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It’s been a long, emotional couple of days. . After a late night trip to the ER, being admitted to the vet, and continuous testing, we finally have our Lexie girl home and can sleep good tonight. So thankful for all of the support from our friends and family!❤️ . .dogmom dogparents dog pup puppy dogsofinstgram dogsofinsta pupsofinsta thankful sothankful happytobehome finallyhome getwellsoon vet vetvisit thoughts prayers mydog mypuppy loveyou lovemydog lovemygirl family myfamily

Glad it wasn’t me that got stuck. Hope those people are alright and out of this weather. texasweather happytobehome

Total travel time from preschool to home: 2.5 hours 🤦‍♀️ Acquisitions include two rocks (one salmon sandwich and a fish taco according to A), a giant pinecone, a clover blossom (eaten along the way), and a lot of raindrops. Most of these things are now living on the front porch 🥴wecamewesawweconquered schoolstories gumptionforbreakfast happytobehome preschooler playallday wedowhatwewant outsideinspo raincouver outdoorpreschool travelstories letthembelittle littlefierceones wildisaswilddoes vancouverisprettyok

These babies sure are happy to be home! Listen to the sweet love sounds they make! This warms my heart! playvacationwasfun happytobehome poochiespark weloveechother sisters bostonterrier boston bostonsisters bostonterriers ilovemydogs sisters

Back to reality and it is SO good. Travelling is great but, being home is even better! deliabalbiwieser 30redwillowcrescentwest fallinalberta happytobehome happybirthdaytome priddisalberta foothillsalberta

I was too busy adventuring in Connecticut to share my pictures! I went on three amazing hikes, stood up (before falling into the river) on a paddle board, kayaked, baked bread from scratch, did a little ice skating, attempted archery, picked apples from an orchard, wandered around a garden, and spent quality time with two of my favorite people! And now, I nap!travelforthewin allthethings happytobehome

Top retour a la casa cabarete lesvaleurs happytobehome cp sm

So...yeah... First day back at my first job after being on holidays, and I'm excited 😳 I'm so glad to see my pals - but just wanting to win the lottery, adopt 40 cats, go for walks, and watch Dr. Pimple Popper. Is that too much to ask??backtowork catsplease happytobehome type1dlookslikeme T1d morerestplease psoriaticarthritis autoimmunedisease wanna rest walks gettingbackintoit

Mischa went to the V-E-T today to get the last of her booster and rabies shots. She was a very good girl!😺When we got home everyone got their nails clipped and got lots of treats! So now Mischa is resting from her big day.💤iwasagoodgirl iaintscaredofnovet happytobehome

Farewell Washington, hello Colorado. Fondly reminiscing about the amazing adventures and people WA has to offer, and looking forward with excitement to what this new chapter in CO will bring. So far all patients have survived under my care during my first physician assistant rotation. Looking to keep the streak going! happytobehome

Home safe and sound! Guarding the house and squirrel 🐿 searching! tiredbuthappy happytobehome

Nice photo bomb Charlotte 🤪 It was nice to get away and connect with my husband these last few days, but it is sure nice being home with these ladies (and their big brother!!) • • Ainsley’s pants from @harpernolive and shoes from @thistleandwren

Everyone’s favourite alien boy wondering where all his apples are ?¿ Invictus HeartHorse happytobehome

I don't remember if this was an after work selfie from the other day or what. I remember I was tired. #😂 selfie afterwork lgbt lgbtq happytobehome? lol

After 3 weeks it's time to go home! And I have to say I'm happy to be home. The second wash is in the machine. The suitcases are empty, hand luggage is empty aswell. Everything is in it's place, all the food is in the correct cabinet. It's a small bom that went off if I sort everything. But I'm happy this is my way. John has his own tasks to do so we both are ready around the same time.homesweethome happytobehome 3weekroadtrip usaroadtrip imhappy itwasamazing willreturn mylife lijntjesleven sintoedenrode

💛Gratitude So good to be home! We’ve got follow up appts today and over the weekend but no sweat! 5 days away from home, normalcy, comforts and family is tough, shown by the bags under my eyes, but thinking about the families that live there, day in and day out, was a reality check at how blessed we are! 💛The care was outstanding! One nurse we had 3 days in a row, you know who you are, and I swear she felt like family! I sat with the customer service lady, Suzanne, the other morning and she asked me what was great and what they could improve on. I asked her what the biggest complaint was (because mine was the actual food, go figure😉)and she shared with me that many families cannot afford meals while there. 6$. It’s 6$ for a questionable parent tray! 3 times a day. She said that often she gathers doctors and nurses leftovers from celebrations and donations and finds families to gift them to. We had groceries in the fridge at discharge and she said she knew the exact family to bless💛 An incredibly small token, yes, but it just reminded me to share blessings and complain less. . . .thankfulthursday healthiswealth gratitudeattitude attitudeofgratitude abundancemindset momofteenagers momofteens scottishrite happytobehome blessedmama healthykidsmeals healyourbody atlantamoms nursesofinstagram nursesrock gratitude🙏

Got home Seoul Jimmy Tailor open from tomorrow See you guys. 내일부터 지미테일러 문 열어요 happytobehome

Happy Thursday! What’s more soothing than an all neutral bedroom? Photo by @laurenedithphoto

We arrived home late Tuesday night after our 2 weeks in the Balkans. But I literally walked off the plane and started to be really sick. So it'll be a few more days before I can work on my pictures and thoughts about the four amazing countries we visited. • For now, here's a photo of the beautiful, but erm, *cough, highly overrated Krka waterfalls. • •croatiavacation croatia krka krkawaterfalls beautiful but apaintogetto alittleunderwhelming changeinplans happytobehome alittlesickthough willblogsoon blogger writer myartform wordsmith

My friends in london say hello.. My friends in la they don’t know.. Where I been for the past few years or soparis tochina to colorado Sometimes there’s airplanes I can’t jump out. Sometimes there’s bullshit that don’t work now. We all got our stories.. so please tell me what there is to complain about?happytobehome homeforawhile traveljunkie work balance

🦋Back at work after our most wonderful trip to Beautiful Italy 🇮🇹.. 🙏BIG THANK YOU to my Lovely girls Jodi,Karen & Greta 💐for keeping the shop running so smoothly and for looking after our much valued customers.. 🙏If you enjoyed our recent social media posts , I have the talented gretawoodcreative to thank for that .. 😃 🦋Looking forward to Spring and seeing your friendly faces again soon .. 😘Karen xxxholidays thankyouteam lovemystaff gratitude🙏 happytobehome florenceitaly🇮🇹 fantasticworkcolleagues italyyouhavemyheart 🇮🇹🦋💕

No hay nada mejor para una recuperación como estar en casita y a poder ser en la cama y en pijama, con todos los mimos del mundo y algún regalo que otro... Ayer se me partía el alma de verle sufriendo y tan vulnerable pero, claramente, los niños están hechos de otra pasta porque 24 horas después aquí está lleno de energía. • • •diademimoselmayordelacasalittleedwardmybabyboyhappytobehomehomeroomdecorboysroomchildreninspochildrensroomcoleandsonwallpaperlovegreensdinosourobsessionkidsandbooks

"Even a man who speaks twenty languages ​​uses his mother tongue when he cuts his finger." So true 😂myhomeifeelathomehappytobehomeenjoytodaylaughingoutloudkeeplaughing

What an amazing place😍 But I am so happy to be home 😴 So glad I have today booked off work 😪Thank you to my No1 girl @mira_thewestburygarden for the best few days 😁😄😊 . . . . . ibiza girltime yesterday views daltvila holiday besttime instadaily instagood instapic holiday happytobehome sotired dayoff livingmybestlife livingthedream whataview instaview lovelife happy beautiful travel

Couldn't be happier to see this little guy after our holiday 😍 @barrykeeganwelcomehome noodle doglove dog instadogs love greatholidaybutwemissedyou happytobehome holiday cuddles unconditionallove noplacelikehomehomesweethome 🥰♥️👩‍👧‍👦🐶🐝

Hab mich gestern schweren Herzens von Irits Küchenbambi und von Dortmund verabschiedet. Intensive Tage liegen hinter mir. Begegnungen mit wunderbaren Frauen haben mich reicher gemacht und ich konnte hoffentlich mindestens genausoviel zurückgeben, wie ich mitgenommen habe. Jetzt werden die Augenringe gepflegt, ausgepackt und am Nachmittag stehen zwei Brautprobetermine an. Danke, dass Ihr mich so zahlreich hier begleitet habt. Einen feinen Donnerstag für alle! 😘 . .bambi face fotd happyme kuscheltier blogger_de happytobehome

Soo happy to be back in paradise!thank u so much @flora_fauna_katarina for the beautiful welcome Hawaiian lei!🌺🤗happytobehome

Someone’s starting to like their new house already! ☺️☺️

canggu . It’s all about the juice bar and @healthytribesbali (and those tiles 💕💕💕) . Blending in and stretching out to get some work done -freeing up my weekend for some birthday fun! Nice to be home after several weeks of travel teaching...if only for a few days!! Next stop uluwatu .cangguvibes happytobehome juiced ecofriendly balitiles yogateacherlife thencoffee healthytribe findyourhappy yinsidetribe

It’s literally been over 15 years since the last time I stood on these rocks and swam in this lake. Since I moved away to Alberta, it’s not always easy coming home to Ontario and making time to have the vacation or to do the things I WANT because I always put family and friends ahead of myself.... but there comes a time in your life when you need to take care of and do things for yourself for a change. These last few years have not been easy on me professionally and personally I have also grown leaps and bounds out of the person I used to be and the life I was settling for. Thank goodness to the personal development I have learnt so much from@since I started coaching!! These last few days with @mavalos11 at my family cottage and showing him where I used to spend every single school break has been absolutely wonderful and I don’t feel guilty one bit that I’m filling OUR cup first and making memories that will last a lifetime. Because it’s impossible to give from an empty cup. . This is only the beginning, babe. . . Do you have a family cottage or somewhere special you used to or currently spend a lot of time at? Share below as I’d love to know!! We’ve had a lot of discussion the last few days of potentially buying land/property/cabin. . . . This property has absolutely NO UTILITIES and I love it. . . .happytobehome igrewuphere fillyourcupfirst proudcanadian wildandfree womenwhoexplore summervacation thankfulAF canadian cottagelife cottagecountry

Time square looks like a heartbeat from up here... happytobehome

Today was a long day! And I am so happy to finally be home❤️ it started off kind of rough. But God made sure the first song that played on my Spotify this morning at school was just what I needed. It’s called “not today” by Hillsong United. I’m going to start EVERY day now with that song. Here are some lyrics: “I'll sing the night into the morning I'll sing the fear into Your praise I'll sing my soul into Your presence Whenever I say Your Name Let the devil know not today Whenever I say Your Name Jesus Let the devil know not today Not now not ever again” . . And I needed to hear that. And then sing it. And then claim it all day long. Devil you have NO HOLD over me and my day because JESUS is holding me!!!!!!!!!! So I let everything else go and decided to live my day knowing that with Jesus on my side, the devil has ZERO chance!!!!! It felt awesome to sing those lyrics all day long!!! . . . . How do you start your mornings?! Are there certain things you do or songs you listen to? . . . . .wholeheartedwoods homeiswhereilaymyheart homesweethome happytobehome woodensigns nottodaysatan tellthedevilnottoday hillsongunited morningworship morningroutines jesusonmyside bedroomdesign bedroomsign farmhousebedroom handletteredsigns handletterer customsignage customsign woodsigndecor handmadewoodsigns signmaker michiganmaker michiganmakers handmadeinmichigan godsgotme faithbasedbusiness christianartist husbandandwifeteam

Feeling like a real Floridian finally, rocking black Jean's and a Jean jacket in 80° weather. Here's to the last bit of my final week here at home before heading back to tour.disneyonicedreambig disney disneyonice showskater skater lifeofashowgirl showgirl lifeontheroad lifeontour wandering home realfloridian snowbird backtoworkigo happytobehome

Words do not adequately describe how happy I am to be home and done with the Talladega job. That one kicked my butt! On the other hand it helped push me off the fence about where I’m going with my business. First thing I did was head to the studio for a little free time art session.This little quickie is my reminder of the lovely view from the lake house we stayed at. It also reminds me how much I love being in my studio playing around with all my art stuff!

Home is where the heart is, and where my family calls home is where I call home. I’m glad to be a Michigander. I can call myself a Californian, and an Arizonian as well for I have a big part of my heart in those two places. I spent two fantastic days with my loves Savannah and Calem and got to work on a brand new musical version of a Christmas Carol “A Gleeful Christmas” written by my very talented friend @danare49. I am so blessed to be back and inspired...And Squinty michigander michiganderfire squinty happytobehome inspired staylit loveyourself

FlyAway to Union Station happytobehome socalgalforever

...and we are home ✈️ a great time with the best of friends. I’m not saying anyone wants the holidays to end, but make a home you can’t wait to get back to. Loved closing the door behind us after all the hassle and stress that goes with traveling home. The boozebasket has been a permanent fixture on out kitchen floatingshelves. In truth I can’t bare to look at it !! Can come back out once we have dropped the hangover 🤒 homehomesweethomeholidaybluescosytravelboozeboozebasketginclubgincollectionlovehappytobehomerenovationideasrenovationprojectmustardthrowcordsofaoakdoorcastironcastironradiatorwrenswrenskitchenkitchenkitchensofinstagram wrenovation

Nothing like making a pit stop at chikfila and suprising the gang! What's your favorite item? Happy hump day everyone! btsofficial bts bt21 bt21official chikfila yummy humpday🐪 squad didigetenough lotsofmouthstofeed fulltummy wherearethedrinks groupshot happytobehome @chickfila @bt21_official

I am home with my mom. I missed her so much! famousseamus mymomisthebest homecoming pug happytobehome seamusshenanigans

Mandy and Joshy back home. happy happytobehome motherandson love specialtimes greatmother @zylmandyvan #❤️ besties

In case anyone was wondering... this is what it looks like when your baby girl is happy to be home with her mama!!! athenamymaria bandoggemastiff biggirl happytobehome bestfriend grateful

🖤⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀happytobehome nbportrait irgend glücklich liebezurfotografie portraits_today sundaybreath selfie freeletics friends me i‘m likesforlike happy happyme frohnaturebook tattoo jeanslovers tattowomen sneakerlove funnymoments spaß ausliebezurliebe portrait portraitphotography sportliebe jogginglove nürnberg krakau zuhause

[SWIPE LEFT] “There are no short cuts to any place worth going.... we came a long way” To those that’s been down, trust and believe you’re about to get all of what u been waiting for from me. Should never have to ask for support from those who claim to be “f**king wit you” I tell the homies all the time if you trying to find great success, that support u need will come from millions of strangers... not these fake ni**as just standing around waiting to get hit by a stray. 🤷🏾‍♂️ OhJohnny By the way the homie Sean Jones @anamalhousetv home (last photo)freewebb Freewu @black_asia_ freeoxfreejuan freetheguys no69

the magic is in you💭 . . Werbung• Hallo ihr Lieben💘 Black is my happy color- Wer kennt’s?🖤 Meine Lederjacke ist deshalb zurzeit mein absolutes Must Have💁🏻‍♀️

As some of you may know my time since arriving at hospital for my induction nearly 2 weeks ago has not been straightforward. Having needed an emergency c-section after a 4 day failed induction I developed sepsis 2 days later. Cue a trip to high dependency and the next thing I know Im subject to every test and iv antibiotic under the sun. It's then taken a further 7 days to be deemed well enough to go home on oral antibitoics. I can't begin to explain the emotional rollercoaster we have all been on. I literally cried everytime I looked at her or my amazing husband. Also having my shared bay turned over 4 times in the time I was there was the definition of soul destroying. But the best news ever was being told I would get home yesterday. Being able to cry tears of joy for the first time since she was born was such a relief. We are now settled into our home nicely after a lovely day just the three of us. Here's a picture I have been dreaming of taking - hubby leaving with Amelia in her car seat! ❤ induction failedinduction sepsis infection pregnancy babygirl hubby hospital emergencysection csection wound emotions emotionalrollercoaster life ivantibiotics antibiotics infusion stillsdisease immunosuppressents fullterm emergency happytobehome medication lovinglife

Home from NYC and back to the norm!! My husband really enjoyed his 40th birthday!! New York is amazing and we’ll definitely be going back!! Mini vacations are always bittersweet for us!! Most of the time were not ready to leave but at the same time ready to get back to our comfy home!! Are you guys the same way?! 🤔 I’ll recap some of the things we did in NY in my stories!! Happy Hump Day y’all!! • • •modernfarmhouse mymodernfarmhouse farmhouse farmhousedecor farmhouselife farmhouselivingroom home homesweethome homedecor homeinspo homedesign livingroom livingroomdecor livingroominspo livingroomdesign happytobehome minivaca minivacation extendedweekend newyork nyc

Back to being mommy! Paris trip was amazing and helped rejuvenate and revive my spirit (and patience)! Ready to tackle school days with the kiddos now, mass tooth brushings and all! mybabies foleyfour momofmultiples toddlers mommying happytobehome

I had missed his face! Home is sweet! And hubby is the shhhweetest😘😘 happytobehome marriageworks Godspeed happilymarriedtomybestfriend

Beautiful and inviting from @seanandersondesign

This morning I had my first lie in in over a month and for the first time since I’ve been home Bailey is loving me again 🤗🤗🥰🥰 feelingloved (No I didn’t just get up, I’m not THAT good at lie ins 🤣🤣🤣 )

probably thinking about food 🤷🏼‍♀️

Went with to Ballet class yesterday - but was glad to be home. happytobehome homesweethome cardrives travellingkitty bowiewilken catsofinstagram

Hawaiian Airlines! LAX bound, home sweet home! whatasight Godsglory Jesus’glory happytobehome

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