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Training partner for the day! 30 minutes on the turbo then 40 minutes of this wee devil! I am very lucky to have some home workout equipment in these weird uncertain times of lockdown boxing sweat fighter fight fighting fightersofinstagrammma mmafighter fitness fitnessaddictfitnessinspiration fitnessmotivationfitfam fitspo irishfitfam fitstagram fitspiration belfast instagram cardiogym kettlebellworkout kettlebellswings kettlebells

2013 satellite dick sucker on humanity trail stalking by hacking into music studio computer causing disruption system failure speaker damage, head phone damage followed by sexual assaults and repeated tape recorded messages and other property damage. Satellite stalking Conditioning techniques to stop humanity from educating and start setting men women and children up which is the same thing happening to Donald Trump and the entire world on another level right now that's why everything is shut down f****** with their money forcing them into surrendering SUBMISSION. When Nipsey Hussle got killed that was for Reezmonster to stop educating because as you can see the government hated on Humanity hard hacked our music studio continuously something we had worked hard for so the least it could do since it new it struck out was to communicate through a manipulated homicide but like I said I was not going to be able to accept it to this day I have no interest in making music. EVERYBODY'S ACTIVATED get educated so that you can educated others. Humanitywarriors.orgrunning, yoga, fitness, fitnessgoals, fitnesstips, fitinspiration, fitstagram, dedication, gymspiration, training.fashionshow, fashionista, fashionable, model, look, modeling, style, photooftheday, instahair, instamakeup, instashoes, cute, trendy, fashionblogger tbtwinning love music repost

❌Why I don’t like the word should ❌ Examples: ❌ I should lose weight ❌ I should do at least five works out a week ❌ I should eat healthy all the time ❌ I should be using lockdown to do loads, take up hobbies, workout, learn a language etc. ▶️ When we tell ourselves we should do things this is quite negative and almost a demand. When we then don’t do it we feel guilty or like we failed. ☀️You don’t actually have to do any of those things. This is a very weird time and if you are just surviving it.. that’s absolutely fine. No one has a right or wrong way for getting through this hard time. You definitely don’t need to feel like you’ve failed for not losing a stone, becoming fluent in a language or not redecorating your whole house at this time. We can just get through it in our own individual way and that’s fine. ☀️ If we swap should for could, we are a lot kinder to ourselves. Some days are challenging, some easy - that doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing your best on each of those days. Telling yourself could is a lot kinder... ✅ I could lose weight ✅ I could do more workouts and eat better ✅ I could learn a language, take up a new hobby or decorate my house! ☀️You take out the obligation and lack of choice and give yourself the option and a bit of a break. ☀️Be kinder to yourself and give yourself a bit of a break. Let me know if you find this helpful or want to chat because it’s getting a bit much right now🕊 - -mindfulness mindfulliving

Any of my people out there? Superset . . . . . . . Check out our Teespring store guys: https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/perry-tees-gym Big love - Perry Tees 🙌🙌 . .gym gymlife gymlifestyle gymrat workout workoutmotivation fit fitnessmotivation fitness fitnessaddict bodyfitness fitlife fitgoals fitnation getfit fitnessfreak fitforlife igfitness fitfam instafit instafitness fitstagram training getstrong merch tshirt hoodie humour funny

𝓑𝓾𝓸𝓷 𝓹𝓸𝓶𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓰𝓰𝓲𝓸 🌈🌸 Visto che stamattina vi sono piaciute tanto queste ciambelline ho deciso di pubblicarle! Sono semplicissime e velocissime, perfette da preparare la sera e gustarle come se fossero merendine a colazione! 🍩 Bando alle ciance vi lascio la ricetta nelle foto, scorrete fino all’ultima 😊 Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate ♥️ . food foodlover foodporn tagsforlikes tag instapic picoftheday pic picture pictures picofday photography photooftheday photoshoot foodphotography fit fitnessgirl fitfood fitfam fitgirls fitlife foodfitness chocolate whitechocolate fitbreakfast dounuts chocolate fitfoodie fitstagram

A burrito bowl of sorts 🌯 I’ve ended up baking 3 things in 2 weeks so a new week calls for getting back to nutritious goods and this bad boy went down an absolute treat. stayhome covid health food foodie fitness training healthylifestyle healthyfood healthyliving foodporn fitspo fitstagram isolation burrito burritobowl healthyeating girlswholift nutrition

Mire jók a rostok?🤔 A rost olyan, nem emészthető szénhidrát, ami kulcsfontosságú a normális emésztés soran☝️🍓 Két fajtát különböztetünk meg:oldható és oldhatatlan rostok😳 A rostokat a szervezetünk nem tudja lebontani, ezért legnagyobb, részük emésztetlenül halad át a vékonybélben🤨 Ebben az a szuper jó, hogy segítik a zsír megkötését(tehát a fogyást) és serkentik az emésztés 🤗 Miben van? Oldható rost van pl a 🥦ban, 🍎ban,🥕ban és a zabban. Oldhatatlan rost pedig a 🥜félékben, hüvelyesekben, 🥬leveles zöldségekben és a teljes kiörlésű termékekben 🥰 Napi 25g rost szükséges a normális bélműkődéshez, próbáljátok meg minden étkezéssel bevinni😌 . . . . . .homeworkoutstayhealthy mutimiteszel_fitt mutimiteszel_fitt rost gyümlcs zldség egeszsegeseletmod egeszsegestaplalkozas blműködés serkent fogys teljeskirlésű oktats mik fitbudapest fitstagram fitnessgirl fitnessgoals vitamins nutrition tpanyag egegszseg fitt tudatosletmód karantn maradjotthonkihvás

How To Deposit USD To Buy Bitcoin And Crytpo Coinbase is one of the most popular platforms and has a straightforward process. Some of the mentioned websites below will follow this same process. With Coinbase, you open a Coinbase account and link your bank account or credit card to enable you purchase bitcoins. Then transfer funds from your bank account to purchase BTC Start investing today runningyogafitnessfitnessgoalsfitnesstipsfitinspirationinvest_with_jeremy_kruegerautolikelkfollowlinkgainwithmchinatakipçikazansigodevoltachuvasdvgeritakipchuvadelikes30kaktivbeğenitakipetsdvtodosaztagramseguesigodevoltafollowtrickgaintricktakipterfrrtbtakipcikazanfitstagramdedication

Update_____Back 2020⚠️ Fight 4 your Dreams Work your f*cking ass off dont listen tho the naysayers 📴 train harder than the others dont Weaken ⚔️ fitstagram fitnessaddiction fitspo fitness fitnessmotivation fitfamgermany fitfamaustria fitfam weightlifting weighttraining powerlifting strongman strongmantraining strongmanmotivation dontweaken intelligentstrength warrior strongmotherfucker austrian carinthia wien🇦🇹 dasgym

This sort of depicts what’s going on right now. When you face a massive obstacle, take it head on and do what you need to move past and forward. There is no better time than now to step up and bring the best out in yourself. Be the best you can for yourself, your family and everyone around you. Keep striving 💪 . . . . . .dadbod gym fitfam workout muscle health fit motivation flex bodybuildingmotivation bodybuildinglifesyle gymlife fitnessmotivation shredded mensfitness instagood mensphysique fitspiration fitstagram physique fitnation localbusiness life thoughts evolve change best inspire lifestyle lifeisgood

It takes courage to start... But commitment is required to finish! Bring out the fittest version of you.. Happy World Health Day!!! . . . . . . . . .Strong Muscle Dedication BeastMode Grind Beast GymMotivation FitFam InstaFit InstaHealth InstaFitness worldhealthday FitLifestyle FitJourney FitFamLife FitSquad FitnessWorld Fitstagram FitLifestyle InstaFitness FitnessAddict FitnessTraining FitnessInspiration FitnessDedication corantine stayhome fit fitnessmodel indian life . . . . . Prep Coach : @vik_yoo

Servus Eisenkrieger. Heute morgen ein kleines Sportprogramm zu Hause absolviert. Irgendwas muss man ja machen in der jetzigen Zeit. Hab mir unser Steppbrett geschnappt und los ging es. Hab ein Programm von @gabifastner gefunden. War echt anstrengend. Sie hat tolle Workouts am Start. Hat Spaß gemacht. Danach hab ich noch ein kleines Krafttraining hinterher geschoben. Danach ging es unter die Brause. Also lasst es euch nicht zu langweilig werden daheim und kriegt den Bobbes hoch. Schönen Tag euch.💪 🔥Unbezahlte Werbung🔥sportmotivationsgruppe fitness stepbrett bodysculpture healthylifestyle krafttraining instagood fitstagram instafit nopainnogain muscleup

My favorite gym will always be the outdoors! ☀️🍃 This is your Tuesday reminder to get outside and be active any way you can! . Give this a try...don’t even need the ladder if you don’t have one! . Don’t forget, I’ll be around for your training needs when this is all over! I know so many of us are cooped up home or missing athletic seasons...DM me about current online training and future training sessions! . .ladderdrills ladderworkout outdoor outdoorgym getoutside beactive fit fitness fitspo fitfam fitgirls fitspiration fitstagram fitlife lifestyle fitnesslifestyle happylife healthylife blueskies sunshine yogi fitnessaddict fitnessblogger healthblog healthblogger personaltrainer

Heute kommt die Bewegung "Elbow to Push up" mit rein. Somit ergeben sich folgende vier Plank Bewegungen: 1. Plank Jack 2.Plank Drehung 3.Side Plank 4 Elbow to Push up coronakannunsma scheißcorona Plank Plankchallange planken wirbleibenzuhause workyouout PersonalStefan Fitness HIIT functionaltraining functionalfitness feelgood fitnessmotivation fit fitnesslife Lifestyle fitspiration fitstagram fitnessfun fitaddict fitnessfreaks fitnesstrainer instafitness fitgoals simplefits fun goodtime fitnesslover coaching

I just got my treadmill personalbest! I struggle running on a treadmill for a variety of reasons. It’s boring. You don’t get the natural momentum that comes from running outside. It’s boring. There’s no air. And finally that desire to finish my run and get home isn’t there because I’m at home. So whilst I can run 5km quicker I am buzzing that I’ve got a new personal best. Needed that today! treadmill 5km running girlswhorun girlswhoworkout mumswhoworkout cardio sweaty sweat sweaty sweatyselfie nike shockabsorber messyhairdontcare fitspo fitstagram fitfam fitness fitnessmotivation hardwork progress

I.C.A.A.C.T is another phoney U.S government group just like the Targeted Individuals a none existing group because EVERYBODY'S ACTIVATED. I.C.A.A.C.T is traveling around the world scanning men women and children installing the thoughts in the general population's mind that there is only a certain group of people that's activated which is not true even the spokesman for I.C.A.A.C.T who is going around the world scanning people pretending that he's not ACTIVATED is ACTIVATED. EVERYBODY'S ACTIVATED get educated so that you can educated others. Humanitywarriors.orgrunning, yoga, fitness, fitnessgoals, fitnesstips, fitinspiration, fitstagram, dedication, gymspiration, training.fashionshow, fashionista, fashionable, model, look, modeling, style, photooftheday, instahair, instamakeup, instashoes, cute, trendy, fashionblogger.

Read and heed ❤

1 hour ago. there's no writing. See? M*********** stalking hard monitoring social media learning and response. Same thing with covid 19 stalking humanity listening through satellite direct radio wave technology plus the satellite is collecting data of all human activity every second of every day the government knew we were coming so they shut the streets down so the people don't get educated and can't get out. EVERYBODY'S ACTIVATED stand up for your life peacefullyrunning, yoga, fitness, fitnessgoals, fitnesstips, fitinspiration, fitstagram, dedication, gymspiration, training.fashionshow, fashionista, fashionable, model, look, modeling, style, photooftheday, instahair, instamakeup, instashoes, cute, trendy, fashionblogger.

Fitness Is Not About Being Better Than Someone Else...❌ It’s About Being Better Than You Used To Be✅

🏋️Una ventaja de esta Cuarentena es, que me puedo concentrar en este super ejercicio Sentadilla cosa que no hago normalmente en el Gym 😃💪 46Kg 🔥 . . . . . .stayhome legsfordays squats nogym hannover trainingathome fuckyoucorona noexcuses nocoronavirus asstograss video instafit berlin fitfamde fitstagram fitspo mood gymaddict yessicalg onlinecoach like girlswholift ass starkbleiben positivevibes fitnessgirls workout videoworkout fibo bootybuilding

Stop waiting for fun to miraculously land at your feet. Playfulness rewards the ones who go looking for it. -Meredith Sinclair- . . . . . . Training in nature...🌿 fit fitnessaddict fitnessgirl fitnessaddict fitnessfreaks workout workoutmotivation core coreworkout fitforlife stayfit fitnessdedication training vsitups trainiac fitsquad beabadass traineverywhere stayclosetonature feelfree feelfreetoexpressyourself smile beplayful embraceyourself instafit fitstagram lydkon lydkon_style

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” motivation . 📸 @evairre

Not many people know this but I started my training as a boxer. Due to an injury in my left hand, I was left with 3 badly damaged knuckles and was unable to punch. To keep my body moving, I used whatever little hand grip I had left to start lifting weights. It was hard but I was happy to at least do something. ————————————————— I see physical fitness very differently. You don’t have to agree with my ideology but I believe we are born to move our bodies, use our minds and recover with the right nutrition and rest. I’m so surprised to see that most people today lack basic nutritional knowledge; we’ve forgotten the basics that our ancestors knew very well. ————————————————— I’ve trained myself in many different ways. As a boxer, I required a lot of stamina in my training. I used to skip, jog, sprint as well as practice shadow boxing, core training and swimming. Then, when I moved to the gym I did a hell lot of body weight training. I even had a whole section on body weight training in my first Men’s Health DVD. I then moved to weights but did very basic compound training as the gym I trained in for 10 years had no machines. I then moved to machines and functional training as I educated myself more. I learnt the secrets of many different training styles from functional to plyometrics to heavy load strength training and more. ————————————————- This allows me to switch between training styles to give optimal results to clients. The knowledge I have gained about different training styles also enables me to get the best results with my home training using body weights and basic dumbbells. If you use “no machines” as an excuse not to train - it’s not machines you lack, its passion. ———————————————— For personal training, group sessions or online programs: tybnow.com or transform@tybnow.com

💎Who is Imam Hussein? 💓who is this hussain whom the whole world is crazy about?! ⁦⚔️⁩What has happened so massive on Ashura in Karbala? Imam Hussain was Prophet Muhammad 's grandson. After 50 years of Prophet Muhammad's demise, (in time of Imam Hussain), Yazid was the ruler. A cruel corrupted man who knew nothing about Islam and intended to establish a monarchy under the name of Islam. he asked for Imam Hussain's oath of allegiance in order to obtain reputation in society. Imam Hussain refused to do so in order to save the society from a cruel monarch. Therefore Yazid equipped his army to kill Hussain and his family .. Yazid's army besieged Hussain and his family members in Karbala desert in Iraq .The army didn't let them drink water for 3 days. But Hussain, his beloved brother Abbas and his companions didn't surrender and kept fighting while they were thirsty. They were all martyred but their resistance disclosed the real face of Yazid and defeated him finally. We still mourn and commemorate them after 1400 years. because Imam Hussain and his 72 companions were brave men who fought evil for justice .Brave men belong to all times and all ages. May God bless them . .fitfrenchiesfitnes fitgirl fitgirlsguide fitbody fitspiration fitmom fitfamily fitnesslife fit fitnessaddict fitness fitnessmodel fitspo fitnessmotivation fitstagram fitcouple fitnessgirl fitchicks fitmoms fitment fitgirls fitlifestyle fitchick fitbit fitfood getfit fitfam fitlife fitnessfreaks

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