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We sent Jason Gibbs @coyote__terminator of Arkansas a bottle of our Death♠️Card Lure to try out. Awesome stuff! Appreciate ya brother. keepupthescare🐾 - - -death♠️card trappinglures coyotedown predatorcontrol arkansastrapping coyotehunting tightchains 2ndamendment furshed predatorhunting trapping furtakersofamerica hunting fishing saveaturkey

Zeus the boss loves shedding his fur everywhere. furshed whitefur likeaboss timetosleep goodnight

🦨 furshed

Oh my goodness guys!! Check out how much fur iv lost 🙈 MILO ,🤗 . . . . .chihuahuasofinstagram deshedding furshed doggroominglife dogsofcardiff cardiff

Here we go again! furshed skunks

What a year from @cspory700 👍🏻 Awesome job Craig and Brian! Brian is an absolute Pennsylvania trapping legend! He taught all of us here at PA Trappers so much! Congrats on a great year! 🐺🦊🦦🦝 PATRAPPERS coyote coyotehunting trapping raccoon fur furshed bobcat

Coyote down! Flat set using a Bridger No. 2 modified dogless. Beaver Tail Oil and Death♠️Card Lure. coyotedown flatset coyotehunting coyotetrapping predatorcontrol predatorhunting hunting georgiatrappers suburbantrapping death♠️card phillipsoutdoors beavertailoil tightchains trapline furshed furtrapping

The daughter sent me a picture today. It appears she was rummaging through my office furs. furshed

Raccoon ivory keychains. Figured why waste em! furshed

"Арканзас речной траппер"- Кайл Кэрролл. "Arkansas river trapper"- Kyle Carroll. . . . . #охотакапканами #охотанабобра #траппинг #траппер #капканнаяохота #промысловаяохота #охотовед #охотанабобровtrappingbeaverbeavertrappingwatertrapping wintertrapping beaverpelts furshed furtakers furtaker wildfur furtrapping furbuyer arkansastrapper arkansastrapping

This is my super bowl... you can have the commercials, the anti- American players, propaganda, and media. I’ll take the quiet woods, steel traps, and furry creatures all day long... trapper whatsuperbowl trapping predatortrapping furshed trapline

Pretty excited about this fleshing beam from @badgerlandtrappingsupply Got a few more weeks to trap and then the real work begins!trapper furtaker conservation predatortrapping trapping furshed

Making memories in the fur shed . . . . . ————————————trapping trapwv wvtrapping furshed getoutside getoutthere itsinmynature iamsportsman gnarlytreeoutdoors

Stevens nephew and his first coyote hunting experience! Smile says it all! hornady predator furshed dogdown

Another great day on the line with @weston_tlohunts ! Come and join us on our TIMBERLAND FUR HARVESTERS Facebook Page! TIMBERLANDFURHARVESTERS TFHlures trappingseason trapping cattrapping coyotecalling coyotehunting predatorhunting predatorcalling furshed predatorcontrol cagetrapping furfriday tlohunts

Replacing old trap traps for new on my nuisance traps, trappingshack furshed trapping nuisancewildlifetrapping nwco furfishgame trapper furprep

I just love spending time working and putting up fur. Now for them to finish drying then onto the last one. I should build another stretcher but with the amount of coyotes I get a year I probably don't need to. furshed furtaker coyotes workingfur theyaresopretty idontwanttosellthem fawnkillers

No gym membership needed this time of year! fleshing furshed

Two more beautiful animals starting the process. A hunter dropped these off yesterday looking to have a Davey Crockett cap and a woolrich pattern trooper with red fox embellishment for him and his wife. Being a furrier is very satisfying from start to finish. From the putting up of the fur to the final stitch. We get to take a raw beautiful renewable resource and at the end of the process have an amazing piece of garment art. garmentart fur starttheprocess outdoorsmen outdoorswomen tradingpost furshed randrtradingpost

“It’s a tradition, history, and skill far gone” - @jacobheumphreus This past year has been filled with experiences and people I am so incredibly blessed and grateful to be surrounded by I love to teach but I love observing and learning so much more Stepping into “the fur shed” is not glamorous but for me, its still kind of beautiful It’s sweat, blood, guts and hard work I’m enamored by it It’s experiences like this that inspire me and drive me and people like this that do even more so From Fly Fishing, to Tanning, to dog training, trapping, hunting... we are surrounded by amazing and fascinating human beings Skilled and humble Driven and giving Living out and Passing on traditions of the outdoor world and hard work There are so many things out there at first glance ... we are so quick to cringe or judge Do we take the time to stop, ask questions, observe and get our hands dirty ? Understand the greater things at play ? There’s a world out there of nasty, miserable, sweaty, beautiful, honest, fulfilling work I am incredibly grateful to have been exposed and surrounded by such things ❤️ Make it a beautiful day 👊🏼

Очередная партия.. . . . .wintertrapping beaverpelts furshed furtakers furtaker wildfur furtrapping furbuyer #охотанабобра #охотанабобров beavertrapping russiantrapline russuan_trapline #промысловаяохота #меховойсарай #охотакз #охотавроссии #охотарыбалка #охота #охотаирыбалка trapping trapper trapperman #шкуркибобра # шкурыбобра #выделка #охотанапушногозверя #охота2020

Trapping with my buddy this year. Good times! furshed furtakers beavertrapping

Boarding up this 50 pounder for a customer in my nice warm fur shed. He ordered a beaver trooper hat and we aim to please. He will be very warm next season on his water trap line. hats fur beaver warmhats furshed randrtradingpost

I call Brent's side hustle business his "mistress". When she sends him home, it's always with more work. Now that lambing is over for a few weeks, we could be catching up on sleep, but NOOO...we will be spending some late nights in the fur shed. furtaker furbuyer furshed coyotes fur a_l_ranch

Fur shed is a little full. Smells like a coyote ate a skunk and pooped a raccoon.furshed

VOLUME UP!!! Cats sure aren’t scared of much! Thats 2 this set has caught in the last 8 days... bobcattrapping bobcat trapping trapper trapline duketraps curiositykilledthecat doublefooted gangset toilet stilllearning furshed fursale

6 for 6 furshed

Getting rid of some nuisances for a few neighbors. Time to make another trip to the fur buyer! • • •gcoutdoors pestcontrol godscountryoutdoors nuisance raccoon muskrat beaver furshed wintertrapping

Coons coons and more coons! furshed

This was the Biggest Grey Fox I’ve ever taken. Vicious jokers. I’ve never trapped a timid Grey. foxtrapping trapline hunting furshed death♠️card predatorcontrol predatorhunting predatortrapping phillipsoutdoors foxlure

Big beautiful male Fisher in a coon set incidental catch. . .coonbox trapping fisher conibear trapper furharvesters ontario furshed thawing suitcasecatch

Hello kitty! furshed

Kansas song dog! furshed

Trapping season duketraps fur furshed

Just a sack of urine. Fresh is best! furshed

Took the coon hunting experience a step further yesterday and got a lesson in the skinning, prep & tanning process Thanks to @jacobheumphreus I was fascinated by the whole thing The technique, the stretching, knowing quality from not, what’s it’s all used for ... It’s pretty gross but it’s also pretty awesome and enjoyed it entirely ... but I also got a glimpse, nothing compared to what it actually takes to do this job Major respect for the work that’s put in to get this done Is there something you love, that from the outside, is probably pretty undesirable or just down right miserable ? 👇🏼 Speaking of ....Now I’m gonna get ready for the gym & to walk a few hills 🦌 Happy Friday everyone !!

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