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Thanks for order🙏 for ordering information can directly DM or click link in the bio ____ if in doubt can order in fiverr https://www.fiverr.com/yoediart . . .artwork designgrafisindonesia vectorindonesia vectorartwork vectorart vectorportrait vector vectorwajah vectorvexel vexel illustrationart digitalart art vectorarmy vectorarmy_indonesia vextorina vector_id vectorartist commisionwork vectorillustrasion jasavector vectordesign

new fursona : grace : fennec fox girl likes yellow xd sunflowers are everything she doesnt know how to fly yet oof her tail, idk what it is glowy horns :0 she can change horn shape/animal she is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ tank u for staying uwu 💛🌻 art artistsoninstagram artist painting painter draw drawing sketch sketchbook portrait portraits contemporaryart modernart sketchoftheday abstractart artdaily newart instaart paint artlife doodle doodles vecorart illustration illustrator digitalillustration graffiti graffitiart illustrationart artoftheday

Repost @vagabondwho • • • • • • "Cualquiera que sea el tiempo en que se nace hay que embarcarse en la aventura de ese tiempo o quedas varado hasta que te mueres, sea en el siglo que sea. Solo te conceden una vida, unos años, si los vives intensamente es como si vivieras diez vidas."⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ "Whatever time you are born you have to embark on the adventure of that time or you are stranded until you die, be it in the century that is. They only give you one life, a few years, if you live intensely it is as if you live ten lives."⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Alberto Vázquez Figueroa⠀ & Vin Zzep @vin_zzep (artist)⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀surrealportrait illust illustration illustrations illustrationart illustrationartits illustrationartist illustratror illustagram illustrated illustrate illustration_best illustree illustra popsurrealism surrealist surrealistic surrealismo surrealismartcommunity jesuislesurrealisme beautifulbizarre vagabondwho marcopolorules vinzzep

Drew one of my characters with Might Guy and Rock Lees outfit on! However, I decided to change the colors of the outfit to my liking. naruto graphicdesign rocklee mightguy ninja blackart graphicart characterdesign characterart animeart animefighter oc illustrationartists illustrationart digitalart digitaldesign digitalillustration graphicartist theofficialmcartist narutoart drawing


いつか、どこかで、誰かが、ではなく今、私たちが声をあげる、対話をする、行動をする必要がある。未来の誰かはきっと私たち自身。 @bruisedpeach.sarah

Streak-breasted Woodpecker Picus viridanus Belatuk Hijau Berjalur 斑胸緑啄木鸟watercolorpainting wildlifeart birdart birds illustrationartists birdsofmalaysia watercolorart aves ornithology ornithologie birdguide illustrationart #野生动物艺术

“I’m singin’ just singin’ in the rain!” One of the pieces that didn’t make the cut for the “30” art show . . . . . . .genekelly singingintherain vintage vintageart illustration gouache girlsinanimation movieart painting illustrationart painting characterdesign charactersketch



@xrainey 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


@scandy_girl 🐍

Here’s a really cool and unusual addition to my mistert collection! This is an original concept illustration for a “celebrity car” toy that was pitched to Mattel. This was illustrated by Roger Sweet, one of the creators of heman who was featured on @toysnetflix in their He-Man episode. The other characters pitched were Rambo, Hulk Hogan, Crocodile Dundee, and Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice. Unfortunately, Mattel passed on the idea, but fortunately, this piece of mrt history survived and has worked its way into my hands. unproducedtoys prototypetoys mattel matteltoys thetoysthatmadeus rogersweet theateam babaracus rocky3 clubberlang ipitythefool quityojibbajabba 80stoys 80stv 80sicons originalart illustrationart

No, auntie, I don't want your home remedy for lighter skin, nor do I want your umbrella to hide from the sun when it's nice out. Bbbyyyeeeee👋👋👋• ° The reference photo I used for this drawing is of the beautiful @sruthijayadevan ! Had to switch up some colors to show love to our melanin gifted queens 👑👑👑• ° • ° • ° • ° • °melaninpoppin melanin darkskin brownskin colorism desi colorfulart browngirl cartoon illustrationart vectorart digitaldrawing procreate indianart

Grief is the fucking worst. For anyone who has ever lost a loved one, my heart is with you. It will hurt, but you will heal.

New version uploaded youtube

•2/9 As Told By Kenya (@astoldbykenya_ ) • • •Discovering Kenya’s YT channel was one of my favorite things to happen this year 💀 She’s such an intellectual and highly socially aware that not only do I share similar (if not the exact same) views as her but she also helps to broaden my understanding & knowledge of topics that I’m not fully educated on. And she’s so mf generous and kind to her supporters, we love to see it 😌 Also, seeing Kenya’s channel get as big as it has gotten really gives me hope that actual good people with moral compasses who call out the injustices in our society can become successful on YouTube. I honestly get such a sense of validation and acceptance for me being the passionate radical advocate/activist that I am & aspire to be thanks to Kenya and seeing how passionate she is when speaking on social issues 💖 • • •{My Drawing Give Credit If You Take/Repost}

She holds the echo of her past, as seashells hold the sound of the ocean . . . . . .illustration graphicillustration digitalillustration graphicdesign womanillustration seashells shelldrawing art illustrationart

@territorio_de_zaguates I needed to make a piece about something that interests me for my editorial illustration class so I made my illustration about territorio de zaguates in Costa Rica! It’s a dog shelter for all the stray dogs in Costa Rica (there’s a lot of them) and they all live on the hills there (it’s so cute!) It’s great 😊💕❤️😍😀🐶🐕🐩🇨🇷 (ps I’m half Costa Rican 😛🇨🇷💕)illustration illustrator editorialillustration illustrationart ilustracion drawing dibujos artistsoninstagram art artist arte artista costarica puravida zaguates perros perrosdeinstagram dogs dogsofinstagram territoriodezaguates #🇨🇷 #🐶 #🐕 drawingoftheday artoftheday dibujodeldia instaart instaartist and a verse for you today - “the name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” Proverbs 18:10 💕

Haru 🌸 Después de mucho tiempo he vuelto a dibujar, últimamente es algo que se ha vuelto muy difícil para mí, ya que mi corazón está lleno de odio y rabia hacia un estado represivo, un estado que avala muertes, torturas y violaciones, un estado que se ensordece y enmudece ante las rogativas de un pueblo cansado y hastiado de la inmensa desigualdad en la que vivimos, cansados de ver cómo nuestros viejos deben SOBREvivir con pensiones miserables, como la educación es tan solo para unos pocos, como día a día mueren personas esperando atención médica que nunca llega, como para soñadores como nosotres, que queremos volcar nuestra vida al dibujo, a la pintura o cualquier expresión artística es sinónimo de morir de hambre. Espero profundamente que la lucha en la que se ha volcado nuestro pueblo traiga consecuencias positivas para todos, que no nos durmamos nuevamente y que no bajemos los brazos!!!haru ilustra ilustration ilustracion ilustraciones illustration ilustracin ilustradora ilustradores ilustradoras ilustracionchilena illustrations draw drawings drawing ilustradoraschilenas dibujos ilustracionesamano ilustracionamano watercolorillustration digitalart cutework illustrator illustratorsoninstagram sketch peonias illustrationart artoftheday drawoftheday ilustracionchilena chiledesperto

Sembramos sobre el ayer 🏵️. Esta fue una ilustración inédita que hice para el salnvisualbacánika de este año. Esta vez no fue, pero seguiré intentando quedar 😄 . . . . .ilustracion illustrationart bacanika illustrationbest illo childrenillustration art instart drawing draw

Old painting of hobi, trying to get more into drawing but CANT - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -art artist myart animedrawings animeart animeartist btsfanart bts kpop illustrationartist illustration illustrationart watercolor hoseok hobi jhope

Still true to this day. We can’t seem to convince Bill that his goldfish ran away a long, long time ago and is not ever coming back, but he’s still got hope. He’s just that kind of guy.throwbackthursday tbt

Spire/A5 ... Løvfald, J.S.Welhaven: Om Høsten gjærer der i Træets Kviste En stille Spirekraft, en lønlig Glød; Bag gulnet Løv er der en Kime fød, Og da maa Træet sine Blade miste. Dryadens Savn var lettet, da hun vidste, At Livet atter steg fra hendes Skjød; Hun følte det, da Høst-Orkanens Stød Forkyndte vildt den Sorg, hun skulde friste. O, søde Billed i det mørke Veir: Der er en Vinding og en Trøst forborgen I hvert et Tab, i hvert et Sorgens Bud. Det suzkne Mod kan tænke paa en Seir, Og vente Straalerne fra Vaarens Morgen, Og holde Vinternattens Kvaler ud.

" teu rosa é mais rosa que o rosa da mais rosa rosa" ... . . . . (Esta arte pode estar na sua parede em print ou pintada a mão do tamanho que você quiser, peça um orçamento pelo DM ) . . .flores rosas tons cu flowers ranchodasflores birds pssaro passarinho illustrationart muralismo digitalart ilustraço minhaarte chrisquaglio

After @stamat.is ' suggestion, here is a timelapse of my new drawing. The sunflower is a drawing I did for the 2020calendar (for June) and I thought I could do something more with it. 2 hours work (actually 4 hours with the sunflower) in 2 min video. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I am thinking about a "night" version too. Stay tuned 😊😘

"Lúdas Matyi" — hungarian folk tales . . I had to draw! I sleep for 2 hours and then get up to draw. If I have time for another hour I'll sleep until morning ... I'm still alive! 😴 . .nesziart art artoftheday ig_art instaart folktales ludasmatyi hungarianfolktales pencilart inkart illustrationart igart artistoninstagram instaillustration artlife folkillustration nosleep stillalive

(Tiempo atrás en mi portfolio) Desnudos 2016 II. No recuerdo su nombre. 29,7 x 42 cm. Tinta sobre papel kraft / Ink on kraft paper. - - - -illustration illustrations illustrationart illustrator ilustracion ilustraciones ilustrador drawing drawings dibujo dibujos portrait portraits retrato lifedrawing dibujoalnatural sketch sketchbook artwork inkdrawing

. Well hello acrylic, we meet again 🧘🏻‍♀️ . . . .

裸翅標本|The child within 主題系列:So what?    自游窩 Cetacea|壓克力顏料及複合媒材|Acrylic Illustration Works

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