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The very small but pretty Berry head lighthouse near brixham harbour, I must admit its a very tiny lighthouse, but it's setting is beautiful.berryheadlighthouse brixhamsouthdevon coastline swlighthouses trinityhouselighthouses lighthouselovers guidinglight lighthousesofinstagram lighthouse_captures lighthouses_around_the_world lighthousemagazine architecturelifewelltravelled sunnyskies happydays

“ The wound is the place where the light enters you.” Rumi. guidinglight love pain teaches life lessons moroccan tunisian decor tiles lanterns flowers nyc soho

Bruce W. Ferguson (July 3, 1946 – September 14, 2019), A King among men. Rest in peace my friend. “Speak to me heart All things renew Hearts will mend Round the bend Paths that cross Cross again Paths that cross Will cross again” Patti Smith - Paths That Crossartlover artcritic academic educator writer president patronofthearts artadvisor curator culturaltheorist brilliant intellectual trailblazer visionary careermaker beautifulspirit humanitarian generous guidinglight gonebutnotforgotten missingyou

Repost @wild.divine.feminine

Cynthia Watros & James Patrick Stuart  General Hospital GuidingLight CynthiaWatros JamesPatrickStuart daytime Television SoapOpera

Joy’s first appearance as Michelle on guidinglight michellebauersantos bethanyjoylenz

That’s exactly what our King taught us !! Miss You Dad and your guidance, life rules & grooming us to face Life 🤗♥️ . . Swipe left to hear audio version of below lyrics . . Mein mera baap mere baap ki nakal nahi, Sikhaya usne khulke jee tu ghut ke mar nahi, Bataya usne khulke lad kisi se darr nahi, Jo hai yeh aaj tera hoga aisa kal nahi ! Usool jubaan pe rakh ghamand yeh kaam aayega, Adab aur saaf rakh karam yeh saath jaatega, Na kabhi paaliyon bharam tu paisa khayega, Izzat kama tu KING naam se kehlayega ! Ke beta mere paas jyada nahi hai deneko, Yeh tera baap tuje ek hi baat sikhayega, Na chota hota koi insaan bada hai soch se, Tu mera SHER hai na bediyon mein aayega ! Nafrat zamana leke bojh tujpe daale jo, Tu yeh deewar ek kalam se hi girayega, Kalakaar beta bante nahi lakeeron se, Kala pe haath rakh tu khud hi banta jayega !! . . @realkingrocco very well written and expressed 👏🏼 @mtvhustle . .missyoudad liferules guidinglight myhero myking

Just a few pics of @ny_lovells bday turn up from last night thanks for having me happy birthday once again king . . For more pics of last night click link in bio . . .bday celebration food drinks cake dancing brooklyn queens harlem bronx manhattan birthdayparty birthdayturnup litsituation nycphotographer nycphotography bashment tonup d244 d244media followme follow photos nyc guidinglight saturdaynight aboutlastnight followme👉 vibes ladies

Personal values are our guiding light. Doing good & having fun to the detriment of no other is my credo. ttdono values credo respectyourself onelifeliveit powerforgood togetherWeAreMighty guidinglight

Just incase you need that little reminder, like I do today ✨

. Won't you be my guiding light, lead the way to be by your side. Won't you be my star tonight, i need more than a neon light. . . Twinkle twinkle little star. Point me to the nearest bar .gowithleogen takenbyleogen168 sayyouwill melodiesoflife melodiesofmylife twinkletwinklelittlestar guidinglight hope writteninthestars writtenfromthestars

As the light bathes me, I plan for my dealings today. @futureshockwrestling @thirteen10apparel sponsoredathlete brand thirteen10 guidinglight sunday guidinglight sponsor sponsored athlete apparel wrestling

Thank you for being you @mirandalambert guidinglight

My signed copy of Katherine Jenkins’ “Guiding Light” katherinejenkins guidinglight classicalcrossover cdcollector cdcollection

I’ve given it away to peopleplacesandthings over the years. I’ve reclaimed what belongs to me. I am strong emotionalstrength physicalstrength working on spiritualstrength Saya kuat. reunification guidinglight happyjoyousandfree most of the time 🧡 I’ve got some warriorwomen who’ve guided my path and given me a gratefulheart @susangalagaran ❤️🧡@mirindymarinday 💙💛@marshasorb 💚💛

🌕 J a i 〽️a . . . 〽️o t h e r 〽️o o n 💛 . . . 🙏 thankyou foralways beingthere guidinglight shining myway home 🐚 . . . 'You can't see it, can you? How like the moon You are. Both of You so timid in yourselves... hiding pieces from the world. Then, there are those rare moments when, You are full, and it becomes hard to look away. You... are beautiful.' . . . . . . --------jaima mothermoon anotherskyanewlife anotherworld underthesamesky ontheroad gypsystyle

I have just finished my colouringclass for August 2019 from @kitandclowder guidinglight I am coloringwithcopics copics copicsketch copicmarkers copicciao frgläggning scraprosa scrap colouring lighthouse waves

Só para fechar o sábado, há 19 anos: 🔅DIAS DE NOSSAS VIDAS: a verdade é revelada. Chloe descobre a aposta! 😱 (Parece o DONO DO MUNDO de Gilberto Braga). 🔅GH (Hospital Geral): Revelação! 🔅LUZ GUIADORA: Demissão da novela! 🔅UMA VIDA PARA VIVER: Jensen Buchanan retorna à trama como Vicky! . . . Acesse facebook.com/NoveladaSoap e fique por dentro do drama em português, inglês e espanhol. ❣ . . . . .Days NBC soap daytime English acting actors magazine drama cliffhanger shocker USA OLTL ABC GL guidinglight CBS classic storyline plot teacher instateacher instasoap noveladasoap DOOL weekday remember

Top 10 romantic Muse songs: 10. Undisclosed Desires 9. Bliss 8. Neutron Star Collision 7. Starlight 6. Endlessly 5. I Belong to You 4. Resistance 3. Unintended 2. Can't Take My Eyes off You 1. Madness (Honourable mentions: Falling Away with You, Follow Me (wobellforever), Guiding Light) Fine for a Saturday night! I bet you agree!? muse mattbellamy christopherwolstenholme dominichoward showbiz showbizalbum originofsymmetry absolution blackholesandrevelations theresistance the2ndlaw unintended bliss canttakemyeyesoffyou endlessly fallingawaywithyou starlight undiscloseddesires resistance ibelongtoyou moncoeursouvretavoix guidinglight madness followme neutronstarcollison

ONE DECADE OF THE RESISTANCE🚨 10 years ago @muse released "The Resistance" as their fifth Studio Álbum (September 14,2009)HappyBirthdayTHERESISTANCE💙💜💛💚❤♥ ✴ "The Resistance" is the first Muse album to have been produced by the band itself. ✴ "The Resistance" won the Grammy as Best Rock Álbum. ✴ ¿Which is your favorite song from "The Resistance"? ✴ Uprising Resistance Undisclosed Desires United States of Eurasia (+Collateral damage) Guiding Light Unnatural Selection MK Ultra I Belong To You(+Mon Cœur S'ouvre à ta Voix) Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture) Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 (Cross-pollination) Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption) - -Muse TheResistance GRAMMYsWinner Uprising Resistance UndisclosedDesires UnitedStatesOfEurasia GuidingLight UnnaturalSelection MKultra IBelongToYou ExogenesisSymphony OvertureCrossPollination RedemtionMattBellamy DomHowardChrisWolstenholme @muse @mattbellamy @domhoward77 @ctwolstenholme78

The mantra of the day Spirit has chosen is to walk boldly into the gifts and talents you were given. Continue to master your craft and learn new ones along the way. We are called to create. You have the power to create the world you want, the love you desire, and anything you soul quenches for internally. Do not be mistaken to think you cannot manifest what it is you need or desire. Manifesting is an act of faith. Use this Full Moon energy by all means but please KNOW the power of create lies within you 365 days a year. It's up to you to tap into your power. Creation isn't just physical or literal but also mental. Start speaking over yourself, your family, and your world. The thoughts unspoken are the most powerful roots of creation. Be mindful what you let run wild in your mind. 👑I CAN CREATE ANYTHING I CHOOSE 👑creation manifestation speaklife fullmoon visionboard altar ancestors faith bemindful createandcultivate dailymantra guidinglight@curiocraftconjure I found this beautiful Incense Box. Check out @curiocraftconjure for other great gems.

The new season of Venice, the lesbian -themed webseries created by CrystalChappell and starring her and JessicaLeccia, is out. Time to review and discuss! otalia guidinglight bethchamberlin orlaghcassidy kimzimmer

For Saturday September 14th the cards have the energy of the Master Number 11. This is a vibration of being of service to others. This is one of those days that I call crunchy. It’s a very technical energy term. :). The 5 of Winter is a day of conflict. This can be a war of words, someone deceiving you, or a battle you think you have won, but it is just an illusion. The cost is just too great. Lapis Lazuli is a really great channeling stone. A dark blue stone it represents the 3rd eye helping us to connect to our higher mind. This allows us to see what’s important to see in our relationships today. With the wizard of Awareness we are being asked to see the people who show up today as having their own journey. Anything that happened is not a personal attack on you, it is about them and what they are dealing with. This is a day for letting things unfold, disconnecting from outcomes. There is a method to this madness. There is a higher power at work and you need to disconnect and see it from your third eye instead of the two that aren’t showing you the reality of this situation. truth conflict emptywins dailytarot thirdeye service masternumber guidinglight maraleeburnett

My whole life I've felt the deepest desire to impact others in an inspiring and uplifting way any chance I possibly can. Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing enough to accomplish this goal. I've often found myself wishing that my following for Lucky Lumber was larger, because I'd have a farther reach, but this last week you all inspired and uplifted ME! The outpouring of love, kind words and support has filled my heart, lifted my soul and given me strength I didn't know I had. From the messages on my last post to the hundreds (YES HUNDREDS) of private messages from those of you who have walked the same path and offered your advice and kindness. I can't quite articulate just how much every word has meant to me! This little LL community may be but the smallest corner of this huge IG nation, but you guys SHOW UP! I remember a little over a year ago, talking to a friend of mine about growing this business and she said, "Rachel, they're going to come to your page because of your products. They're going to stay because of you." I hope I can continue to serve all of you the way that you've served me this last week. My goal is always to bring light where there is dark, to shine for others to see my good works and know it comes from a greater source, my Father in Heaven. Thank you to all of you for shining your light for me this last week! We CAN do hard things, but it's so much easier together. I'll just be over here, a HAPPImess ❤

i’ve wanted to watch Foy Vance live for a few years now... mainly because his 2017 Live in London record continues to push me as a writer every day and i listen to that, and just hope to be apart of the feeling he lets people in on. well, @foyvance brought nashville to CHURCH last night. i don’t often film full videos like this when i’m at a show, nor do i often post things like this on my page, but if there’s anything at all that you take from my social media, let it be this. the man was 20 mins over his set time at this point and at the end of this clip he says “keep on singing, please would ya just for a sec” 🖤

Mystery, power and energy. Moving towards the unknown can be overwhelmingly taxing for some. But when you finally break away from the norm and realize what a profound awaking it can be, there’s no going back to that which no longer serves any greater good. Many times the answers you might be looking for do not appear because you haven’t asked enough of the right questions. Before you receive divine answers you must go through all the rough patches. Shedding each and everyone of your own unique personal fears takes time and dedication. You will never find a shaman, the shaman will find you. In many different forms. I’m no expert but I’ve met a few in my lifetime, giving me the knowledge, direction and experience needed to move successfully through this lifetime. Moreover, blessed throughout the ages. This week has been another lapse in time of the amazing journey we all desperately seek. Another renewal for future endeavors. Breathing life and an abundance of mystery, power and energy for the next leg of this extraordinary journey. I’ve always asked many questions of which I’ve always received many answers. The expertise comes with choosing the right path. Nobody can do that for you. You are fully responsible for everything and it’s nobody’s fault but yours. When you truly realize this, the light will lead you in the right direction. Trust it. billworrellart shaman trust vibrationalhealing guidinglight askandyoullreceive believe knockandthedoorwillopen sunsets mysterypowerenergy santafe mountains moonlight mindbodyspirit connection

Welcome to a lovely Pisces Full Moon Guided Meditation! Today we move into a crystal space within Mother Earth and connect through this vibration with the Full Moon. It is helping us to let go of what no longer serves and exchanging that with an openness to life, to what will come, what has been and what is. Letting us know we are held and it’s ok to lean back and fall into a vibration of joy and love. You'll find the meditation at my Youtube channel ’Keep it light’ I hope you will enjoy and remember the energy is here for you no matter when in time you listen to it! Moon magic to you all, Mariafullmoon fullmoonmeditation pisces piscesfullmoon meditation guidedmeditation moonmagic moonvibes heartenergy newwayoflife pureheart universallove guidinglight transformation

LIGHT IT UP - LOVE EARTH Every Diwali we get Diya's to light up our homes .. But what happens after the festival is over. These are one time use lamps that are later dumped in rivers leading to soil and water contamination of the river beds. So what are we doing? Are we actually lighting up our HOME : EARTH ? This Diwali light up the Diya's and later light up the EARTH , green ! Light it up : www.bysmita.in | +919830255475ecofriendly greenovation smallstepsbigimpact guidinglight gogreen thisdiwali diwali2019 calcuttatimes onahealthynote thebetterindia amazonindia starmarkemami qtrove sustainableliving earthismyhome savetheresources

Full moon on Friday the 13th. And our day is going accordingly! fullmoon fridaythe13th desertview guidinglight

• Band : @muse (🇬🇧) • Album : The Resistance • Year : 2009 • Genre : Rock • Label : Warner Bros. Records • My favourite tracks : Unnatural Selection, Undisclosed Desires, Exogenesis Symphony Part 1: Overture, United States of Eurasia and MK Ultra. • Muse's 5th studio album was released 10 years ago! • Prior to its release, a very sophisticated treasure hunt was set all over the world, through a web page called 'Ununited States of Eurasia'. Fans were given codes and hints which, once solved, would lead them to a specific location where they were then given more codes to break and tasks to accomplish in order to unlock the next phase, alongside with a part of the song 'United States of Eurasia'. There were a total of six phases. Completing all six resulted in the unification of the States of Eurasia. If you want every detail on the hunt, go check http://www.musewiki.org/Ununited_States_of_Eurasia • I really miss those days, when Muse used to bring their work to an interactive level and involve fans in games, treasure hunts or pranks. At that time, the band had the ability to show creativity, generosity and cleverness by bringing their songs to life, giving the lyrics and Bellamy's numerous references much more meaning. • I saw them live three times on 'The Resistance' tour: Bercy Arena, November, 17th 2009; Casino de Paris, May, 25th 2010 and Stade de France, June 12th 2010. I got lucky enough to win a pair of tickets for their private show at 'Casino de Paris', announced through a competition on their website (fans had to seek 10 links to email addresses hidden all over the website - no tickets were on sale). During this concert, Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) and I Belong to You (+Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix) were performed for the first time. •muse theresistance uprising resistance undiscloseddesires unitedstatesofeurasia guidinglight unnaturalselection mkultra ibelongtoyou exogenesissymphony music musiclover vinyl vinyllover vinylcommunity vinylcollection vinylcollector vinyladdict vinylporn vinyloftheday instavinyl nowspinning rock 2009

Not a brilliant picture as taken through the car window but this is the fairport harbour lighthouse in painsville, ohio USA 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 on a freezing cold day in mid March, just love the great lakes lighthouses, both America 🇺🇸fairport lighthousemagazine lighthouse_world lighthousesofinstagram lighthouse_captureslighthouselovers lighthouses_around_the_world lighthousephotography lakeeerie greatlakes sunnyskies happydays phare faro guidinglight sentinel beacon

Today I realized that we have been friends for 16 years. We have been married for almost 10 years. I realized this after I was crying on my way to work because I heard a song that reminded me how much I love him. 😂😂😂 And even though I know how far your eyes are rolling in the back of your head and how “extra” you think I am, just hear me out! I genuinely, truly, with all of my being, hope that you guys get to experience what it’s like to feel like this. I’ve known him over half my life and every day I’d choose him all over again. “'Cause even when there is no star in sight You'll always be my only guiding light Relate to my youth Well I'm still in awe of you Discover some new truth That was always wrapped around you”

Standing for more that a century, illuminating the sailors of the northwestern seaboard. GuidingLight

"Raked over the coals I've felt these flames/ Been totally eclipsed but the light remains"... the duality of fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 kineticmc yourquote babayq collabwithme poetrycommunity fireinside burnt guidinglight inspirationalquotes hipsterpoet oneliners

I wish there was better quality of this but that storyline was superb

All that I am, or I hope to be. I owe to this beautiful angel. mom bestfriend mentor firstlove mostbeautiful pillarsofeternity gratitude unconditional happiness guidinglight angel

The countdown begins! 10 more days until Tainted Dreams launches on @PopstarMagazine's app, Popstar! TV! Can you handle it?! Who plans on bingeing asap? Let us know in the comments below! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀TaintedDreamsStreams

Happy Friday the 13th let the magic begin! Our daily tarot cards are carrying the energy of the 5. We are welcoming in change today. The 6 of Winter card says we are ready to head to sunnier shores. With the Full Moon it makes perfect sense that we are ready to close this chapter and leave the past where it belongs, in the past. Take the lessons, but leave the drama back there on the shore. The Diamond is one of the hardest stones. In our relationships this means we are ready to take our power back, to set those boundaries and stand tall in our convictions! Just don’t be so strong you rip your partners head off. Remember the Strength card denotes strength with kindness, and that is what you are aiming for here. Last but not least our action card is of all things the Moon card. You can’t make this stuff up!! We must listen to our intuition as this full moon energy is sending you signals and information that you can’t ignore. A full moon is Pisces is magical and mystical and dreamy. So in order to not get lost in that you still need to check in with your inner guidance. From that place you will know what’s real. See my Full Moon blog on my website for more details. tgif fridaythe13th movingon diamondstrong intuition fullmoon dailytarot guidinglight maraleeburnett

We hold hands a lot around here! blindwithavision guidinglight

“With Lujack, with David Hayward and with Deimos, I can't have greater examples of the importance of back story for the strength of a character. Those three had that. With no back story, characters can become short term. You have to give them some sort of a history.” — DISHING WITH DIGEST podcast 9/9/19 vincentirizarry lujack guidinglight davidhayward allmychildren deimoskiriakis daysofourlives soapoperadigest

Guiding Light Health retreat....even Mike got his shimmy on! Thanks Caroline, Tracey & Chris for your enthusiasm guidinglight healthretreat moretoconetomorrow

Good Morning Full Moon. Taken at 5:30 a.m. on my walk to my swim. Early morning beauty. . . . .goodmorningmoon fullmoom friday13th guidinglight luckymoon

Today Molly would’ve turned 15. Every single year, I celebrate it and give her some sort of special gift. This year I can only honor her memory. I would be lying if I said this has been an easy transition. Grief is different on everyone. While I’ve talked about it on social media, I tend to hide it and not talk about it because I just can’t. So when a crying fit happens, I just deal with it and then I feel some relief until the next time. Crying is healthy. She’s visited my dreams a few times. The first two times she was still older but the third time she was younger again. I truly believe that maybe one day our energies will cross paths again. I get frustrated when people say “I know you were so attached to her” It’s way beyond that because she wasn’t just a dog, we were very close. Best friends. She was my soul dog. Living without her is hard but eventually it will get better. I tossed all of the previous bday memories in my story today so I hope you guys go look at them. They warm my ❤️ Is it possible to be heartbroken yet feel like your heart is full? Deep down within my being I keep with me one of the greatest loves my life as ever experienced. Because of that experience and love, she had prepared me for what was to come in the following months after her departure. Lily. I’ll always be grateful. I’ll always love you. 🌈 Two days ago I saw a post by @boochaces looking for sponsors for a few of the rescue hens they took that had been slaughter bound. To honor Molly and her birthday this year, I now sponsor one and got to name her after Molly. My mom always called Molly, Molly Ann when she was being sassy. Thank you to @ryanwithane for understanding my short story on the name choice. I’m a big supporter of Rancho Relaxo in New Jersey. Please check them out. 💛 rainbowbridge mollyann frostyface restinpeace myangel iloveyou firstlove souldog bff lynnterryphotography stlouis guidinglight dachshundsofinstagram

What’s in season what’s in season!! We definitely have something cooking and the aroma is irresistible!! The Guiding light Program is an entity geared to bring the best out of our youth and mold them into our leaders of tomorrow? You want more information about the problem? Well have no fear simply DM any of our social media pages or use the email below or in our Bio to contact us!! Ready.. Set... Go! TheWiseTruth Guidinglight lightfromwithin publicfigure publicspeaker inspiration motivation thegrind!!!

Cheers to @adrienneking_official and amysteel from Friday The 13th Parts 1 and 2, respectively. It is a national holiday, after all! Amy Steel also rocked on guidinglight and her guest spot on familyties deflowering alexpkeaton, but I digress...

Happy birthday RogerHowarth GeneralHospital OneLifetoLive AstheWorldTurns GuidingLight Check it out here -- >>https://www.soapoperanews.net/2019/09/general-hospitals-roger-howarth.html?m=1

There's always a little to guide you💫 lushgreen pattanamthitta positivevibes guidinglight ranni selfmotivation

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