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"Sometimes you gotta do things yourself, ya know?!"☺️ independentbirdMy sister sent me this video and I just have to share it with you all!😂greencheeckconuresofinstagram greencheeckconure cinnamongreencheekconure conuresofig conuresofinstagram greencheekconureofig petsofig parrotlover cute birdsofinstagram birds headscritches battheconure bat

Couldn’t get enough of this cuddle bug on Saturday. This is a baby Rose Breasted Cockatoo also known as a Galah. She is barely 12 weeks old and loves getting her head scritched, even if it means rubbing her own face against my large nose. This cockatoo melted in my arms almost immediately, and even fell asleep on me - such a sweet thing. Sweet little bird will definitely find a forever home quickly. In the meantime, I’ll take all the cuddles I can. rosebreastedcockatoo galah galahcockatoo exoticbirds parrot parrots parrotsofinstagram baby cockatoo pink cuddles scritches headscritches sleepy bird happy feelsgood seratonin happymonday

First real in snow Chicago has me feeling like 😬❄️🌨☺️ quaker quakerparrot quakerparakeet monkparakeet birb bird greenbird birdsofig birdsofinstagram parrotsofig parrotsofinstagram headscritches dinofeet

headscritches this one is for @katcorc

Cali: Scratch my head, human! Me: kk. Cali: BUT FOR EXACTLY FIVE SECONDS IN THAT PARTICULAR SPOT OR ELSE I BITE YOU.cockatiels birdsofinstagram squawk birds headscritches

Aaaah head scritchies are the best headscritches catsofinstagram rescuecat adoptdontshop

Taking a break from video editing/work to pass out some love and headscritches felinebuddy relaxedkitty cat catsofinstagram

Oh hai! Our names are Molly and Suki and we've just settled into our new winter residence, it's been less than 48hrs, but we've already used the cat tray, scent marked literally everything in the house, doled out more head bonks than I'd thought possible from just two cats. We're looking forward to being stroked, brushed and fattened up ready for Christmas!

REPOST 😻 Reposted from @bethanyds- My happy little land seal . 📸: @noahsarrk . . . .pibble landseal bluenosepitbull happiestboy @ministryofpitbulls headscritches goodboysofinstagram - regrann dogsofinstagram pitbull pitbullsofinstagram goodboy gooddog @pitbull @pitbullsofinstagram @pitbull.world.wide

Me trying to make it up to my new horse friend, I put him through quite the workout carrying me up the mountain to see the competition field from an eagle's point of view noitsnotaminipony yesimtall horsebackriding mongolia goldeneaglefestival headscritches horsesofinstagram

I knew there would come a day when Toby would find a forever home, I just didn’t think it’d be so hard to say goodbye. This African grey has helped me through one of the toughest heartbreaks after losing Azula. Toby was always excited to see me and on numerous occasions, would break into the side room while I was busy playing with other birds so he could be near me. He’s a goober, has a funny laugh, and loves kisses and head scratches. He will be deeply missed. But, I’m so happy that he’s going to a great owner that will provide all the love and scritches he deserves. Thank you for your love these past few months buddy!!! Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll catch ya one more time before you head home. ❤️🦜 africangrey parrotlove parrotsofinstagram exoticbirds africangreyparrot cuddles headscritches loveyou toby toblerone thetobster happyforyou beautiful kisses bird silly birdshavefeelingstoo

Nimbus loves his head scritches 💕 🔊⬆️ for happy kitty purrs HappyKitty SleepyKitty PurrPurrPurr

She definitely knows how to entice me out of the bed on a Saturday morning. ameliameowy is a flirtatious gorgeos funnykitty inviting headscritches

Auntie Karie takes good care of me while fur mom is away @anotherdayattheraces bestcatsitterever furaunty sweettabby catsitting headscritches

Head scritches in the mornings are the best. pitbull pitbullsofinstagram dontbullymybreed headscritches

[Volume up!] Not exactly the Bat-Signal but The Batcat is summoned to investigate a potential crime but ends up with head scritches. batcat catsofinstagram shelikesme! maybe headscritches squeak

Rex loves it when you scratch the top of his head. monitorlizard headscritches

Mom has had a migraine all day, so our day has been composed of snuggles and head scritches! Well wishes for mom!! birb headscritches migraine love munchkin cockatiel mamasbaby

"Fine, I'll pet myself."stripeymenace headscritches @celess2impress

🦜🧡 The feeling is mutual, Jasper. 🥰loveflutters abitmuchbud noheavyscritching Come learn what this means (and if you can have too much of a good thing) at our free class 〰️ Parrot 101 〰️ this Saturday, October 12, at 2PM 💁🏼‍♀️💗 letskeepthingscasual dontoverdoit hormonal scritches headscritches jardin parrots adoptme adoptdontshop birdrescue @marleenmccohen parrotrescue featheredfriends companionparrot cltnc crowntown charlotte charlottenc exploreclt engagednotcaged

Smooches for scritches 🐶👅🧔🏻~>Sound On 🔊 . . I don’t think dad was as appreciative of the smooches as I was hoping 😬 .buttlicker smoochesforscritches headscritches dodmassage 9gag samoyed samoyedpuppy samoyedclub samoyedpage samoyedlove samoyedlife samoyedsmile samoyedlovers samoyedlife barkedtongueout buzzfeedanimals dailyfluff barked puppy puppiesofinstagram cutepuppy samoyedlove samoyedtimes cutepuppiesplanet dog_features #Самоед #щенок #萨摩耶 #小狗 #狗狗日常

Oh Tia Carmen, you’re my favorite. I love it when you house-sit!! blackcatsofinstagram headscritches tiasarethebest gogothetraveler more like gogotheleftbehind

From: Yaas, head scritches! To: Why is a human touching my head?! Gotta go! 😸😸😸 Happy Sunday Funday, furriends! cats gato catsofinstagram siberian_cat_lovers siberiancat siberiancatsofinstagram meow fluffy headscritches igcats meowdel floof

It’s really hard to get up in the morning when the owner of this sweet face and soft tummy is purring and being so snuggly 🖤 . . .hyjynx jynx sweetkitty softkitty tummyrub headscritches sunggles


Poppy loves her head scritches, especially with her favourite brushheadscritches princesspoppy catsofinstagram

[Volume up!] The Batcat commands the attention of a lowly Gothamite who provides head scritches. batcat catsofinstagram headscritches squishykitty loudcat squeak

Blebp Seriously love this little facecat catsofinstagram blebp kitty headscritches

I love head scratches! Hoomanz, ur handz, pls don't stop scratchin' . . . . . . . . . . . .LuckytheHusky husky siberianhusky huskygram fluffy dogsofinstagram dog huskies headscratch headscritches huskiesofinstagram huskypuppy huskies_of_instagram

I might be wrong, but I think he likes it. 🤔 😸 headscritches scritches theocat gingercatsofig catsofinstagram adoptdontshop

"When the head scrtiches are just TOO GOOD!!🥰" Bat always finds an opportunity to be held by either me or my little sister😅. Sometimes he transitions to being held so easily, that if I'm just scratching his head and not really looking at him, he ends up in my hand!😂. Houdini bird!🤣greencheeckconuresofinstagram greencheeckconure cinnamongreencheekconure conuresofig conuresofinstagram greencheekconureofig petsofig parrotlover cute birdsofinstagram birds headscritches battheconure bat

Mmmm yessshhh gimme dose good scritches plz n tanks

Adoptable Tucker loves scritches and cuddles. In fact, this affectionate boy would sit like that all day if you let him. He’s great with humans of all ages. It did take about a week to get used to having his picture taken but now he’s a pro. Meet him tomorrow (Sunday) 1-4pm at the LeesburgVA @doggone.natural Learn all about him by scrolling through our feed or go to savethetails.orgadoptabledog headscritches adorbs affectionatedog cutedogs imagoodboi adoptme dogrescue northernvirginia dog dogvideo doglover

Slow motion captures all the love I’m benevolent enough to give Flatmate. And my royal whiskers look quite excellent up close! . . . . .headscritches purr catsofinstagram cats kitty love happycat givemeattention slowmotion #😻

The Batcat demands a head scritch and treats. batcat catsofinstagram headscritches squeak

At Buddies we cater to your pet’s every need! (Especially when Peter Barker wants head scritches) . . .pet pets dogs rescuedog fosterdog failedfoster petgroomer doggroomer grooming headscratch headscritches doglove massachusettsdog marshfieldma happydog

Ok we’ve gotta talk about Mac. He is the most obsessively affectionate kitten I’ve ever met. As soon as we walk into the room... he’s in between our feet, waiting for cuddles. If we take too long to start petting him, say to take off a coat or notice that he’s there, he will politely take one paw and start tapping our feet like HELLO?!? He does this 100% of the time. He’s like a junkie... but for belly rubs. It’s cute and it’s aggressive and I really like his style.

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