NEW VIDEO BEING POSTED TOMORROW MORNING! BE READY! SORRY ABOUT THE DELAY! WE'RE BACK IN ACTION! LIKE&SUBSCRIBE. weback sorry film filming editing busy finally video epic kids kid toddler funwithkids kidshavingfun gokids yay havefun url allautumnsadvrntures/ Tumblr: tumblr.com/blog/autumnsadventures Twitter: @Autumnadventu2 Snapchat: Autumns Adventures - allautumnbottom

📸 Anamorphic lenses, we adore them! We worship them! We love them!🔥 . It offers unique effects such as horizontal flare and streaks from light sources and ellipsoidal bokeh, for cinematographers wanting a characteristic filmic look. Depth of field is also affected, as in practice when using an anamorphic lens a longer focal length is required in order to achieve the same angle of view. Therefore anamorphic lenses produce a shallower, more cinematic depth of field. . ⚠️Note! Apps such as filmicpro or similar is required. Since you will need full manual control over your camera! . We will soon release a tutorial video, showing off its amazing features. Keep a look out! . 🇸🇪 www.CaptureTheMoment.se 🇸🇪 . . anamorphicsvassets

I had Shake Shack 5 times this week. 🍔

What did you last weekend?  Church, movie? I was a bad bad girl who got caught.  Did I sleep with the director? Hellayes! He's my husband I always sleep with him.  Great fun with @circusmonkey5225 @sharmayer and @juliemariehassett Good girls go to lunch, bad girls get tired up. @rickwillamson filmmaker stuntfest filming workingactors actorslife livingthedream Hollywood

Video ini hanya teaser ala2. Lengkapnya belum sya edit karna berbentuk vlogging. 📷 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & Oppo ✈ DJI Phantom 3 pro 🎵Johny Tillotson-Why Do I Love You So Tepat 17 Agustus 2019 gw pergi ke Gn. Papandayan, Garut, Jawa Barat bersama rekan2 dari Jakarta. @sunflwrr_ @bima_setianto So, I realized that my video is not perfect yet, if i make a mistake please forgive me and thanks for watching vlogging dji phantom3 samsung creative art editing filming film premierepro drawing transition garut westjava pesonaindonesia droner djiindonesia

We love having MibeMusic highlighted in this great show @returningthefavorshow - Hosted by @MikeRowe you can see episodes of ReturningtheFavor on @facebookwatch! 🎵 . MIBE - Music Inspired By Everything mibemusic ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ mibemusic.com ————— mikerowe facebookwatch filming filmmaking tv tvshow tvproduction tvlife tvproducer producer director amazing filmmaking film videoproduction storytelling directors directorofphotography video composer musiccomposer tvmusic music

We still at it. Long Days Filming but This Is What We Do!!! On set putting in this work....djmondo hottestdjinthestreets rollinghills movie actor actorslife filming movie onset🎥🎬 onsetlife casting imbd reel

⭐️🎬 Check out the youngest @gordonsquest cast members 👑Kaya Reed & her big brother 🏹Aeros Reed. They are also the youngest niece and nephew of VSeeN founder and Gordon’s Quest creator 👑Katia-Ricciarelli V. Reed. @katiaricciarellireed And now a word, 👧🏽👶🏽🤸🏽‍♂️“On my personal with Kaya and Aeros we go on Epic Adventures! Adventures full of Pirates,Treasure, Ninja Turtles, Monsters, Magical Forest, Veloster Raptors and Dinosaurs and so much more! In a world where kids no longer play outside, or use imagination, I am proud to say, in my presence, all kids are allowed to be kids. Protect the innocence of childhood! This is what it’s all about!” More clips of this out door adventure are coming! Stay tuned and check back! 🥰 We Artist rule the world! 🎥Filming and 🎼Music by 👑Katia! 😎🌎🙌Only at VSEEN USA 🇺🇸 The Birth of a New Frontier - www.vseen.net 🎉 VSeeNUSA VSeeNStudios GordonsQuest GDQnewfrontier kayareed aerosreed katiaricciarellireed 😍 actress actor artist animationstudio cinematography filmmaking filmstudio fashiondesigner babymodel filmmaker director model imagination filming writer childactors musician screenplaywriter filmindustry childhood cutekids kidmodel filming

Work distractions. @nicholasvincentb @natasha_maymon actor actress acting sketch comedy funny sketchcomedy jokes silly play film filming messingaroind

New video going live today for @mallet_london x @tessutiuk ✌🏼 @nicholasvisuals @creme_creative @katienattrassdaniels @emmanattrassdaniels @kerrysaxonstylist @tommy_mallet - - - - - malletfootwear tessuti photography video fashionfilm film videographer photographer la photo filmmaking videoproduction videoshoot kendricklamarcortez model # sonya7s videos sony videogram filming filmmaker andotherstories cinema instavideo fashionvideo photoshoot

🏚Descubrienfo un mini Belchite en la magistral Castilla La Mancha...🌲 Cada rincón, cada casa en la que el silencio aguarda presas del eterno silencio sus voces dormidas despiertan a nuestro paso... Viajar en el tiempo en estos lugares es sencillamente fantástico!! misterio copernicogarcia castillalamancha pueblosconencanto nightskyline nightshot fotografianocturna spain nightlandscape belchite sonya7iii filming filmmaker milkyway vialactea🔭 estrellas cielonocturno estoestaeenelquintopino

Kalau gak sekarang kapan lagi, kalau gak kita siapa lagi . Kita di ajarkan utk saling peduli. Karena kita sama thalasemia thalasemiaindonesia kbbtv kbblumpat patibumiminatani patihits📷 pulungkampung pulung indonesia bandung bandungjuara peduli filmphotography film films filming director directors

From the second vletch! This video was hugely improvised. vletch sketchvlog funnyclips deer ispotadeer filmography film filming edits editing memes videos

ONSET: Today in westadams at another Picture Perfect Film Location. Your One-Stop Shop for great film locations and exotic and rare picture vehicles, Call us 310.420.7998 filmsouthofthe10 filmproduction filmmakers realestate cinematographer camera filmmakerslife production onset behindthescenes photographer setlife film filmcrew actor filming LAfilmproduction LAfilm indiefilm photographer cinematography cinematographylife southofthe10

Filming the camera whip sequence from La La Land.

Сбербанк. 2019. Пришли на марафон, сняли видос, снова топ-1 по России.

That’s a wrap on the latest episode of New Lives. After several days in Mosquito hell, we made it out the other side. With some incredible content captured, we all must pay attention to this episode and reverse the ticking time bomb that is Climate change. The people here are true “Superman”. 🦸🏼‍♂️🦸🏼‍♀️ • • superman climatechange pleistocene documentary filming newlives wild crew hdr photography wideangle radar russia siberia chersky travel positive thatsathanks andacheers rightokay cameraman linkline linklinecrew bestjobintheworld

▶️ video sahibi @sinema.pg Takib et✅ Kayd et✅ Beyen✅ Yorum yap✅ Emeğe sayqı beğenmeden geçme Keşfetten Gelenler Videoların Devamı İçin Takipde kal. ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° film films filmes filming filmaker filmscene filmreplikleri filmforever filmmaking scene scenes sinema kino movie moviestar oldmovies movienight horrormovies movies movietime #кино #киношка #фильмы #фильмыужасов sinemakeyfi aksiyon

All your insecurities are the dirty laundry 🧺

▶️ video sahibi @kino.pack Takib et✅ Kayd et✅ Beyen✅ Yorum yap✅ Emeğe sayqı beğenmeden geçme Keşfetten Gelenler Videoların Devamı İçin Takipde kal. ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° film films filmes filming filmaker filmscene filmreplikleri filmforever filmmaking scene scenes sinema kino movie moviestar oldmovies movienight horrormovies movies movietime #кино #киношка #фильмы #фильмыужасов sinemakeyfi aksiyon

So our main director @rjrebel took his Dslr with him to this Rave righ ... 😅👁‍🗨😅 Jordan wadirum filmmaking filming rave event techno 0budget

Industry Pros connects creative talent with top rated creative experts in your city. Whether your creative passion is in photography, acting, dancing, writing, filmmaking or music, Industry Pros will connect you with the right professionals to help you on your way. connectingtalent IndustryPros

Working on last years edit while kinda getting excited for this upcoming winter. Still trying to cherish this last bit of summer though. snowboardvideos cameragear behindthescenes

Coming soon 👀 . Caption the last photo . . . . . . . . . . Belts are mine hehe Makeup by Cece _______________________________ kpopdancedallas kpop dance dallas dancing #댄스 filming dancefilming kpopdallas kpopdancing kpopdancer choreography photoshoot hellovenus wigglewiggle #헬로비너스 #위글위글 sexy sexydance abs

Oh look it’s wine o’clock! 🍷🎥 I had one of the funnest shoots yet yesterday working with wine corkscrews and decanters by @hicoupkitchenware @thras.io! They even had a bright pink wine opener! @bennettcreative got some amazing footage to help show off all the products! Good thing I was already a wine expert! 😉😂 cheers actress onset handmodel winelover filming kitchenware decanter wino ilovemyjob lifeofanactor

When in an awesome location... do a handstand 😂 handstand gym stunts actress actor tv film filming smile

“What’s in the box!?” “Stay away, John Doe has the upper hand!” Testing out some practical effects with the @luxlilight Viola MkII, @atmosphereaerosol and an empty box. • • • • • filmmaker mood portraits filmmaking portraiture portraitphotography portraitmood director cinematographer cinematography portraitphotographer makeportraits filming filmlife gellighting

We seem to be running into all the filming taking place! Lucky we were able to stop! This one was a show called In the Dark! Season 2 is being filmed in Toronto! We seem to be in all the right spots! filming HollyWoodNorth Series TVShows Trending RoadClosures Actors Actresses TVShows

Repost @koofilms • • • • • • KOOsNEWS FOR THE LATEST IN MUSIC, WORD ON THA STREETS, ART, FASHION & CULTURE 🏆🏆🏆WeWinners🏆🏆🏆 You See Us..... WeWorkin GO WATCH @mrjayjones "CLOUT CHASERS" FULL VIDEO AVAILABLE ON MONEY TRAIN LLC @youtube Cameos by @_djbass @tay_da_yung @1d33p4lif3 StrivingForGreatnessComing Currently on "Everyday" & "Paper" Produced by @jstrongarm601 for @moneytrainworldwide 🎥by @koofilms koosnews exertionmag mrjayjones director filmmaking cinema producer cinematography movie actor setlife cinematographer artist music filmlife video filming hollywood writer photography HipHop

📣 BREAKING NEWS 📣 Sony just broke their contract with Marvel and now Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is leaving the Marvel universe 😱 Tom Holland still has two movies left in his contract with Sony but it sounds like the movies now won’t be within the marvel universe. This is definitely a surprise. What are your thoughts on this? ———————————— marvel sony breakup crash marvelstudios tomholland spiderman superhero movie movies film films filming why podcast podcasting podcaster breakingnews sadnews news crazy surprise marveluniverse gone what seriously contract broken craycray

“Bloom where you are planted” Visto en el baño de esta casa perdida en Cazenovia. Y me pregunto, ¿cómo me voy a quedar plantada en un lugar?

오늘 무슨 #미드 촬영하러 온다고 지난주 금요일부터 준비했는데 오늘도 하루종일 준비만 하다가 퇴근하고 정작 촬영하는건 못봤네 😭😭😭 #드라마촬영 하는거 한번 구경해보나 싶었는데 americantvshow tvshow filming filminglocation filmingcrew

GUARD OF THE MONTH: (June 2019) Jenny Lee Hamilton. A veteran guard with Reel Security Corporation of Georgia. Her passion for the job plays a big part in her consistent success and contributes greatly to the overall success of Reel Security Corporation of Georgia! Congratulations, Jenny! Thank you for your continued service.

Repost from @aracelyfansrd Doña más sexy!!!! La Cuerp@ más que lista 😍💃🏼🔥🔥🔥@aracelyarambula LaDoña DoñaSexy ActionScenes EscenasDeAccion . . LaDoña AltagraciaSandoval . . 🎞🎬🎥 AltagraciaSandoval Altagreiss AltaRyder AltaRider Filming ActorsLife Actress Actriz LaDoña2 LD2

Repost from @aracelyfansrd Estas historias del día de ayer 19/8/19 de nuestra Doña Bella @aracelyarambula están 😱😱🙊 Desliza hacia la izquierda y mira lo que nos dice sobre las escenas que le tocaron grabar🙊 Escenas de Fuego🙈🙊😰🔥💥 . . Parte 2🔚😉 . GlamTeam: @july.makeup @manuelfonse @olivas.arturo . . LaDoña AltagraciaSandoval . . 🎞🎬🎥 AltagraciaSandoval Altagreiss AltaRyder AltaRider Filming ActorsLife Actress Actriz LaDoña2 LD2

😂🤗🤓😛🤯🥴🤫😼 6k blackmagic 6k blackmagic bmpcc6k filming movies yay lol actors

@iamakademiks i don't respect your opinion in regards to @nickiminaj lately you should really pipe down..you sounds like a real whole hater... You obvious trying to play off her name for clout, real djs respect real rappers and icons.. Handle your female issues behind the scene! What you doing is no different than what Nick is doing, but its cool cause you a nigga right.. But she the angry black disgruntled woman.. Gtf out here bro.. You should be reminded what djs should do and thats break records and promote solid music.. I can't with some of you fake A media people.. She right imma pray you reevaluate your approach... Im not looking for a response... Just don't like your energy.. Your 2 co-host i respect much more.. But you now are the reason why me and my crew decide not to support or watch anymore.. newartist newmusic nickiminaj chrisbrown dj djs radio dancing clubpromoter vibes acting ceolife musicproducer artistmanager filming videoshoot studio onstage musicfestival bloggerstyle media tv tvshow a3c vocals recordlabel fashion designer youngdolph model

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