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Hello everyone, This is Sorryiwin's older brother speaking. (Sorryiwin's real name is Elton. Yes he is not fully korean as he was born in Singapore and permanently moved to Korea.) Some of you may not know but Elton was just hospitalized this evening. Elton was severely depressed in real life and he tried to overcome by playing Agar.io but his depression got worse and he attempted suicide at home by slithing his wrists. Luckily I was at home and he was rushed to the hospital just in time. We hope everyone understands what our family and Elton is going through and give him our deepest appreciation for his dedication to overcome depression. We thank Elton's friends for everything and we wish him a speedy recovery.agario getwellsoon gws

When your kitty knows you still aren’t feeling well and wants to give you attention she holds your had!! @bootsandramen is so cute some times! catsofinstagram boots kitty ourkittyboots sick getwellsoon gottagetbetter paws holdmypaw purrfect serenity thursday goodvibes pitterpatter

Sick Mode🤢เมื่อเรา3คนเปื่อย เราจะสู้ไปโด้ยกัน♥️ เห็นแต่ละคนแล้วคืออิแม่ต้องรีบหาย ละห้ามป่วย ห้ามตาย😷😅 #อิพ่อสู้ๆ #คุณลูกสู้ๆ #อิแม่สู้ตาย #ดีที่หนูยังไม่มีไข้ khunthanpisidtha @owenchaam sickomode sickness getwellsoon familylovers❤️

Lata Mangeshkar's condition is stable, family to take her home soon Lata Mangeshkar, who was admitted to a Hospital in Mumbai earlier this week owing to health reasons, is finally showing signs of improvement. The revered singer in her career so far has sung over 30,000 songs across all languages and is considered to have one of the greatest voices in Indian cinema.getwellsoon longlive nightangleofindia latamangeshkar singer tuneindia

i think i'm going to buy some new clothes rn so bye

*Statement on Lata didi's Health* Lata didi is stable and getting better. Request to please do not heed to needless rumours and react. Let us all collectively pray for her long life instead. latamangeshkar getwellsoon 🙏🇮🇳📸 @shitalverma @viralbhayani

Get Well Soon preparing. Das OPEN MIND Festival startet heute Abend!getwellsoon musik konzert openmindfestival byebyeeverything allartsinoneplace

I get back home from Vegas to see this..I know this man is a stubborn ox and wanted to be there for his team but self care is better sometimes.Come back refreshed and ready to go in December,Captain pens sidneycrosby getwellsoon seeyouinjanuary2020

Injury round up, Levi, and the science of skiing!!! @manny_ski @alpinecanada @alpinecanadaed @alpineontario @alicerobins0n @alannursall volklskis dalbelloskiboots getwellsoon science merrellshoes @fisalpine

My gingersquirrel suffered a leg injury coming out of the oven. getwellsoon gingerbread royalicingmakesitallbetter

hey guys hope everyone is doing well, sorry for disappearing. if u guys saw my story I just didn’t feel motivated to post anymore. However i’m back now cuz i actually missed y’all sm. thank u to the ones who stayed n thank u for sending love, hopefully i’ll be able to give my all again to u guys and this account 🖤☁️ ͙ ͙ ͙ ͙ ͙ ͙ ͙ariana arianagrande arianator arianators arianavideos thankunext sweetener thankyounext sweetenerworldtour grande sweetenertour arianaarmy swt thankunexttour rem godisawoman inmyhead boyfriend uaintmyboyfriend dangerouswoman getwellsoon goodnightngo dontcallmeangel

在這些日子,大家也需要放一些療癒植物在家或辦公室🎍🍀🍃不但浄化空氣,也能使人心情放鬆! P.S. 多肉植物屬耐旱性植物,不可積水,見乾澆水,不需特別打理! ------------------------------- For more details of our products and services, pls contact Tel/Whatsapp: 51171206 Email: admin@flowerworks.hk Website: www.flowerworks.com.hk Facebook: flowerworksfleuriste Instagram: flowerworks_fleuristeflowerworksfleuriste #花茗堂 sheungwanflowershop # succulent plants #多肉植物 greenplant birthdayflower eventproduction hkflowershop preservedflowerworkshop anniversaybouquet corporateworkshop getwellsoon corporateevents #品牌合作 flowersrrangements bouquet #員工活動 #活動推廣 #工作坊 #保鮮花工作坊 #香港花店 #手作 #生日花籃 #結婚週年 #情人節 #保鮮花 #浮遊花 #求婚花束

If antioxidant-packed elderberry gets you through the colder months, we’ve got a surprise for you: The Vitamin Shoppe brand Organic Sambucus Black Elderberry Extract is now available in a bigger bottle! (16 ounces, to be exact.) Stop by your local The Vitamin Shoppe or tap the linkinbio to grab yourself a bottle—or two. .vitaminshoppe coldandflu sambucus fluseason elderberry blackelderberrry prevention immunity organic flu coughandcold fever cold coldsymptoms trending trendingnow popular immune seasonal coldfighter feelbetter getwellsoon bocaraton florida palmbeach palmbeachcounty browardcounty picoftheday

Spent this whole week in bed with the almighty fall flu. You know it, most of you had it. Now it was my turn. For this reason I haven’t drank any alcohol this week, but then I remember my grandpa and his secret flu-fighting recipe: A double shot of moonshine and enough aspirin to put an elephant to bed. For him it always worked. Today I mustered up enough energy to make myself a immune-boosting cocktail that should get me back on my feet in no time. The magic ingredient in this potion is none other than Estonia’s national pride: Vana Tallinn; a smooth liqueur made with Caribbean rum, cinnamon, vanilla & citrus. This being the ‘Winter Spice’ edition the master distiller also infused it with cardamom, nutmeg ginger and other secret goodies. I tried to mirror and enhance all these flavors by infusing some hot apple juice with spices and adding a spiced sugar rim. The Rye Whiskey from Millstone/Zuidam is a given when thinking apple cocktails and the bitters are there to balance the sweetness. I’m feeling better already! 🤗 🍸 💉‘Flu Jab’💉 🍸 40ml Vana Tallinn Winter Spice @vanatallinn_official 30ml Millstone 100 Rye Whisky @zuidamdistillers 5ml Honey 4 dashes of Jerry Thomas Own Decanter Bitters @thebittertruthcompany 150ml Apple juice infused w cinnamon, ginger, clove, allspice & cardamom. 🍸 Pour liquors and bitters into a tumbler rimmed with spiced sugar. Infuse apple juice with spices and honey. Introduce strained AJ to the glass when boiling hot and garnish with an apple slice. Get well soon, my friends! 🍸 Hot tip! Vana Tallinn Winter Spice is currently available on discount from @realestdranken as long as stock lasts. 🍸vanatallinn liviko estonia flujab flushot fallcocktail autumncocktail homewithflu getwellsoon beterschap winterspice apple applecider applejuice hottoddy warmcocktails hotcocktails cocktail cocktails drink drinks drinkstagtam instadrink drinkoftheday cocktailoftheday millstone rye ryewhisky ryewhiskey❤️🤧🤒❤️

Ο Λέο Ζαμπά μετά το τέλος του φιλικού αγώνα με τη Δόξα Δράμας υποβλήθηκε σε μαγνητική τομογραφία προκειμένου να διαπιστωθεί η σοβαρότητα του τραυματισμού του στο δεξί γόνατο. Τ’ αποτελέσματα της εξέτασης έδειξαν πως ο Βραζιλιάνος ποδοσφαιριστής υπέστη ρήξη έσω μηνίσκου με αποκόλληση του πρόσθιου κέρατος, δίχως να έχει υποστεί ζημιά στους συνδέσμους. Ο ποδοσφαιριστής ακολουθεί ήδη φαρμακευτική αγωγή προκειμένου να υποχωρήσει η φλεγμονή στο σημείο του τραυματισμού και να ληφθεί η απόφαση για την πορεία της αποθεραπείας του που υπολογίζεται να τον κρατήσει μακριά από τις αγωνιστικές υποχρεώσεις της ομάδας για περίπου 2-3 μήνες.oloipaokpaoknews🔜🔝⚽⚫⚪🏅🏆🏟😉👌👏 getwellsoon tw

Malibu wants to eat more 🍦 He is still getting treatment... hope get well soon. eyeproblems getwellsoon chihuahuadogdogsilovemydogdogstagram dogsofinstagram doglovermalibuinstagoodtreasureilovehimsomuch

😴 •getwellsoon mycatcopy catoftoday cat lovelycat catlover catslave calicocat hkcat hongkongcat catsofinstagram adoptdontbuy #領養代替購買 #支持領養 #香港喵星人 #香港貓 #港短 #猫 #ねこ #ミケネコ #ネコ #三毛猫 #サビ猫 #猫部 #かわいい #可愛い #猫奴隷

Defeated a very scary bout of GI Stasis! Here's my post-vet grumpy face. Wish me well on my recovery ❤🤞 bunniesoftheworld bunniesofinsta bunniesworldwide scaryvetvisit rabbitsofinstagram rabbits sickday tummylove boopthesnoot grumpybunny sadbunny bunniesofig bunny🐰 gistasissucks angrytummy rest getwellsoon

Feeling a little under the weather? 🤧 Get my favorite immune support supplement - EHB - to expedite your recovery and prevent your cold from worsening. Link in profile! . It’s a blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that strengthen your immune defenses against viruses. It works incredibly! . 🚚 Shipping is 2 days and free! .immunesupport naturalimmunesupport coldprevention fluprevention naturopathicmedicine getwellsoon

When you have best family in the world 🥰 lovemyfamily getwellsoon frowers card awsomefamily

Loving my @missmejeans missmejeans they are always the right length for my longer legs and wrap my curves perfectly... perfectfit anyage style jeans clothingbrand art photography fashionphotography photographers model fashionstatement ocean brandnames getwellsoon fashiondesigners pictures lovemeguru @kelli_faulkner_art #🤠

Beautiful glass arrangement delivered today in Churt 01252 838920 frimleyflorist camberleyflorist vaseofflowers getwellsoon tulipsandholly samedayflowerdelivery

Isn't she lovely ?? 💕 . . Im so lucky to have her in my life , such a strong little girl 💜 she is still unwell now but not even once trying to complain by crying .. always be very quiet and cheerful . My sweetheart 😫🌹 .Blasianbaby blasian mixedbabies curlyhair mixed blasianbabies babies babygirl babiesofinstagram babyofinstagram mixedbaby gorgeous beautifulbaby beautifulblasianbaby blackbaby blackbabygirl babyfever babyoftheday mixedbabiesig mixedbabyig mixedbabygirl onemontholdbaby instadaily babyoftheday babyofinstagram parentinghood beautifulbaby ootd pictureday sleepingbaby sleepingbabygirl getwellsoon

Hello! today a -Thinking of You - card, for all those who are not so well at the moment! timholtz stampersanonymous sizzix craftersofinstagram getwellsoon christmascard mixedmediacard sssmchallenge

Cold and flu season, amirite? 🤒😷

It’s dangerous to make someone with breathing difficulties laugh, almost had a relapse funny laughteristhebestmedicine getwellsoon

i’m watching sam and cat rn 😍💘

On the occasion of Children's Day, Mercy Hospital had organised a number of fun events and activities for the children who are currently a part of our hospital family. Here are some glimpses of the day👆MercyHospital ChildrensDay CelebrationBookAnAppointment Love Care Kindness BeKind SpreadSmile EmergencyServices Diseases Treatment Doctor Medicine Hospital Clinic MultispecialityHospital HospitalInKolkata IndianHospital Medical MedicalFacility Doctors Nurses Surgeons Surgery BestInTown GetWellSoon

ᗷEIᑎG ᗰᑌᗰ 🦸‍♀️ . This little poppet caused me so much worry this week 😔 We ended up in out of hours where it was suggested the posibility of a grumbling appendix and poor thing was to be nil by mouth for 24hrs 🙈 Reviewed almost 24hrs later....virus...🤯 Although somewhat better in herself she is still having a pain in lower abdomen 😖 What can you do? 🤷‍♀️ Sit tight and do the best job you can as a momma I guess 🙋‍♀️ We all know we are Superwoman really!🦸‍♀️ . .beingmumbeingamumlittlebeargetwellsoonmothersinstinctmumofateen neverstopworrying superwomansupermumiloveyou thatsdarling inittogether

Helium balloons .. also available for other occasions ... babyboybabygirlbirthbabyshowerhappyanniversarybirthdaysgetwellsoonthanks#

Helium balloons .. attached to Nappycakes .. also have in stock for other occasions .. heliumballoonsbabybirthbabyshowerbirthdaygetwellsoonthankshappyanniversary#

I think I might actually be sick which would be kind of a relief because I've been so strangely unexplainably exhausted. I wouldn't even mention it but I needed an excuse to finally share this great pic by @alien_firsts 💚getwellsoon sleepitoff netflixandchill aliens

Prayers up! for a speedy recovery to the legendary @officialflexwheeler 🏆🏆🏆 . . . .legend bodybuilding recovery strength prayers champion muscleup getwellsoon

good morning 💓

~ FLOWERS ~ 💐 I got this huge, stunning bouquet as a surprise on Saturday from my boss! Long story short, I wasn’t too healthy on Friday at work and ended up at the hospital (nothing too serious!). On Saturday, these got delivered to my door first thing in the morning as the most lovely get well soon surprise! May or may not have cried a bit when they were delivered! 🙈 Anyway, since then they have only been blooming and getting more and more beautiful so thought I’d share them on here because at the moment they are making a lovely addition to the house! Surprise Flowers Gift GetWellSoon Bouquet Roses Lucky Thoughtful Winter WinterBouquet WhiteFlowers Simple Cute Interflora Home HomeAccessories Decor Decoration Stunning Interiors Interior HomeAccount HomeDecor Inspo Floral HouseToHome Pretty Like Follow Design

Νοκ άουτ με ρήξη χιαστού οι Πετρίδης-Κεσίδης στον ΠΑΟΚ Επιβεβαιώθηκαν οι φόβοι για τους δυο άσους του ΠΑΟΚ και θα απουσιάσουν 5-6 μήνες από την ενεργό δράση.Οι δυο άσοι της ομάδας χάντμπολ της Θεσσαλονίκης τραυματίστηκαν σοβαρά στον αγώνα της Handball Premier με τον Ολυμπιακό που διεξήχθη την Τετάρτη στη Νεάπολη και την επόμενη ημέρα υποβλήθηκαν σε μαγνητική. Τ' αποτελέσματα των εξετάσεων έδειξαν ρήξη πρόσθιου χιαστού και στους δύο αθλητές. Διάγνωση που σημαίνει πως θα υποβληθούν  σε εγχείριση, και θα απουσιάσουν από τις αγωνιστικές υποχρεώσεις της ομάδας για περίπου 5-6 μήνες. Ευχόμαστε καλή επάνοδο και κουράγιοpaok #παοκ 1926 injury getwellsoon acpaok

And the irony here is.... A broken soul is trying to heal other people 🙃. 'Cause no one can help me now , people think i do it to gain attention 🙃 Have a good day ❤️depressionhelp depressed suicide byebye getwellsoon

ΑΠΕΦΥΓΕ ΤΑ ΧΕΙΡΟΤΕΡΑ ΑΛΛΑ ΚΑΙ ΠΑΛΙ 2-3 ΜΗΝΕΣ ΕΚΤΟΣ! Ο Λεο Ζαμπά τραυματίστηκε στη χθεσινη φιλη αναμετρηση της ομαδας μας με τη Δόξα Δράμας και απέφυγε τα χειρότερα καθώς υπήρχαν φόβοι ακόμα και για ρήξη χιαστών. Τελικά η μαγνητική τομογραφία στην οποία υποβλήθηκε, έδειξε πως έχει υποστεί ρήξη έξω μηνίσκου χωρίς να υπάρχει καμία ζημιά στους συνδέσμους του. Όπως ανακοίνωσε η ΠΑΕ ΠΑΟΚ ο νεαρός Βραζιλιάνος χαφ ηδη έχει αρχίσει φαρμακευτική αγωγη και θα χρειαστεί να μείνει εκτός δράσης για τουλαχιστον 2-3 μηνες! injury GetWellSoon LJ98 ElLocoBrazilian RisingStar WeAreWithYou PaokFamily PaokFans togetherwearestronger💪 @leojaba98

I’m grateful for the concern you’ve shown during my sickness. Thank you all for all the prayers and getwellsoon messeges. Love you all..

Thank you customer for your trust. 😘 Pada nak order surprisekan anak/suami/isteri/pakcik makcik/kawan/bos/jiran dan sesiapa sahaja boleh klik link wasap di bawah 👇👇 . https://hwdsurprisegift.wasap.my/ Jom follow IG : http://hijauwarnadaun.mysurprisebirthday surprisegift flowerplanner surpriseplanner flowerbouquet bouquet convobouquet hamper balloons balloonbouquet babyhamper handbouquet bridalbouquet flowerarrangement balloonsurprise hotballoon ferrerobouquet chocolatebouqout candybouquet fruithamper basketflower surprisedelivery heliumballoons convocationbouquet convocationballoonsanniversarybouquet getwellsoon farewell

The godmother signal was activated so today I am mostly cuddling a poorly Oliver while he watches Peppa Pig and Bing. .godmothering unexpected Lifehonestly SavouringHappiness LondonLife GetWellSoon

Stay strong if you are sick winter is coming 😉❤️To all who are sick get well soon 😘winteriscoming sick😷 getwellsoon

tbt To all of you who are fighting a cold, I offer my Kleenex and Blanket fetching skills 🤧 🧣 😂 ❤️ I charge three kisses and/or two treats nurselupa getwellsoon borderterrier

Day 4,307 of no running because of a sinus infection.... JK but it sure AF feels like it! Unexpected disruptions in training are hard to deal with but I know it's for the best. runnerlife restisbest getwellsoon impatientlywaiting ihatebeingsick

Everything will be alright. •tbt getwellsoon newlifecomnig hardtimeswillpass

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