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When you've been gone all day.... Someone wants to play fetch the minute you walk thru the door. 😻tuuli catsofinstagram fetchplayingcat sohappy

It never gets old. 🤣🤣 tuuli lovemykitty fetchplayingcat

Every kitty needs sushi shaped toys. She played with it for hours and carried it around all night in her mouth. Even when it was break time, it had to be next to her. 😻😻 tuuli adoptdontshop fetchplayingcat mylittlesnugglebuddy

She'd play fetch all day if she could! fetchplayingcat tuuli adoptdontshop dilutecalico

Happy birthday to our first Kittle. You are the most chill cat in the world but you definitely have spunk when you want especially when you want to play fetch ella ellabella firstkitty twoyearsold✌️fetchplayingcat

Sunday Funday with my little buddy. fetchplayingcat tuuli adoptdontshop boomerang

Oh my little butter-ball. She's getting so big!!!! Fetch is still our nightly ritual. 😻😻😻 tuuli fetchplayingcat adoptdontshop

Rakkaat, viisaat opettajani 🙏 😘😍😻💛🦁🐈🐾 That face 😆 Tylle, silkkiturkkinen ruskeaverikkö, ketterä pieni puuma on koiramainen kissa jo rodultaankin (burma) ja tykkää hakea palloa ja hiiriä aina vaan uudelleen ja uudelleen, ei väsy koskaan siihen leikkiin 😹 Ja osaa availla ovia! Hän on tosi huolehtiva ja rakastava ja tykkää nukkua mamman kainalossa peiton alla. Mies, rakas edesmennyt keltaturkki oli todella rakastava ja huolehtiva myös ja usein nukuttiin päät vastakkain samalla tyynyllä. Hyvin viisas valkopartainen viiksiniekka, jolta saatu rakkaus oli jotain uskomatonta 😍😻💛 .burmankissa burmesecat yellowcats redcats instacat catsofinstagram dearfamilymember furrybabies fourleggedchild fetchplayingcat

That string is her baby of recent. She plays fetch better then most dogs. My dog cheddarboothefamous won't play catch , or fetch at all. But this picture is because what is up with her toes?? Lol she loves herbabies. prettykittysleeping skykittyobsessioncatsofinstagramfetchplayingcatsleepiest_cats_in_all_the_landnotmybestangle skypiecatmomtherapykitty#.

Sometimes we get along. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Oh man, what am I going to do with this cat? Play fetch, obviously. catsofinstagram mycatplaysfetch fetchplayingcat catthatisactuallyasmalldog farmkittenturnedhousecat

It’s important to keep active. hazel playingfetch myball ballywall fetchplayingcat

“I need bedsocks too”

Siblings or boyfriend and girlfriend? 😏

Once I’m done adventuring outside and being chased around and played with by a one year old human, I like to cuddle up to mum. 👱🏼‍♀️

Yup. I have animals that love to take a load off their paws... mainecoon lazysunday readytorun chirpingkitty fetchplayingcat twistiesarelife fluffykitty thor

I love how her pupils expand when I scrunch her toy up. Also, here is my cat playing fetch. fetchplayingcat cleo bigoldcateyes 🐱🎾🤩

I’ve been chatting with my mom all day. And we got to play ball! Playing fetch is my favourite thing in the world! hazel sundayfunday playingball fetchplayingcat chattycathy

New specie of sea creature found lazing in the blue waters catsofworld catsrule catsofinstagram adoptdontshop gingercat gingercatsrock fetchplayingcat

“Merry x-mas mom, I got you this dead stick!” 🖤XiloTheCat fetchplayingcat koratcat rescuecat adoptdontshop greycat

Bandy wanted to try some of @spottey Hand knitted beanies too 😍 @lanesjanes

Man of the house 🐾

How you stare at the waiter serving you your food, when he arrives earlier than average waiting time. catsofworld catsrule adoptdontshop gingercat recuecat fetchplayingcat fridaygoals

Scotch's perspective on things, in general. Up side down.catsofworld catsofinstagram catsrule fetchplayingcat gingercat kittenplay catlogic

Cat malfunction 😂sleepykitty

"I usually fetch like a boss. But sometimes a fly catches my attention"adoptdontshop catsofworld catsofinstagram gingercat tomcat fetchplayingcat kittenplay catsrule rescuecatsrock

Sun was out so we went for a walk 🐾

Finn was playing fetch earlier, if you want to check out the video, go to my Facebook profile fetchplayingcat dogcat finnbaby

Me at 7 on a Friday " I'll party till the sun comes up!" Also me, at 8 30 *this*catsofinstagram catlogic fetchplayingcat cat kitten tiredaf

I hate belly rubs. I love belly rubs.catsofinstagram catlogic cat kitten fetchplayingcat

Bandy was enjoying the afternoon sun tucked up in bed 🤗✌🏼

Mum told me if I sat here I'd get a treat 🐾🍽

Australian Winter blues ❄️🌧

Kitty spam 💁🏼

Purrrr 🐾

Apparently I have cute beans 🐾

We play fetch 😇

A very playful Ms. Tzeitel kitty got spoiled by the RedditGifts Pet Exchange. 12 of her beloved foam balls (as you can see, she was far more into playing than posing), and a treat maze. Literally her two favorite things. blackcatsofinstagram reddit fetchplayingcat spoiled secretsanta blackcat blackcatsarethebestcats cattoys

Guys, my cat plays fetch. She thinks she's a dog. She also eats food like a dog. And sleeps like a dog. Guys, my cat is a dog. littlehousesandlittlefelines fetchplayingcat

Drops mouse into water dish.....waits until you throw it again! catsofminneapolis catlove akirakitten fetchplayingcat sillyboy

Dandy... The Fetch-Playing Cat!

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