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Just finished up our project that Scarlett and I started this weekend. We turned part of the garage into a fur shed. Just need to load of the fleshing beam and we’re in business. 🐺👊🏻☠️ coyotehunting predatorcalling furshed coyoteskinning

All the pet parents agree! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️🐶🐱 😍 . .Dogsofinstagram doglover retriever labrador ManhattanDogs Bae Fur petparent Puppy furshed Neat Home

Looks like a good start to bear season. I did not harvest this guy. But just a great looking bear. Time to fire up the smoker I think.hunting bearhunting bearhuntingwithhounds bearhuntingseason huntingontario outdoorlife outdoors ontario trapping trappingseason furshed harvester huntingseason canada canadianharvest huntergather doomsdaypreppers #

Roof on before the storm hits, decided to build an additional 8x10’ on the side, going to be nice to have a shed for skinning and fur prep. This fall/winter. furharvester trapping hunting shed furshed @fur_fish_and_game @trappinginctv

🙀itsyou furshed cat cats meow catstagram catsofinstagram ilovecats scottishfold catlover adoptdontshop autumn #換毛期 #猫 #ねこ #ねこ部 #ふわもこ部 #スコティッシュフォールド #それはあなたの毛です#あなたの一部です #だから怖がらないで

Amazing season so far. Predators are everywhere. It’s shaping up to be an excellent fur season. predatorhunter furshed coyotehunting thermalvision

Me love brush. Dad pull hair. Make mess... Got food? huskys furshed furshedding huskyshedding alphashopdog

*Missing fur* - I am currently having a shedathon and decorating all flooring with my fur 😂❤️🐕🐾 • • • •shedding furshed husky huskyproblems huskynation pomsky love dog pet puppylove dogslife dogsofIG pomskysofinstagram doglover dogoftheday pupoftheday yourpetphotos pomskylove buzzfeeddogs dogstagram petstagram dogsdaily cutedog cutedogsdaily pomskynation pomskyworld pomskyofinstagram @dogsofinstaworld @dailybarker @dogsofinstagram @mydogiscutest @insta_dog

im not a trapper but I saw this at a buddies and I just thought it was an awesome image. Good luck this season! trapline fur hunting hunter trapper furshed mountainmen pioneer survival bushcraft

Getting the itch...I hope it’s not mange! A few more months and we’ll have steel in the ground. An uptick in the market has a few people smiling. What are you going after this fall? millcreeklures iowatrappers coyotetrapping furtaker furshed mb650 longliner

Prepping the shed. Added 15 stretchers we hope to keep full! saveafawnshootacoyote coyotetrapping predatortrapping trapping trapshed furshed

But...it’s what makes me floofy and purty

Who else can't wait until trapping season.Got all my baits and lures for this season bought, made and labelled. I still have about 5 dozen traps to get boiled and waxed. 1 dozen to finish making pan extenders and laminating them. Also still got about 10 dozen snares to get done and 100 gallons of wax dirt still to be made. trapline duketraps hunting outdoors furtrapping trappingseason trappingislife coontrapping foxtrapping k9trapping coyotetrapping bobcattrapping snaringthewest snaring snaringcoyotes snaringfoxes snaringiscaring legholdtrap trapping trappingisconservation huntingisconservation fta furbearer nafafurs furshed wolfernation dunlaplures fntpost minnesotatraplineproducts

Good tools are trusted friends and this kit here has served me well in the fur shed for over a decade. furshed furtrapping skinningknife akaska bushcraft offgridliving

Ֆուրշետ հարսի տանը _______________________________ 🏛️ Կոմիտաս 23/2 📞 +374 98982777 +374 99907779furshetyerevan furshed #ֆուրշետ

Ֆուրշետների կազմակերպում։ #ֆուրշետիսեղան #ֆուրշետհարսանիքի furshed furshet _______________________________ 🏛️ Կոմիտաս 23/2 📞 +374 98982777 +374 99907779

Wedding decor by @weddingplanning_armenia _______________________________ 🏛️ Կոմիտաս 23/2 📞 +374 98982777 +374 99907779 #հասիտանձևավորում #ֆուրշետ furshed harsanekanparaganer harsanekan harsik harsitandzevavorum

She is very hard sloughing now! 換毛期…いくらブラッシングしても終わりが見えないσ(^_^;) goldenretriever golden retriever #ゴールデンレトリーバー #レトリバー #ゴールデンレトリバー walking garden #大型犬 #大型犬のいる生活 dog dogsofinstagram #いぬすたぐらむ #いぬバカ部 dogstagram furshed #換毛期

Got the fur shed together today. Thank you @britani_dostal for the help! furshed trapping

Took a sausage making class. Just one way to pass the time. Can't wait to try them on the treager grill. Now if it will only the weather would clear up. I am sick of the rain.foodporn food sausage class newthings trappers traplines trappingseason trapcabin furshed prepper prep outdoor outdoorlifestyle smoker outdoorliving outdoorontario Canadian ontariotrapping outdoorsman uxbridge wildlifecontrol farmfresh funtimes

All right!! I am better with a trap than a camera. I picked up a beaver in the foot hold but I am not smart enough to hit record. Sorry it was a great front leg catch. beavers beavertrapping beaversofinstagram trapping trappingseason trapline traplinelife nuisancewildlifetrapping nusiancebeavertrapping furisgreen furfashion furshed wildlifemanagement wildlife hunting hunting_the_wild huntingisconservation huntingseason ontario ontariotrapping canadiantrapper bridgertraps duketraps

Turkey hunting in Wisconsin Day 1...shitty, cold, raining...guess I will have a whiskey!ameristepblinds cantkillthemiftheycanthearyou fuckturkeyhunting furshed homeisokaysometimes kesslerwhiskey mapleicecubes oldtomturkey

Brushed one cat, got another cat duplicationspell furbrush furshed

That’s right!! The one on the left shipped out last weekend with a tag that said “please tan me” just the first step in the long process to becoming a hat. A beaver went as well. New gloves for next year.preppers canadianharatage trap traps trap fashion wildfur trapline traplinelife k9trapping wildlife trapping furshack furshed taxidermy coyote coyotehunting furharvister fha outdoor outdoors fur furisgreen ontariofurmanagersfederation canadian canadianfur canadianharatage canada

Tree hugger Tammy (the name was changed to protect the innocent) told the land owner that if you painted the bottom of the trees with white paint mixed with sand it would keep the beaver away. As you can see its works well. Still can't believe they then paid me. So strange!!! beaversofinstagrambeavertrapping beaverremoval nusencebeaver propertydamage trappers trapping furharvister traplines traplinelife wildlifecontrol prepper furshed outdoorlife outdoorsportsman ontariofurtrade trapperpride wilderness wildlife beavercontrol beavertrap beavercreek

Just putting the finishing touch on the season. Thanks for all your like and follows. I hope everyone had a successful season. Be safe and enjoy the summer. I will be posting fun summer stuff from Ontario. trapping trappingseason trappingtones trappinglife trappingislife coyote coyotehunting coyotetrapping predator wildlifemanagement trapline skinningknife furshed furryporn fur furfashion furharvestersauction furisgreen ontariotrapping wildlifephotography canadianharatage preppers

As a request I was asked how the beaver pattern works. This is it in under a min. Hope this helps someone out there.traplinelife trappinglifestyle furporn fur trapping beaver trapline furshed furs beavertrapping bushcraft dyi outdoors outdoors hunting ontario canada canadianfurtrade prepper beavers outdoorlifestyle furharvester furharvesters #

It's time for the annual fur explosion!spring furshed caturday caliby cutie

The first of 3 posts is the coyote on the beam. Post 2 how to remove ear Cartilage and post 3 putting a coyote on wire stretch. If anybody has a good idea for the off season posts please let me know. Or it will be What's on Mike's plate as I give B.B.Q lessons. I keep bees and have all kinds of summer fun. Drop a comment and I will see what I can do. Remember to like and follow.coyote coyotetrapping coyoteskinning coyotesofinstagram workingwithfur furtrade furshed furofinstagram furproducts furisgreen furharvester trapping trapline traplinelife #trappers trapperpride furfun outdoor outdoorlifestyle ontariotrapping predator preditorhunting huntinglife huntinglifestyle outdoor canadiantrapper canadianfur furtrade nusence

A nice skunk on the beam. Just putting up the last of my fur. Need to put a end to this season.skunk skucks trapping trappers furshed furporn trappinglife trapline workingwithfur furtrade furharvester furhandling canadafurtrade canadiantrapper canadianharatage

Not a coyote on the end of a RCR. But it will help to off set the cost of equipment for next season. It is fun just doing a little nuisance work from time to time. trapprep trappin trapping trappers trapping_tones trappinglife furshed furharvester furporn furisgreen furhandling skunk skunksofinstagram skucks furbaby fur furisgreen furshed outdoors outdoorlife outdoorontario ontariofurtrade huntinglife hunting outdoorsman bushcraft prepper work hardwork

100% for me to post my fur grades. So here they are. Please remember this is not what I keep. I pay royalties to her majesty the queen. I pay shipping, auction fees, drumming charges, trapping supply, gas, repairs on vehicle, insurance, trapping license, hunting license, then after that whatever I can't deduct I pay income tax on at about 28%. As you can see that is US funds it will get converted to Canadian but as you can see I have a great Hobby I would not give it up. Do you have any questions living in the comment and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.trappin traplines trapping trappers coyote coyotesofinstagram canadiantrapper fur furisgreen furshed lifestockprotection traplife furharvister furporn furhandling trappingseason trapped harvester hardwork trapperpride canadiantrapper canadafurtrade canadianharatage

The season is officially and all the fur has be shipped. shadowofdeath predatorhunting coyotehunting muledeerinsurance furtaker furshed

Flash back Friday. Forgot to post this one! As you can see I picked him up after a trip to the dump. For more Canadian hunting pics check out Kawartha_hunts to see what hunting in the Kawartha has to offer. Happy Friday.coyote coyotesofinstagram coyoteline coyoteline coyotetrapping coyotehunting trapline traplinelife traplines furshed furisgreen furharvester trappingseason huntinglife huntinglifestyle trappers trapporn canadiantrapper fha

Time to do a little boiling. Anyone in the market for some coon dingers? baculum furshed coonpeterpose

This picture dose not do justice for this cat!! I hunted hard for 3-4 fur seasons trying to get me a NM desert bobcat, and I finally connected on this beautiful 29 lbs tom!!! I cant tell you how lucky I am to have this experience and ability to do the things I have a passion for. This cat will be be a memory for the rest of my life!! Big thanks to all the supporters of mine all my friends and family, especially @1_and_only_dog_soldier!! He’s been my go to for advice and hunting tips, always got back to me and is just an awesome dude!!! Thanks Steve!!! organmountainpredator OMP_2019 NM predatorhunting publicland bobcat bobcathunting furseason furshed skinningtime huntforfood ethicalhunter

Ditch parrot feathers make everything look better. 🤣 furshed

Well.....Guess it’s time to catch some fish. furshed

They buy the bellies but in my opinion the backs of bobcats are pretty amazing also! furharvester trapping trapper bobcattrapping fur furhandling furshed

Skunky round here. furshed skunk

Nice to have some help in the fur shed!! 😂 at least he brings me 🍺! trapping furharvester furshed takeakidtrapping teachemyoung

Here kitty kitty kitty furshed

The Dahlke Crew picked up another moose muncher on Pissin' Post - coming to market Fall 2019 • Baitem907.com Trapping Lures wolftrapping wolfsnare trapping trapline trapak predatorcontrol trapperlife furhandling furharvester trappinglures olsourdoughsofak furshed nafa

Drying fur and watching some hoops. Good times in the furshed

furshed skinningshed I built my skinning shack far from the house to keep the bears and coyotes away from the house and from my chickens / ducks / rabbits. Usually it’s fine cause I plow a road to it but with all the snow this year, I can’t plow the road wide enough anymore. So now I have to walk. The struggle is real!

I am not a fur grader. But I am sure this coyote is prime. I just love the look of this awsome colour. coyote furshed furharvester furporn furisgreen canadiantrapper coyotesofinstagram canadianfur trappin trapping trappers trapline trapping_tones traplinelife trappinglife workingwithfur

When you skin skunks just plan on eating in the furshed. Mama isn’t letting you sit at the table 😉

Rack is full fans are running. Time to relax. furshed

Banging them out! Love these critters! furshed skunk

Never know what you will see around the house this time of year. furshed educatedredneck

WARNING NOT FOR SENSITIVE PEOPLE. This is how you remove the ears from a coyote. If you want to see the rest please let me know in the comments. Remember to like and follow if you want more videos. skinning workingwithfur trappin trappers trapline traplinelife furshed coyote coyotesofinstagram canadiantrapper furharvister skinningshed furisgreen huntinglife hunting coyotehunting #

Anyone have a sharp knife and some free time? furshed

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