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“Om” | Morning Meditation | Goose

Sleepy boy loving his new couch catsofinstagram gingerboy gingercatsofinstagram

Hooman things they’re being all cute having a sleep in on the weekend and missing my prompt 6am breakfast time. I just can’t get the staff anymore. At least @realgrumpycat understands me...

I just want to curl up with this guy🥰 . He looks so snuggly warm. kittylove gingercatsofinstagram furbabymama cuddlebuddy

This week I have packed, moved house, unpacked AND welcomed a wonderful new boy into my life: this is Angus! I was so fortunate to meet him back in September and it seems that he was waiting just for me - he’s been in care for many months and he is a big ginger chonk love bug. We’ve been together less than 10 hours and he seems to be settling in well. At the moment we’re lying on the bed just listening to the wind outside and the birds singing. I feel so grateful to have found space in my heart to love another furry darling again after losing my beautiful Spencer. Welcome Angus! gingercatsofinstagram @divinecreatures1 chillaxing catnaps goodwitch calmvibes

Presenting the new house plant. Care instructions: access to water all day, feed twice a day when meows. . . .gingercatsofinstagram gingercatclub gingercat catsofinstagram catstagram instacat gingercatsrock gingercatsrule animauxdecompagnie chatmignon funnycats whiskersonfleek catsofworld petphotography catlovers fiftyshadesginger kittens kittensofinstagram kittengram gingerkittens gingerkittensofinstagram chaton chatonroux #にゃんすたぐらむ #ね #ネコこ #猫 #ねこら部 #茶とら #茶トラ

I don't think I've ever slept as well as this cat sleeps.cat cats catsofinstagram catstagram gingercat gingercatsrule gingercatsofinstagram caturday

Reposted from @puppykittynycity Little William who we pulled from @nycacc went to @livsplainview to get check by @buddys_adventures_ and the neurology team. It’s suspected she has a mild form of cerebellar hypoplasia. The good news is that a veterinary nurse fell in love and adopted her!! Happy life sweet dumpling! You are one lucky girl! adopted adoptionalert cerebellarhypoplasia chcat adoptedandloved gingercatsofinstagram cutecats catstercats - regrann

thinking about chewing on the plastic shower curtain later hmu if u want to join • • •chancethescratcher orangeglow fridaynightfeist gingercatsofinstagram orangetabby deceiving verydisruptive buthandsome

I'z a flat cat! I like to stalk people coming up the stairs and attack them with meows, claws or love (they never know which one they will get 😈) . . .meowstagram meowclub sweetcatclub gingercatsofinstagram gingercatsrule sweetcatsclub catsanddogs bestmeow catface lol sweet cute ket kittyket

Woohoo! boxparty friyay in effect! Everypawdy got a box as nice as Boris’? We are impressed!! 🎊📦😺 . Tag or DM gingercatstuff to be featured! 🐈🧡😺✨ . . .boristhecat gingercatstuff catsinboxes catinabox dailycat boxpawty gingercatsofinstagram catsofinstagram catsofig catmania cat cutecatclub gingercat catlover catlife catworld bestcat bestmeow catsagram cats_today orangecat petstagram petsofinstagram pussycat adoptdontshop rescuedcat ilovemycat crazycatlady crazycat

Just look at this galdarn cute cat!!! LOOL AT HIM! 😆 gingercatsofinstagram gingercat gingercatlove catsandyarn

He who rules the roost 🧡ferb gingercatsrule gingercatsofinstagram

Hoomans don’t want to be called slaves anymore because it’s 2020. Will call them Royal Aides instead. 👑 🐈 😹😻. hrh thelittlepurrince junior gingercat gingercats gingercatsofinstagram goldencat longhair puspin puspinlove puspinsofmanila rescue rescuedcatsofinstagram adoptdontshop spayandneuter allmychildrenhavepaws

I love watching movies with my dad in the morning. What is your favorite thing to do in the morning?

さっきまで雪❄️☃️が降ってました…今日はさぶい…🥶 #キャットタワー新しくしました 2本折れてたので #今は3本あります #いつ破壊されるか? #竹鶴と白州 #茶トラ兄弟#猫#ねこ gingercatscatloversclub @ginger.cat.is.no1 gingercatsofinstagram

Oh hi there! Do you come here often? 😉❤️🐈 . . .gingercat gingercatsofinstagram cat comehereoften catlove catsofinstagram yyccats

Zzzzz... Oh hi there... I’m Mr. Whiskers and I’m here at the PetSmart in Novi, MI napping away the hours until my furever family finds me. Are you looking for a ginger boy? If so, come meet me! Swipe to learn more about my awesomeness. adopt adoptdontshop petsmartadoptions cat kitty catsofinstagram gingercats gingercatsofinstagram cute adoptme (I visited all of the adoptable kitties here tonight. Each one will get their own post in the hope that even one will find their forever family. Feel free to share, friends. 💙)

“Extreme yoga. Do not try this at home.” 🚫

This is MY spot. Where I sleep. My pillows, my heating pad. Zeus is in my spot. Its bedtime Zeus, move over. Nope......... He just got cuter... and cuter... and cuter..... I moved the entire thing over, with him on it. You win this round mister.... (The last Pic is me on the very edge of the bed...)adoptdontshop rescuecatorangecat gingercat cutestboyever thatface thosecheeks sleepykitty

This girl has been on my radar all week. Her owners moved and dumped her outside. She’s been sitting on her front steps for 10 days waiting to be let in. A Good Samaritan gave me the adress and sure enough there she was on the steps patiently waiting.when I showed up tonight. It’s always a gamble taking a stray dog or cat in....you never know what you are going to find! Happy to report she’s sweet as pie and seems very happy to be gotten! She’s hungry, exhausted but very grateful! Vet visit tomorrow and she will be fostered by @marcitnt until she is cleared for adoption! Welcome to Street tails Lolly! gingercatsofinstagram safeandsound streettailsanimalrescue

My beautiful princess grand cat! Miss Bella the princess of Fluff! @ykangelina_ catsofinstagram gingercatsofinstagram siberiancat norwegianforestcat orangecatsrock orangecat orangecatsrule orangecatsarethebestcats

Fluffy Simba cooling off his bits. Glad we got some of him shaved before this heat kicked in.fluffycat fluffyginger catsofinstagram gingercatsofinstagram

Hanging out on top of the refrigerator tigger tiggy tiggs tiggypoo catsofinstagram gingercatsofinstagram

- 155/365 阿哥很常這樣幫阿妹梳毛,感覺上阿妹滿喜歡的,但是常常因為被定住太久就朝阿哥揮兩拳。 不過脾氣好如哥,下一秒就忘記了。 Dudu always help Hazze to clean her hair, even Hazze gets angry all the time, he doesn’t mind. 😅 -cats mycats catsofinstagram catsoftoday neko nekostagram duduthecat hazzethecat orangecat yellowcat blackcat #ねこ #ねこ部 #ねこと暮らす #ねことの暮らし #篤總裁 #小哈妞 teamyen gingercat gingercatsofinstagram gingercatsrule #ねこすき #ねこのいる生活 #ねこのいる暮らし #眠い猫 #寝ねこ #寝ねこ顔 #暖哥日常

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