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Frankie is going to outgrow this hide sooooo fast 😂 pacmanfrog frog amphibians frogmom frogsofinstagram

I just rescued a leopard frog from my swimming pool. I'm no where near a lake. How did he get here? What were his plans? To stay the winter? I hope he'll find a nice muddy place to hibernate. Should I have kept him and released him in a lake? I feel so helpless. What does this mean? natureisamystery amphibians latesummerwarmweather frogsofinstagram philosophy exhalenight

GlassFrog Frog Frogs FrogsOfInstagram FrogsOfIG Glass frogs are found in the rainforests of Central and South America and remain one of nature’s more fascinating oddities. It’s name perfectly matches its physical appearance, with translucent skin so clear you can see the frog’s organs & Eggs.

🐶僕もカメレオンさんと同じしてみる🐶 。 。 。 #まるちーず大好き #みっくす犬 #かわいいいぬ #いぬのいる暮らし puppylove morkie morkiepuppy frogsofinstagram

Getting ready for Saturday! Come check out @ributtandfleye if you haven't already! It is home to all the weird stuff I make and is updated more frequently than this account. . . . .ributtandfleye resinart resintoy designertoy resinfigures collectibleart toydesign resincasting designer frogsofinstagram toystagram creative arttoy customtoy customtoys toyartistry  artistsoninstagram artistsofinstagramartoftheday toyphotography

Another riveting night of nocturnal streams surveys. To our delight we doubled our findings in this portion of the stream and found 4 adult red-legged frogs (Rana draytonii). Two of which were unmarked, meaning that they were not captured a year ago and still were able to survive the fire. This indicates that the population may be larger than we know at this time. Of the individuals captured we had one female that weighed a whopping 180 grams, which in comparison to the others whose average weight was about 110 grams. For a frog to attain such a size, means that she has been eating very well. Red-legged frogs will consume invertebrates in their diet but they have been known to also prey on mice, smaller frogs that dwell in their stream, and even cannibalize their own. If it can fit in their jaws, a red legged frog will give it try! The next step beyond ensuring the adults survived the fire is to attempt to restore the deep pools that they depend upon to breed and avoid predators. Conservation Corps have been digging a few of these sediment filled pools out in order to create more optimal habitat. Hopefully the adults will take to their freshly prepared pools and new red legged tadpoles will swim in the streams once more. These animals were handled under all proper permits and should not be sought after unless permitted to do so. herpetology frogs endangeredspecies wildlife wildlifephotography frogsofinstagram

Phillip is not a skinny frog. frogsofinstagram frogfriends frogsforever

Filip seems to be waiting for someone to open the garage door. frogsofinstagram frogfriends frogsforever

Philip enjoys the moonlit nights. frogsofinstagram frogfriends frogsforever

Did another commission! Im painting another today so I will have another video up tomorrow! . . . .frog frogsofinstagram painting acrylicpainting acrylic commissionsopen commission art artistsoninstagram purple recorder

Scooter has claimed his ball. Death to any who come near. Well... crickets that is, but STILL! - And that’s the BOUNCY BALL OF THE DAY!! - Follow me on this *colorful* journey as I battle Lupus/SLE & paint the world! BouncyBalls SuperBalls Lupus SLE Chronic Artsy Collection Colorful Plushies InstaPet LupusWarrior Toys ArtistsOnInstagram AlbinoPacman Strange Photography PetsOfInstagram Froggie ColorTherapy InstaArt TravelingToys PhotoOfTheDay InstaDaily BestOfTheDay PicOfTheDay ArtTherapy Happiness Frogs AlbinoPacman FrogsOfInstagram

And then there were two! I have serious frog love. frog frogsofinstagram mustbedoingsomethingright


Peeper buddy from wet summer days

There’s a whole family of frogs living behind a golden mirror on my Mom’s patio 🌝

he knows something we don't know frogs amphibians toads frogmemes cute froggy frog frogsofinstagram

Elusive Catalog Frog. Habitat: mailboxes/recycling binsfrogsofinstagram

Saved this toad awhile back from severely hot temperatures and took him home and fed him for a day then released him outside my house I still see him on most nights outside hunting toadsofinstagram

Frog and cranberries it must be fall.

Here you can see our Dendrobates tinctorius azureus couple. They are climbing one of there bromeliad again. Is one of you guys also keeping azureus? Hier sieht man unser Dendrobates tinctorius azureus Pärchen. Sie sind mal wieder munter am klettern. Wer von euch hällt denn auch Azureus? Follow @nordic_exotics for more. ⁣🦎 👍Faceboock Link⁣: ⁣https://bit.ly/2UKecl2 👍⠀ dendrobates poisonfrog dartfrogs dartfrog frog poisondartfrog froglove frogsofinstagram froggies frogs reptiles reptile reptileshow reptilesofinstagram herpsofinstagram ilovereptiles reptilelove reptilien herps amphibians amphibian nature herpetology herp pet pets petsofinstagram herping nordicexotics wildlife

Just had lunch! 😋 Dirtied up my water chasing crickets around 😅lunch yum crickets frog africanbullfrog reggie frogaccount frogsofinstagram superhungry imclumsy

More of this grumpy boi 🐸 (he was actually really nice and chill while I got in his grill)

I know I've posted a lot today, but I wanted to show you guys how beautiful Crab and Müshy look. Crab (first pic) is a beautiful seafoam green color, looking almost blue. Müshy (second pic) however is a very golden-green colour. They are both getting so big!whitestreefrog frogsofinstagram dumpyfrog frog amphibian litoriacaerulea dumpytreefrog australiantreefrog juvenilefrogs

Miss October is wishing you a Hoppy Halloween 👑🐸🧡

Those poor roaches never had a chance (besides the one on his head) 😂

This frog is called Grungus. She doesn't have Instagram, but can be found in the group "frogspotting" on Facebook, posted by her human Jack Godfrey. She found her way to me via @metalmanatee . . . . . . .frog frogsofinstagram frogs frogart doodles poorlydrawn poorlydrawnfrog

I officially want to introduce Natsu, my Strawberry Pacman Frog. He's incredibly adorable and so tiny and chubby. He is settling in to his bioactive enclosure which was put together with supplies from @thebiodude . I ordered him from @joshs_frogs and I have some other goodies for him on the way from that website as well. amphibians thebiodude vivarium cute bioactivevivarium frog frogsofinstagram pacmanfrog

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Ends tomorrow (Wednesday)! Instagram.com/toadhillfarmshop

Seems like the bigger he gets, the less aggressive he becomes. 3 more months and he’ll be a year old! It’s insane how fast he grew and how fast he went up on mouse sizes. He’s eats full grown mice now. pixiefrog africanbullfrog frogsofinstagram exoticpets

Almost peed my pants when this monster jumped on my leg while I wasn’t paying attention sitting on the ground 👀 nature frogsofinstagram frog scaredshitless

FLAVORS OF POISON 🐸 . . Poisons- toxic concoctions composed of multiple compounds whose combined action causes harmful- if not fatal- effects on the organisms that ingests them. In nature, countless otherwise vulnerable creatures rely on such toxic mixtures to defend themselves and even deter predators before being actively attacked. Amphibians are a prime example of this- however, common sure does not mean identical. 🐸 Here we have two incredible anurans courtesy of @avonturia , where they were both on display waiting to be sold. First, a yellow-striped poison dart frog (Dendrobates leucomelas), or Borussia Dortmund frog as I like to call it, from northern South America. Only a couple of centimeters long, yet vibrantly colorful and, at least in the wild, highly poisonous. Dart frogs in general (family Dendrobatidae) tend to sport bright colors, which serve as a warning sign for potential predators- a phenomenon known as aposematism. However, fear not- these cuties are harmless if not touched directly, and in captivity they quickly lose their toxic arsenal since it is actually taken (sequestered, in proper terms) from the insects they eat in nature. Highly poisonous, tiny, color galore- a universal pattern? Think again. 🐸 In the second pair of pictures you can see a bulky, wrinkly, big brown guy called cane toad (Rhinella marina). This is one of the largest anurans in the world, native to Central and South America but introduced in multiple foreign countries where it is now a devastatingly impactful invasive species. Why? Well, this boy is a voracious predator- invertebrates, reptiles, other amphibians, small mammals, it will eat literally anything that fits in its mouth. Besides, those bumpy lumps behind its head are poison glands, where the toad stores compounds known as bufotoxins for self-defense. Unlike dart frogs, toads produce bufotoxins on their own instead of sequestering it, and the cane toad does not rely on aposematism but instead on camouflage thanks to its dull brown color. Native predators that are not familiar with this species often succumb to the poison once they bite it. Same base mechanism in two wildly different animals!

she’s planning my demise

a musician !

Gardens are the perfect place to meet new friends! It seems that every time I go to the plot to clean up a bit, I come across something enjoying the productive mess and so change my mind. This Northern Leopard frog (I think) likes Brussels sprouts as much as I do. Thanks to it for cleaning out bad insects and giving me an excuse to avoid too much tidying up today! gardenfriends vegetablegarden vegetablegardening organicpestcontrol organicpestmanagement organicgardening organicgarden organicgardener fallveggiegarden fallveggies frogsofinstagram veggiepatch communitygarden communitygardens

"Big brother!"🐸 A frog cools off in the fountain beneath my Frog Prince statue. ⛲❤️ (Frog Prince statue inspired by the 80s movie we reviewed at MightyMayhem.com, of course!) frog frogprince mightymayhem uponfurtherinspection frogsofinstagram

I adore Albert so much. Also, thank you for all the name suggestions for the new frog! He will be here in a few days.whitestreefrog dumpyfrog frogsofinstagram exoticpet frog litoriacaerulea dumpytreefrog indonesiantreefrog stickyfrog treefrog

Fire bellied toad from @coasttocoastexotics toad frog amphibian amphibia frogsofinstagram froggy animal naturelovers nature_good naturephotography nature_perfection macro_drama macro macroword_tr cupoty macro_secret macro_captures_ macro_dreams macro_world macro_mania__ nature_addict nature_brilliance nature_shooters nature_of_our_world

Fire bellied toad from @coasttocoastexotics toad frog amphibian amphibia frogsofinstagram froggy animal naturelovers nature_good naturephotography nature_perfection macro_drama macro macroword_tr cupoty macro_secret macro_captures_ macro_dreams macro_world

Look at this big sexy fella! pyxiefrog frogsofinstagram vetnurse vettech

Craugastor talamancae Almirante Robber Frog These frogs live in primary and humid forests, They are nocturnal and during the day they hide in the vegetation. The upper lip has a longitudinal strip of white enamel in some adults, or interrupted or discontinuous as a series of white spots in most adult specimens.amphibians frogsofinstagram savethefrogs conservation ecology biodiversity biology herpetology frogs canonpty wildlifephotography nature turismopanama biodiversitymonitoring nocturnalhike rainforest fieldwork

Suriname toad 😨🐸 - Follow @reptiletube - @tjz_reptilez

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