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Hello Friends. 😂🥰🌠

Cuba's wildlife is exciting and a bit dangerous. cuba wildlife cairnterrier funnydog

Beautiful girl 🦋 Красотка ❤️ ----------------------------------------------------dog dogs #собака funnydogfunny funnydogs #собака #смешныеживотные #смешныесобаки

She protecc She attacc But most importantly She is goose necc . . . . Photo description for accessibility: Penelope is a small seal and white Italian Greyhound. She has neck for days! Her ears are down and eyes are wide. She has a collar with a blue and white bow tie on. . . . .iggy italiangreyhound italiangreyhounds iggysofinstagram iggys greyhound greyhounds greyhoundsofinstagram sighthound sighthounds sighthoundsofinstagram galgo galgos #イタグレ galgoitaliano cermet longdog longdoggo doggo PenelopeTheGoose

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She is unaware of her size or she could care less 🤣🤣 🔹️🔹️🔹️🔹️🔹️🔹️🔹️🔹️🔹️🔹️🔹️🔹️ No esta conciente de su tamaño o le importa una m 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ canecorsodog canecorso italianmastiff instagramdog doglove heavydog cantbreathe nofucksgiven lapdog funnydog bed whoisboss suffocating bigdog welovedogs cuddlesession

REEEAACH. Trying real hard to reach the cardboard. But my legs are too short. . .corgi corgisofinstagram corgireach reachingnewheights durhamdogs dogs funnydogvideos funnydog corgifeed puppy corgipuppyfeed

В Питере началась осень 🍁 Дожди с сильными ветрами ☔🌪️ #выжлаАпа #далматинГога #выжла #далматин #щенокдалматина #funnydog 101dalmatians smartdog showdog saintpetersburg dalmatianspots vizsladog vizslalife vizslaphoto vizslafamily vizslaworld vizslalove dalmatian_pics dalmatiandog dalmatianclub dalmatianworld dalmatiansofinstagram dalmatianclub dalmatianlife dalmatianpuppy

When is someone’s bday but all you want is to eat the burger... 🍔🎈🎉angusburger dogmombirthday dogmom doggosdoingthings funnydog vacaymodeon dogvacayhost puertoricolife

Bought myself a new bed for sunbathz ... That's what I bork for!! || Me compré una cama nueva para disfrutar del sol ... ¡¡Porque para eso trabajo!! ° ° °dog dogs dogislove doggo dogoftheday doglover doglovers dogsofinstagram dogsofinsta dogstagram alwaysapuppy funnydog funnydogs rescuedog rescuedogs dogphotography mobilephotography blackdogs sundayfunday lazydog perro perros perrosdeinstagram instadogscr perrosdecostarica costarica zaguate zaguates

Not everyone needs a pitbull, but every pitbull needs someone. ❤️ @bully.baloo _ Follow @bully.baloo for more adorable content! 💕 thebunnyearedbully

Glad we share the same love for Cadbury 😍🍫😂 .cadburys insidecadbury channel5 funnydog dogwatchingtv instavreality theresactuallyaflyonthetv

frends and foks wee r so clos two doubl didgeets🍪🥛🎁🙏❤️💚💛 who es wxcited cumenyed if u r🎁🙏🎄 - - - -christmas christmasdog bostonterrier bostonterrierchristmas dog funnydog christmascount christmas🎄 merrychristmas christmasbostonterrier christmascountdown 2020 christmas2020

*Sound On* because this little guy loves to drive me crazy & make me love him even more all at the same time 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 DogMom At least he took his daddy’s sox & not mine 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Tuxie🐶 . @lollipoppomskies @djxjuicebox . . .funnydog dog dogsofinstagram dogs instadog cutedog pomsky dogstagram funny funnydogs doglover doglovers cute husky dogoftheday ilovemydog instagram cutedogs happydog pet doglife puppiesofinstagram puppylove cutepuppy doglove puppies doggo

🌞🐶 -------------------------foxterrier dogstagram doggytheworld wirefoxterrier terrierlife petstagram petdog doggylove smalldog foxterrier_official autmnwalk dogphoto cutedog funnydog happydog goodboy dogwalking mydogiscutest wirefoxterriersofinstagram #питомцы #моясобака #фоксик #фокстерьер

When you’re really tired but also a little horny

Dog plays dead to avoid going home while park crowd watches. 🤣

I had a great time painting this pup for project pet yesterday! Showing 40 people how I paint pet portraits is always a blast! 🥰🥳 this hilarious pic was chosen for me this time and I couldn't keep from smiling the entire time 😂🐶👅 . . .doggo petportrait acrylicpainting pinotspalette saintbernard panting painting paintandsip nofilter funnydog petproject blickartmaterials pupper tongue rachaelbuiart dogsofinstagram dog petstagram furbaby

Peanut is melting 😂 ساح! . . This is from our brunch date just me and doggos ☺️💕! I put some water on his paws and tummy to make him feel cooler 🥰!

"Mom, how can I help make the world a better place?" . "By just being you," she answered. 😌🐶 . . . .bullterrierclub moderndog bullterrierpics  bullterrierworld lifeinthe6ix bullterrierofinstagram digitalcreatorbullterriergramminibullterrier adoptadog  dogsarefamily pawzenglishbullterrier kidlitdogsofcanada ilovemybullterrier funnydog torontodogs minibully_phoenixstoriesofadogdogsofinstagram dailybarkerweratedogs weeklyfluffamwriting chien@weratedogs @dogsofinstagram @dogsofinstaworld @bull.terrier.club @dogsofcanada @dogsbeingbasic @proudbullterrier @theellenshow

Après un samedi génial en balade avec la @shiba_chuken.kiku.kensha Family, aujourd’hui je suis allé à la première exposition en classe « baby ». Le juge a dit que j’étais « Très prometteur », la classe, un vrai CKK Boy quoi 😎 Suis trop fier car pôpaaaaaa Nanaki, qui était là, a pu me voir. Maman ❤️ Sabine était là avec tata Cécile c’était trooooooop top 💕 - After an awesome saturday with the @shiba_chuken.kiku.kensha Family, today am gone to my first exhibition in class « baby ». The judge has said am « very promising », nice, a real CKK Boy 😎! Am so proud cause daaaaadyyyy Nanaki, who was there, could see me. My mom of heart Sabine was there with aunt Cécile 😘, that was so wonderful 💕 - -shiba shibainu shibackk chukenkikukensha shibaken shibadog shibalife shibamania shibastagram shiba_snap kuroshiba blackshiba instadog japanesedog #柴 shibagirl instashiba #黒柴 cutedog funnydog #柴犬マニア pecoいぬ部 chienjaponais shibafrance shibastyle shibagram theshibasociety shibainuway #시바견 shibe

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Awwwww❤️ Golden Retrievers are the best fall-time dog💛 Who agrees❓🐶 📸: @kelstongoldens

Da das Wetter so schön ist haben wir noch einen entspannten Spaziergang im Wald gemacht🌲🌲🍂🍃 Jetzt geht's, erst mal auf die Couch genug bewegt für heute 🐶❤️❤️❤️🐾🐾🐾 truelove continentalbulldogs continentalbulldogge bulldogge dog hunde bulldog bulldoglovers cuteanimals instagramdog dogsofinstagram bulldogsofinstagram dogfluencer hundeleben hundeaufinstagram ilovemydog hundeliebhaber funnydog lovethemanimals dogloversdogofthedaychillin chillmodus relax

A dog of many facial expressions.

[Resume Milo] Single-handedly corrected the flight path of a round-shaped object with interception with an accuracy of 99.9% under any weather conditions and lighting, while overcoming the drag force of an object of increased fluffiness with astonishing weight of 100 lb 💪 resume⠀ What kind of job would you offer me? ⠀ 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾 ⠀ [Резюме Майло] Единолично корректировал траекторию полёта предмета круглых форм с перехватом с точностью в 99,9% при любых погодных условиях и освещении, одновременно преодолевая силу сопротивления объекта повышенной лохматости с весом в 45 кг 💪 ⠀ Какую работу вы мне можете предложить?

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