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Hey guys! I'm Oscar and I'm looking for my forever home. If you are interested in getting more information, please check out our website, bighairanimalrescue.comamericanbully americanbullys rescuedog adoptdontshop newhampshire fureverhome mixedbreed mixedbreeds bullymix rescuedog americanbullymix rescuedogs nonprofit animalrescue bullydog adoptables adoptabledog oscar rescuebully bullydogs bullydog You can also check me out on: Facebook.com/bighairanimalrescue

SAY WHAAATT? This is not fake news! Many employers allow pets in the workplace! My very first employer had a black lab puppy who was training to be a service dog. The call center was never happier than when he was running around wagging his tail while we worked! 🐶 Since then I’ve worked with nearly a dozen employers who’ve allowed foster cats to become “office cats” of course going home with a staff member at the end of the night! 🐱 Most recently I encountered an office bunny who hopped around from person to person spreading love and happiness! How’s that for a stress reliever? 🐰 Double tap if you want to see more office pets OR tag an employer eho you’d love to see go “pet friendly” 🐾 adoptdontshop rescue animalrescue adoption fosteringsaveslives furbaby shelter adoptanimals rescueismyfavouritebreed humanesociety adoptrescueanimals rescuecats thinkadoptionfirst fureverhome dogsofcanada dogsoftoronto dogrescue catrescue rescueanimals ratrescue rabbitrescue ferretrescue guineapigrescue turtlerescue rescuepetsofinstagram birdrescue fosteringanimals letssaveanimals animalrescues fosterbasedrescue via @preview.app

Everyone I have exciting news! Please give a warm welcome to my new pup Sonny! He’s a 5 month old dachshund mix from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 Follow him to learn all about his adventures as he settles into his forever home!! . . .sonnylacava fosterfail adoptdontshop animallighthouserescue dogsofinstagram puppy welcomehome fureverhome

Guess who kicked ringworm this week! It's Little Peep! This handsome boy will be heading back to our Felvie Rooms or foster soon. He's the most social, spunky cat in the group. Come on down and meet him! 🐾

Your Majesty, just hanging around waiting for her forever home! Come meet her in our Ringworm Adoption Center. She'll be waiting for you in her hammock..err throne. 😹🏰👑

Amazing news!⠀ ⠀ This lovely little lady is going to her forever home today. She was rescued from overseas and has been in foster care locally since.⠀ ⠀ We’ll miss her and her completely bonkers personality on walks but thrilled she’s got a permanent home to go to 😍😍😍⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ outfurawalk dogwalker dogwalkers dogwalkdogsofinstagram dogwalkingadventuresdogwalkinglife dogwalkersofinstagram petsittingdog dogs dogstagram dogsitting fitdogsdogslife instadog dogoftheday fureverfamily adoptdontshop dogsofwales doglover happydog romanianrescuedog dontshopadopt dowhatyoulove doggo doggyfosterdog fureverhome ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

Our MoMo...we're his 3rd (& final) home. I hope he's as happy with us as we have been with him....rescuedog puppylove fureverhome thatfacetho

Wow already at 100 followers 👌🏼🐶❤️ Thanks everyone for following me, I can’t wait to meet out all. My mum and dad pick me up and take me to my furever home in 2 days ✅🏠 bostonthetoycavoodle toycavoode comingsoon sep22nd imcoming mumanddad 2days 100 followers follow alreadyat100 comingsoonrealsoon soon cavoodlesofinstagram cavoodlegram cavoodlepuppy mumanddad fureverhome

Ces deux petits frères récupérés en début de mois dans la rue près de Naples étaient très maigres mais habitués au contact humain , certainement un abandon... Ils s appellent Holly et Benji et ont environ 6-7 mois. Taille moyenne ils sont vermifugés, vaccinés, identifiés et bientôt stérilisés. Ils ont survécu en se nourrissant de poubelles, mais maintenant en sécurité chez une de nos bénévoles italiennes. Ils sont très affectueux toujours à la recherche de câlins. L idéal pour eux serait une maison avec un petit jardin, et des grandes balades. Ce sont des chiots, donc l éducation reste à finaliser. Ils cherchent une famille française et sont prêts à sauter dans l avion dès que possible. Frais d adoption 260€ ____ Vous souhaitez en savoir ou adopter Holly & Benji ? Pour en savoir plus, rendez-vous sur notre site internet (lien dans la bio) page « Chiens à l’adoption » ! À très vite 🐶❤️ ____gamellessansfrontiere Chien protectionanimale association adoptdontshop iledefrance dogsofinstagram doggo toutou chiot cutedog chienstagram chienaladoption adoptadog puppy puppiesofinstagram fureverhome fosterfamily fostertoadopt tunisiandog italiandog

all of my toys end up by my... err, I mean, MOM’S nightstand because I love using it to make my own hide and seek puzzle game 😻 (swipe to see me playing!)

If you're happy and you know it terrorize the rug! Sing it if you know it happykitties fureverhome

@barcsanimal_shelter has been so nice to me - but I get to go to my furever home today!! 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾dogsofcharmcity gotchaday fureverhome homewardbound dogsofinstagram muttsofinstagram rescuedog rescuedogsofinstagram goodboy instadog

These kittens are available to a good home immediately (hand model not included) We can negotiate an extremely modest re-home fee because these kittens are not worthless and I must be convinced that you will bring one or both to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Any leads to a loving home are welcome. kitten kittens kittensofinstagram fureverhome fureverfamily

Too often dogs find themselves without a home at no fault of their own. Sunny is a prime example. Her owner passed away and no one in the family wanted her so she found herself dumped at the dog pound. Sadly the family didn't even tell them her real name! So she become Sunny when we pulled her because Sunny days were ahead! She has now found a home that she can continue to live the good life and be spoiled day after day. It is very important to make sure your pets are included in your will. Please make arrangements for your pets in the event something happens to you, no matter what your age. Too often dogs, like Sunny, find themselves dumped at the dog pound when their owner passes. Happy Tails, Sunny!!!!!! homewardboundwaggin adopt adoptdontshop rescue rescuedogs rescuedogsofinstagram happytails fureverhome sunny

Hey friends, my name is Norman! I am a beautiful brindle Staffy mix fella. I am on the smaller size, only weighing 37 lbs. I am around 4-5 years old and full of spunk. I am very playful, and I love running and playing fetch! I also like to climb things which have gotten me in some pickley situations so, I definitely need to live in a home with a fence. I know how to tell you when I need food, fresh water, attention or even to go outside! I know I can learn so much more with the right teacher. I am a very picky eater. I have been known to get a little hangry at times as well, but the staff thinks it's cute and then gives me a happy helping of fresh blueberries and chicken YUMMY! I am extremely snuggly and loving, a nice quiet home without children would be great for me. Also, a home where I am the only dog would be ideal. I am currently located at Almost Home at 25503 Clara Lane, Southfield, Michigan 48034. Fill out an application for more info today at almosthomeanimals.org! ❤️

When you wait all day for your family to get home, and then they do. 🥰 bedhead blaise usaf militaryfamily cutepetclub instadogs fureverhome daddysgirl

Oh hey there. Just a regular Thursday. EXCEPT I GOT ADOPTED TODAY! No kidding 😍 I went this morning to my forever mama’s home which is just on the other side of the park from where my foster mama lives (we walked there!) I’m very excited about this because I LOVE the park and all the other doggos and my mom is gonna take me running with her and her bosses said some days I even can go to work with her (what exactly is work? Is it like home but more treats?) I think foster mama was a little sad so I gave her some big giant obnoxious hugs before she left (see last photos 😅) and said “don’t you get sad foster mama, I’m just a walk away. I was so happy to be with you and foster sis for a little bit but every dog has to find their furever. See you in the park!” 😍😍😍 thank you all for sharing my foster journey here. Keep an eye on this page for when my foster mama gets another foster pup and helps them find a home just like me! Love, Fiorella adopted fiorellanybc adoptdontshop adoptthecropped fosterdog fosterdogs nybullycrew fureverhome pittienation pittie pitties pittiesofig nybc nybcfam4lifeyo nybcfamily adoptable adoptapit rescuedog fosterpitbull rescueismyfavoritebreed fostersrockfosteringsaveslives rescuedogsarethebestdogs

🚨🚨 NEEDS OUT NOW 🚨🚨 Reposted from @maraalmo (@get_regrann) - LOS ANGELES AREA URGENT. Help Oli A5316290 at baldwinparkshelter find a loving home before he is euthanized. He’s a cute little kitty looking for his fureverhome . If you can adopt or foster to save his life please contact @maraalmo . Please help raise pledge for his vetting and rescue. To adopt you can also directly visit Baldwin Park shelter @baldwinparksheltercats . Help Save Oli! 💕 helpingmeowt - regrann

So happy for Gus that he has found his family!! The poor guy was the product of two intact dogs running loose. The owner of one of the dogs has a teenager daughter who just had to have one of the puppies. Fast forward to Gus is 5.5 months, the teenager is now bored with him and spends no time with him. He had socialization issues when he came in. No one would believe this little guy sat huddled in a corner and growled at everyone from fear and didn't know how to play with other dogs. Throw a slew of Homeward Bound Waggin volunteers working with him to help him get comfortable meeting new people and trusting as well as playing in multiple doggie play groups and you now have one confident and trusting dog. He met his new owner with great confidence and was an instant hit with his new doggie sister. The new owner reports the two are inseparable and Gus is the perfect fit for their family. Happy Tails, Gus and we are so happy that you have a bright and happy future ahead of you!!!! homewardboundwaggin rescue rescuedogs rescuedogsofinstagram adopt adoptdontshop happytails gus fureverhome

Meadow🌿 Beautiful Meadow is ready to find her forever home. This lovely girl is looking for a calm, patient and understanding family that can find a balance between giving her all the affection she craves, while working on her separation anxiety. Meadow’s foster mom is working very hard to work on this anxiety, teaching her that her crate is her safe space and that she doesn’t need to be “Velcro Dog”, sticking to her human 24/7. With time and patience she has made some strides but still has a little work to do to gain some confidence. Once Meadow settles in, she is a joy to have around. She gets the “zoomies” while greeting her humans which is always a blast to see. She loves food, especially 🧀 cheese! She gets along well with her foster brother, but as she can be a little nervous at first, slow introductions to other dogs is recommended. She can also be timid around strangers, but she usually warms up to people after a couple of minutes. All Meadow needs is love and patience, do you have any to give? Find our adoption application here 👇 http://rockyroadrescue.com/adoption-application/rockyroadrescue adoptdontshop rescuedog fureverhome doglovers

Sweetest family moment 😍

Yeah. You know that’s not how you drink water right? 🙄 LinusWolfe WereWorkingOnIt @phillypaws

𝔽𝕚𝕟𝕕𝕦𝕤❤ Findus kam als Welpe mit seinen Geschwistern und seiner Mutter Nannie ins Tierheim. Alle Welpen haben ein Zuhause gefunden, Nannie leider noch nicht. Aber schaut mal, was Findus jetzt schon alles kann! Er hat sich prächtig entwickelt und wir lieben es immer, aktuelle Bilder von unseren ehemaligen Schützlingen zu bekommen. ____________________________________________________ Liebt ihr vorher-nachher Vergleiche auch so ?

tbt to the first night w my mahms - *~tomorrow~* I’m celebrating my 2nd bday AND my 6 month adoptaversary!! • • When mahms got me, @pupstarzrescue guessed I was 18 months old. Mahms decided my bday would be 6 months from my adoption day, and dat day is September 20 AKA TOMORROW WOOT WOOT bdaygirl

Help create after photos like Hillarys! This NTxGD we are raising money to continue doing lifesaving work! Help us reach $150,000 (which will be partially matched by @communitiesfoundationoftexas) and help us create after photos like these! 🐶 . . . Hillary had to have a major surgery called a soft palate resection in order to survive. Otherwise, when she drank water she would pass out 😱. Because of her VERY expensive surgery, she survived and is now thriving with her fureverhome in San Angelo, TX!HSNT Getupandgive Northtexasgivingday bethechange causes puppy bulldog cutie family

Here is our first photo of Nelson when we got him to the vets. He was in a terrible state, the vet had to cut the chain out of his neck. 👉🏻📸 Swipe to see how amazing Nelson looks now. He is still searching for his fureverhome, please message us if you have room in your family for Nelson. adoptdontshop rescuedog rescuedogsofinstagram cyprusrescuedog dogsdaily instadogs throwbackthursday thursdaymotivation dogs adopt dogsareawesome photooftheday picoftheday savealife adogisforlife welovedogs rescued canecorso canecorsolover canecorsofans love happyending dogsarefamily uk cyprusrescue

"Pawz are precious" "Why u so rough Mary?" We can't get enough of this funny Spa Day video by @kobe_jidori 🤣💕💅

Apparently after 40 you have the propensity to become an obsessed cat lady. I'm there. Don't judge.🤷🏼‍♀️

Frenz, I haz announcement! My foster sister now has her own account @ferristhegreyhound an her furever ma is her social media manager an she gonna have some more sleepovers until it’s time to move. We luff her but we so happy for her 💖💕 She did a naughty an stole a sip of ma’s water. Just thought I’d point dat out so ma knows I’m da good one.fostersister fureverhome friendsforever retiredracer greyhound salukigreyhound

**PLEASE HELP FIND THIS SWEET GIRL HER FOREVER HOME ** Hi there! My name is Farlan, but I'm still waiting for my forever family to give me my forever name ❤ I am estimated to be Beagle mix and I am about 10 weeks old. Im a little shy at first and then I warm right up!! I love people and attention! Actually I love everyone and everything for that matter!! My brothers have all been adopted and I'm the last one left. Now it's my turn, yay!! I cant wait to find my forever home! Please help us find this beautiful girl her forever home. She is such a sweet little girl!! Please contact Holly Foster Mom if you are interested at holly@eastcoastadoptions.com or please share if you know someone who might be interested. The adoption fee is $280. Thank you!! rescue adoptdontshop adoption fureverhome rescuepup eastcoastadoptions beaglemix rescuesofinstagram beaglesofinstagram

Someone finally got the zoomies and has been running around the bathroom all morning. Here Lilly is taking a brief pause curious about the sounds coming from above. 🐰 adoptLillian citykittiesdc

Tenzing supervising as I work in the yard a bit :)Tenzing blackcat blackcatsofinstagram cat catsofinstagram seniorcat fureverhome

“....The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades” 🎤🎼🎸throwbackthursday to when I was just a few months old - who knew what life had in store for me?! One of the things that happened is Mommy found out about the PupScouts organization and now I’m a PupScout! They try to make the lives of dogs and their humans better! If you’re interested, check them out @pupscoutsorg !tbt tinybutmighty littledog puppy puppylove terriersofinstagram mutt pomeranian toocute littleman sunglasses doggles hamptonslife hamptonsdog dogsoflongisland dogsofnewyork moderndog weratedogs barked longisland cutepetclub doggo lovedogs furchild fureverhome dailybarker liveyourbestlife happyandhealthy awdogs

Leia is loving her new home 🧔🏻👩🏻🐱🐱🏡 . . .fureverhome newhousewhodis fureverfamily starwarscats maytheforcebewithyou

Annie still doesn't like leaving our sides and wants to sit right under our feet. @lellalimentari we could sit outside, they had a water bowl and even a treat for Annie. Guess it's all about finding the best cafes and shops to visit with a pup now 😊 . . . . .nowfosteringannie nowfostering foster adoptdontstop savethemall fosteringsaveslives fosterdogs fosterdogsnyc adoptables adoptdontshop rescuedog adopt shelterrescue rescuedogsofinstagram dogsofinstagram whywerescue rescuepetsofinstagram dailyfluff foreverhome foreverfamily fureverhome chihuahua chihuahuamix

Рятуйте! | Help! :) purrfessorSnape adoptablackcat fureverhome blackcatsAREinstagrammable blackcatclub #пррррррфесорСнейп #візьмикотазпритулку #родинукотику #заберикотазпритулку #тобіпотрібенчорнийкотик

...na vida, um tbt de quando a humana quebrou a pata e ficou de molho na minha casa. 🏠💪🏼

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