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Looking at my “no-where” work...I have drawers full of paid work on projects and publications that never went anywhere. Did a bunch of portraits in support “The Book of Tormod” a Scholastic YA historical fantasy book that just never broke-out.noahbarrett noahbarrettart penandink drawing characterdesign art artwork illustratorforhire illustration

Ah, good memories of sunny Sundays on the beach ..illustratorforhire stmartin sunday tunatartare bestbeachcaribbean

sketchtember day 15 - I love these cute little owls - I see them at any event for kids with animals. this one was at a local festival, swipe for the processvideo 🦉❤️ ... sketchbook sketchtember2019 screechowl birdart raptors illustratorsoninstagram natureart birdillustration natureillustration procreateapp procreate ipadart illustratorforhire artistprocess

Illustrator for Hire! Stef Wong (@stefwongcreative ) works mostly digitally, specializing in portraits, food and animal illustrations. She draws inspiration from her varied and fluid cultural identities: India, UAE, Canada, and Hong Kong. Her illustrations have so much richness, depth and personality. I’m excited to share lots more of her work throughout the day! foodillustrator awesomeillustrator illustratorforhire tdacfeaturedartist foodillustration

Day 83/100 of the100dayproject2019 . Who else loves tea like me? I'm also planning to start a little tea garden at my porch, wish me luck 😋 . . .the100dayproject gouacheart gouacheillustration teatime sketchbook handdrawing

Today's coffee from a mug with my illustration on it! I designed this for a client @erialpole and they printed it on mugs, stickers and cute little mirrors. Big thanks to @heyevarut for bringing the goods to me!! It's always a good feeling seeing your illustration being used 💙aldaliljamerch aldaliljaclientwork womenwithpencils womenofillustration illo clientwork illustratorforhire art polemerch polefitness fitness sportillustrated sportillustration

I’ve been gone for a while, mainly having an identity crisis as an artist but I’ve been playing around with new styles and trying to create a style for my art that is more expressive and fun for me. I want to gear myself more towards illustration now. I have started an Etsy store and I will also be accepting illustration commissions so feel free to contact me. You can find more info about my store on my @skyepieapparel page. Super excited to be on this new journey and can’t wait to share more with you all 🥳😊🦄 illustratorsoninstagram illustratorforhire cuteillustration kawaiiart artistsoninstagram etsystoreowner

so there’s this thing called shaketember organised by @shakebristol where you draw illustrations based on the prompts given for everyday of the month - i’m 19 days late but today’s prompt of ‘flower power’ interested me so i’m finally getting involved yasss ⛽️⛽️ . . .shaketember shaketember2019 shakebristol illustagram illustrationoftheday illustratenow artist_sharing blackpen pendrawing botanicalart botanicalillustration flowerillustration penwork lineart blackandwhiteart blackandwhitedrawing fineliner inkedartgroup inkillustration art_feature cambridgeschoolofart simpleillustration minimalillustration contemporaryillustration friendsofillustration femaleillustrator freelancedesigner freelanceillustrator illustratorforhire marwaillustrate

Slowly but surely growing into my own style and finding my artistic voice. artistsofinstagram childrensartist illustration illustratorforhire watercolor watercolorpainting

This one’s a real itty bitty. What remains after metamorphosis. This will be up with some other originals later this week, and commissions are still open—slide into my DMs if you’d like to nab a commission slot or just can’t wait for this one.cicada gouache painting illustration illustrator illustratorforhire bugs metamorphosis bugsofinstagram

Finally i managed to finish this illustration! It came out really nice! What you think? Oh and btw I'm on twitch now! Check it out: jflorencio I have a video there working on the details of this piece. . . . . . . . . . . .digitalart artist conceptart illustration characterillustration character painting king disneyartwork pixar boardgame boardgameart twitchartist twitchillustration art_spotlight visualartist artdiscover illustagram theillustrationroom illustratorforhire artdirector artdirectors awesomeart

Another @funkittoys! This time the Blade with a lovely swirly rainbow. This and other originals will be available in my shop soon, but I’m also open for commissions of little paintings like this of a favored human, pet, plant, or maybe your favorite dildo. You can see some more examples over on my portfolio— @c.murphydoes. DM for info! illustration gouache illustratorforhire commissionsopen rainbow pride queer

@quentinthedesigner . I am open for commissions and always keen to collaborate on a project. Let me know if you need a graphic designer/illustrator/artist.

Illustration Room Team Repost @sarahhankinsonillustration: More Spritz Fever! What perfect timing for this book to come out - just in time for a Spring Spritz. @smithstreetbooks

. . Cześć cześć! Happy Wednesday babycakes💦 Here is one of my favourite subjects to paint - a slice of juicy, mouth-watering watermelon🍉♥️ Hope I made this tutorial a bit easier to follow with the captions! . Please note that the original painting took me about 30 minutes in real-time - so please don't feel like you need to rush! Enjoy the process, focus on the details and observe how the paint reacts on your paper - this is crucial if you want to improve your skills and your patience! 🍉🍉🍉 Please try it and show me the results - I am always thrilled to see the effects of your work!💦 Much love🍉 . . .watercolor watercolour artoftheday tutorial watercolorpaint igtv freelanceillustrator illustratorsoninstagram arttutorial jolapictures instaart watercolourlesson arbuz dailyart top_watercolor kitchenart akwarela patterndesign watercolorart artforyourhome learnwatercolor watercolourart artvideos illustratorforhirefoodillustration illustration watercolorbest watercolorpainting watermelon paintingoftheday

Finally finished my updated character sheet for Jamilla and Title! I still want to make a few changes but had to move on for the sake of not spending a lifetime on this 😏 matsicbplus

Does your brand attract your ideal clients?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Last month I had the pleasure to work with Brigitte from Pineapple Studios on her brand. When asked about where she had heard about me, she mentioned @awolstrategy 's Instagram page. Megan, the owner of AWOL Strategy is a previous client of mine. So you can imagine my delight to realize that the previous project we worked on not only resonated but also attracted people to work with us.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You see, both Megan and Brigitte have the similar visions: They want to establish a platform where individuals can be themselves, seeking joy and purpose - their calling, the reasons that make them happy. They are my tribe, my kind of people; people who work not just for the money but to actually make a change, however small. Connecting people & creating communities, one brand at a time. You with me?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Who are your ideal clients? What make them ideal? Share below!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀visualgraphic visualcommunication visualmerchandiser visualwanderlust graphicinspiration graphicstudio graphiccontent graphicdesigncommunity graphicoftheday graphicdesigning graphicdesignerlife graphicarts graphicdesigns graphicgang illustrative artworkinstudio colorfulartwork vectorartwork artworkoftheday artworkforsale artworker artworkinprogress illustratorlife illustratorofinstagram illustratoroninstagram illustratorforhire illustratorart digitalillustrator freelanceillustrator illustratordesign

I should also add re: my last post that this is literally me whenever I get my hands on a hammer. . . . .childrensbookillustration childrensillustration illustratorsofinstagram illustratorforhire nature camping adventure landscape famousfive

📃🗑️💢 fail better tomorrow 💢🗑️📃 sometimes you just need to get some rest and revisit the problem ~tomorrow. It's my illustration day TODAY on todayisgoingtobeagreatday workman calendar, secretly I really disliked this illustration, it had so many iterations, it's still far from a favorite but I hope the feeling of frustration resonates 💢 startagaintomorrow tomorrowsanotherday newjacktale illustratorforhire illustratedquote printfaking failbetter happyquote motivation motivationalquotes deskselfie cubelife

Day 82/100 of the100dayproject2019 . First layer done, next the fun part - details, details, details 😊 . . .the100dayproject gouacheart gouacheillustration drawdaily teatime sketchbook

new weeeek ! i’m ready to be as consistent as i can and spice up your life once again OR maybe just spice up mine. uni starts in 4 days ! WHAT IN THE EFFIN AUBERGINE IM SO EXCITED WHAT DO. really wanted to take some time away from everything bc i honestly haven’t felt like i’ve had a single day off since about april and so i’m really happy that i have now done that cause i was feeling a bit drained from how hectic everything was getting like there was just a lot going on for me and so i was getting super worried that i might end up going into this academic year feeling a bit burnt out and so i full on deleted the instagram app and thought my lil step back would make sure that would not happen. can U IMAGINE if two weeks into term i was like on the floor hahahh. anyway today i had a lie in till like 10:30 for the first time in forever and it felt super good and now this is the illustration i drew on my trip the other week ! i dont think the whole live drawing video ended up uploading on my story which was mega annoying but just wanted to say thanks so much for the kind comments on it cause i appreciated every single one v much. also the original text read ‘fire me up’ but i changed it cause wasn’t 100% feeling it and now find it so much more empowering and love it ! i’ve included the original just in case you guys think differently 🔥🔥

This is how I did this project. How I do projects is a bit different between clients and is agreed upon before starting so everyone is happy 😊. 🌸 I began by writing everything down in my sketchbook and got everything I needed from the client. This time I had a lot of creative freedom, and they just provided me with some words to draw inspiration from and obviously that the drawing should be inspired by @timesupnow 💕! 🌸 I have a big canvas on @procreate and make some sketches (image 2), and then I refine my personal favorites. My inspiration for the piece was empowerment, personal growth and community. 🌸 I refined the sketch a bit and send it to them with a short text about my meaning. 🌸 image 2: Final render 1. Client said it might be a bit busy and they prefered it not to be oval shaped. I went back a few steps to simplify the whole drawing and make it square. Removed the background and some other elements. 🌸 I presented the final drawing and they were happy with it, and so was I! Is this kind of content interesting to you? Do you want to see a step by step process like this? 💖

. ***Exciting news*** . Art directors!! I am now listed as a Designer for Hire with the wonderful Print & Pattern Blogspot! To celebrate I'm going to launch a giveaway later today. It's a beaut! Stay tuned... . .artdirector creativeagency giveaway illustratorforhire illustration illustrator freelanceillustrator graphicdesign design surfacepatterndesign printandpatternblogspot printandpattern handlettering watercolors watercolours free drawing art pencil designersforhire

"El portento del Callejón de la Providencia". (Collage Digital) Disclaimer: I don't own any of the source material used in the making of this art project. Please don't sue me.illustration ilustracin recorte collage digitalart digitalartist instaart instaartist trendy collageartist collageartwork trippy weirdstuff magic mixedmedia illustratorforhire psychedelics beautiful beauty fantasy classic collagetradicional collagemexicano artistamexicano art arte tribute surreal artistforhire editorialillustration

sketchtember day 14 - some visitors in my neighborhood. You can see the source photos in the processvideo Many times I’m either driving, it’s too dark, or they run off before I can snap a photo, but the small herd of deer hanging around here are frequent visitors to my yard, and “help” keep my plants trimmed - whether I want them to or not! ..... sketchbook sketchtember2019 suburbandeer animalillustration natureart natureillustration illustratorsoninstagram pencilsketch digitalart procreate procreateapp ipadart referencephoto gardeningproblems illustratorforhire artistprocess monochrome womenillustrators bmorecreatives

I think we can also call this one just about done. petportrait commissionsopen illustratorforhire petsofinstagram dogsofinstagram gouache

リンゴ . apple . #絵 #絵画 #油絵 #油彩 #美術 #イラスト #イラストレーターartartwork #画家 #絵描きartistpainterdrawingillustrateillustratorforhire

リンゴ . apple . #絵 #絵画 #油絵 #油彩 #美術 #イラスト #イラストレーターartartwork #画家 #絵描きartistpainterdrawingillustrateillustratorforhire

I just remembered I never revealed the finished painting of “Tranquility” so here it is! Swipe to see come detail close-ups & a sticker preview. The stickers have been ordered and I should have them in hand in a couple days. They’ll be available in my shop via the link in my bio 🖤 . . . . .art artist illustrator illustration illustratorsoninstagram watercolor watercolorpainting danielsmith danielsmithwatercolors wolf wolfskull spooky spookyart spookyseason skull wolfart occult witchy cosmic darkart getspooky femaleillustrator illustratorforhire tranquility nature instaart painting

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel “Sanjana’s Art” 🙏🏼 You can download printable PDFs of this painting, and purchase original artwork and signed prints at my Etsy shop, link in bio! 🏝

Tummy hurts 🤰🔥🔥

🇭🇺 A kuglóf nagyon megosztó süti - vagyis nem is annyira a kuglóf, hanem a töltelék: mazsolával, mazsolátlanul, vagy mondjuk kandírozott gyümölccsel? Szerintetek? . 👉🏻 Szokás szerint lapozgassatok részletekért és fázsifotókért! . 🇬🇧 Bundt cakes are somewhat controversial sweets - at least when it comes to the filling: with raisins, without raisins, or perhaps with candied fruit? How do you like it? . 👉🏻 Wanna see the process of paintinng? Swipe left! . . .foodpainting foodpackagingdesign commercialillustration foodillustrationwatercolorfoodfoodillustratorfooddrawingtheydrawandcookfoodsketchfoodsketchingillustratorforhirewatercolorfoodillustrationfoodwatercolorrealisticartchocolatebundtcake imeldagreensillustrationillustrationartkuglof hungariandesignbundt waterblogartofhungaryrealisticartrealismcakepainting cakeillustration bundtcake bundtcakes bundtstagram

Hey guys and gals! Check out this artwork I did for the @GoSafeCymru team and their national ‘Slow Down For A Safer Town’ campaign. Thanks again for getting me the gig @daf_llyr01 illustration illustratorsoninstagram freelanceillustrator illustratorforhire gosafecymru wales cardiff

I think we can call this little ivy friend finished. illustration gouache ivy plantparenthood practice illustratorforhire growth

fastdrawLatihan nya satu, dicepetin ga pake lama, tangan pegelnya satu tawar, sempet bingungnya dua cabenya dipisah, warna warninya dibungkus satu pake we bear bears coklat yg gede biar kenyang. Dibayar tunai! childrenbookillustrator moslemchildrenbook cherishillustration cheerfulillustration colorfulmoslemkid latihangambar drawingexercise illustratorforhire freelanceillustratorforhire

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