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If I sit real still on the writing desk... no one will really notice I’m not allowed up here as I look too cute... cute tuxedocat tuxedocatsofinstagram ifisitrealstill ifisitreallystillshewontseeme writingdesk rescuecat furbaby fureverfamily happykitty welcomehome ilookcute

The time of the bb shower when we show my mommy hooman's mom (AKA Gramma hooman) for the first time. brownblackwhite awww adorable cutie happykitty sittingpretty onalap hello hi meetingpeople

Happy demon kitty, I promise I have eyes, you just can’t see them. creepykitty kitty cat catsofinstagram happycat happykitty

BFF's reunited at last😸 (she wanted to show all her Instagram friends, her best friend)happykitty catsofinstagram ig_bengals bff happybengal

I just got Chi this little cubby and she's already checking it out! 💗 this was my gift for making her wait for me so long while ive been at schoolinstacat catsofinstagram catsagram cat cats kitten kitty cutekitty happykitty sleepykitty spoiledkitty kittygifts catbed comfybed cozybed cozy cubby bedtime kittybedtime homesweethome therealchissweethome

My foster kitty Launi, is very satisfied with her new toys! 😁😻 catphotography catsofinstagram catsagram cat kittenlove kittycat fosteringcats foster fosteringsaveslives happykitty happycat

Me and Adina spending time with mittens today before she went homehappykitty fatcat

I'm waiting for spring already😻💕 . . Credit: @simabossneko Follow @cozycomfycats for more! . .catskittensflowerandcatcherryblossomandcatspringcatspringmoodwaitforspringwaitingforspringtoocoldnowpeacefulcatskyissobluevividbluehappykittymeowstagramneko#ねこ#猫#猫咪#고양이gatoxiaomaokattcozycomfycats

Gosh, she’s so stinking cute. Those whiskers though.😻

I am one cozy loaf! . .catsofinstagram happykitty sleepykitty lapcat loaf cuddlycat meowdel tortoiseshellcat tortitude catlovers catlife instacat catstagram catsoftheworld smallcat cutecat #고양이 #냥스타그램 #고양이그램 gato #Кот #кошка #猫 #ネ featurecatmeows petsofinstagram excellent_cats bestmeow cat_features cats_of_world

Owl seems to know how to camouflage pretty well. Do you think all cats know how to as well?happykitty rescuekitty adventurekitty comfykitty catsofinstagram companionkitty #

Cats and filters right?? Who'd ever think of it??? ❤🐈 snapchat🐈 doggiefilter meetbatman happykitty kittylookspurfectinafilter

Baby girl got a new toy... happykittyPennyLaneloveher

Thank you all so much for 100 feline followers! I love posting photos for all my feline friends 🐱 and have created some awesome friendships with other cats from all around the world 🌍 lots of love, clarky x 💕💞100happydays catsofinstagram meowstagram happykitty celebration

Hey meo’all! It’s CHRISTMAS TIME! Next week it’s thanksgiving and I just wanna say I’m thankful for my humans 💖 I’m loved and spoiled and I love them back. What are YOU thankful for?thanksgiving christmas holidays mostwonderfultimeoftheyear thecatinmilosh miloshthesiberian puertorican texan rescued cat orange ginger gingercat iloveyou family kitty perfectlittlebuddy christmaslights decor lights colors colorful happykitty greeneyes

Making sure that tail doesn't escape while he's napping... 🤣🤣🤣

When the hoomans have the electric heater on 😼 cosypinktoes

Someone is happy I’m home🐱💖 devonrex devonrexcat rexesofig happykitty lucy

Eep!! Alice found the new bed we got for the kitties. She looks so snug! iwishmybedwasthatcomfy happykitty alicepooka tabbycatsofig tabbycatsofinstagram alittlepieceofheaven 3kristalkitties

Oh... it's time to wake up? bluerussian happykitty catsofinstagram cats oldkitty

Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purr Purr Purrhappykitty sleepykitty purrpurrpurr miaumiau cat catstagram catlovers

Hi! I've got two kittens now. Meet Mrs Norris, she's the kitten that isn't scared of us. We also have a kitten called Dobby but he's always hidden and is scared of people.petsofinstagram catstagram petstagram kitten bigbangtheory meow softkitty warmkitty littleballoffur happykitty sleepykitty purr eyebleach aww

You don’t even need to unwrap it!

Just put it somewhere and the kitties will come to it..

You don’t really need to hang it..

Mais dis donc c'est quoi cette boîte qui enferme tous mes copains là ?? DecouverteTelephonePortablePhoenixTheCatMyNameIsPhoenix CatsOfInstagramHappyKitty

Cat baskets can also be enjoyed with friends 😻 swipe for more cuddliness!

Ipa showing a different way to enjoy a cat basket 😺

Ipa enjoying his cat basket, now and then (swipe) 😻

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