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NEW RELEASE from @iamkaylamarque!! Premiering LIVE now on YouTube. Link in bio! . .stoopsessions denver coloradogram guitar bass vocals femalevocalist femalelead girlpower kaylamarque pop denvermusicscene

Como el primer video les gustó bastante! Aquí le traemos otro de la canción "RITMO" con @jbalvin y @theblackeyedpeasss un corto de ese temita. . ¿Te gustaría que montaramos más vídeos así?. Junto a mi amigo y hermano @maffung .like drumandguitar guitar guitarcover drum drummerlife drumlife drumcover drummers bateristavenezuela drummerworld carabobo caracas venezuela valencia

Here's AcesHigh by IronMaiden .. one of my favourite songs by them, and fun but quite challenging to play on guitar !! leadguitar electricguitar FenderMustang jamming rockingout rocknrolla Rocksmith livetoflyflytolive

We already have one selfie that was taken by Mozart the puppy! Have you gotten in your Halloween selfie yet!? 😎 halloween halloweencostume selfie butfirstaselfie piano drums guitar dancer ukelele teenyyogis voice singing bass clarinet saxophone

As we finish the fine tuning on our full length we figured we should probably share some music with you all :) December 6th get ready for DEPARTED⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀metalband metal metalhead heavymetal metalmusic music deathmetal metalheads rock thrashmetal metalcore band headbanger blackmetal heavymetalmusic guitar metalbands guitarist hardrock instametal metalfans headbangers extrememetal metalgirl live concert speedmetal doommetal rockband bhfyp

some of the music of master Steve Vai 🎸 use headphone 🎧 follow me guitar stevevai stevevaicover guitariste guitars guitarist guitarrista guitarfx guitaramp guitarcover guitare guitarra rockguitar bosspedals

I’m glad to present another Rock The Barn event soon, on Saturday the 26th. With painting workshops by @asyouwishartist , art pieces shown by @lisaesquedaart , guitar workshop by @the_david_lin_project_llc , live music & more. A collaboration of many artists & @farmtobarncafe with the goal of inspiring the community to seek art and music as an alternative lifestyle. With great food, good friends, great outdoor vibes, prizes to be given away/raffled... should be another cool day! •Painting workshop start at 5:30pm(1 hour class, $15) by @asyouwishartist . •Guitar workshop by @the_david_lin_project_llc (entry level, just bring your acoustic. *free to kids/teenagers/or anyone of low income). See you then 🤙🏽 *Drawing by @deenoze_g livemusic artshow rockthebarneventhawaii art arte artistas painters guitar community haleiwa hawaii change create collaboration havefun aloha

Coming from straight from a @marriotthotels with a little @tajmahalblues cover. I need to learn more of his tunes for certain. Being home 1 week the past 6 has got me dragging, but as tired as these eyes get, I’m fortunate for all they see. . . .bathroomsongs bathroomsong farfromhome akronmusicscene acoustic guitar fingerstyle gsmini taylorguitars travelguitar songwriting travel vagabond wanderer diymusician folksinger rustbeltfolksinger harmonica hohner anaheim california disneyland

Wedding photographers who boogie 👌 @debsaunders_photographer Taken from Ben and Staceys wedding at @weddings_at_beachroadwines . . .wedding married birthday party dj pioneerdj womenwhodj womeninkusic music dance sing weddingblog photo photography livemusic entertainment love guitar acoustic

Felt like it’d be fun to let y’all in on the development of a song, so here’s the first verse (for now) of the song “Take My Place” that I’ve been working on. Would love to hear what you think! . If you like what you hear, be sure to check out my debut single “Tie A Knot” on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major streaming platforms! . New original music coming soon...stay tuned 👈 . . . . .acoustic guitar songwriter music countrymusic country singer musician instamusic fgl samhunt dylanscott lukebryan bretteldredge thomasrhett kanebrown blakeshelton jasonaldean lukecombs originalsong countrygirl countryboy brettyoung

SkullFACE FunFact: ladies and gents may I present SkullFACE No. 3773. Our newest SkullFACE Palindrome. Of course it would land on Bobby. Most of the time these palendromes come about by accident, this time is no exception. Thanks Bobby for being WEIRd. We love it!! SkullFACE SkullFACEproject SkullFACEfunfacts SkullFACEpalindrome fatbolstore savagehenrymagazine. . .bobweir bobby gratefuldead grateful thedead deadandcompany deadandco ratdog midnights original guitar musician music 3773 respect resist

Ibanez RG después de mantenimiento completo con cuerdas nuevas 9-42 y cambio de trastes. . . .stewmac stewartmacdonald jumbo fret ibanez gurian luthier guitartech guitar luthiery

El motivo por el cual se ve negro, es porque está canción es una de las que amo y me gusta cantar con todo el sentimiento que me salga de adentro❤ cerrar los ojos y cantarla es lo más lindo que puedo vivir😊 el folklore se lleva en la sangre... ZAMBA PARA OLVIDAR 💙💙 zambaparaolvidar folklore abelpintosoficial guitar facundotoro danieltoro

Contrabaixo com corpo em Basswood, braço parafusado em Maple e escala em Rosewood, blindado, 24 trastes, trastes alinhados, braço fico e longo. Originalmente era ativo, como pode-se ver no mesmo modelo CLB-24A, agora é um baixo passivo com um timbre excelente para tocar desde MPB até ao Rock. Características: Marca: Strinberg Modelo: CLB-24A Quantidade de trastes: 24 Tipo de madeira do corpo: Basswood Cor: Vinho translúcido. Deus é Fiel! Deus é Fiel! Graças te dou, ó Deus de Israel! pernas bodybuilding fitness guitar ironmaiden estilodevidasaudavel greatness venezuela model face instagramrussia super brasil crente assembleiadedeus cristo ansiedade depresso medo israelhelllegmodamasculinahomensquesecuidam homens homensquetreinam

Getting’ crazy like swayze at a roadhouse close to the heart. I want to thank @bucajeca for capturing these live moments... she is good at what she does, check out her page! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• musicians musician bandanagold guitar roadhouse shakersroadhouse guitarist vocalist rocknroll live music edmonton tellyoutmomtostopcallingme upandcomingartist localmusic localartist

What’s the secret to finding your own sound...is there a way to practice that?

Artober some more! Getting close to the end! This is my moms favorite song I play so this ones for you mama. . . . .greatbigsea whenimup cover artober acoustic guitar singer sing musician

We had such a great time at Vern’s!! Here’s a few snaps from the night. Thanks @therealverns @theyoungadamsband , @cvstles_official , and @exebandca , you guys are all a bunch of beauties! (ps. Video coming soon!) music band yyc yycmusicians yycmusic yycmusicscene calgary calgarymusic calgarymusicians calgarymusicscene calgaryband verns whateveryouwant live livemusic playlive concert concerts rock punk punkrock guitar bass drums fender telecaster lespaul

Repost @laynewardharris ・・・ Can’t Help Falling in Love - Elvis (cover) • • • • • • • • • • •producer guitar music talent songs musicvideo coversong vocalgoalz acoustic musician 60secondcover vocals vocalists singingcover 30secondcover band 1minutecover covers entertainment pop crazyvoicess sing2guitar talentedvocalist duet guitar harmony@hotvocals @singers @the.bestvocals @vocal.goalz @covers.allday coversallday vocaluniversity dailyviddss insta_singer_star singersde

Gibson Les Paul 1972! 🌒 . 📷: @arkay_1953

The Fatal Feast by Municipal Waste. I can never get tired of Municipal Waste. municipalwaste crossoverthrash thrash thrashmetal music metal heavymetal crossoverthrashmetal thefatalfeast guitar banger kickass kickassmetal

badguyサビ行ったら 別の世界線のヲンがやってきたbillieeilish badguy instaguitar instabass cover #ビリーアイリッシュ whenweallfallasleep guitar #洋楽 #弾いてみた #ギター #ベース @billieeilish

•••Guitarra criolla••• Hecha por nosotros desde cero 🤘musica luthierluthery guitarra soporte percusion guitar music cajon ukelele arpa flauta shakuhachi bansuri quena

WXPN welcomes David Wax Museum to Tellus360. We love DWM here at Tellus, and we are hoping to hear some of their classics along with some of their new Gold (excuse the pun). Grab some tickets at the link below and check them out tomorrow night.⁠ ⁠ https://tellus360.ticketfly.com/e/wxpn-presents-david-wax-museum-65247526107/⁠ ⁠livemusic music concert instamusic musician singer live band party newmusic love gig nightlife guitar fun singersongwriter repost concerts entertainment tellus360 lancaster lancasterpa allwhoenterareequal davidwaxmuseum uncoverthegold

Exegesis (April 1, 2015) Free download in bio 1) The Man Who Searches For Meaning 2) The Indifferent World Which Answers 3) Hell Is Other People 4) Tristitia 5) Existence Precedes Essence 6) Anomie 7) God is Silent; Heaven is Absent 8) Life Can Only Be Understood Backward, But It Must Be Lived Forward 9) I Am the Saint 10) I Am the Cake Man 11) I Am the Kite Masteralternative arteryrecordings bandcamp bass breakdown brutal chaos drums djent drumsolo deathcore experimentalmusic fearlessrecords guitar grindcore guitarsolo heavy hardcore jazz music metal metalcore metalbreakdown mathcore noisecore punk posthardcore riserecords rock techmetal

A solea remate picado by Maestro Rafael Cortes. grishagoryachev grishaguitar grisha_goryachev flamenco flamencoguitar classicalguitar picado guitar guitarra #гришагорячев #гитара rafaelcortes

Join us for a glamorous night at the iL PARCO and enjoy the adorable outdoor seating while listening to the magical guitar tunes with Ahmed Abd-Allah's live guitar performance 🎸iLPARCO Outdoor Music Guitar Acoustic Spanish Night Event Entertainment

#다들그립다officiallymissingyou 4년전 나는 #기타 에 빠져있었다. 아니, 정확히는 #기타등등 이라는 #통기타동호회 에 빠져있었지. (아직도 기타 잘 못치는 1인😔) 대학교때도 #통기타동아리 #하날소리 가 나의 대학생활의 70%이상을 차지했을만큼 난 기타가 좋았다. 다시 정정! 기타반주에 노래 부르는게 좋았다. (90% 이상이었던 사람들도 꽤 많았지) 나는 노래를 잘 못한다. 그건 누구보다 내가 너무 잘 알고 있다. 그치만 악기반주에 맞춰 노래하는 건 참 재밌다. 거기다 혼자 말고 많은 사람들이 합을 맞춰 노래하는 건 더욱더 즐거운 일이다🤘🤘 2015년, 내게 추억을 만들어 준 #합정 #망원 #홍대 최고의 기타스쿨 "기타등등" (연애의 장인건..안 비밀🤭🤭🤭) 기타퀸 이제는 아줌마 한화팬 현경이 @__jjang_ 🐾 20년 다되가는 징글징글한 인연 형권이형🦔 기등에서 결혼한 시빌동생 썽지 🐇 자유로운 영혼의 아티스트 여민이 @djffotime 🐿 장발수염의 개발자 젬베치는 맹과니 @maengkwan 🦁 영상에 나오진 않는 윤정수를 닮아가는 크로스핏매니아 @na_.d 🐴 술먹으면 다 친구 김명으니 🐕 저멀리간 이후로 연락 안되는 병열이🐵 썽지의 영원한 ㅋㅋㅋ잘생긴 창희🦁 윤정수의 오른팔이었던 은근 웃긴 원석이🐧 그리고 꿈많은 소년이었던 나🐯 가르쳐주셨던 미친동안남 존잘러 지훈쌤 @unimelody 좀 더 미친동안남 귀염러 목쌤 @masiga_music 최근 순해진 모습으로 돌아온 로아쌤 @rowa.34 넘넘넘 감사합니다.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤞🤞🤞🤞 앞으로 영상 많이 찍어야겠습니다. 무슨 사골처럼 우려먹네🤘🤭🤭🤭🤭🤘 #통기타동아리 #통기타동호회 #무조건 #기타등등 #기등 #공연 #버스킹 #노래등등 #보컬트레이닝 #연애는덤 #자산관리 #감성 #갬성 guitar acustic #법인컨설팅 #병의원컨설팅 MSO #자산관리사Brian

D Day Old Town Folk School of Music Chicago Rez Abbasi, Ernie Adams amazing cats 🤗🙏🤗🙏🤗🙏

TOMORROW 25.10.2019 @dirtyspellsband

Soaking up this Fall weather with the family. Alysha's homemade chicken soup, fire pit, a little guitar pickin, cold beer, and S'mores later. I'd say it's turning out to be a great evening 😁thetarkingtons family chilling parents love thelittlethings kids daughters husband wife children outdoors adventure evening campfire taylorguitars firepit fun chickensoup marshmallow smores roast beer moonlight chillax fall guitar nofilter photo

- Faz um solo - Ficar solando sozinho é chato pra galera - Mas faz aí - Melhor não - Faz mano - Beleza então Tem mais 3 minutos de vídeo e mais 8 minutos de solo. A meta é chegar em meia hora. 👍 🎥: @gabomaier

TOMORROW this girl will be checking the list at @littlejoyla . You’re all on the list ! Come out to the record release show / party tomorrow !

dice barbers club wednesday night… #ダイスバーバーズクラブ #千葉#千葉駅 #美容室#理容師#美容師 #撮影#カメラ#バーバー #メンズカット#バーバーショップ #ライダース#インテリア#ギターdicebarbersclubbarberrockpunkjapanmusicguitarwahlJapanesebarberfadehaircutfashioncamerahair

kenjisawada kingofpop singer 沢田研二さんのhappy #笑顔 になる#楽しい rock なコンサート帰り、なんがいアーケードさテクテクしてお口もお胸もjuicyにしてから いちゅものselfieijapanesejapanwomangirl(’-’*)lady#自撮り だべ。らんらん🎵ららlan、今日もますますshout にズキズキ💘、#かっこいい 研二と、ヘアスタイル もキメキメな和さんguitar sound ビンビン✨🎤☀️🎸✨響いて#きゅんきゅん #幸せ なるなる並木道💛 beat &song であっちゅくなって、なにやら#ふわふわ 湯気でてたみたいに真夏の火照りなhotだったぉ。もふもふたんとも#にゃんにゃん にゃにゃにゃん🎶いっぱいお喋り、ほんにいぎなりめんこい#にゃんこ だなぁ 萌 🧡 さんまの塩焼き、いっぺぇ食べたかろうて、はよ#風 さんはやぐおどなしくんだらねぁーがな。 red ちゃん🚛よぅ映えて美しかview 今夜もとっても楽しかったです、ありがとうございました♥️🛳️♥️ まっすぐ 初志貫徹 #愛 love #研二

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