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I’m gonna start a Secondhand Heroes funfactfriday! I hope you enjoy these little funfacts about my books. Number 1! The villain of my story, Todd Motstander aka Trench is based on one of my middle school English teachers. He was a very tall and imposing man who may or may not have given me a nightmare or two. The name “Motstander” is actually the Norwegian word for “opponent” and his first name “Todd” means “death” in German (Tod). I wanted Trench to be more and more powerful in each story so the first object he gets is a gas mask that lets him use others magical objects and his power grows as the story goes on. He sees himself as the good guy of his story, wanting to set the world “right” by any means necessary. As his path gets darker and darker, so does his look and by the the end he becomes, visually and emotionally, a true monster. . . . . .secondhandheroes watercolor bookstagram ink inkdrawing villain story storytelling fridayfeeling trench graphicnovels graphicnovel comicart characterdesign sequentialart picoftheday instaart illustration

Obedience is always highly valued in a maid ♥️ Uncropped R18 painting is up on Patreon, link in bio!!! . . . . .maid servant illustration traditionalart pencil drawing art artist originalcharacter oc watercolor painting paint

I never trust a narcissist, but they love me. They say I did something bad, then why's it feel so good? . . . . . . . . . . . .illustration drawing sketch art dailyart design Boy Morning Fun Morning l4l

We•Abstract Logo GraphicArt Illustrator illustration art

Újabb artchallenge Az eredeti- 4. rajz - @behemot_crta_stvari alkotása. Draw this in your style from @behemot_crta_stvari --------------------------------------------------------saroltalkottavilg rajz kihivs sznesceruzarajz ceruzarajz illusztrció szirn artchallenge dtiyschallenge challenge illustration instaartwork mermaid

My oc Atlanta!!! She has such a unique sense of style compared to my other ocs. She takes after her dad and plays a guitar! However his is a base guitar and she plays an electric guitar. art oc ocart originalcharacter originalcharacterart artist drawing digitalart ibispaintx rockstar guitar scenefashion artofinstagram artoninstagram artistofinstagram artistoninstagram artistsofinstagram artistsoninstagram instagramart instagramartist instaart instaartist characterart digitalillustration illustration

Back into experimenting this week with printing techniques. Students were asked to find a shake, a photo and some typography. Students then had to guess where items would line up and run them through the large format printer three times laying the various elements over each other. A really quick experiment but some ideas have been produced! Let us know what you think. graphics illustration photography formalelements shape type typography college experiment print printing

Animações, vídeos e apresentações criativas. Nós somos a MonkeyBusiness: estúdio de animação, produtora de vídeos e agência de apresentacões criativas. São mais de 10 anos criando para os maiores e melhores do Mercado. E nós queremos fazer a sua próxima comunicação animada!motiondesign motiongraphicsmotion animaço animation design graphicdesign animate motioninspiration adobe aftereffects mdcommunity mgcollective mograph mdc digartshare vinheta audiovisual videomarketing produtora videoonline illustration drawing digitaiIllustration digitalartanimationstudio 2danimation motionlovers studio

School has been very very busy! I’m just about to done with college applications, and I’m so looking forward to having more time to chill out 😊 —-procreate applepencil ipad illustration sketch draw artist illustrator owl digitalart instaart

نظر یادتون نره دوستاتونم تگ کنید عاشقتونیم 😊❤ تبلیغات پذیرفته میشود @perfect__clip @perfect__clip @perfect__clip @perfect__clip @perfect__clipart illustration drawing draw picture photography artist sketch sketchbook paper pen pencil artsy instaart beautiful instagood gallery masterpiece creative photooftheday instaartist graphic graphics artoftheday#پدر_مادر_من#اسمان_تهران_

. 今日の出来事 “マカロニサラダかと思ったら白インゲンだった。” . 白インゲンってやつがあるのやわかんないけど、サラダコーナーにある白くてマヨネーズのやつはマカロニサラダやろ . . 食べたらシャキシャキだった… だまされた😞😑 . . . Der war Stangenbohnen Salat!! Nicht Makkaroni Salat …😔 Ich habe mich getäuscht. . . . #留学#ドイツ留学#ドイツ#マールブルク#交換留学#イラストjapan germany deutschland marburg illustration#サラダ学食#白インゲン#マカロニサラダsalatmensa stangenbohne bohnen #ドイツ語あってるかな

im straight up not having a good time so i made a thing .. . . . .procreate digitalart instaartist artistsoninstagram illustration art artwork

[Swipe for more] Finished! I really like designing clothes but not sure if this one suits syaosaku 🥺 the flowers took me so long but im kinda proud? Let me know what yall think? • • •cardcaptorsakura ccs cardcaptors anime manga animeart mangaart digitalart mahoushoujo magicalgirl illustration illust illustrator artistsoninstagram clipstudiopaint #カードキャプターさくら #魔法少女 #イラスト #イラストレーション

Немного clowns 🤡 . . .art illustration #арт drawing #рисунок graphic clown clowns sketch sketchbook #скетч girls

Roughart artwork drawing draw handdrawing pencildrawing illust illustrator illustration picture facedrawing face drawings practice #그림 #그림스타그램 #손그림 #얼굴 #스케치 #일러스트 #일러스타그램 #아트 #아트워크 sketch sketching artofinstagram

First time sketching something and making it come to life in photoshop 🙏🏻 I was really accustomed to illustrator but I think it’s time i try new things. Love this outcome, 3 hours put into 1 minute! Hope you enjoy.illustration photoshop speedpaint adobeillustrator adobephotoshop adobedraw drawing illustrator pumkin inktober late commision graphic graphicdesign grafitti graffitiart grimes explorepage 420 smoke cigar cozy

This made me smile! 😊 X xRepost from @the_happy_broadcast with @regram.app ... Diego was among 14 tortoises (there were only two males and 12 females of Diego's species alive) selected to take part in a breeding programme on Santa Cruz Island. The programme has been a success, producing more than 2,000 giant tortoises since it began in the 1960s. Diego's sex drive was said to be one of the main reasons. The 100-year-old tortoise has fathered hundreds of progeny, around 800 by some estimates. He will join a 1,800-strong tortoise population, at least 40% of which park rangers believe he has fathered. The Galápagos Islands, 906km (563 miles) west of continental Ecuador, are a Unesco World Heritage site renowned worldwide for their unique array of plants and wildlife. Source: BBC (link in bio)thehappybroadcast love positivity happiness happy motivation friends fun style illustration inspiration goodnews future art artist turtle tortoise galapagos GalpagosIslands breeding gianttortoise evolution

末日後 壓克力、畫布 27×27cm After doomsday acrylic,canvasart painting illustration

artillustration watercolor bluerainelf#絵 #イラスト #水彩 #青 #雨 #妖精

Warrior Angel :: Clip studio paint Aún sin nombre este OC pero pronto se me ocurrirá uno 👀💖 No dibujo muchos hombres porque no se si les gusta verlos, pero este chico tiene miles de años y es cercano de Blooming ✨ . . . . . . love originalcharacter oc clipstudiopaint digital digitalart art instaart instalook instadaily hair design fashion picoftheday photography look amazing colorful illustration

🎨 Watercolorist: @lama_pen ⠀waterblog #акварель aquarelle painting drawing art artist artwork painting illustration watercolor aquarela

I finished this the other day but haven’t been feeling great and totally forgot about her! Hope you like it, and let me know what you think 🤗 . . . . .artistsoninstagram artstagram characterillustration digitalillustration digitaldoodle illustration illustratorsoninstagram illustrationartists drawinggirls drawingwomen womenofillustration

・ ☆推し札☆ ・ ・ ポストし忘れてたイケメン達を♡ ♡黒羽快斗 ♡及川徹 ♡さっきゅん(本名忘れた) ♡莉犬くん ・ これ、快斗めちゃくちゃイケメンに塗れたの!!♡ さっきゅんも! 及川さんも美しいし、 莉犬くんは交換便用に初描きでしたが、 なかなか忠実に塗れた♡ 全部お気に入りの イケメン達です😍❤ ・ ・ ・ #ハンドメイド#プラ板#レジン#プラ板キーホルダー#ネームプレート#漫画#アニメ#漫画好きな人と繋がりたい#アニメ好きな人と繋がりたい#アニオタanimationillustrationcolor#怪盗キッド#黒羽快斗#莉犬#すとぷり #ハイキュー#及川徹#さっきゅん#慎本真

Progress has been made 👌👌👌 watercolours painting illustration thethirstyartist youtube

Detail/Work in Progress: Autofiction ⌨️🗜Mirror art sketch pencil illustration cover martini man girl book fiction typewriter deer hands smoke

new vinyl stickers ! 🤗💖

John ha invitado a su amigo Kumamon a Rubberland! Muchas aventuras nuevas se avecinan 🐥🐻 Síguenos en Facebook 😊 @rubberfriends rubberchicken toys popart humorpollodehule diversin funny illustration followme coleccionista followback toylover pollodehule kumamon pelotamontable amistad

bukaportal summon Had a blast! Thank you so much Rekata Kompas Gramedia! I always feels at home everytime we met, discussing random things that not everyone understand, and living in the same ‘realm’ (buka sekte baru kita 🤣🤣🤣) Next, mau dimasakin apa lagi guys? 😆🍻✨ Topik nya besok alien yaks 🤣👌 . . . greatpeople teamworkmakesthedreamwork liveyourbestlife divinepurpose designyourlife buildyourempire leadership queendom dreamteam dreambig neversettle makeithappen shootforthestars timetoshine hustlehard gamedevelopment gameconsoleindonesia art illustration artist games gamergirls aksysgames ghostparadegame lenteranusantara

100 days challenge accepted https://youtu.be/cgspG3aE72g

I think I've stumbled upon a generic character design.


my last artwork of 2019. shiba inu (also known as japanese chonk) . . . drawing sketch sketches sketchbook art artwork artist artistoninstagram instadaily illustration design pen painting ink dog doggo chonk shibainu pet cat acrylicpainting sketch_instadaily art_instadaily hypnotizing_arts

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