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Сегодняшний пост про рисование🎨 Я считаю что все рисовали свою любимую мультяшку, у меня получалось говно💩 Я думала как же мне рисовать красиво, и наткнулась на книгу Марка «Вы сможете рисовать за 30 дней», там более подробно описано😌 Надеюсь этот пост хоть как то помог, но я думаю лох и я ничем не помогла🤠👍 • • • • • Понравилось? Сохрани и поставь лайк😻♥️ Все ваши идеи, или какие-либо проблемы делитесь со мной в директ, я постараюсь помочь🙌 Пишите в коментах свои советы по рисованию🙃 За одно, я узнаю кто же из вас «талант» 😺 Люблю и обожаю👄 #помощь help helpme selfcare drawing

keep trying until your goal becomes a checkpoint. Put all your effort into it. If its not something you want for yourself then do not start it. You have to love what you are doing, so find your purpose and go for it! If you truly want something in your life you have 110% freedom to do so. If it actually happens, that is completely up to you! Get so involved with your goal that you pass it and are already onto the next. Stay consistent, you will reach the next level! . Have you hit any checkpoints yet? Comment below! ⬇️ . . . Follow for daily post! doers Visit my website to read my story! It's about my struggle with scoliosis and the twist and turns to a new life! www.doingoversaying.com . . . Tags 😁motivationalwords motivationmentalhealth doingoversayinginspireme inspireothers nice inspire quotes business youcandoit nevergiveup help helpme believe faith passion thinkaboutit goals lifequotes life lifestyle procrastination justdoit doit entrepreneur lifehacks live life advice

me all weekend bc my professors want to torture me relatable relatablecontent justgirlythings helpme

Help ik moe da hebben plss like snoep helpme

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Why Am I a trained as healer and a Holistic Nutritionist - and why do I represent a line of products? this chart right here says it all....our 3 major supplements- a great pro biotic, a 💯 natural blood sugar balancer, and magnesium supplement create a synergy that I have seen reverse the supposed irreversible. The reason why we all promote supplements on our side is because- you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain from taking the path of least resistance first. So much of what is in the left column can be helped if not totally resolved with nutritional imbalances. If you want to make some extra money in a honorable and dharmic way- a way that helps people avoid having to deal with all the hoops and trap doors of western medicine- talk to me. My life is about healing. And I’m here to listen and to help. Ask me anything about it I’ve been now 6 years with Plexus and I’m never leaving. We have a comp plan that’s fair and compensate you for your valuable time and hard work. plexustriplex healing helpme indigochild

As a dog trainer I preach all the time about creating boundaries for your dog, especially puppies. To use a boundary as a tool to create more structure with your dog. This structure can help the dog feel more confident and secure in his/her surroundings. Boundaries CreateStructure—- But what about people??!? Is creating healthy boundaries just as effective for kids...or even adults??! WhatIsStructureCould creating healthy boundaries in your life make you more confident and secure??! Why Why do boundaries build confidence?? —- I want to hear what you think in the comments below👇👇

Why have I been put in this weird thing halloween weird helpme ahhhhhhhhhh

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When you are sick and have 0 energy to do anything, especially going grocery shopping or cooking, @wolt.czech comes to save me! 🙈 Even with NO dirty dishes afterwards!😱🙈If you have 0 time during your busy day or just don’t like cooking or are sick like me (although I really hope you are not! It kind a sucks🤒🙈) You should definitely try @wolt.czech! And if you want to, you can also apply promo code: RIMGAILE, for your first delivery order👏🏻 Enjoy Your Delicious Food!😍 . . .eveningswhilebeingsick autumnsick helpme woltczech fooddelivery bestdinner sushistyle nodirtydishes savingtime widemenu lovefood happydays eatinginbed happysunday hopeitwillhealme lithuaniangirl livingabroad livinginczechrepublicbrno enjoyinglife deliciousfood tastyinnotime restaurantathome savingtime rimgailemeskaite

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Что Вы ощущаете после занятий? Елисей ежедневно выкладывается по полной на тренировках. И практически сразу засыпает после них. Сон позволяет отдохнуть и набраться сил💪🏻 Продолжаем сбор средств!🙏🏻 1. Сохраните в закладки (флажок). 2. Подписывайтесь на аккаунт и на nevergiveupelisey 3. Пишите как можно больше комментариев от 4 слов. 4. Ставте лайки. 5. Делайте репост. Просим Вас сейчас очень о поддержке. Сейчас она нужна как никогда. help_elisey nevergiveupelisey БЫСТРЫЕ СПОСОБЫ ПОМОЧЬ ЕЛИСЕЮ: ⠀ 💳 Карта СБЕРБАНКА РОССИИ ⠀№ 4276380143948482 - получатель Владимир Сергеевич А. (папа) ⠀ Для переводов через PayPal : volodya.a3003@gmail.com Так же , для удобства, ссылка на сбор в профиле.

“...quando si tende a fare le cose che fanno tutti gli altri, si diventa tutti gli altri.” i 1219mq più difficili della mia vita. 🙄newfloors tarkett excellenceline interiordesign designforoffice architecturedesign restyling helpme

완전 짱 맛있겠다 맛있겠지? 🥺 퇴근하면서 공차 옴뇸하는게 내 삶의 유일한 낙이었는데 .. . 곱창에 소주 ..그리워 (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) . #곱창 #떡볶이 #공차 #초코쿠앤크스무디펄추가 #치맥 #닭발 #한신포차 #술 helpme

idk what edits to post, I usually do photo edits w/ music but then I do video edits too- unless I could do both? helpme bts btsarmy army bangtansonyeondan kimtaehyung jeonjungkook parkjimin junghoseok kimnamjoon minyoongi kimseokjin helpmepick kpop

Let’s talk caffeine ☕️ • Caffeine is JUST as (if not more 🤭) addictive to me as alcohol was. (This line in for @the_yellowarrow ) Back when I was in the Army 👵🏼 I would take extra strength excedrine EVERY morning, JUST for the caffeine the pills have them, whether I needed it or not. I was also a energy drink junky 🥴 I’m talking like, multiple a day. It was an extremely hard habit for me to break. Especially since it’s really is something you can become completely dependent on 😥 because just like alcohol.. You crave it. You need it. Or, at least your mind tells you that you do. And it wasn’t until I shared on my story the other day about my anxiety/depression become worse that I have (multiple) people message me saying that they have found that caffeine was definitely something triggering their anxiety and once they cut back on it, they started to see serious improvements in their mood/anxiety. & after reading these messages, it was a huge reality check for me. Like— holy shit 💩 I consume a pretty ridiculous amount of caffeine daily, and before noon 😳 Between my morning coffee, and then my ketones (I use the charged, duh 😛), and THEN my scoop of pre-workout before the gym 💀 No bueno, y’all. But honestly until just a few days ago I didn’t see it being a problem 🤷🏼‍♀️ which, IS the problem 😅 But after doing my research on caffeine and how it can affect not just your overall health, but you MENTAL HEALTH.. I have decided to cut back (slowly 😅 because the withdraw phase of it is a nightmare 💀). My last TWO workouts have been without pre-workout and I will say— I can definitely tell the difference in how I push in the gym (& not in a good way). I know there are alternatives to what I’m taking pre-gym sesh... but right now I’m just trying to shift my mindset and show myself I don’t need it. I could go on and on about caffeine and how much I rely on it and how I feel it’s messing me up completely inside, out 😂 but I’ll save that and turn it over to y’all.. Any advice, tips, tricks on cutting caffeine and any alternatives you have that help would be greatly appreciated 🥰 just be nice.. I’m without caffeine remember 😉🙃😂SOS 🏳️

HELPMEWhatisthenameofthisplant?plants🌿 flowertropicalplants rareplants ornamentalplantsRhizome-bearing plants #گل#گیاهان_خاص #گیاهان_زینتی #گیاهان_کمیاب #گیاهان_سایه_دوست

cannabis does help many people! It may not be for everyone! dontjudge

better late than never! don’t let his cute face fool you, he has this look he will give you that’s exactly like his dad! helpme

🗞🗞🗞 NEWS 🚨 ALERT!! JUST BECAUSE YOU HAD SOME PREVIOUS FINANCIAL, CRIMINAL, or PERSONAL SITUATIONS THAT MAY HAVE CAUSED YOU TO BREAK YOUR LEASE OR BE EVICTED DOESNT MEAN YOU HAVE TO CONTINUE TO BE PUNISHED FOR 7-10 YEARS! @fresh_start_investments WE CAN HELP GET YOU APPROVED FOR THAT HOUSE OR LUXURY APARTMENT YOU DESERVE! FEES STARTING @ only $200 Call TANYA AT 281-644-9751 FOR A FREE CONSULTATION or visit www.buyafreshstart.comhelpme creditrestoration needmedicalhelp needdentalcare needcarecredit creditrepair credithelp tradelines creditsweep inquirysweeps

If you would like to support the podcast and my efforts to support my local music scene here's how you can! . . . https://www.facebook.com/donate/1398806343611401/?fundraiser_source=external_url . . .support fundraiser fundme supportmusic supportartists helpme helpingothers positivevibes positivepeople podcast donate donations supportlocalmusic supportlocalmusicians wshh podcastlife podcaster positivemindset positivemovement music hiphop rock alternative gofundme gofundmedonations anythingispossible anythinghelps justalittlebitofyourheart

Dulu tuh dia ini ikan mas peliharaan gitu tapi karena kena radiasi, DNA-nya bermutasi gitu sampai akhirnya dia punya kaki dan otaknya jadi besar. Ngebuat dia jadi pinter. Tapi karena ada hal lain kepinterannya malah jadi sengklek. Pipinya chubby banget. . Nama dia: Darwin Ragian Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson Luv Darwin, Gumball juga . 📽 The Amazing World of Gumball . . . Foto sama caption emang beda, sengaja kok,ntar klo ud dpt ide caption di sunting hehe:) Atau bikinin caption gpp 😀gabutbored isengisengthailook forfun helpme peace

👁👁TONIGHT👁👁⠀ More hot airtime for ‘I Am a Man’, this time on @goldenbelievers on @fab_radio_international at 9pm and The Noise Merchant on @rhinoradiouk at 8pm. You’ve got 3 days to snatch these opportunities before it’s out all over the darn place on Thursday. Give these shows your ears.⠀ ⠀HELPME newmusic IAAM Manchesterbands manchester punk punkrock gutterpunk doompunk manchesterbandsofinstagram punkmusic manchesterpunk newbands punkrockband newband newbands newmanchesterband punkbandsofmanchester spotify applemusic deezer musicstreaming radio airplay fabradiointernational rhinoradio

Concours égérie 2020! Je compte sur vous!!! Pour voter c’est simple, aimer la page Chrisland coiffure, aimer ma photo et commenter «  à voter »!! Merciiiii ❤️ @chrislandcoiffure kevinmurphy concours coiffure helpme likethis

🆘 🆘 🆘 ‼️‼️‼️ СИТУАЦИЯ КРИТИЧЕСКАЯ!! НУЖНО срочно закрыть долги по передержкам это 8000 руб. И оплатить 2500р за 2 мешка корма🙏🙏Передержки ждать не хотят, просят забирать собак. Но куда мне забрать 8 слонов??? 😭😭😭 ИМ нечего кушать. Нужно закупать корма уже на ноябрь. Но не с чего 😭😭 сборы стоят вообще, за 3 дня поступлений 0😭😭😭😭 Я УМОЛЯЮ ПОМОГИТЕ СОБРАТЬ ДЕНЕЖКУ. Я одна на 35 ХВОСТОВ, мне тяжело. Финансовая поддержка практически отсутствует, люди которые раньше помогали, больше не помогают, у каждого свои на то причины😭 Вы можете купить корм и привезти сами. Вы можете сами оплатить передержки и заодно познакомиться с собаками. Это ещё слава Богу,, что кошки на бесплатных передержках 🙏🙏 Спасибо Ольге и Наталье и Людмиле за передержку щенков🙏🙏 ДРУЗЬЯ, ВСЯ НАДЕЖДА ТОЛЬКО НА ВАС🙏 ПРОШУ ПОМОЩИ⚠️ ЕВГЕНИЙ 8⃣ 919 880 30 90 номер телефона привязан к карте Реквизиты карты СБ: 4817 7600 7729 6246 Евгений Геннадьевич Т. Карта мужа, сбор на его карту! PayPal: midnight_inna@mail.ru Роменская Инна Киви-кошелек: 89526099968 В сообщении обязательно пишите (ПЕРЕДЕРЖКА) идут сборы на других животных. @baraholka_rostov #срочнаяпомощьбездомнымживотным #ростовнадонуinstagramrussia61rndhelpme dogsloveranimaldog#ростоввкадре #россия1 love fashion helpstreetcatsdogs @ms._inna #волонтерrostovnadonu#помогитеживотным

Don't talk Just act Don't say Just show Don't promise Just prove - This mondaymotivation is resonating with me hard today I'm evaluating the way that I've lived my life up to this point and also my expectations that I've had of others I'm going to be real with you guys I have a really hard time believing people It all stems from early childhood, living with a dad who came in and out of my life as he saw fit, I questioned, how could a father claim he loves his own child then leave without even blinking? I have turned into the person who only believes in actions as proof of promise But sadly, I have become the person who hasn't stuck to the words I have spoken I am so angry at myself Something that hits this hard and something that I've expected of others is the EXACT thing that I am not doing myself Yes this fitness journey is something that I have stuck to now, but there is so much more room for me to grow I have made promises in growing my business here as a coach I have promised myself that I'd eat healthier and really get this meal prep and planning going strong I have made promises to see people who I haven't seen in a while And these are the things that I have failed to act on - So I'm posting this here, for you to see Because we all need to own up to our faults - I am not perfect I am growing I am learning And if I have promised you something I'm asking you to tell me to prove it We all need accountability And I'm asking for it from you _______________________________________motivateme Morning motivate realtalk accountability gutcheck lifecheck lifechat helpme helpmehelpyou checkin struggle promises action takeaction nolie admitit imsorry keepmeaccountable proveitchallenge watchme upset today newday growing learning levelup

When you started cleaning and instantly regretted it because you didn't realise just how big the job was and now you can't turn back... helpme actuallydont saveyourselves itsnowtoolateforme imstuckhereforever

Time to get back on it, my goal is to gain 15-20 of muscle. Give me a good 3 months of training. Any good suggestions or supplements I can take to reach my goal? workout workoutroutine workoutmotivation shredded fitnessmotivation Fitness Helpme backatitagain

Start today with a "I can" attitude. You are what you think. You can be who you imagine. Just know that it takes work. The promises of God are available to all. Stay focused. Remain diligent and positive. mindfulness spirituality faith bibleverse bible verseoftheday volunteer do help helpme spiritual Christian JesusChrist Jesus christian encouragement dailywisdom christianity trustgodbro choosejoy TransformationTuesday goodmorning MondayMotivation MondayMorning Bibleverses biblequotes trustGodmotivation Monday MondayMood

gofundmePlease help Penny’s family. She has ha 3 hip surgeries and now has MRSA. Her story: link in profiledog animalcare help donate gofundmeplease gofundmedonations givemeyourmoney helpme

I really don’t. Feel like I am drowning in my own emotions which it so hard because I don’t know how to fix my own head. I feel crap and I am struggling with the fake smile that I thought I had perfected. struggling thestruggleisreal mentalhealth drowninginmythoughts fakesmiles helpme

🇫🇷 Trouvez le second code dès mercredi prochain ! 👀 🇺🇸 Find the second code next Wednesday ! 👀 SYSTEM single tirage au sort cadeau gift participate participez share singersongwriter songwriter mix mixing mixage newartist helpme soon ableton abletonproject

Da people have spoken! Hehe here are all of ma spooky photos from ma snapchat session wiv mummy.. now you all know where kiki bear gets it from 😉 swipe to see allhogglethepug halloween snapchatsession mummy kikibear filters silly helpme pug pugsofinstagram dog dogsofinstagram ukpugs englishpug thepeoplehavespoken

Help me! 仲掛住影相,仲笑!babamama好衰helpme

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This one was me fave snap of the trip.....always wanted to visit brandenburg gate.... lolle jkz bantz helpme brussels🇧🇪

Un día como hoy en 1925 nació en La Habana, Cuba; la reina de la salsa: Celia Cruz ❤️🤩😍🎖️ . . ¿Cuál es tu canción favorita de Celia Cruz? . . . Escúchanos en vivo: 105.4 FMasolatequeteconvieneelsol salsa salseros salsamusic musica bogota colombia radio alaire follow salsamusica salsadacing salseras dance dancing puertorico cuba felizlunes lunes Like Concert Salsa Helpme like4likes Likers Winner Music Love win

You are Loved by the Great “I Am” , 👁❣️✝️ •Comment Amen 🙏🏼 ✨• •Prayers In The Comment Section 🌬 - Follow @synagag & We Can Praise His Holy Name....Together🌬👑. Or Keep Scrolling & Fall Into Satan’s Deception... It All Starts With A Thought 🧞‍♀️ ~ @astrunat 🙇🏼‍♂️ [ @spreadhisworddaily ] jesuschrist jesus god truth trend art portrait jesuscalling lord holyspirit angel goodmorning good bad help helpme lovequotes heaven artist art artwork drawing drawings portrait

Repost @ms._inna with @make_repost ・・・ MEGA 🆘 🆘 🆘 СРОЧНО нужна передержка бесплатная, либо за символическую плату🙏🙏‼️‼️ Малыши стали сильно скулить, потому что хотят гулять и больше есть и соседям это не нравится естествено‼️Поэтому срок нам до 23.10, чтобы съехать‼️ Для собачки с 6 щенками, максимум на 3 недели. Питание и пелёнки с меня. Желательно частный сектор, малышам нужно бегать на солнышке. Пожалуйста отзовитесь 🙏 🙏 малыши растут, я езжу их кормлю 2 раза. Им этого мало, им нужно трехразовое питание минимум!! Пожалуйста помогите 🙏🙏 к 28 октября останется 3 щенка. Помогите пожалуйста 🙏 Инна 89526099968. @baraholka_rostov #срочнаяпомощьбездомнымживотным #ростовнадонуinstagramrussia61rndhelpme dogsloveranimaldog#ростоввкадре love fashion helpstreetcatsdogs #акитуинуrostovnadonu#собакиростова #хозяиннайдись #нужендомсобаке #передержка

Do you ever feel like tossing in the towel? Do you feel like what you are trying to do just feels like shit? I have to admit I don't enjoy this part of business....social media. I feel lost, I don't know what I am doing! I love creating and birthing new ideas, but when it comes to posting here I get a block. So today I'm sharing this with you to give you an idea of what's going on behind the scenes...or inside my head 😜 running a small business isn't easy so I'm asking for your support. Show some love, give me feedback on what you're looking for. Please 🙏 helpme smallbusiness socialmedia idontknowwhatimdoing shit shitpost shitsnake todaysfeels

Sathiyama nan Sollurendi un paarvai aala Thookuthadi 😊 ==================================lovesongs action album song tamilsonglover tamilmovielikeforlikes life fellings sad inlove relisionship movie shortvideo followforfollowback kollowood instragram vijaytv suntv sunmusic justfunny happy bigboss trind likeforlikes 10k supportme helpme thinkingofyou pic : @vj_vijay_anbu @dinesh_k_hp @wils_pat @willowsmith @mahi7781 @saran_notie @kamarulafia @tik_tokworld69 @samir.ahmed.fl @sadword143 @sakshisingh_r @mabu_crush_fans_club @praveen_jo_official_69 @mugenrao_squad @themugenrao @hardikpandya93 @heart_ticker_bgm

#ГранулематозВегенера Прошу о помощи! помогите мне пожалуйста со сбором на жизненно важные лечение,химиотерапию,обследования,анализы,лекарства и реабилитацию! Помогите мне выжить пожалуйста! ✔карта сбербанка 6390 0252 9021 590048 ✔QIWI кошелек +79614122905 ✔www.paypal.me/mrsinister88 ✔visa 4890 4943 9276 4106 Мне не справиться без помощи! я чувствую себя явно хуже,чем обычно, просыпаясь вместе с усиленной болью и другими неприятностями и побочными эффектами! помогите мне пожалуйста! Очень нуждаюсь в любой помощи со средствами на дальнейшее жизненно необходимое лечение,обследования и лекарства (которые нужны постоянно до конца жизни) в связи с моим тяжелым аутоиммунным заболеванием Гранулематоз Вегенера, которое повреждает организм и убивает без лечения!wegenersgpa helpme support donate Russia chemotherapy prednisone wegenersgranulomatosis wegenerswarrior autoimmunedisease chronicallyill vasculitis vasculitisawareness rheumatology spoonielife #ГранулематозВегенера #васкулит #здоровье #химиотерапия #преднизолон #Ростов #аутоиммунныезаболевания #лечение #ревматология #помогите #поможемвсеммиром #помощь #сборсредств #хроническаяболь #помогитевыжить

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"das Schönste an meinem Leben bist du" ❤️

Starting to think I might post more pictures of me just to increase my self esteem, because I need that. - - - - -dead inside life emo emokid selfesteem lovewins help helpme boy male eyes grey he him trans transmale transgender lgbtq lgbt lesbian gay bi pan queer

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