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Watched the 2016 Coen Brothers’ “Hail, Caesar” last night. Brilliant, of course! hailcaesar coenbrothers wayneknight joshbrolin

IN-STORE EXCLUSIVE: Come visit us at the following SaladStop! outlets to enjoy 1 FOR 1 Hail Caesar with Roasted Chicken while respecting social distancing. Promo is valid at the following outlets: 1. Republic Plaza 2. Novena Square 3. Changi Business Park 4. Fusionopolis 5. The Cathaysaladstop eatwideawake trustfoodagain healthyeats instoreexclusive 1for1 hailcaesar promo

@warlordgames Finished the first Roman from Hail Ceaser, cant wait to do more!painting paintingminis paintingminiatures tabletop wargaming warlordgames warlord miniatures hailcaesar romans romansoldiers romangeneral wardogs

When PromotionalSwag just might save your life. HailCaesar PlanetOfTheApes coronavirus

Greek hoplites and peltasts I bought from Essex miniatures for a school project. They ended up not getting used because of the time it took to paint 1 damn hoplite. (Which does take time mind you, I was just painting the two you see in the post) I might as well use them for hail ceasar or something since ethey are small and make for a great starter for a greek army in the near future *spoilers*15mm wargames historical greeks ancientgreece 28mm paintingminiatures paintingwarhammer bronzeage hoplite paintingwarhammer warhammer hailcaesar warlordgames essexminiatures

It’s Caesar Saturday ConqueringThisCoronapoclpse HailCaesar

Relaxing weekend indoors. Painting miniatures while @ashleylonestar naps and watching a @thetomsavini documentary on Shudder. :) paintingminiatures painting paintingwarhammer hailcaesar rome romans cavalry shudder tomsavini horrormovies documentary socialdistancing

Назва: #ДаЗдравствуетЦезарь! Рік: 2016 Країна: США, Британія Жанр: #комедия #детектив Час: 01:46 Рейтинг МРАА: 18+ 📊IMDb: 6.3 #кино #фильм #сериал #трейлер #смотреть #премьера film #фильмы cinema #актеры films2019 #топ #сериалы movie kino #кіно #дивитись #трейлери #фільми #найкращийфільм #дивитисьонлайн #топ100 #топфільмів hailcaesar georgeclooney scarlettjohansson jonahhill

Vikings with the help of @wi_lmao miniatures hailcaesar warlordgames

⁣ ⁣ My mom loves my dog ❤️ Always has! ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣hailcaesar paralyzedpup family furbabies memoryinthemaking

Here is a gorgeous Claudius As I recently acquired with a part of a fantastic collection. The details on this piece are fantastic, and I would give it a solid VF+ to an XF grade. Minted in 42 AD, the second year of The reign of Claudius, this coin weighs 10.12 grams. The obverse depicts a bare bust of Claudius facing left with the reverse of Minerva advancing right brandishing spear and holding a shield. It is not too often that I come across these 12 caesars bronze coins with full readable legends and great details. This coin is available for the price of $3️⃣5️⃣0️⃣. Comment or DM if interested. bronze rome roman romanempire romanimperial claudius 12caesars hailcaesar ancient ancienthistory ancientcoin ancientcoins romancoins minerva history historygeek historybuff oldmoney tangiblehistory tangibleinvestments collectible collection roma invest whatsinyourwallet buyitnow the12caesars classickidcoins

Reinforcements for my Men of Bronze armies. Spartan hoplites, Corinthian hoplites, and some Peltasts are ready to hit the table.

Glued to the bases and varnished! Now for the crew and I have officially started a new project, my Macedonia. Successor Army for hailcaesar... 🤷🏻‍♂️🥺🤦🏻‍♂️quarantinelife quarantinehobbies quedateencasa stayathome

Starting some auxiliary cavalry to go with my Roman legions. Quarantine means getting a lot of painting done.paintingminiatures painting paintingwarhammer hailcaesar rome romans cavalry quarantine

Aaah to be a kitty cat Coronavirus? What Coronavirus? 😻😻ignoranceisbliss hailcaesar

Caesarian Romans command for my spqr warband. @warlordgames ancientroman hailcaesar miniaturepainting

All Hail this fermented, gluten-free, vegan and super tasty dressing by @clevelandkitchen ✨ It also tastes good using a quinoa/brown rice mix in place of potatoes. I’m not a food photographer so don’t judge!(Handmade bowl on next page by @nancygardnerceramics ❤️) clevelandkitchen foodillustration hailcaesar salliswindell studiosss illustratedrecipe

Bases almost ready, just need to wait for the grass to dry and touch up some colors on the Elephants and they get glued. Then water effect for muddy puddles!quarantinehobbies hailcaesar wargames

Channing Tatum“I have a theory that as nice and sweet as you can be equates to how dangerous you can be.” . . . . . .channingtatum tatum channingtatumfans chaningtatumfans thehatefuleight thehateful8 model waroftheworlds magicmike donjon donjonmovie magicmikexxl hailcaesar jenadewan beautifulpeople model📷 actor quotestoliveby quotesaboutlife quotesoftheday quotesandsayings quotes quotesdaily quotesaboutlifequotesandsayings inspirationalquotes #ченнингтатум #ченингтатум

I hope Vinny will do forgive me for the delay in posting his BMC pick from two weeks ago. It’s, uh, been kind of a wild two weeks… hailcaesar ballardmovieclub @disarraygun @seafilmmaven @aosids

For those about to ride, we salute you!. Rode some ancient trails today brahs. Forum Hadrianium-Lugdunim-Pretorium Aprippinae-Matilo-Albaniana-Laurium. All in Zuid Holland! fuckme mototraveler mototravel motovibes bmwgs bmwgs1200 travelphotography motorcycleadventure travelporn limesgermanicus romanstuff hailcaesar makelifearide forthoseabouttoridewesaluteyou

Not sure if it’s safe to venture outside on this wontlookwednesday 🙀🙀 ⠀ Remember to stay safe and well, look after each other from a distance and keep your arse home peps!!😼🤦🏼‍♂️ ⠀kateandcaesar caesarthecat hailcaesar catsofinstagram catsofaustralia penrithpets mainecoon allcatphotos300 allmeowphotos catasticworld cutecats_oftheworld pawshcatclub instameow meowed staysafestayhome

🧜‍♀️ 🎥 Hail, Caesar! (2016)hailcaesar scarlettjohansson coenbrothers

Macedonians face off against their foe across the "Field of Mars".

Reposting @hotel_caesar_augustus waiting to welcome you once more... . .HailCaesar IloveCaesarAugustus sogni hotelcaesaraugustus RelaisChateaux TRAVEL TLWorldsBest lifestyle Views2Die4 cntraveler

#헤일시저 hailcaesar #개봉4주년<번애프터리딩>#코엔형제감독작품 #조지클루니 #조슈브롤린 #스칼렛요한슨 #채닝테이텀 #랄프파인즈 #틸다스윈튼 #조나힐 #프랜시스맥도먼드 #아카데미미술상노미네이트 #코엔형제 가 만든 코미디영화 #헤일시저

Time for the Roman Legions to march against Successor Macedonians with their sarissa wielding phalanx. hailcaesar rome romans spqr macedonia tabletop tabletopgames tabletopwargaming miniaturegaming painting paintingminiatures

A little late for Ides of March, but here it is! My first scratch build terrain - Julius Caesar monument. Made with greenstuf, styrodur and warlord miniature :) spqr romans idesofmarch juliuscaesar caesar monument hailcaesar wargaming terrain paintingminiatures warlordgames

This week on Monday Maker: progress on my Hail Caesar Imperial Romans. The undercoats are applied on two units of twenty. After some advice I based them on 25mm round bases to give me flexibility for Hail Caesar and SPQR using their corresponding MDF movement trays. . .MondayMaker wip shelterinhobby miniaturePainting painting miniature wargaming conversion wip tabletopwarlordgames spqr romans hailcaesar

Hail caesar salad roasted chicken🥗

Hail, Caesar! (2016) // Mermaid Scene : : the aesthetics of this scene were so pretty 😩✨ : :hailcaesar coenbrothers scarlettjohansson cinematography moviestills movies films cinema cinephiles movielovers filmlovers moviescenes moviereview moviereviews moviereviewer

Soon you shall be Freed . Soon you shall Reign Supreme Caesar in a new day and age...HailCaesar

Is there somethn’ in mah mouf? I feel like therth somethin’ in mah mouf! hailcaesar toomuchflooftobear reallysomuchfloof

Morning snugs with my momkat. hailcaesar stage5clinger

The first 100!! Thank you!!! Actual photos of models later this week, but a big thank you to you all! 😁😁

★★☆ #自宅で映画 映画史的知識がもっとあれば、さらに楽しめたのだろう。もっと往年のハリウッド映画をきちんとまとめて見ねばならぬ、と反省しきり。ストーリーというかあらすじだけ見れば大したことないと思うのかもしれないが、50年代ハリウッドの描写がメインで、本筋と離れて見えるところの問題解決の様がなかなかに楽しい。映画のパロディというかオマージュにも溢れている。サスペンスとかミステリーとかを期待するとダメかも。 はすっぱなスカーレット・ジョハンソンがめちゃくちゃよい! その他の俳優たちも楽しそうに演じている。投げ縄もすごい!笑 ジョナ・ヒルの役の仕事すごいな。あんなこと仕事にしたくない😂 何気にチャニング・テイタムのミュージカルが好きだった。いかにも!だし。ミュージカルになる前からミュージカルだよね、ってすぐわかるところもなかなかによく演出されている。梯子に飛び移るところはそこにいかされるのか!とか。 この映画を見て、タランティーノの『ハリウッド』をみると、ハリウッドの移り変わりがわかり、泣けてくる。hailcaesar#ヘイルシーザー #映画 cinema #映画鑑賞 #映画感想 movie film

I know we’re all social distancing so instead of planting one on my cheek, plant one on your phone😽😽 ⠀ I’m rocking my True Love bandana from @akello.co cause I’m a fella who’s in touch with his feelings😻💕😻💕 ⠀ This is my entry to the @always_whiskered aw30kpinkpawty giveaway. Go check it out🎉🎉🎉 ⠀kateandcaesar caesarthecat hailcaesar catsofinstagram catsofaustralia penrithpets mainecoon allcatphotos300 allmeowphotos cutecats_oftheworld catasticworld instameow meowed catsinbandanas kissthecat imtoosexy

Painting miniature Roman Legionaries... not cancelled. SPQR Hail Caesar!paintingminiatures paintingwarhammer painting tabletopgames tabletopwargaming miniaturegaming hailcaesar wargaming

Social distancing did not stop @nisha_dobberstein from organising the most surreal and innovative 60th birthday Zoom party for @loongcaesar caeserissixty hailcaesar birthdayboy zoomparty socialdistancing

Caesar: Hello, Mama’s phone. How may I help?😺 ⠀ Caller: Is Kate there?🙂 ⠀ Caesar: Hmmm... she’s very busy👩🏼‍💻 ⠀ Caller: This is an important work matter🤦🏼‍♂️ ⠀ Caesar: Is it really though?🤔 ⠀ Caller: Who is this?😠 ⠀ Caesar: I don’t like you. Goodbye😸📞 ⠀ Hope everyone is helping their pawrents as they work from home more. I’m totally nailing phone duties😹😹 ⠀ Proud member of the pawshcatclub ⠀kateandcaesar caesarthecat hailcaesar catsofinstagram catsofaustralia penrithpets mainecoon mainecoon_feature allcatphotos300 allmeowphotos catasticworld instameow meowed cutecats_oftheworld catshelping smartcat fancythatfriday petsworkingathome

🎞 Hail, Caesar! (🇺🇸🇬🇧2016) 🎥 Director: Joel and Ethan Coen 📷 Cinematography: Roger Deakins ***cinema cinematography framescinema coenbrothers joelcoen EthanCoen RogerDeakins hailcaesar joshbrolin georgeclooney scarlettjohansson

Hail, Caesar is "Coens Lite" - the masters indulging their whims, particularly classic Hollywood genres and movements - the screwball comedy, the western, the musical, and of course, Film Noir. They also pepper the movie with their trademark brand of silliness and humor. ⁣ ⁣ However, as light and mundane as it may seem on the surface, this is still a Coens movie. As such, tongue-in-cheek satire permeates throughout, skewering Hollywood and communism in equal measures. ⁣ ⁣ In the end, the Coens distill the essence of the film in Eddie Mannix's realization that the although the world is hard, there may be easier options. But the easier option may not be as exciting, let alone interesting. So, we need to do the right thing. And in that sense, the movie is classic Coen brothers.⁣ ⁣hailcaesar coenbrothers georgeclooney joshbrolin scarlettjohansson tildaswinton ralphfiennes francesmcdormand

Can't resist those Hoplites, they are even better than Romans (I don't mean my painting skills 😋).ancientgreece hoplite hailcaesar spqr warlordgames miniaturepainting

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