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Just the cutest forest fairies in all the land ❤️❤️ . . . .fairiesoftheforest fairies cuteness photography canonphotography colorstory light nieceandnephew related beautiful country_features countryside ig_countryside cutekids

They glow at night. I love birch trees, it's so surreal to me that something so pearly white grows in our forests, where almost everything else is juicy shades of green. . .ulkonaperill fairiesoftheforest shinrinyoku metsnsiimes thisisfinland thisislapland munlappi purenature

On its way I see ☆☆☆¤☆☆☆¤☆☆☆¤☆☆☆ On its way I see The anew-created Garden as old as woman; to me These daisies in the grass are shown, these Birds in the apple-tree? Is my sin, then, Forgiven? Kathleen Rainemushroomsofinstagram fungi hiking mysticforest wouldyoufollowherdirection foraging nature amanita moss witchywoman followyourheart fairiesoftheforest pine phaeolusschweinitzii ganoderma polypores artistconk poetry trails familytime earlymorning fairycastles

Готовлю сани летом ❄ Продолжаю работу над календарем. Старые идеи, новые материалы 🎨 🌌 🌌 🌌 Working on my calendar 2020 🖼 Some old ideas, some new materials.limitedversion calendar2020 design deer winter december illustration illustrator fairiesoftheforest #ограниченныйвыпуск #календарь #открытка #олень #старыеидеи #дизайн #зима #декабрь fairyart_by_S 🍒

Finally found a few of these beauties, been looking for them in the forest around here for a while. Dug them up and took them home with me 💛 Nice additions to my garden! I also found a place where they grow in a pretty large group, will find them later :) Secret spot 🤫mariankleblom gullviva fairycups primrose primula flower springflowers fairy fairiesoftheforest

Вы уже знакомы с моим рогатым другом 🦌из серии "Сказки леса", но вынуждена вновь поделиться этой работой. Принимаю участие в интересном интерактиве от @sh_artstream - коллективный артразум выставляет ценники на работах. Присоединяйтесь! Это весело и познавательно 🙂 💃холст на картоне 💃смешанная техника (масло и акрил) 💃размер 45*55themagicdeer myart painter artist inmyhead Münchhausen merrychristmas fairiesoftheforest  oil acryics painting cherry fantasy winter fairytale #сказка #сказкилеса #серия #временагода #олень #зима #творчество #холстмасло #художник #Краснодар #Ставрополь #Москва #анимализмапост fairyart_by_S #сх_артпоток_оценка

Watching the fairies while surrounded by them 🧚‍♀️ Or are they 👻? We love sunsets ☀️ sunglare sunset sunsetdog lightplay lighttricks doggo fairiesoftheforest lightfairies dogwalkadventures dogadventures sunsetwatching timetogohome rescuedog labmix blacklabmix

Любимый день недели? Ночь пятницы. Да, именно ночь... Все выходные как всегда забиты до верху работой по дому. Но сейчас, в этот поздний час я знаю, что могу не расставаться с кистью/карандашом до рассвета... 🌃 🌃 🌃 What is my favourite day of the week? Friday's night. Yes, the night definitely. My weekends are usually really backed up with every sort of household work, but the only thing I know this minute is that I can hold my brush or pencil till dawn... art artspace painter art oilpainting illustration inspiration illustrator canvas series animals forest fox autumn acrylic #художник #вдохновение #хостмасло #живопись #серия #сказкилеса #лиса #осень #акрил #иллюстратор fairiesoftheforest fairyart_by_S

Продолжаю работу над серией 🦊 🎃 🎃 🎃 Just working on my seriesoils autumn fall canvas fairiesoftheforest fox pumpkin cabbage acorn rowan artist painter artspace working #масло #холст #процесс #живопись #осень #сказкилеса #рыжийлис #детали #рябина #желуди #капустка #тыквы 🎃 details painting fairyart_by_S

История одного рождественского оленя 🦌⚪❇🔴 Изначально на месте оленя красовалась вазочка. Над этим стилизованным зимним натюрмортом трудились многие ученики @clubstartstudio, в том числе и я. Чем ближе работа была к завершению, тем ярче протестовал барон Мюнхгаузен в моей голове "Какая ваза, господа? Это же рождественская версия того самого оленя!" Теперь Наполеон, который уютно расположился все там же, в моей голове, вынашивает планы завершить серию портретов сказочных животных, пышный головной убор которых олицетворяет одно из четырех времен года. Уже начата работа над осенним образом 🦊 There's a story of my christmas deer 🦌⚪❇🔴 Firstly there was a vase instead of the deer. I began that stylish winter still-life together with many other students. But when I almost got to the end, suddenly I heard baron Münchhausen's voice in my head: "l don't like that vase! It should be a great christmas winter deer version!" Today Napoleon, who is, by the way, a neighbor of Münchhausen in my cosy head, devises some plans to finish out the fairy animalistic portrait series "Fairies of the Forest". I've already started the next one 🦊themagicdeer NewYear myart painter artist inmyhead Münchhausen merrychristmas fairiesoftheforest oil acryics painting cherry fantasy winter fairytale #сказка #сказкилеса #серия #временагода #олень #зима #творчество #холстмасло #художник #Краснодар #Ставрополь #Москва #анимализмапост fairyart_by_S

Even forest sprites need handbags - where would they put their evil fairie dust.....? woodlandsprite woodland fairy forestsprite forestfairies fancydressideas woodlandsprite sprite fairies fairiesoftheforest makarafairybag spritebag forestbags leafbag

When myself and @xxgamegirlxx dressed up as fairies for the New Forest Fairy a festival. Safe to say we made a few children believe in fairies again 😊 newforest newforestfairyfestival newforestburley burleyfairyfestival realfairy fairiesoftheforest newforestfairyfestival2017 ukmodel ukcosplayer ukmakeupartist gamergirls fairycosplay fairycostume doyoubelieveinfairies newforestfairies

Thank you @pelayosalinas for the incredible shot of a school of rays grateful🙏 Viewers, don’t just hop online and look at nice places to go on vacation during your lunchbreak 🥙 make sure we keep these places forever 🤘🌱check out link in bio 🌱 missionmangrove fairiesoftheforest raysofinstagram climatechange bluewater mangroves greenwater happiness😊 climatechangeawareness climatechangeisreal

Here's inktober and inkstrumentober day 4: Tam tam! This was fun and relaxing to draw, and I think the lighting went kinda well. Is it just me, or do those stars look like it is snowing? 😅❄💫 Well however it is, I hope you like this piece and have a wonderful day!❤😊 . After getting himself out of the trouble he needed a short break and time to relax. He picked a tree and sat comfortalbly on its branch. A huge Tam tam was glowing faintly. He wondered who would play it here in the woods. "Propably the fairies of the forest..", he thought just before falling asleep. .art artstudent instaart inktober2018 artistsoninstagram illustration traditionalart ink myart inkdrawing drawingoftheday bat fatbatink tamtam instrument music musical forest fairiesoftheforest glow starrysky fineliners sakurapigma neopiko whitegelpen

Found oysters today ❤️ 🍄🧚🏽‍♀️🌺🌻🍄🌱 oystermushrooms wild fungus bushcraft edibles fairiesoftheforest 🧚🏽‍♀️🍄✨

Вечные доработки...🦌 ♡ ♡ ♡ Always need to improve.. 🍒deer work oil oilpainting acryics animalistic fairiesoftheforest fantasy improving motivation painter Series #олень #холстмасло #акрил #золото #зима #сказкилеса #работакипит #серия #анимализм #доработки #фантазия fairyart_by_S 🍎

Работаю над вторым слоем и деталями. 👩‍🎨 Working on the second layer and some details 👩‍🎨oils autumn fall canvas fairiesoftheforest pumpkin cabbage acorn rowan #масло #холст #живопись #осень #сказкилеса #детали #рябина #желуди #капустка #тыквы 🎃 details painting fairyart_by_S

Today and tomorrow receive 20-40% off everything in my Society6 shop! 🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏽‍♂️🌳🌲🌱🌿🍄🌾🎨🌺🌱🌳🍃society6 society6art society6shop childrensbookillustrator childrensbookillustration fantasyartist fantasy fantasyart elven treesprite fairiesoftheforest forestfae fae faerie faery mythology urbansketch whimsicalart whimsy artstagram artsupplies illustrator illustragram artprint

Thousands of years of unlearning by connecting with thousands of years of wisdom 🌳👏🏽🌿🧝🏽‍♀️ mamaearth wisdomtree figtree bambooforest deeplyrooted pachamama mullumbimby australia travel oneness ancestrialspirit fairiesoftheforest eywa

The Wooly Aphid. fairiesoftheforest

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