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Have you visited our Etsy store? Click link in bio for more information.

Every morning at Claremont Farm, the best quality, fresh, local, seasonal produce gets delivered straight from Liverpool market.....if we aren't growing it ourselves. We sort through all the fruit and veg, rotate the stock so only the freshest produce is on show and what we aren't able to sell either goes straight to the kitchen or to our lovely Pigs, Pepsi and Shirley. Nothing is wasted here, as it should be!claremontfarm farmers familyfarm homegrown zeroplastic seasonal harvest farming farmers eatyourveggies foodphotography foodie instafoodie foodinstagram comfortfood foodpics foodblog gloobyfood foodfood independent wirral veganfood vegan veganfoodshare vegetarian

Have you already made your iguake coffee today? ☕️ Iguake coffee, directly from the Lombardia farm in Colombia to your coffee cup. 👉🏻Find more about us at www.iguake.com and amazon.de . . . . . . . .iguakecoffee colombiancoffee colombiancoffeegrowers arabicacoffee directtradecoffee singleorigincoffee familyfarm specialtycoffee premiumcoffee coffeelover coffeelovers coffeeloversclub kaffee kaffeeliebe kaffeersterei kaffeepause kaffeezeit naturkaffee geschenkideen kaffeegram biokaffee premiumcoffee kaffeegram kaffeeimbett

We have a spectacular view of Pendle Hill from The Out Barn! ⠀ 📷 @mark_tattersall_photo⠀ •⠀ •⠀weddingbells weddingevents weddinginspo engaged theoutbarn weddingvenue theoutbarnweddings familyfarm lancashirevenue

Ooh look at these beauties Posted @withregram • @sarahgreensorganics We're all set up and ready to 'go'. A beautiful sunny morning and we've lots of fabulous organic vegetables for you! 10 - 2.30 growingcommunitiesfarmersmarket Essexgrown familyfarm eattheseasons cantbeatthetaste stokenewington London

As the dust storm🌪rolls in, 🤞🏾 hopefully followed by some rain 🌧 I am taking stock of a huge first week (over 60hrs so far) back from holidays and looking forward to 2020 being the most productive year in the market garden. Early in the week I focused on clearing beds that weren’t productive, fixing a few of the shade structures and sections of the irrigation, planted Microgreens and direct seeding more than 10 different beds. With a huge help from awesome Anna, my love and pillar, we have been working hard to get the farm cleaned out and organised. Four trips to the tip so far and another ready to go for tomorrow. Getting lean for the year ahead. Atti, has taken enthusiastically to caring for the animals, collecting 🥚 , feeding and watering 🐖 🐐 and 🐓. We are reducing our animals so if you want to buy some from us send us a message. Plans for tomorrow is to restock the store and fill the nursery with our first transplants for the year and then I will feel we have all systems firing. More news soon on what’s in the store, veggie boxes and where you can get our produce. dust duststorm happyfarmer happyfarmernt wheredoesyourfoodcomefrom knowyourfarmer lean leanfarm leanfarming familyfarm familyfarming urbanfarm urbanfarming nt alicesprings

💥NEW BLOG💥 Living with Pigs .... We've had our rare-breed Tamworth Pigs for 6 weeks now and I thought I'd put together a little summary on how it's been, what I've learnt and plans for the future... Read more here: https://www.kentonparkestate.com/post/living-with-pigs Link also in bio... blogpost blog blogwriter blogger tamworthpigs rarebreedpigs keepingpigs pigs pigsofinstagram farmlife thisfarminglife devonfarm familyfarm kentonparkestate

We're all set up and ready to 'go'. A beautiful sunny morning and we've lots of fabulous organic vegetables for you! 10 - 2.30 growingcommunitiesfarmersmarket Essexgrown familyfarm eattheseasons cantbeatthetaste stokenewington London

Could be a worse view while you slash ‘the lawn’. Liliums on mass! lilium lilies bulbs flowers summer australia familyfarm localgrown aussiefarms yarravalley dandenongranges melbourne gardening

Cost. Temperature. Availability. Liveliness. - Four components that can sit in the goldy locks zone between seasons 🧐 travelwithtree. . . Your helpful tips, tricks and hints for all things travelling Australia has arrived! 🙌 . If you think you've got a helpful Tip, trick or hint use the travelwithtree hashtag or simply DM us 😇 . If you have any further suggestions about what else you'd like us to cover please reach out via DM 😊🤸‍♀️

the roof's nearly done just need the gutter and down pipe to the tank. Put in a gate today also. As the rain came in and softened the soil we got in and started on some pathways and stairs, photos to come! the year is starting off well.

Godmorgon ~~~~~~~~🥰 Grått hos oss i Hälsingland. Skidåkning för grabbarna och shopping på stan för tjejerna i den här familjen. En i familjen fyller år och en present ska införskaffas. 🎁 Vad gör ni idag? . . . .soverom sovrum masterbedroom masterbedroominterior minlandstilunderbaraboning countrybedroom borstapeter antikaklder vindsfynd slktgård familyfarm countrylivingscandinavianstyle nordichomesvintageklder vintageclothing spetsblus gamlaklder terbruk

Never thought I would love saying these words, but I bogged the platform cherry picker today while picking lychees. We’ve had terrific rain over the past two days. Very, very grateful indeed❗️ . . . . .yanallafarms visitsunshinecoast farmlife glasshousemountains sunshinecoast localfarmer familyfarm fresh lychees agriculture horticulture horticulturelife hort fruit orchards australianfarmers farmers sahkeng artisanproducer cherrypicker hydralada

A very happy farm dog.

Mint Matchmaker grand cake. Go on - treat yourself and chase away those January blues! allmadeinhouse mintmatchmaker thecooshed familyfarm supportlocal treat

Here's our most special variety of dragon fruit!! It has PURPLE flowers!! I know how to cross pollinate them!! Pic 4 shows you exactly how delicious they are!!! Would you like to try some?? . . . .nofilter fruitfarmkid firsttaste familyfarm fruitarian dragonfruit exoticfruit exotic tropicalfruits theyarejustwee fruit farming themagicofchildhood farmkids farmlifebestlife fruitfarm ruralkids bushkids bushlife countrykids pitaya pollinate

How to: park the new 2020 WB goat (Wheelbarrow goat) 🤣🚘🚘🚘🐐🐐🐐 - Make sure the goat will be having access to delicious food. - Make sure the parking space is on adequately flat ground. - Lift the steering handles and move forward until goat latches automatically on delicious food. - Put down the handles and lock in the goat You have now parked your 2020 WB Goat 👌🥇🥉🤣🤣 I don't need this wheelbarrow anymore, but for long trips, like to go feed the dumdums, it would take me an hour or 2 to get there in my pace 😅 Remember that I would always love tips tricks and advice on treatments or things that could brighten my day or make me walk sooner 🥳Goats Alpine handicapable happy picoftheday amputee amputeestrong threelegs physicaltherapy smileoftheday smile cuteface petsofinstagram WBgoatlove animalphotographyfarmanimals goatsofinstagram adoptdontshop funny perfecttiming threeleggedgoat handicaped family familyfarm Instalove followforforllow follow progress process

Family day out ❤️ family familyfarm babyjoey cuties

It’s been a cold and rainy few days in Dallas and cabin fever has definitely started to set in. Colorful, speckled eggs in the nest box always make the dreary weather just a little brighter. Praying for just a little sunshine this weekend🌧☀️ What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? • . Sharing for speckledeggsaturday hosted by my friend Leslie @thefourteenacres , the queen of the rainbow egg 🌈

Hey friends! We’ve been busy making up lots of beeswax wraps, and we’ve finally bit the bullet and created an Etsy store. 🐝 There are a couple of sets on there for sale now, with more to follow. If you’re interested in purchasing any individual wraps or a set of 3, the link to The Patch Etsy store is in our bio or you can shout us a message on here (international delivery available, UK friends!). 🐝🌿

“Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning” and boy did this sunrise bring on the snow! Ran into town last night to pick up last minute essentials and we are hunkered down for the weekend. They say 6-9 inches with up to 45 mile an hour winds. At that rate it’s hard to know what we really got with all the blowing snow. The fire place is on and a hot cup of tea brewing to set the mood for the 1st real blizzard of the season! Stay warm everyone ❤️ isittoolatetoflysouthforthewinter . . . .theresastormbrewing blizzardentertainment redskyatmorning minnesotawinter northerngardening northerngardener northerngarms northerngarden myminnesota myminnesotagarden hobbyfarm familyfarm gramyourgarden gardenchat gardenblog gardensofinstagram mygarden farmlife homeiswheretheheartis backyardgarden modernfarmhouse homesweethome homesteadinglife farmlandscape winterfields moderngardener growyourown growfoodnotlawns homeiswherethegardengrows

1st cacao flower and Surinam Cherry flowers!!! Primeras flores de Cacao y Pitanga!! chocolate abundancia familyfarm beginnings agroforestry agroecology

Got home from work and my daughter greeted me at the car with a pau hana snack! 😍 ⬅️to see the Mother of All Starfruit. 🌺 Our first starfruit harvest! I think the old neglected orchard is coming back to life!

We took advantage of the moist soil this morning and replaced some avocado trees that didn’t make it through the Winter. The rest of the orchard is looking great after 60mm rain in the last two days. Happy Halo Farmers 👩🏻‍🌾 🧑🏻‍🌾😇🥑🌱🌧 halofarmhampton highcountryhamlets highaltitudelocalorigin avocado avocadotree familyfarm lovingtherain closertotheclouds hamptonqld hamptonqldmicrodestination toowoombaregion sqcountry seqld avocadofarm australianavocados buylocal localproducers

Blizzards & Babies go together like PB&J 💙

Do yourself a favour! Great people doing great things. Also make the best pear cider EVER! Order wines and ciders online www.mccarthysorchard.com.au Nothing in this post for me, just sharing the love 🍐 🍏 🍇 ♥ .familyfarm mccarthysorchard mcclarenvale visitsouthaustralia

Checked out the new @greenmarkequipment dealership in Warsaw, IN. Really impressed and saw a few things that would be nice to have someday. SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE: Werner Farms (link in bio!) wernerfarms nwi indiana usa agriculture aglife farm farmlife farming farmer familyfarm agrowlife ffa tractor johndeere shinygreenpaint 1775 1795 1990 640fd 645fd S680 S690 612FC withyoufromthewordgo s10plus

Plaid and sparkling go well together. Exclusive Wine Club event 1/25- Burns Night. Check out our story for details!

We’ll be at the Forsyth Farmer’s Market in Savannah tomorrow from 9 to 1. We’ll be bringing leeks, radish, wasabi, cilantro, peas, arugula+pink, broccoli, basil mix, and more! Hope to see you there! microgreens forsythfarmersmarket savannah savannahgeorgia buylocal supportlocal familyfarm

bacon avocado cheeseburger on portobello caps with herbed chips on the side ... we MAY have to try a portobello grow kit 🤤😋loganheritagefarm familyfarm mifarm upfarm upnorth glutenfree ketofriendly ohmyyum

Yay!! Passion of the Heart arrived today, after a long day in the gardens cleaning, prepping and we’re still happy! 2020 Here We Come!🌻🥀💐🌞 floret familyfarm familyfirst benedictfamilyfarm allboys love fitnessmotivation

Yay!! Passion of the Heart arrived today, after a long day in the gardens cleaning, prepping and we’re still happy! 2020 Here We Come!🌻🥀💐🌞 floret familyfarm familyfirst benedictfamilyfarm allboys love fitnessmotivation

Snowflake, our Dorset ewe, had the first lambs of the year today! They look great and are doing well. Her lambs are out of our ram called Starting Line and called “smut faced” because they are a mix of black and white. lambing2020 dorsetsheep🐑 clublambs futureshowlambs familyfarm dorsetadvantage ramandewe robbinsdorsets

Always fun to check out the 8rs, especially a 345R. Mountain Dew not included with the purchase I was told. That should drop the price by 25k right? 🤔😂 SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE: Werner Farms (link in bio!) wernerfarms nwi indiana usa agriculture aglife farm farmlife farming farmer familyfarm agrowlife ffa tractor johndeere shinygreenpaint 8345R withyoufromthewordgo s10plus

Really impressed with the @oxbointernational 7550 Sprayer. Way more simpler of a design compared to the competition. Definitely gave us second thoughts on a @hagiemfg but would be cool to try out a 7550 and a STS12 to compare this year. SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE: Werner Farms (link in bio!) wernerfarms nwi indiana usa agriculture aglife farm farmlife farming farmer familyfarm agrowlife ffa tractor johndeere shinygreenpaint oxbo 7550 sprayer hagie sts12 withyoufromthewordgo s10plus

Cheers to new beginnings! Thankful for the new house and our amazing real estate agent @theaddisonrecipe and his beautiful assistant @thereaganrecipe (who is almost an agent herself) life is good. ✌🏼❤️ 🏡 grateful buildyourdreams womenwhofarm farmtotable sustainableliving offthegrid solarpower familyfarm nurture woodworking vineyard thankful positivevibes goodlivin growyourown proudamerican hoperoadfarm savingdogs & feedingpeople

Checking out sprayers at the Fort Wayne Farm Show. @hagiemfg STS16 is definitely too big for us but a STS12 with 120s would be awesome. 4230 isn't gonna be with us forever. Been running our current setup for 20 years. Gonna be time for 21st Century upgrade soon. SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE: Werner Farms (link in bio!) wernerfarms nwi indiana usa agriculture aglife farm farmlife farming farmer familyfarm agrowlife ffa tractor johndeere shinygreenpaint hagie sts16 withyoufromthewordgo s10plus

Fresh duck eggs. Amazing for baking or eating. One egg equals 1 1/2 chicken eggs, make great omelets. Ducks love the winter, chicken slow down laying in the colder and wetter climate, not ducks, they sing in the rain! ❤️ 🦆

And that's a wrap, y'all! Hope you enjoyed our (brutally honest) 2019 harvest recap these past few days. So do you find posts like those helpful? Interesting? Let us know what you'd like to see more of here in 2020 👇

If you have a pecan tree and would like to get your pecans deshelled drop your pecans off to the farm. From 50 pounds to 200 pounds is $1.35 per pound. elpasotexas familyfarm

Perspective. It’s a funny thing. I grew up on this farm spending countless hours exploring every inch from the creeks to the barn lofts. I know it like the back of my hand. But most often, the people and places right in front of you, that you come to rely on, are the things you take for granted the most. Day to day tasks and worries take over. Recently it’s been: Are the animals bedded down enough to ride out the ice storm? Will the electricity go out? Do I have everything ready if it does? But every once in awhile, when you least expect it, the big picture hits you. And you realize why you love this life so much. Spending the night with a new momma as she has her first litter and watching them take their first stumbling steps. Seeing the fruit of your labor as the crops come out of the field in the fall. And the sense of peace you feel in the silence watching the sunset on the horizon. Often what you see depends not only on what you look at, but on where you look from. This week, I found my perspective in the barn loft. -Lindseyfarmlife perspective farmher farmer farm farmfamily familyfarm seventhgeneration

Hi Friends!!! I thought I’d share a little about myself and our little flower farm/design studio - Florecita. My name is Natalie, I’m wildly passionate about flowers, the environment & my little familia. ❤️🌍👶🏻👶🏻👨🏻 . . . I’m a Mama to two of the cutest littles 👶🏻👶🏻❤️, Waylon is four & Emilia is almost two. . . . I’m married to my Hunky husband who loves two things...fire & our little familia. He also loves old school country 🎶, NASCAR, the 49ers & wants to one day own a few 🐖 & 🐃. . . . Ok, your turn, what are your passions or favorite things to do??? You can also ask me anything! ❤️❤️❤️ . . 📸 by the lovely & fun @jillcarmelphoto

It’s been such a busy day here, that this is all I’ve got. A selfie of Stormy and I exhausted, on the floor waiting for Ellie to finish her Friday night screen time. No dinner yet for me and James but I have showered! So there’s that! We’ve just been going hard all day and little Stormy has been right by our side! • Another Berkshire is getting close to farrowing. I’m think she’ll go within the next 3 days. Ellie and I, opened produce and fed the pigs loads of stuff. I painted some new signage for the market so be on the lookout 👀 for that at our upcoming markets! We’ve got a weekend packed with RV guests and farm tours and of course the market tomorrow! If you’d like to shop on farm, we’ll be here tomorrow after 3pm for on farm purchases! • Come check us out at @forsythfarmersmarket tomorrow from 9am to 1pm! This is the last week of finishing out our sausage and bacon and then this week I pick up a whole bunch of our meats! So stock up on your favorite flavors before their gone and a bunch of newbies take over! We also have pork cuts to look forward to next week! • • •onthefarm inthefield lifeonthefarm humanelyraised smallfarm localfarm supportlocal buylocal smallbusiness familyfarm organic organicfarming sustainable sustainablefarming sustainablefarm farm farmlife lifeonthefarm country animals animallovers farmer savannahga downtownsavannah blufftonsc bluffton lowcountry southcarolina womenwhofarm raiseyourownfood

A bouquet full of lovely spring blooms from this past season. We are busy preparing for spring and excited to have flowers again in a few months. Check out our story for this weeks Farm Tour Friday and to see what's happing on the farm. . . .rsblooms americangrown flowerfarm flowerfarmer farmlife pafarm

Waiting for Yellowstone to return to TV like.... 😬 How many of y’all are Yellowstone fans?!

...🤔 must be some Toros in the atmosphere ifyouknowyouknow

We are in full stock of beef! Stop by the @ledyardfarmersmarket, tomorrow morning, for ground beef, roasts, ribeye steaks, and more! Don't forget we'll also have fresh greens, root veggies, raw milk, veal, and chicken!

At the end of the day. FAITH • FAMILY • FARM

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