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Here's a few facts about me 🤗 Didn't @pawfect.designs do an amazing job? ❤. . This was part of @mydoggyfitness ' giveaway 😊. . Also please don't forget to continue using thankfulcatsdogspeople and cutepetcancer to support two great causes! ❤️

The beautiful mable growing up to into a big girl💕 I can't wait to do her first proper big girl cut in the new year ____________________________cavapoo dogsofinstagram dogoftheday dogs dogsareawesome dogsrule cutie blueberryfacial pretty happy cute fluffy beforeandafter fluffyhead newdo lovely bookonline www.barkaspawithclairer.setmore.com love beautiful easybooking onlinebooking groomingdog groomingwithclairer

Where’s the squishy face emoji? chowface fluffyhead chowchow

Don’t go to work, play with me!🐶 シンディーと遊ぼうよ🐶仕事なんて行ってないで〜! . . . #仕事に行きたくない #遊ぼう playwithme newtoy happydog lovemydog thisdog cutedog frenchfries eatinghealthy mydogiscutest poodlegram funtime dogsofinstagram doodlesofinstagram dogsofworld barked fluffyhead puppyeyes #といぷーどる #毛孩 #可爱 busydog

sundays are for snoozing

Any excuse for the ott headband! autumn pooch walkies fluffyhead

Heaven has gained a new fluffy angel💔, I love you my gorgeous boy. Be nice to the other dogs up there now... myheart alldogsgotoheaven heavengainedanotherangel fluffyhead

How beautiful is this girlie 😍 She's was such a brave girl today to say she is usally a rather nervous girl with noises and isn't a huge fan of the hair drier this time when she was in we made huge progress she actually enjoyed having the driers on herprogress teamwork perfectlady groomingdog groomingwithclairer suchabravegirl dogsofinstagram dogoftheday dogs dogsareawesome dogsrule cutie blueberryfacial pretty happy cute fluffy beforeandafter fluffyhead tongueout

Ah! That's what happened 😀 I blame Henry!! FluffyHead 😀🍺

2 years ago today, Zion went swimming for the first time. He cried for 20mins until we got out again!! 😂😂 He’s still the same now!!!swimming firstswim lookhowcute daddiesboy facebookmemory 2yearsago lovehim daddy afrobaby mixedracebaby beautifulboy mumof3 fluffyhead mumlife familyswim

Decided to alpaca a bag and go out for a walk with these lads..... 😏🤦‍♂️🦙 Libby's looked decent, but mine looked like it had been down to the Turkish barbers in Sowerby Bridge for it's lid trimming.mullet fluffyhead shithaircut shitpun australia queensland QLD oreillysvineyard canungra straya alpaca alpacasofinstagram notalama alpacafarm alpacatravel holiday

That hair though! @bostonparkfarm alpaca smile fluffyhead cheeky

Scritch me... But with your eyes!☝🏻🤨 Swipe➡️ to see the aftermath💇‍♀️🙈😁 . Here's me getting my signature air massage💆🏻‍♀️😌 You can see the last few pins I have on my head, the rest have already opened up and my tail has achieved its full length, so I am happy to tell you that molting is almost over🤗😎 . Happy Wednesday friends 🤗💕 . . . .fluffyhead fluff weeklyfluff dailyfluff dailyfloof floof fluffyanimals parrotsofinstagram parakeetsofinsta birbsofinstagram petsofig instacute instacuteness animalsofinstagram headmassage toocuteforwords

auckland newzealand nz muriwai iwantto slapthat fluffyhead ##오클랜드 #뉴질랜드 #뒷통수 #때려보고싶다

Sweet sweet sourrrrr candy!!! Absolutely loaded with real fruit and tangy sour goodness, these two @currumbinvalleybeer are as brightly coloured as they are flavoursome!!! Thank you for the fast delivery of delicious fresh beer @punkpissbeer @givemehops ohmyfreakintastebuds fromthevalley sourbeers cherry boysenberry berrysour raspberry blueberry thesnozberriestastelikesnozberries cherrysour pinkpantherbeer santaclausebeer fluffyhead gonnaneedsomemore knockeditoutthepark drinklocal drinkfresh pourintoglass enjoygoodbeer flavoursensation cvb beexcellentenjoyresponsibly communitysuppoerted volcanicspringwater sourcandy @wolfganggartner @deejo_knives @auspost #🍺

Don’t be scared, I’m an armless chow 😃 notababyseal armless fluffyhead chowchow seriousrestingface

Fireworks with these humans. The good the bad and the ugly let you guess who is who 😂 family fireworks daddance daddydaughter evilstepmum derby guyfaulksnight fluffyhead novembernights adventuresofcole

Happy Saturday 🐶❤️ saturday fall michigan goblue fluffyhead berner

Rozkošná hrejivá flafina, ideálna na pochmúrny jesenný nečas, kedy svojou farebnou hravosťou rozjasní každý deň 🤩 pre viac info ohľadom dostupnosti a ceny píšte správy ✉️ ďakujeme 👍 📷@terez.pazitnausivteple fluffy flafina fluffyhead celenka strikujeme girl girlish women beauty sweet style stylish madeinslovakia nitra bratislava vyrobenenaslovensku laskou

Fresh out the shower n ready for Halloween 🎃💁🏼‍♀️💃🏼🎉🚿🧙‍♀️ Halloween Club Dressup BreakAway HalfTerm Kids Holiday FluffyHead Makeup Drinks AlwaysGinOClock

Tired man! It’s tiring getting sooo many followers almost at 300 thank u so much my furry friends 🐶🐱🐭🐰🐴🦊 -tired nearly 300followers seriouswork chihuahua dogsofinstagram doglife petlovers doglover cute fluffyhead tiny boy lilac ronaldo

Feeling thankful for my 200 followers ❤️ I’m getting their guys! God loves a tryer.200followers thankful feelingthelove doglover petlovers chihuahua dogsofinstagram ronaldo doglife cute fluffyhead

Post run cool down walk with my fluffy head ❤️🏃🏼‍♀️🐶 running runner exercise fitness fluffyhead berner bernesemountaindog bernersofinstagram

A very tired, happy, fluffy headed pup tonight💤 mixed emotions🤯 My teeth are so sore at the moment and I’m really enjoying chewing rope and ripping all my toys apart, mum says I get worse when I’m tired🦷 28•10•19cockerspaniel cockerspanielpuppy cockerspanielsofinstagram cockerspanielcuties goldencocker goldencockerspaniel 25weeksold 6monthspuppy teethingpuppy sorepuppyteeth chewtoys sleepypuppy fluffyears fluffyhead

Look at these fluff heads! It’s like they’re taking a group selfie. Things I liked about these alpacas: 1. Fluffy heads 2. The tooth on that middle one 🤓 3. Those thick cankles

chillin’ at home when it’s raining >

From the night at casadeljazz fluffyhead

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