracehappinessriseagainstbent

I see you looking through the clouds.... Keep stalking me if you mean me harm.... Stop stalking me if KNOW you're not ready ..... eyesopen moonlover nightlife theheaddoctorisinψ

⚡️Everyone has a story to tell, a lesson to teach & wisdom to share !!... “Listen when your OGs speak”⚡️eyesopen ogstatus houseofleaders kingsman ⚔️

WeaponizingMyTestimony👁ENTERview with an Ex-Stripper 🚨part 7WalkingAway 🤷🏽‍♂️ Pray About it 🙏🏽 FOLLOW MY PODCAST👇🏽 @redemption_podcast ••• Interview conducted by: @riseupworldwide @joebossradio @prophetlink @djlostnfound —————————————— 👉🏽youTube LINK to ALL 7 Videos @ 👇🏽 DonovanDeeDonnell.com {projectsTab} ________________________________eyesOpen mindAwakeGodsVessel LifeCoachiAmDONOVAN theSmpleCoachenergyWrappedInFleshElephantInTheRoomChristLikeMaleExoticEntertainerStripperRedemption ——————————————— myNewBOOK 📖 TheStrippedClubC O M I N G . S O O N !

« What a rare and beautiful treasure is the simple human gift of joy. For me now, joy — our capacity to delight in one another and in the world — is the reason why we are here. It is as simple as that. » ~ Gilles Andreae joy simple gift rare beautiful treasure human delight myreasonwhy travel eyesopen lookup

Thanks to everyone that ordered from GurleyCakes first ever private bake sale, it was a great success, keep a look out for the next one.GurleyCakes BrownButterBourbonPecanChocolateChipPrivateBakeSaleEyesopen

TheSmpleCoach(part 5)// intention ✅ - “what you “mean” when you do a thing...will always determine the outcome.” ————————- in addition to my personal 1 on 1 Clients & Couples Coaching, Occasionally iAm Hired to Simplify the WorkLife for Leaders & Execs 💼 🤔 iThought it was time to share a sneak peek into some of the insight iShare to help DevelopLeaders& EvolveEntrepreneurs👁👁👁 there are 6 sneak peek videos from this specific training . FIND THEM ALL ONmyYouTubeChannelor myWebsite📖📖📖 also, Order myBookEvolving The Entrepreneur 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 ————————————- DonovanDeeDonnell.com ————————————-eyesOpen mindAwake GodsVessel iAmDONOVANLifeCoach EnergyWrappedInFleshTheSmpleCoach

😌 continue developing your character don’t invest too much energy in defending your reputation. Some people will consider - what they see w/ their own eyes others only consider - the word on the street Either way - theWise always seek to Verify so ultimately, your character will always be the deciding factor. I’ve had many people try to Slander myName but my Character has always been my defense 😜👑🥂 —————————————————-TheSmpleCoachDonovanDeeDonnell.com —————————————————-eyesOpen mindAwakeLifeCoach GodsVesselEnergyWrappedInFlesh iAmDONOVAN

Spirit is always communicating. Animal spirits in the cloud formations. Fox represents energies of luck, fortune, opportunity, mischief. Fox connected to direction of south, reminds us to play- forget worries, heal childhood wounds through wonder and play. The creative feminine energy will draw good luck, fortune and blessings. foxcloudseyesopenintuitive blessingsaboundplaytime

Rain meet Edinburgh.

Law of Attraction...Manifest your wildest dreams... This book resonated to my core🌟 can’t wait to put this in my daily routine. imabeliever superattractor gabbybernstein guardianangels meditation eyesopen listentotheuniverse

Napping is my favorite. That’s why we greyhounds are called 40-mile-per-hour couch potatoes. We can run fast but would much rather nap all day.greyhoundsofinstagram greyhoundsofboston greyhound greyhounds boston cambridge dogsofinstagram naps eyesopen

This morning’s full moon set. 🌕 My Ruth wakes up early and this morning when I got up to help her out of bed, this moon 🌝 greeted my waking eyes. Barely able to focus I grabbed my phone, turned it on, opened the window with the screen and took a few pictures. Hoping one would turn out. Happy Aries ♈️ full Moon 🌕!

It’s sad to say some people like to sit in their misery. No matter what is said or done, it will never change someone’s mind unless they are willing to take the next step. Some have dug a hole so deep they can’t get up only because they have got comfortable in their pit.. Like the saying goes “You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped”. There’s only so much you can do... Don’t think you’re doing anything wrong because you’ve stepped back. You’re not obliged to help! Its out of free will, you are not responsible for someone else’s problems because it will only just drain your soul and happiness. StayZenned Soul Think Help Thoughts HardTruth Breathe StepBack Unhealthy Feelings People Wish EyesOpen NoStress StayZenned

Art is vulnerability. Art is intimacy. Art is mystery. Art is indefinite 🗺🖍🎨 streetart discover beinquisitive eyesopen lagosstreet lagosstreetstyles lagosbackstreets openminded openheart appreciation colourfulworld graffiti artskills

A real relationship doesn’t need to be complicated, thank you kub Bung eyesopen nowiseeit cheers godbless

Indeed Sidewalk Gallery has gone abroad! We are IN this postcard - Florence Italy. Stupendous art Everywhere! Art timeless communicator...from beginning to...now...all’infinito ;-). sidewalkgalleryontheroad Italy ancient ancienthistory current streetart pastels museums arthistory astounding artcommunicates universalconsciousness eyesopen

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