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• IERI • . .ph @tbvideofoto 📸📸 . .fulloflife blogger italiangirl 🇮🇹 brunette curly 😎 look makeup 👑☀️📸rende cosenza calabria

__ 犬と負け犬、読了です。 やっぱ素晴らしい。格別です。 さらに未知谷から刊行されるので 今から楽しみです。mydogstupid johnfantebook reading#犬と負け犬 #ジョンファンテ #本 #読書 #未知谷

Sometimes you have to switch it up a little. 1014 fulloflife

En DIECIOCHO SkinCare te recomendamos que salud de tu piel va de la mano con la salud interior de tu cuerpo. Estas son algunas sugerencias para asegurarte de que tu piel se mantenga sana: Toma suficiente agua, consume frutas y vegetales de colores vivos. Prefiere alimentos altos en antioxidantes para regenerar tu piel, opta por grasas saludables como Omega 3 y Omega 6 . . .skincare skin piel health salud dieciocho perfecta perfecto Cutis 18 vida life productos calidad fulloflife omega

Stormy nightsemotionsfulloflife

Sand in my toes, salt in my hair and a soul full of life 🏖🥰 📷: @elliottkramer

When you got a bestie like me 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 @cbreezy415 I ain’t never worried 🥇 fulloflife whatchuknowboutthat 🕶👓

I know I do but do you? I know I work my ass off on a daily basis to pay my bills, help the homeless, help with various charities and buy myself beautiful shoes and purses but all that is monetary. When I count my blessings everyday before I close my eyes I know I look to the right of me and look at the man that lays next to me and I’m truly blessed to have such a strong man next to me, I look around my home and that’s a huge blessing because some don’t have a home, I think about the food I ate that day because some don’t have food to eat, I think about my work day and well 😂 some days it’s a blessing and a curse 😂 (kidding) I know some don’t have a job (which the economy is booming so that doesn’t make sense to me) I know I’m blessed with the best In-Laws a girl could ask for, I know I’m blessed for some really awesome friends and the number one blessing I’m grateful for daily is that I opened my eyes that morning where some don’t. In a world of hate be kind, be sweet, be genuine, be the light at someone else’s tunnel! It’s takes nothing to be nice 😉 blessings nightlyprayers blessed fulloflife gratitudeattitude Thanks @baysidecolonics for a fantastic post 🥰

Let’s get perspective. 🧐 . Ajna, our Third Eye Chakra reveals our intuition, self-realization, awareness, imagination and dreams. . Conditioned habit patterns can hold the mind to one perspective. Think of a belief you once held that you later changed your mind on after learning more or experiencing something first hand. A new lens opens the mind to new possibilities. Ask questions. Consider options. Shift your perspective. Change your mind. Dream out loud. Imagine yourself doing the impossible - see it - believe it - do it. 🙌 . I Am Intuitive 💙 I create the stillness to hear my own intuition. I open my mind to new ways of being. I am aware of my dreams and trust my inner wisdom to guide me. I am a conscious creator of my own reality. I accept my path. I recognize patterns and see with clarity. I see the beauty of the Universe. ✨ .iamintuitive thirdeyechakra ajnachakra blueberrychamomile chakrainspiredkombucha mindgutconnection wellnessfromwithin kombuchabrewing brewedwithintention fulloflife sajivakombucha

~❤️"Un cane può trovare, perfino nel più inutile di noi, qualcosa in cui credere!"❤️~ ▪️ ▪️Maya PituPit Beagle TuttoLamoreCheHo Love Illuminata PileRouge Nanna Canon Photo NovicePhotographer Pic Color MenoMaleCheCiSeiTu ZZZ BuonanotteCucciola FullOfLife BisteccheAlPostoDelleOrecchie Aww Rouge❤️📸🐾

❌✖️✖️ Planet Earth 🌏 is our home. And we should enjoy more in it. ✖️✖️❌travel love and helpeachother😍❤️🏆🏝🌟🇭🇷⛵️ 🔝🔝🔝 With love, from Croatia 🎶❤️🏝 ————————————— Explore Croatia with evaspeople for the best pleasure ever 🎶🔝🌬 ————————————————-travelblogger croatiangirl inventionsinsider growtogether connectingpeople croatia realestate arrangements eventplanner sunshine yachting nature culture happy happytraveller mediator fulloflife

Planet Earth 🌏 is our home. And we should enjoy more in it. travel love and helpeachother ————————————————- travelblogger croatiangirl inventionsinsider growtogether connectingpeople croatia realestate arrangements eventplanner sunshine yachting nature culture happy happytraveller mediator fulloflife

My mom has a B I G Personality ! & this is just a glimpse of who she is day and night 😊 She’s literally a cool mom and if you know you know. The people love her ❤️ . . . . . .mom coolmom piscesseason tgif jamajuice fulloflife aftergymsnack loveher tiktok dojacat juicy

The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend.... sisterlove👭 selfiepartner instapic📷 followme✌ @sandhya_rajput28 fulloflife simplicity happiness💕 mahashivratri fridayvibes

Um ninho bonito, cheio de vida, cheio de amor 🥰 . . ✨ Beautiful neste, full of life, full of love 🥰 . . 🏠 Aveiroaveiro obandodawussy agapornisdomesticados criadosmão criadoscomamor lovebird lovebirdnest passarosdoamor nest birdnest fulloflove fulloflife smallparrots parrotslover tropicanbirdfood

#bdaygirlfulloflifeenjoythemomenthappymomentsfamilyphotographyluvyourmanequotestolivebyi am so Happy... 💕💕💕❤💞💞🍰🍰🍰😋😋😗

The past, the present and the future are really one: they are today. ⠀ Harriet Beecher Stowe ⠀ Live in the now. Too often, we worry about the future or regret something that we have done in the past. Focus your time and energy on things you can control in the present moment. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Живи в настоящем. Слишком часто мы беспокоимся о будущем или сожалеем о том, что сделали в прошлом. Сосредоточь свое время и энергию на вещах, которые ты можешь контролировать в настоящий момент. ⠀ ⠀mindfulness yogamind behappy passionplanner yogalover yoga yogainspiration yogateacher yogagirl yogalove ashtanga bekind beyourself loveyourself yogapractice yogaeveryday yogaeverywhere yogalifestyle inflexibleyogis yoganddesign healthylifestyle healer fulloflove fulloflife vegan compassion inlove grateful gratitude positivevibes

Natural Habitat, Tropical Little Bird 🦩🦚🦜 MISSOURI BOTANICAL GARDENS WERE GORGEOUS 🎋 fulloflife stlouisgram missouriboticalgardens climatecontrolled greenhousesupreme midwinterheatwave palma piscesseason

Vrijeme je da upoznate našeg novog klijenta @black_tie_croatia [SERVICES: video] Cijeli projekt je u opisu profila. ⬆️promovideo branding agency luxury travel transfer dalmatia croatia fulloflife kartel digital

Nico’s Bar za vas ima nove vrhunske koktele 🍹😍 . Danas vam predstavljamo Zagreb Mule, možda i najpoznatijim od naših novih koktela 🔝 . Vrhunski gin, sok limete i ginger beer, upotpunjeni s ploškom đumbira i krastavca ostaviti će vas bez daha 🤤🍸 Odličan prijedlog za večeras, slažete se? 😊 .tastethemoment nicosbar nicos bar gin ginstagram cocktailsofinstagram mindfuldrinking friday endoftheweek coctailgoals luxury zagreb croatia fulloflife coctails🍹

💥 Para los días en los que las emociones se salen de control, cuenta con Vital’s Hybrid 💚 Cartrigde para encontrar tu balance perfecto y tal como @cristinahaze, sentir el “chill mood” 🍃 que tanto buscas.⠀ ⠀ En Vital nuestros productos medicinales son extraídos 100% 🌱 de la planta de cannabis por lo que nuestros pacientes se benefician del gran sabor cuando toman su medicamento.😉⠀ ⠀ ¡Confía en Vital y llénate de Vida! ⚡️⠀ -⠀ 📸 @cristinahaze ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀Vitalnabis VitalFullOfLife FullOfLife vital wellness lifestyle dispensary puertorico alternativemedicine terpenes cartridge thc cbd

Full of Love Express love everyday in this love month.fullofloveCheck out more of this shirt Link in bio

JUST LIKE THAT SHE IS SIX! Happy Birthday to the fabulous, beautiful, smart Ellie Mae! Auntie Jena loves you so much! fulloflife nolababy neicefromanothersisterfromanothermomma 💜💚💛🎂🎁🎈

I had a bad parenting moment... Yup, it happens. I haven’t slept through the night in well forever. I hit the wall.. My little Kate still loves her soother🙈 I want to throw them all out!!! 🤔😂 She constantly wakes up in the middle of the night because she looses them!! I am done getting up with my flashlight on my phone...hands and knees trying to find this stupid soother!!! So the other night I got 😤 I stormed in her room and yelled at her to go to sleep for the love of Buddha! I slammed my phone down and was pissed! The thing is I’m a super light sleeper! I wake up to the smallest noise and then when I get woken up I start thinking and my brain won’t shut off!! Can anyone relate? It’s pin to have thaw moments we feel guilty and get over it! We are not robots! We are human!! It’s ok! I will forgive myself because it will happen again I’m sure! We are super Moms! We don’t need a cape....we are all wearing one all the time! They are just invisible 😘 Happy Friday my sweet friends ❤️ playtime kidsimagination noworries justhavingfun wondertime lovinglife learnandbefree innocence alwayssmiling lovemykids energynonstop fulloflife littlespunges happymommy hockey-mom activekids irishtwins 9monthsapart lakebonavistatime snacksareeverything pogosticksfun legonevergetsold sweetmomcapturess motherhoodloopspinabifiachamp

The energyyyy y’all on is real. Baby I’m pure no need to be on that timing with me! I love everybody! Anyways, it’s my birthday!!! GoodVibesOnly FullOfLife Happy Blessed Energy

L'espace beauté, où j'aime servir chacun(e) qui y met les pieds. ♡ . .peacefulplace peaceofmind fulloflove fulloflife fullofpassion fullofharmony loveyourself lovenails lovemassage loveyourskin lovemyjob

So the first time it got messed up & second time we made it ! 😂😂😂😂😂 . .tiktokindia funny fulloflife drama FollowMe

¿Planeando vuestra próxima escapada? 🗺 Momento perfecto para estrenar tus maletas @mrwonderful_ ✨ .GabolTravel FullOfLife maletasbonitas maletasGabol mrwonderfulshop

This week Isla started her transition into the toddler room at daycare, after almost a year in the nursery. She has absolutely thrived this week and although we had planned for her first full day to be in a few weeks time, on Thursday we started our new routine and did drop off into the toddler room. From the moment we walked in, her confidence filled me with confidence, as I watched my bold girl show me where everything was and lived and then went and did her thing in the playground, hat on her head, smile on her face. She even waved goodbye to me happily while she was content with her teachers and all of the options she had of activities and play mates. My heart is so full of love and I am beyond proud of the strong, determined, and charismatic little girl you are growing into. You take everything in your stride and do everything with kindness in your heart and a smile on your face. Love you my baby girl. isladel mybabyisnowatoddler ourteamteal charismatictoddler fulloflife daycarejourney @myschoolparkavenue @codered82

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