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Chest day! Train with intention y’all. Never go through the motions. Push yourself with every rep, set, mile, sprint, burpee, etc! 1. Flat dumbbell bench press: 4 sets 14-12-10-8 reps 2. Incline dumbbell bench press: 4 sets 10-12 reps w/80s; 8-10 reps w/90s 3. Weighted push-ups: 4 sets 15-16 reps [used 25lbs dumbbell] 4. Decline hammer strength press: 4 sets 12-15 reps 5. Incline dumbbell flys superset w/ close grip press: 3 sets 14-15 reps w/ flys; press til failure 6. High cable flys superset w/push-ups: 3 sets 15-20 reps w/ flys; push-ups til failure 7. Dips: 4 sets til failure This was a really good workout. Really intense and I feel myself getting stronger with the weights and my body weight! Nothing, but progress! Enjoy!gym gymmotivation gymshark gymlife gymtime gymrat fit fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessaddict fitnesslife fitfam fitlife fitnessjourney bodybuilding bodypositive bodybuilder muscle strong strength strengthtraining chest chestday benchpress training train progress gains weightlifting beastmode

“She acts like summer and walks like rain” ✨ photography sunsets

Doing pushups every day can be effective if you're looking for a consistent exercise routine to follow. You will likely notice gains in upper body strength if you do pushups regularly.Pushups EveryDay Effective Consitency Exercise Routine Gains Upper Body Strength Muscle Fitness AnytimeFitnessBunglowRoad LetsMakehealthyhappen

A wise philosopher named Forrest Gump once said that “life is like a box of chocolates”. 🤓🍫 - I disagree with him. I think life is more like a set of Turkish Get-Ups. - Every day that we live we face resistance. Things that threaten to come crashing down on our heads if we let up or decide to become weak for one instant. - But by remaining strong, rigid, and unfaltering we are able to prevent that from happening. - Moving with intent and focus from one position to the next, we overcome the load, the burdens, the struggles and stand tall with pride on our feet. - But once we’ve made it up... we must then reverse all we’ve done and bring ourselves back to the start position. Only to start again. - Because our work doesn’t just stop once we’ve conquered the weight. We’re on to the next set to repeat the process with something heavier and more challenging, but even MORE rewarding! 🙌

Keep HOPE!

throwback to an EPIC weekend! Definitely the closest experience to a @bobmarley concert. @themayjahrayjah @damianmarley @sojagram @rebelsouljahz @eli_mac @blessedmma @leveraged2win @mitsukenokazu breakfast special gains tbt musicfestival oahu hawaii mayjahrayjah epic Marley nostalgia live music reggae concert food smash frontrow views destination explorepage ufc blessedexpress W keepitmoving APP 🍻🤘

As my time is on the final count down here in middle Tennessee I got to stop and thank everyone here that I’ve met!!! @scottespey thanks for motivating me and introducing me to the @nutritionfaktory family, @charles_rucker_ with @rucknutrition for the amazing products and motivation you have gave me. Always remember be kind and humble, push yourself to be better each day than you was the day before!! @nutritionfaktorysmyrna bodybuilding dadswholift dadbod dadboddestroyer dadswithtattoos swoleisthegoal gains juicebox tattoosleeve tattoos iliftdaily gymrat gasstationready publicenemy outlaw isymfs domore nutritionfaktorysmyrna nutrionfaktory teamnutritionfaktory brickhousestrong ruckedup preruck

People are strong warriors only wanting to be loved and appreciated by others.

Pin presses for the first time today. First set took me a little getting used to, even after I'd warmed up. Finally felt good and settled 2nd and 3rd set. Good shit 👍 Thank you for the help, hype and pumpkin spiked sniffers 🎃😤 @aznyoda and @dadmod ☠️ 🎃 ☠️ Coach @simmons_strength

solid lower strength day today w/ @immikeslanga , this new program is starting to set in, cant wait to see the progress over the next year. full workout down below 👇👇 • • warmed up with hip adductor/ abductor machine for about 3 sets each (not recorded) • box squats: 4x5 w/315 then 1 set of 10 with 275 • deadlifts: top set of 3 w/ 405 then 2 backdown sets of 5 • paused leg press: 4x10 • finished with leg extension/ curls super set for a 3x10-12 each exercise (not recorded) • • •strengthtraining strengthandconditioning gym gymmotivation fitnessmotivation bodybuilding bulking gains

memories of pushing crazy ass weight I miss this old hack squat mostly because of the better angle🤷‍♂️....I can still feel this 😛 babyface lightweightbaby gains

*Does exercising at different times of the day effect your energy levels?* Today we have a lunge variation, standing in place. We want to get in a good rhythm where we feel the desired muscle groups working (Quad/Glute). If performed correctly, will help build single leg strength and balance. Anyone who plays sports knows running and cutting is all done on one leg. If you control the weight (slower than me) and isolate correctly, your legs should be burning! Movements like this are ideal for working out any imbalances! *Make sure that the knee is staying over the foot and not caving inside. Think about opening up the groin area by spreading the legs and pushing the knees out* ⬅️ ➡️

Up 10 lbs in five weeks gainz wagsandweights

@ulrich_671 being one of my closest friend and my best training buddy. Dude pushes me not to just exceed and be stronger but also pushes me to not hate myself after a failed weight. Love this man. weightlifting fitness bodybuilding gym workout motivation strong Mental powerlifting NeverQuit training gains fitnessjourney WhateverItTakes NeverQuit fitnessaddict beastmode weightloss powerlifting strongman strongaf BeastMode fuckwithme NeverGiveUp animal TotalWar Mutant lightweight LemmeGetYourNumber

Reposted from @jaimealnassim - Squatting two days in a row 🦕 . 📹 Squats 175kg x 3 . Sitting around 96kg (211ish pounds) . . ➡ www.JaimeAlnassim.com 💪🏽 www.PatriotSupplements.com 💊 . . @patriotsupplements "J10" 10% off . Links are in bio 🗺⠀ .⠀ .⠀TagsBench Fitness Gym Squat DeadLift Gainz Gains WeightLifting BodyBuilding Powerlifting GymLife LegDay Health Fit Health Instahealth Healthychoices Strong Motivation Instagood Dermination Getfit Cleaneating Eatclean Fitnessaddict Fitspo Workout Cardio

From short and sprinty to long and aerobic. Really fun gymnastics piece to finish a solid day in the gym! Also got a nice little push today from my boii @jasoncarroll89 as seen on screen! 😊 Each for time: 27x cal row 100ft HS walk Rest 2 min 21x cal row 15x bar MU Rest 2 min 15x cal row 15x burpee box jump over 24” Rest 2 min 2,000m row 200ft HS walk 20x bar MU 20x burpee box jump over 24” • • • @crossfitlumberyard @liftmas @dacikfitfoods @thenickfowler @brute.strength lmbrjckd crossfit crossfitgames weightlifting gymnastics powerliftng speed strength power running abs muscle gym fitness gains workout training squat caffeineandkilos rowing handstand nike niketraining bruteaf brutestrength tattoo beard goat usa 2019

Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome. I used to think all my effort was a waste if things didn’t turn out the way I planned them to at the time I planned them to. I thought if I didn’t accomplish what I had set out to than it was a useless loss of time. I’ve only recently stepped back & realized the end result doesn’t erase the work & the personal growth. So many outside forces can impact your “success”. Things you can’t control can stop you from crossing the finish line you had set. But it can’t take away the strength you gained during the run. That inner growth will always be yours. journey destination strength gains realtorlife exprealty home luxury luxuryhomes mindset residualincome nextgen millenialretirementplans

💪💪🔥“The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow.” “Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits.”🔥💪💪 backworkout fitness gym bodybuilding workout fitnessmotivation gymmotivation backday gymlife motivation back fit fitfam training gains muscle workoutmotivation personaltrainer deadlift fitspo chestworkout shoulderworkout instafit strength gymshark fitnessmodel fitnessaddict lats strong

Slowly gaining back my size 🤧. Focusing on getting bigger and stronger for nationals next year 😏. • • • • • Dm for online coaching.bulkingbulkszngainsleanbulkarmpumpcrazypump

I was going to sneak into the kitchen to grab a snack but Christine was glaring at me. 🤯🙄. Wooops I ran back to my room ASAP haha 😅😛😝. Christine you are sexy but you are mean! 😵🤦 . .thursday photoshoot beauty beautiful sexy love bikini cocacola fashion fashionblogger fashionnova instagood photography photooftheday photoshoot hot fitness girl pretty fitnessmodel modeling model gains outfitoftheday outfit ootd instafashion style curvy gorgeous

Life is short. . If you have an opportunity... Take it. . If you enjoy something... Do it. . If you love someone... Say it. . If you have something good... Appreciate it. . If you want something... Get it. . If you're unhappy about something... Change it. . If you achieve something... Be proud of it. . If something seems impossible... it isn't. . It takes years to realise this. By the time you have, sometimes it's too late... If it isn't, realise it & do it all!

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HEY FIT FAM! STAY SAFE OUT THERE! We made it in on this nasty day. These guys didnt let rain get in their way! @fitness19houston has spirit even when the lights went out. Today's weather was awful I hope everyone is safe with their loved ones. Highlights: The Houston location board is all dolled up so take a look at it when you walk in see what we got going on! Fitness19 Family always here for ya rain or shine fitness19katy whatsyourfit19results resultsF19 results gymlife goals nopainnogain girlswholift compete strengthandconditioning lifechanges fitness19houston resultsstartatfit19 weightlosstransformation fitfam19 resultsF19 winnerwinnerchickendinner gymlife strength houston katy gains muscle goals agility weights heavylifts training

🔥FAT LOSS GROCERY LIST 🔥⠀ Please follow @bodybuilding.tricks for more great content!!💪💯 by @FitnessFT_⠀ -⠀ Losing weight is not about what you eat, but how much you eat. Although, your food choices can make weight loss a lot easier! 🙌🏽⠀ -⠀ Fat loss is all about a calorie deficit, and this means eating fewer calories than you burn on a daily basis. This number is different for everyone. 🤔⠀ -⠀ Here are some foods that are healthy, nutritious and satiating! 👇🏽⠀ 🍞 Carbs: ⠀ - Brown rice⠀ - Whole wheat pasta/bread⠀ - Oats⠀ ⠀ 🍎 Fruits and veggies: (honestly all of them are a good choice)⠀ - Apples⠀ - Banana⠀ - Tomatoes⠀ - Cucumber⠀ - Brocolli⠀ ⠀ 🥑 Fats: ⠀ - Nuts⠀ - Olives ⠀ - Avocado⠀ - Eggs⠀ ⠀ 🍖 Protein⠀ - Eggs⠀ - Greek yogurt⠀ - Chicken breast⠀ -⠀ healthyfood instahealth determination gymlife muscle nutrition foodporn foodie body like weightloss happy fashion sport instafit life abs vegan follow gymmotivation inspiration instafood fitnessjourney yummy gains healthyeating model beauty picoftheday style💪🔥💯

Created from a unique blend of polyester and spandex, the Eximious sports bra emphasizes your physique while offering a sleek minimalistic look, ensuring that you look as good as you feel - Features: - Tapered athletic fit to bring an aesthetic look - Criss Cross straps to provide support and make a bold fashion statement - Moisture wicking to be sweat-free - Extremely, soft breathable material to provide free movement and comfort - Snug/comfortable - Does not shrink so that you are provided with long term usage - Classic Eximious Logo to add a unique, clean-cut look - Washing Instructions: • Machine wash cold • Air dry to ensure long term usage

Did we kill todays leg work out? Yes. Did we hit some new PR’s since our back injury? Yes. —— I guess all I needed was to be sick for nearly a week, resting. Because I came back stronger and hit some new PR’s without pain. Swipe to see my work out ❤️ . . . . .fit fitness fitchick fitnessmotivation fitspo fitfam gymlife gymflow gains gaintrain lift lifting muscles booty glutes quads hamstrings squats squat deadlift hipthrust thighs thickthighs iifym legday fatloss bodypositive health healthyfood happy

Addiction🦍 gymbackgains

How @joe_perry94 and I finished legs last night. Structure for my leg sessions is usually some sort of knee hinge movement either flexion or extension, followed by something explosive (banded leg press, banded hack squat, squat etc.) and finished with an exercise that puts the muscle under a big stretch with load. Reps are currently between 12-15 with 2 minute timed rest. Stretch muscle in between sets. Legs split am & pm. _________________________________ In-person Training and Online Nutrition Coaching available now! Link in Bio. _________________________________demandgreatness

“This is Muay Thai, STOP punching! 😡” - @mehdii_ouba

Gym motivation GymLife bodyartwork fitness

feeling so good lately! setting goals, eating well, bb hitting them angles!! life’s good y’all 🌝 also not ready for fall, going to miss these cutie blossoms 🌸🌸 - - -ootd gymmotivation gymsharkspotted fitnessmotivation dallasblog dallasblogger workoutmotivation fitnessjourney fitspo fitspiration fitness gains girlswholift fitnessblogger styleblog chickswholift fitlatina gymshark selfie gymsharkwomen beavisionary dallasbloggers fitchick gym

Happy Friday Y'all. Your Girl Got Her Groove Back & Is Feelin Great Again! The Past Few Weeks I Struggled HARD. I Didnt Care What I Ate. I Didnt Workout. I Had No Motivation. I DIDNT FEEL LIKE IT. I Took A Step Back And Remembered WHY I Started This Journey. I Did It For ME. I Know What I'm Capable Of And I Just Have To Push Through The Rough Days. We All Struggle & That's Okay. As Long As You Dont Quit. KEEP GOING! . . . .weightlossjourney weightlossgoals weightloss weightlosstransformation gains homeworkouts growthebooty motiv8 iammotiv8 motivation transformation fattofit fattofitjourney fitfam selflove consistency fitness fitnessgoals beachbodyondemand beachbody bod teambeachbody

I 👏 DID 👏 THAT 👏 and so can you! Theres still a lot that needs to be worked on but I made my "summer ready" goal and it feels sooooo goooood!! Its Monday, the 1st of the month, a new beginning. Do it, start today and don't look back. IM HERE FOR ALL THE SUPPORT. I may not be a professional but I will cheer you on and help you out every step of the way. . . . .weightlossjourney weightlossgoals weightloss weightlosstransformation gains homeworkouts growthebooty motiv8 iammotiv8 motivation transformation fattofit fattofitjourney fitfam selflove consistency fitness fitnessgoals beachbodyondemand beachbody bod teambeachbody

Just Keep Going.. 🤘 It ain't always gonna be easy. But it will ALWAYS be worth the "I cant believe I did that!" Do it for YOU. Because you can. Because you WANT to. . . .weightlossjourney weightlossgoals weightloss weightlosstransformation gains homeworkouts growthebooty motiv8 iammotiv8 motivation transformation fattofit fattofitjourney fitfam selflove consistency fitness fitnessgoals beachbodyondemand beachbody bod teambeachbody

Not letting the WEEKEND be my WEAK END. . . . . I ain't a pro but here are a few things to do for an at home leg workout. Each exercise for 12-14 reps for 3-5 sets depending on how much time you have. 😊😊😊 . . .weightlossjourney weightlossgoals weightloss weightlosstransformation gains homeworkouts growthebooty motiv8 iammotiv8 motivation transformation fattofit fattofitjourney fitfam selflove consistency fitness fitnessgoals beachbodyondemand beachbody bod teambeachbody

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