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ÄSTRŌŃÄVĘ N 5 ✴️ SČÅRÅBĖÔ ✴️ (sorry but the camera of my phone is getting fu**** up i have to buy a new one lol)sketch sketching scarabeo spaceship aliens astronave biomech darkart graffiti visual visualart tattoos tattoo drone combat ufo fantasyart space art artwork paint ink comics comicmagazine illustrazione illustrations illustration blackfoot tomok

SHADY'S BACK! 2020 really needed this! 🙌💯 Godzilla is my personal favorite on this album. What's yours? Lemme know in the comments! @eminem @rosenberg @iamdenaun @juicewrld999 @royceda59 _________________________AJArtWork Art FanArt Stan Eminem MTBMB Fire Sketch Illustrator Illustration Shady SlimShady juicewrld HipHop Godzilla Drawing Marshall Music Ink ShadyMadeMe

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"Yeog Farm" 실제 그린 사이즈로 작업합니다 .

its supposed to be selenagomez but I think it doesn’t look like her *_* potd instaart artistsofinstagram ink selenagomezfanart fanart love likeforlike instagood colors

Colors dl. 01/20. ink gouache paper abstractart

Don’t Be A D1ck Buzz My amazing print by the talented @hannah_carvell is finally up. printartist sparklyprint printsforthehome buylocal ink glitter bulldogsofinstagram buzz_wood hannahcarvell homedecor interiors interiorstyling acornerofmyhome

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Galaxies. ✨

Back O the knee banger a few weeks ago for Travis 🔫 Email artworkbyn8@gmail.com to book got a few days free next week! • • • •tattoo tattooart art artwork tats ink tatouage army ww1 ww1tattoo armytattoo blackandgrey blackandgreytattoo realism realismtattoo realistic realistictattoo artworkbyn8

Chipping away at it. . . . .tattoo tattooer art artist ink tattooink instagood instatattoo inked tattoolife tattoodesign drawing @kellyedwardstattoo @eternalcouragetattoo herculestattoo kinggawaine

. . . . 인드라망 타투 -불교에서 보는 세상에 대한 관점 (그물의 이음새 마다 연결된 관계) . . . . 🌵상담/문의 kakao id : sivis plus kakao : @has__tattoo 프로필링크로 문의주세요 :) . . . . #이효리타투#인드라망타투#인드라망#팔타투#감성타투#홍대타투#라인타투#미니타투inkinkedtattootattooedlinetattooarmtattoosmalltattoo

-Aphrodite- Seriously I don’t know how hair work I referenced some feature of my friends like the lips and the beauty mark for example lol art artist drawing artwork love photography painting illustration design sketch arte digitalart instagood artistsoninstagram fashion draw photooftheday like instaart music contemporaryart beautiful fanart handmade instagram nature picoftheday follow ink bhfyp

I suppose McFarlane Toys' mold of the DCAU figures were okay, but I thought they were too massive on their upper bodies. Either way, they are neat. You going to buy them?dc dccomics dcuniverse batman dcfanart batmanfanart superheroes ink inkillustration inkart art artistsofinstagram illustratorsoninstagram illustration filter capedcrusader vigilante

2020阿狗鼠年賀卡 - 阿狗來祝大家新年快樂了,最近很喜歡畫翻肚到沒形象的黑狗和有假腮紅的花貓,配上個性有點賤的老鼠,祝大家鼠年天天樂不思鼠 - 感謝 @iinkwriter 幫阿狗題了可愛的字 - 如何得到阿狗的鼠年賀卡呢? - 1)分享此篇po文在自己的限時動態 - 2)並說出你的鼠年吉祥話 or 對身邊的人或毛孩的新年祝福 - 3)在限時動態中 @oneday_onedog 標記阿狗,這樣我才看得到唷 - 活動時間到1/19 20:00 - 除了新年賀卡以外,這次另外準備了20份阿狗大師來開示厭世解惑籤,要送給前20名的參與者 - 若你是用毛孩的公開帳號參與活動,也許會有意想不到的驚喜 - 祝大家努力熬過最後三個上班日,一起厭世過好年 #這張賀卡和某張卡片可以說是姐妹作 #郵資漲價這個時候特別有感 #若參與者超過上限阿狗會隨時出來喊卡 #跟阿狗一起散播厭世散播愛2020happychinesenewyear #黑狗 blackdog #黒犬 oneday_onedog illustration fashionillustration sketch ink drawing mixeddog dog animaldrawing #犬 #挿絵 #イラスト #ファッションイラスト

Merci Margaux d'avoir adopté ce flash 🌙💫 D'autres flashs disponibles en story permanente ! 💌 Pour vos projets, contact en DM 📍 @lessalesgosses.tatouage 16 rue du Faubourg Boutonnet // MONTPELLIERtattoo tattoos tatouage ink inked inkedgirl inkedgirlsdot dotwork dotworktattoo moon moontattoo cloud black blackwork minimalism tattooist instagood instatattoo picoftheday montpellier southoffrance france

NEW YEAR!!! NEW TATTOOS!!!🐬🐢 Mix polynesian animale by Parima alias @pa_ri5341 Sibultaura moana tapao oua honu fafarua art polynesianmix modern polynesianmodern inked ink tattoobypatuteam funpiece calftattoo tahiti rapatattooartist aroga

1月18日(土) * #書道 calligraphy #字 #筆記用具 #ボールペン字講座 #ペン習字 ink coolwabisabi sumi #手書き artistic#手書きツイート #美文字 #書法japaneseculture #和 #ペン字 #筆文字 #習字 beautiful #手書きツイートしてる人と繋がりたい #名言シリーズ obapro#国語専門塾 japaneseartstyle

Took it like a champ @barberajas 🙌🏼 I love how these little OE M’s came out! Swipe to see mom and dads together. . . .tattoo tattlife newtattoo ink tatt lovewhatyoudo getcreative tattoos riseandgrind tattoos mixedmedia alwaysgrowing artsaves sevastra artsavesm m oe oldenglish smalltattoo tinytattoos

Available designs 🧲 Email for details

I found my unfinished drawing of Michael Jackson. Unfortunately the paper is crumpled. drawing pencil ink art michaeljackson

人不能被判為奴,只能自認為奴。 —— 康德 . . . .calligraphychinesecalligraphy handwriting japanesecalligraphy ink iroshizukupen fountainpen art artwork #手寫 #手寫字 #漢字 #文字 #硬筆 #硬筆書法 #書法 #書道 #鋼筆 #萬年筆 #習字 #手寫文字 #筆 #毛筆字 #語錄

Sooooo I took a break from my usual work to improve on my skills with a value study and here's the final piece. I really like this one a lot. Yep that's all a have to say. Have a good weekend everyone❤️

Columbo by @inkbybali ‼️Appointment available in February‼️inked ink inkedlife realistictattoo bnginksociety bngtattoo tirol landeck austria #❤dog car

Squiggling it old school ink doodle doodles linedrawing

@inesdelafressangeofficial @inesdelafressangeparis inesdelafressange style icon legend beauty brains chic parisienne paris parisian star glam inesonmymind portrait ink @jacquesherbin.official agent @arnaudgac

This never happened and, at the same time, happens very often.

Booking for March is open in Stockholm and Gothenburg 🇸🇪

Adventure time

Фрагмент рукава🔥 Сделано за 6 часов. —— Мастер Сергей🍫 —— Для записи на сеанс и бесплатную консультацию, а также по вопросам стоимости писать в Директ🔺 —— Действует рассрочка на татуировки🔥

We finished this lovely mandala and flower piece for my beautiful Charlie🖤 The dotwork in the mandala’s is different shades of black and grey. It is so difficult to photograph well, so I’ll upload more pictures! More mandala’s with flowers please! Really enjoyed this lovely piece🌸 (Little devil not by me) Done at the amazing @tokyotattoo We love hearing from you, get in touch✨ 📞 01242 300165 💌 studios@tokyotattoo.co.uk . . .finelinetattooscheltenham floraltattoo floraltattooscheltenham cheltenhamtattoo tokyotattoo ghazaljafaritattooart femaleartistsofinstagram mandalatattoo dotworktattoo dotworker sidetattoo flowerstagram tattooideas dots cheltenham bodypositive bodypositivity tattoo ink

Fun pair of sunflowers on @lnations97 today,🌻 thanks for looking.

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