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Dendropsophus reticulatus (padrão reticulado) Cruzeiro do Sul/AC ___________________________ . . . . . . .fauna herpetoemfoco herpetology herpsofinstagram instanatureza amphibiansherpetofauna frogs amazonia faunabrasileira vidasilvestre biodiversidade zoologia suafotowild

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another frog I came across hiking & some plants of course

Lots of little, green frogs around my place right now. frogs chorusfrog oregon amphibian anura fauna kermitthefrog

my gorgeous orb

Didn't expect to find this little guy in Central Park on Allure of the Seas. Rescued him from the footpath. •royalcaribbean allureoftheseas centralpark frog frogs treefrog cruiselife cruising travel nature critters

INDIA: They had two frogs married together to appease the Hindu god of rain during a drought, but when the rain brought a deluge, they promptly had the frogs divorced.frogsofinstagram frogs frogskins treefrogs gofrogs frogstyle

When you won’t let go. . “The Nile shall swarm with frogs that shall come up into your house and into your bedroom and on your bed and into the houses of your servants and your people, and into your ovens and your kneading bowls. The frogs shall come up on you and your people . . .” —Exodus 8:3-4 .obeyinggod obedience disobedience stubbornness watchingnatureseeinglife treefrogsofinstagram lettinggo obeygod treefrogs frogs pnwwildlife whenitrains letgoandletgod lessonsfromnature naturelessons exodus8 bibleverses oldtestament plagueoffrogs godsplan creationsings learnfromhim godsway selfcentered abetterway payingattention notpayingattention pnwoutdoors

Normal tourist vs the real life. Swipe for the second pic🐸 ________________________________________frog froggy bigfrog greenfrog rana rane frogs gofrogs froglove feel lovefeelings turistapercaso😎 natural oceanograficovalencia valencia vlc likeforlikes espagna mood ranocchia newmood

Love the color in these adorable little frogs seen at the reptile show. Mother Nature is amazing! ilovecolor amphibians frogs kristinerobinsonsinteriors robinsoninteriors

This is one bad dude right here... Rumor has it that his beard is magical! I heard he replaces his frog legs with his beard hair and crushes the FROG EATERS every other cast! Team Member @bassinreelhard is a beast make sure you follow his page 👊🏻🐸TEAMFROGEATERS

Counting in Three's | Since we were learning about frogs this week 🐸, I decided to do a Part Two activity and get Ashyr to count the toes on the frog legs. We did skip counting in three's and he enjoyed watercolouring those frogs! According to him, the colourful frogs in the top row represent him, Edyn and 婆婆. And the ones in black/grey at the bottom are me and his dada. Thanks A 😏. .ashyrong skipcounting countinginthrees funwithmath homelearning homeplay watercolouring frogs fivelittlespeckledfrogs

抽獎來啦~~📣📣 美媽去了趟澳洲🦘 帶了當地小禮物🎁 以及準備了 冬美與他的臣子們貼紙💕 也有無尾熊巧克力哦🐨 - 澳洲木瓜膏*3 樹蛙杯墊*2 抽5位好朋友🎉 抽到的人 都會有貼紙與巧克力❤️ - 活動方法 1️⃣關注冬美老大與臣子們 @fuyu_taimei 2️⃣下方留言 對蛙蛙的愛或是對蛙蛙想說的話。並標註兩位朋友 (一個帳號留一次就好👌🏻) 3️⃣喜歡我(疑?) - 活動時間: 現在到9月22號(日) pm8:00為止👌🏻 公布抽獎名單 9月24號(二) pm8:00 - - 來啊啊啊啊~ - - -pet #蛙#カエルpacmanfrog #かえるfrog#角蛙#両生類 #宠物#角蛙日常#ツノガエル#개구리 #파충류 #寵物#ペット frogsofinstagramkawaiibabypetfrogsfroggy#食hungryceratophrysinstafroglife#秘魯角蛙#南美角蛙#巴西角蛙#鐘角蛙

This is clearly a tiny fish 😂 The fun thing about fishing tho is that often times the joy that comes from it is linked to the nostalgia of who you’re fishing with, where you’re fishing, the time of year, etc. This fish was specifically special to me because it was the first time that I wet a line in my childhood pond since my dad sold the house. I’ve casted more times into this body of water than any body of water on the planet, I’ve gotten more lures stuck in that maple tree across the pond than any other tree on the planet, and there is no other body of water on this planet that makes me remember my childhood like this one. This post is about the reality of fishing. Not that every fish you catch is a monster, but that the feeling that comes from fishing should propel us deeper into a longing to make memories through the great outdoors. ——pondfishing childhoodhome fishing bassfishing fishingvirginia virginia hushlife hushin plastics frogs flyfishing largemouth largemouthbass bass shimano gloomis freshwaterfish freshwaterfishing sunset virginiasunset theoutsider

🔸Remi 🐻 琥珀  I will give you my heart ♥️  ——————————————— 給你我的心 ♥️  frog frogs pacmanfrog pacmanfrogs frogsofinstagram happy_pet taiwan pet pets kawaii animals animal hornedfrogs hornedfrog #台灣 #蛙 #角蛙 #黃金角蛙 #草莓角蛙 #龍紋鐘角 #鐘角蛙 #ベルツノガエル #ツノガエル  #爬虫類 #爬虫類女子 #両生類 #개구리 candy hoonniinyourarea

Lula is getting so big ☺️❤️ I remember when I first got her. She was smaller than my fingernail and very skinny. She obviously wasn’t eating and was very fragile. I didn’t get too attached because I honestly didn’t think she’d make it. Now she’s getting plump and growing quite a bit!! Once she reaches the size of Liam and Gabi, they’ll all three be introduced. Aka more squish puddles 🐸

One of the most common amphibians in the Amazon rainforest: whatever species of the Rhinella margaritifera complex this one is. Although perfectly camouflaged in the leaf litter these guys can often be found on low vegetation, especially at night.Rhinella margaritifera frog frogs toad toads sapo Bufonidae amphibian herp herpetology naturephotography camouflage crypsis nature wildlife wildlifephotography macro macrophotography flash Yasuni Tiputini Amazon Ecuador rainforest tropics

Relish will be featured in today’s video! It may be up a little late but it’s happening 🐸 on Sunday I’m attending the reptile expo so I’ll be able to hopefully meet with the breeder and vlog some of his other animals!

So many sweater options, and more coming soon! 🐶

There are aliens among us.👽 Actually these guys are tadpoles also called a pollywog is the larval stage in the life cycle of an amphibian, particularly that of a frog or toad.🐸

🌿 This little guy nearly got a mower to the face 😱 I’ve popped him into next doors mini wildlife pond... safe and sound ☺️ 🌿 🌿frog frogs botany outdoorsygirl nature_photos naturephotography naturephotographie naturel nature_photo nature_of_our_world plantgirl macrophotography gardeners instagardener gardenersofinstagram giardinaggio #园艺 tuinieren wildliferules beautifulnature wildlife gardenforwildlife anphibian anphibians wildlifepond

  ⚠️ 💩📹  【 注意!內含高清排泄影片 】  【 飯不吃,鏡頭還是要認真看】  9/19   ① 完全不開口吃飼料,卻懂得對鏡頭笑 ② 一副「我偶包很重」 ③ 有符合背殺資格嗎?  9/18  ④ 形象很重要 ⑤ 側面是必要   ⑥ 大便前的表情  ⑦ 吸乾水盆的水獲得臃腫的身材 ⑧ 高清大便影片 ♡\(*ˊᗜˋ*)/♡  ⑨ ? 

still one of the cutest videos ever :(( - follow @tinykoya (me) for more!! vc: @bts_twt on twitter :,) tags: frog frogs smallanimal tinyanimals cuteanimals cutefrog tinyfrog frogvideo frogvideos namjoon bts rm btsrm kimnamjoon joon joonie namu nami btstwitter pet petsofinstagram cute cutevideos

Met this boy (or girl?) on our driveway this evening. Gave them a free ride in a bucket back to Ginninderra Creek.Canberra frog frogs

These Woodland themed Baby Shower invitations are finally ready to be mailed! You can’t see in this photo, but there’s a tiny heart at the bottom on the stem of the leaves. Brown ink, leaves and frog stamps were all a labor of love for a soon-to-be sweet Mama Bear ❤️

Comparing human red blood cells with frog red blood cells. Did you know that frog red blood cells have a nucleus?⠀ ⠀ Learn about their composition in this video!⠀ ⠀ Subscribe to our YouTube channel and enjoy more cell biology videos: link in bio!⠀ ⠀redbloodcells blood educhat scichat education biology frogs frogblood nucleus mystery livingcells livecells education biologyvideos learning studying studygram science stem school university learningsupport modernlearning teaching teachingscience

CHONK. After a summer of perfect tiny wood frogs and a few mid-sized ones, at last, a true wood frog grand dame.frogs macro macrophotography frogsofinstagram amphibians amphibiansofinstagram

frog toad whitexenopus xenopus frogsofinstagram frogs #かえる #カエル #ツメガエル #白アフリカツメガエル #アフリカツメガエル #アフリカツメガエルアルビノ #アルビノツメガエル #アルビノ #イモリ #アカハライモリ newt #淡水 #水草 #飼育 #観察 #水槽 #動物 animal #生き物 #アクアリウム aquarium watertank

frog toad whitexenopus xenopus frogsofinstagram frogs #かえる #カエル #ツメガエル #白アフリカツメガエル #アフリカツメガエル #アフリカツメガエルアルビノ #アルビノツメガエル #アルビノ #イモリ #アカハライモリ newt #淡水 #水草 #飼育 #観察 #水槽 #動物 animal #生き物 #アクアリウム aquarium watertank

frog toad whitexenopus xenopus frogsofinstagram frogs #かえる #カエル #ツメガエル #白アフリカツメガエル #アフリカツメガエル #アフリカツメガエルアルビノ #アルビノツメガエル #アルビノ #イモリ #アカハライモリ newt #淡水 #水草 #飼育 #観察 #水槽 #動物 animal #生き物 #アクアリウム aquarium watertank

frog toad whitexenopus xenopus frogsofinstagram frogs #かえる #カエル #ツメガエル #白アフリカツメガエル #アフリカツメガエル #アフリカツメガエルアルビノ #アルビノツメガエル #アルビノ #イモリ #アカハライモリ newt #淡水 #水草 #飼育 #観察 #水槽 #動物 animal #生き物 #アクアリウム aquarium watertank

Even the frogs and toads are trying to get out of the rain!!!staydry frogs toads tropicalstormimelda

Would you rather have a magic uno reverse card that reverses/ switches the situation, OR have the ability to transform into Goliath frog? . . . .comic comics cartoonstyle frogs amphibian goliath digitalart sasucchi_support cute cuteart funny uno

Уютное местечко😍🐸 . . #жаба #жабка #лягушка #лягушенок #уютно #уютноеместечко😊 #уютноеместо #уютное #укрытие #милота #милота😍 #люблюживотных #любитеживотных #друзьяменьшие #друзьянашименьшие #природа🌿 frogs froggy comfyplace mimimi naturegram naturelover naturegramy #мояфабрикаидей

The emerald eye tree frog, one of the more common tree frogs in trinidad and can be found sleeping on leaves and the sides of trees in the dayfrogsofinstagramflashdiffusernatgeoyourshotnatgeoboanacanoncanon7dmark2naturephotographytrinidadwildlifeoftrinidadandtobagofrogsthoseeyestreefrogconservationuwizmphotography

Terminado!! Y no puedo decir más... por ahora.

. Nena, sacate la careta 🎶 Pará ya de actuar 🎶 . .BuenosAires Caballito ParqueCentenario AutoBus Bus Art Arte ArteUrbano UrbanArt StreetArt Artwork Painting Graffiti MobilePhotography MuralWork Colores Colors Frogs Ranas Mascara Mask Music Musica Rock RockNacionalPhotography Instagraffiti Iger Instamood Instagood. 🎨 @ sebastian_nhesta @ nero_one @ fear.arte 🎼 Nena, sacate la careta - Raúl Porchetto

Dendrobates auratus having breakfast 🐸🐸🐸

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