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Sekarang klo ditanya, "Nitai sayang Ibu ga?" Jawabnya selalu "Sayang Ayah" 😢😢 Tapi klo lagi bareng Ayah, selalu nyari Ibu 😂😂latepostfatherandson likefatherlikeson sundaymorning Nitaidanayah familytime novotelbogor happiness happyboy mytwoddler Nitai24bulan

Keep smiling happyboy Duniya jaye sali Bhad Me koi parwa Hi Nahi

ACTION! •WheresRapha •🐾🐾💜💙💚💛🧡❤️ • • •chien perro dog #いぬ poochon instapic cutedogs kawaii poodle cutepoodlesgram bichon bichonfrise instadaily instacute dogsofcolorado instagood playingdogs poochonsofinstagram #собака floofy #ビションフリーゼ dogsofinstaworld #비숑 #비숑프리제 happyboy bellavita happylife cutestagram shinese

Охрана серьезная у Винесты 😁😎 happyemin 2019 almaty kz kazakhstan myfamily #торт happyboy home homesweethome friends foto #алматы london china rush moscow cake #моясемья #счастливывместе #деньрождения #эминахматов emin cat catstagram catlovers #невеста #свадьба #жених #охрана

This little guy makes us so happy. This sweet boy is Mr. Personality I tell ya babyboy happyboy lennoxjohn tranimal tranclan handsomeboy love smileybaby

Bientôt 9 ans les pieds bien ancrés dans la forêt happyboy staywild boymom 9ansd

It is also my sister Ella’s birthday today... so I thought I should give her a... what do you instagram models call it? A shoutout? Yes. That’s it. Anyway I wanted to give her a shoutout because I’m amazing all around and thought she could use one. When Ella first came into my life I had this thought that I was being replaced, but then I remembered how great I am and no one could ever replace me. I also had this feeling that she had been through a very traumatic experience and I know what that does to someone... So I decided to teach her my ways and show her how to survive when you’re put in a bad situation. It felt good to finally have someone understand me. Now we are closer than ever! Those treats were actually for her birthday but I thought she wouldn’t mind sharing since I’ve done so much for her. She also shares my hatred towards Cady and that means we have a common enemy... it also means it’s 2 against 1... watch your back Cady. Ella and I are coming for you... RUN! muhaha. So I guess the only thing left to say is... Ella, I’m really glad that you’re my friend and this is a friendship that will never ever end. theo ella birthdaygirl birthday siblings friends yorkies yorkiesofinstagram dogsofinstagram nature outdoors leaves princess happyboy flower braywyatt themesong wwe smackdown funhouse friendship dogphotography dogphotoshoot dogphotos americanflag dogoftheday yorkielife thelifeoftheo adventuresoftheo bekindtoanimalsorillkillyou

“Triton, do you have a stick?” • • • • @mclarensa @jrbrendle @eastoncassie @winniethetoy_aussie @tammylang613 @joannasilverstone67 @daisytheducktoller @krisjohnson_ @aaron_buchner @lsaratogajohnson • •dogsofinstagram dogstagram dogsinfall dogvideos fallwalk dogoftheday dogpack happyboy gooddog smilingdog labradorsofinstagram puppy puppylove puppiesofinstagram ygkdogs kingston dogsofkingston dogsofsydenham canadiandogs thestatelyhound dogsofinstaworld theglobalwanderer hikingwithdogs dogsonadventures weeklyfluff getoutdoors thegreatoutdogs petphotography winter snowday

Your Daddy and I feel so blessed to see you grow up 🧡. I cannot believe you are one already. Thank you for coming into our lives and making it beautiful. Thank you for sharing for all of your firsts with us 😘 each second we love you more than the last and we can’t wait for another firsts with you . Happy first birthday and we love you so much our baby boy 🧡🧡 🧡. • • • • ::::: Family and Friends 😘 Thank you for making time to attend little Wayne’s first birthday! Being there meant a lot to all of us. Thank you for all the generous gifts and kind words ❤️. We are so grateful you were there to help make his day great. Thanks for your love and support 😉. . . . .firstbirthdayoneyearoldwaynehuntrrrymandaddyandmommyloveyouhappyboyremembranceday2019famlovemyworldgoodtimeswithgoodpeoplemybabyboybabysharkpartymyfamilyrymansfamily

chu chu train 🚂🚂🚂101119happysundaymemories💕 happyboymommysboy💙

Cash loves his new bath robe / jammies momma got him today happyboy babyseal NotYetiForBed

We got to see daddy ! And his big boat ! happyboy

Mum said I need to stop attacking her feet cause its naughty, but look at this face and tell me I'm naughty! . . .chewiethecat chewbacca starwars kitten catsofinstagram babyboy kittensofinstagram cat gingercat cute sleepy adoptdontshop adopted meow happyboy catpictures funnycat chewbaccathecat kitty kittycat

✨ ✨I saw him at the park like this, reading a comic book that he borrowed from a new friend. I love that he has this hobby like his Dad. Being such an active boy he doesn’t stay that long reading but enough to enjoy the story 📖 . . He loves watching movies and even knows lines of parts of movies by heart, exactly like his Dad. And replays them by sometimes acting them out 🎥 . . Like father, like son. One love ❤️🌈

I turned 6 months old on Saturday and Mummy and Daddy said I’m growing up way too fast 💙 I went for my first swim on the weekend and loved it 💙 6monthsold growinguptoofast cutie whenigrowup ironman cheeky happyboy firstswim

This big guy is 9 months old today! Can’t believe how fast these past 9 months have flown by stopgettingsobig thomasgerald 9monthsold happyboy

My “favorite” hooman (Samara) gave me a bath and now I am squeaky clean!! Can you notice! 😉 bath doggybath doggy squeakyclean happyboy

Pacific is still Good to Me 🙏 2nd swim 2019 - 2k - Kings Buoy & back. With the best guide & guard in the water @peamanpeaman ♥️ .. ..swimming kailuapier pacificocean ironmantraining royalkonaresort singing anotherdayinparadise happyboy ohana aloha kokua niceandeasy

I’m so excited to have all this snow to play in!!! ❄️ 🐾 🐶 snowdays leonbergersofinstagram leonbergerpuppy giantbreed winterpup happyboy

Seriously though guys.... he’s literally the cutest thing in the world 😍 babyboy happyboy sillyboy soamazing mywholeworld🌎

My baby isn't a baby no more. His officially in a big boy bed!! foreverbemybaby notsolittleanymore bigboybed soontobe4 batman happyboy

When everyone is sad it’s Monday but it’s your mom’s Saturday bc she’s a nurse. • • •mondayvibes itsmysaturday shiftworker nurselife happyboy happypuppy goodboy aussiedoodle aussiedoodlesofinstagram bluemerle fluffy dogsofinstagram instadogs

Living his best life. Also soaking up the last few random 70 degree days when they pop up. Like today! . . .fallweatherinthesouth bestlife happyboy homesweethome homeiswheretheheartis cozyhome cozyhomedecor

Y que ya empieza la navidad... Oh my god se acabó el año.... Rapidísimo.... Una excelente tarde a gusto con buena compañía.....navidad2019 navidadyaempezo christmasboy christmasgay happyboy moviestime

First little Hawaii Jog. Sooo easy BUT nevertheless Sweaty 😅 .. ..bigislandhawaii konacoast waluaroad keauhou happyboy coloryourlife jogging ultrajoe

When little man is sick you get in his crib with him (regardless if I’m 6’ , in a 4’ crib) and try to put a smile on his face.!! happyboy fatherandson love family babycrib tobig smile

When I came across this image I giggled. Yes!😁 I love these sweet and happy little captures🙏happyboy momentslikethese candidchildhood candidmoment photooftheday familyphotographer justhavingfun theartofchildhood thehonestlens wildandlittlebraves

Happy birthday to me! 🎉🎈🎈🎁 Ok, I’m a day late (might have to sack my social media manager if she doesn’t lift her game!)The thing is, my loved ones refuse to believe I can possibly be 8 years old - I’m not sure how that happened either! So we decided to post some baby Jerry pics instead. beyondcute The first few pics are when I was only 5 weeks old & my loved ones made a 3-hr journey (each way😲) just to meet me at an amazing place called @gunnersonlabs . My mum was named Magic & I had 11 siblings! I think that’s why I love to snuggle so much now 😌. It was such a long 3 weeks until they came back to pick me up so I could live with them forever. It’s been like having a birthday every day since then. 😁 family lablove babyjerry littlejerry chocolatelabsquad cholateperfection lovemylab lovmypeeps reallabsofmelbourne thesweetestboy happyboy 💛🐾🐾 🇦🇺

mybaby #💙beautifulsmile #😍#😘happyboy #💕

Is it because he’s my son, but I can keep watching this video over and over and over and it cracks me up 🤭🖐🕷 🖐 waitforit smack- -sillyboy happyboy love sons kids funnykids instamood insta

Never too tired to smile 💖💓 happyboy lovehim

Great day with my littlest boy 💙💙grandson gransboy BLW babygiggles happyboy swipeleft

We had this trampoline for 3 days before I realized how fun it can be 😂😂 itsahuskything 🤦🏻‍♀️ . . . . . . .huskiesofinstagram dogsofinstagram sibesofinstagram instadogs huskygram odinthehusky huskynation copperhusky chocolatecopperhusky goodestboy happyboy canadianhusky huskythings

超久々のスクラッチ そしたら自己最高の3000円GET BIGと言い、今日は宝くじ当選DAY #スクラッチ#スクラッチ当たったscratch#ワンピーススクラッチonepiece#宝くじ#宝くじ当選lottery3000instagoodinstacoolinstafollowinstamoneyinstaphotomoneyluckyluckydayluckymanluckyboyhappyhappydayhappymanhappyboyfollowfollowmefortunewonderfuldaygreatdaysspecialdaylifestyle

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