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Inktober Day 18! It’s a little late but I was able to get it done at least a bit overtime but here’s my other OC, Kara the cat spirit with Candle again! . . .inktober inktober2019

The pretending day no 2)) I’m really sorry for posting it later than I should, but don’t worry, I’ve already drew day 19, will post it in the evening) inktober2019 inktober inktober2019day18 inktoberbelarus

Day 18: Misfit . Wendsday Addams,I've always loved her character 'cause she's such a extrange person, is so different form others! . .inktober2019 inktober day18 misfit wensdayaddams miercolesaddams poison weird extrange handmadeart traditionalart saltimpumpkinart

Inktober 19 : Sling . [Eng/Fran] . Hello everyone today is sling. I imagined the moon would throw regular stars with a bat to create shooting stars during the night. . Bonjour à tous aujourd'hui le thème est sling (projectile, fronde,...). J'ai imaginé que la lune lançait les étoiles standards à coup de batte pour créer des étoiles filantes durant la nuit. .ink inktober Inktober2019 blackandwhite noireetblanc blackandwhiteart traditianalart penart Pen lineart line linework instartist artistofintagram artofinstagram sling nightsky moonandstars moon lune etoile etoiles

Inktober Day 18 . Common Snipe During our hikes in the beautiful nature of Iceland we saw these little cuties quite a few times. As always I was super excited every time one of them made an appearance while making funny sounds and been absolutely adorable. 💕inktober2019 inktoberchallenge inking painting dailydrawing inkdrawing dailydoodle sketchinstadaily sketchingdaily sketchbook illustrator ink illustration inktober blackworknow illustrationow illustratorsofinstagram icelandart inkart artistsoninstagram inktobergreece igersgreece inktoberart bird commonsnipe birdillustration inktoberday18

The last slide was inspiration. My friend used it for a project from google and she told me and I wanted to do Pride ghosts. If you know who drew the last slide, please tell me. . . . . . . .pride lgbt inktober inktober2019 ink ghosts art drawing traditionalart traditionaldrawing artoninstagram

Чтобы пусто не было. Wip на inktober Русую мало, либо дома (редко и помногу), либо на учебе (часто и по чуть чуть). Поэтому и так мало полноценных работ. Да и скетчей тоже.... art sketch #арт #рисунок #скетчinktober2019 painting drawing

‪Wild Dragon.‬ ‪Day 16: InkTober, Wild + LinkTober, Dragon.‬ ‪Used dip ink pen and ink wash.‬ ‪Inktober Inktober2019 inktoberday16 linktober Linktober2019 inkdrawing inkart penart

Consegui fazer dois em um dia rs, não estou mais tão tão atrasado . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .desenhodigital desenho art arte drawing inktober2019 inktober inktoberbrasil sabadou dccomics dc titans jovenstitans youngjustice garfield mutano wild

Day 19 - HARVEST "Ah... but isn't that a head?" (ever listened to Yield from Sound Horizon? That's what kind of inspired this one. Thanks, 12 y/o me) inktober Inktober2019 artchallenge ink illustration mixedmedia traditionalart artist drawing draw igart instart artistsoninstagram illustrator illustragram artdiscover art myart drawingoftheday visualart harvest

Inktober day 18: " Misfit". Love your self. Because we are originales and only ones. inktober2019 ink draw drawinglove loveyourself ilovethecolors colors misfits onlyone art octoberart artlovers namaste iloveyou byedarkness @valeryhellen @inktober @inktober2019 @jakeparker

In Sardegna c'è tutta questa tradizione orafa molto intrippante. . . . .inktober2019 inktober inktoberitalia inkdrawing ink sketchbook penart pen blackandwhite doodle scribble ornament jewelry sardegna sardegna

inktober2019 day 17: wind character + lotus I was today years old when I realized when my current paper bleeds it bleeds bad and damage the backside. Yuck 🤕🤮 I hope that I still do justice to Lennah's beauty...... inktober ink GranblueFantasy #グラブル gbfinktober2019

It don’t feel like Inktober without a witchgirl sketch inktober2019 inktober witch witchgirl scarf bighat sorceress

Inktober prompt :wildinktober2019 inktober

Hehe what if I posted six days of ink rover because school wouldn’t let me get the time to do them AhAhA inktober2019 dragon inktober drawingart ghost skeleton halloween

Inktober 19th - Slinginktober2019 inktober

Day 18 of inktober is "The Witcher" I actually just read The Last Witch a few weeks ago but I don't think Garolt would like being a dragon. So here I've got a thorny crystal dragon guarding the precious gems that he holds dear. . . .art inktober2019 ink inks dippen leonardtprincipal nibs dragon beardeddragon crystaldragon crystals thewitcher iknowitneedsmoreblacksbutidontknowwheretiputthem mightretouchlater hscomicstudio

Inktober day 19: sling Sling Man, the hero that throws the first stone. . . .inktoberday19 inktober inktober2019

🔴 Florence Nightingale 🔴 Florence Nightingale, est une infirmière britannique, pionnière des soins infirmiers modernes et de l'utilisation des statistiques dans le domaine de la santé.inktober2019 inktober feminist illustration

C'est déjà le 19e jour de l'inktober d'@eva_chatelain. Voici ma proposition pour le thème "jardin". A demain 🌿 . . .inktobeva inktober2019 ink garden jardin catober cat womendrawing woman hideandseek hide illustrations

Inktober2019/ Duodécimo dia/Reto30x30 / Temàtica Universo Hellboy Muchísimas gracias a @xavijuanart por currarse una lista tan guapa!!! Originales en venta tamaño 16x21 papel Cansón 200gr precio 10euros+gastosenvioinktober ink bd bandedessinee graphicnovel comic comicillustration americancomics inktober2019 inktoberlist2019 inktoberprompts illustration drawingwildstyle hellboy hellboymovie hellboycomics hellboy2019

Filmtober Day 18: Edward Scissorhands, from Edward Scissorhands. Yeah I know this isn't a horror movie, but still an iconic Halloween character nonetheless. Plus you gotta admit, the design is a little creepy. 💜🔪inktober inktober2019 filmtober edwardscissorhands johnnydepp

Inktober Day18 “Misfit”👻🤷🏻‍♀️ inktober inktober2019 misfit uniballsigno copicmarkers copicwithus

inktober2019 Day 19 "Sling" Get well soon Moomin moominvalley

I’m so lazy aa!! • Listen,, it looks like I’m WAAAY behind, but the truth is.... I’m only a little behind bylikefourdayssdahlsjdh! I’ve just got a backload of inktober drawings i have yet to post, because i’m dumb. But here, have this one for pattern. • It’s a bit of a stretch, but for this day I just went with how hunters/trackers look for tracks, markings, and other recognizable behaviors of animals— patterns, if u will— in order to predict their movements and ultimately find them. So my spin on it includes creatures from my oc story called the Gayata. Superstitious, dogmatic and highly persistent when it comes to tracking religious dissenters! ;) • I really liked drawing the tunnel of trees in this lol • • •inktober2019 animals forest blackandwhite greyscale art digitalart artistsoninstagram digitalartist oc originalcharacter originalspecies monster alien tracks myart hunter

Day nineteen: Misfit. inktober inktober2019 cheshirecat

Inktober: Day 18 - Misfit. I thought I posted it but forgot ahhhhh!!! Little bit late. •inktober inktober2019 inktober18 nathanyoung misfits

Avui l 'Inktober va de metall... I el text és molt llarg. O sigui que si el voleu llegir, tireu de traduccions. - Today's Inktober is for metal... " Society fails to tolerate me, and I had failed to tolerate society Still I can't find what you adore Inside I hear the echoes of an inner war. Nothing can take the horror from me Your sick world of loss of all morality My hate has grown as strong as my confusion My only hope my only solution is violentrevolution" Ok, you don't need to be grown confused and full of hate. Sometimes you only need not having more options... We just ran out of peaceful options. Now a lot of countries are asking what's the real catalan problem. Well, the problem we catalan people have is the spanish government and the spanish state. Most of this people in this massive demonstrations wouldn't be there if Spain knew what "respect for cultures and people" mean. Spain is just an artificial construction for unite a lot of different countries: catalunya galiza euskalherria ... So the problem are not we. The problem is their violence of not knowing how to respect different people. And our problem is the great fake of "transición española". Don't you get confused: Spain is a fascist state.inktober2019 spainispain spainisafasciststate metalhead metal kreator hand m mano lovemusichatefascism

INKTOBER Day 17: Ornament Got too tired to do this one yesterday. Went for a simple concept. Also, i picked up some new pens, so hopefully my drawing quality gets a little better.inktober2019 ink inktober drawing art artist artistsoninstagram person danger claustrophobia ornament festive newpens

Day 16. Prompts are blood and wild. My brain just gave out on this one and now I hate it. madieink19 inktober2019 inktober @madie_arts @jakeparker @inktober

Protegeré su felicidad con mi vida... Día 17: Adorno inktober2019 inktober

Inktober Day 16! 😛inktober inktober2019

Hello les petits os ! Petite contribution du jour à la inktober 2k19! Sling : fronde ! Coquine qui plus est ;) Pour ceux qui aime bien mon style etc, il faut liker la page, la publication, partager et il y a même une boutique Etsy (blue link in the bio) Black is the new skin, be straight edgeinktober surrealism inktober2019 inktobersling sling gagballs hot sexy sm skull ink illustration brutal macabreart blackwork fabercastell graphics graff artwork sketch tattoo art minimalist graphics design graff draw dex sackaos lyon

inktober Day 18 "Misfit". There are two types of people in the world. Berserk fans, and people who haven't read Berserk.

avatar e-girl insta filter meets euphoria but make it spoopy 🕸

Day 18/31: The final straw was a bra that actually cut into my shoulder blade!inktober2019 inktober therezinkodrawings comic comics cartoon drawing pen ink sketch yegarts yegartist yegcomics yeglocal yegmade

Day 18: Misfit 👽 . . . Kinda hate this but here it is. I regret rushing through it. Oh well. Anyway, I seriously think my hand needs a break, guys. It hurts so bad. 😪 I might actually save tomorrows prompt for another day. 🤷‍♀️ . . . .art artsy drawings create ink draw drawingoftheday cartoon inktober lineart painting artgallery nerd instagood tattoo wild halloween portrait selfportrait viral illustration artist artofinstagram animation selfie instaart drawing sketch diy inktober2019

Inktober 2019 "Overgrown" My half giant Oc in her school days. :3Inktober inktober2019 halfgiant schoolgirl tallgirl artwork

An Inktober Story 6. Aurélien a les yeux fermés, il écoute le bruit de l’eau qui glisse sous la coque, il sent l’odeur du sel, le soleil qui perce les nuages et qui vient caresser avec une douce chaleur la peau de sa joue. Marvin est allongé, la tête posée sur sa main. Aurélien entend des mouettes au loin, leurs cris sont de plus en plus nombreux et poussent le garçon hors de ses rêveries. D’un coup le bateau accélère grandement, Aurélien est surpris, le vent s’est levé en un instant, il a bien du mal à contrôler les voiles. Des mouettes apparaissent de partout et volent derrière le bateau, c’est comme si elles voulaient l’emmener quelque part. Le garçon est paniqué, il arrête de manoeuvrer, il a perdu le contrôle, il sait que cela ne sert à rien de lutter et décide de se laisser porter… Une île, au loin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .dockvincent inktober inktoberstory illustration illustrationoftheday draw drawing art artwork watercolor ink sea boat adventure story poissonrve illustrator painting inktober2019

An Inktober Story 1. Il existe une légende chez les pêcheurs et chacun a sa propre version. Un poisson doré qui n'est pas plus grand que la paume d'une main, passerait chaque automne près du port laissant derrière lui une étrange brume. Il disparaîtrait ensuite dans des mers inconnues. Nombreux pêcheurs et aventuriers ont voulu le poursuivre, mais le monde change après son passage, animaux, océans et îles deviennent étranges. Aurélien et son fidèle chien Marvin ont embarqués à bord d'un petit Optimist, l'esprit plein de rêves, de rêves de ce petit poisson doré. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .dockvincent inktober inktoberstory illustration illustrationoftheday draw drawing art artwork watercolor ink sea boat adventure story poissonrve illustrator painting inktober2019

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