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always snuggling 💕🍼 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• . . . . . @cats_of_instagram @bestmeow @cutepetclub @animals.co @cats_of_world_ @kittycatees @kittiesaddict @catocomba @wefluffy @instacatorangecat kitten kittens kittensofinstagram cat cats cats_of_instagram cutekitten instacat instakitten catloversclub happycatclub thedailykitten balousfriends catsocket bestmeow meowed orangecatsofinstagram orangecatsofig orangetabbycat tabbycat orangecatclub orangecatlove orangecatlover californiacats catsofcalifornia gingercat cats_of_instastory cutecatsofinstagram

Before going to bed we went out together.🐾🐾 I and Boo have known each other for a week, thanks to him, my life is so much better.💙💙💙💙💙💙 Good night, thank you follow him, I love you all😻😻😻😻😻 cats_of_instagram kittens_of_instagram devonrex meow lovecats petlove pets gatos instakitten instacats instacat animals instacat_meow bestmeow catsofig kittensofig excellent_cats cat_featurescutekitten kitten kittens lovekittens meow_beauties elegantcats catsofinstagram excellent_cats instacat_meows kittensofinstagram britskorthaar britsekorthaar

Малыши подрастают!нам три недели! #котыкошки#котята#породистыекотята#питомник#котятаизпитомника#священнаябирма#бирманскиекотята#пушистыекошки#милота#питомниккошекbirmankittenbirman_cats_loversbelie_lapkilegendavostokasacredbirmaninstakitteninstabirmaninstacatcatstagramcats_of_worldcatloverscats_of_instagram#бирманскаякошка#голубоглазыекошки

Miss Eve sitting pretty

. . . #кот #кошка #британскийкот #котяра😻cat britishcat cats #котофото #котя #котбританец #мойкот #фотокота #израиль #ашкелон #лучшийкотвмире #котвдоме #мойкот #умныйкот #суперкот caturday britishshorthair bluebritishshorthair bsh bluebsh britishcat instakitty instakitten instacat catsofinstagram catsofig catastic catagram

This is my smug face. Delighted with my @zooplusuk haul. Thank you for the goodies, human. I promise to be nice to you for the next 24 hours. Or, I’ll try to be nice at least. 😼 • • •alfiecat cat cats catoftheday catsofinstagram catsofscotland gato ginger gingercat gingercats gingercatsrule hideandseek instacat instakitten kitten kittens lesbianswithcats nature meow orangecat purr perth perthshire scotland scottish scottishkittyclub smugcat shoppinghaul caturday zooplus

That's the spot!!

He loves to watch cartoons of Tom and Jerry🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀 cats_of_instagram kittens_of_instagram devonrex meow lovecats petlove pets gatos instakitten instacats instacat animals instacat_meow bestmeow catsofig kittensofig excellent_cats cat_featurescutekitten kitten kittens lovekittens meow_beauties elegantcats catsofinstagram excellent_cats instacat_meows kittensofinstagram britskorthaar britsekorthaar

Hi hello good morning

SIA in Wonderland..??😺 How beautiful is a Mother Nature..🌿 Our 6 month old savannahcat on the walk 🐾 🦌+🐆= 💭👇 * * * *catonaleash savannahkitten catvideos catonthewalk mothernature catvideooftheday catphotography f7savannah @cats_of_instagram cat catslife videooftheday savannahf7 #лучшеевидео catsofinstagram bestvideo instakitten airplaneears dearphotographer talkingcat catphotography bestcats savannahsofinstagram catvideo catphotoshoot cats_of_instagram catsofday

I must have his hand on my belly! He’s forbidden from moving it or I will bite. instagay instakitty instasphynx instakitten kittensofinstagram hairless_catstagram

She reaches out and pulls my hand onto her belly. But no rubbing or the biting starts. The collar gets in her way but she’d bite id she could. instagay instakitty instasphynx instakitten kittensofinstagram hairless_catstagram

Good luck in your forever home Lucas!! He is such a beautiful boy 😍

Purrrrrfect! 😽😽😽 This is a throwback from @tinyfoldmunchkin to when these two - Pancake and Liam - we’re nibbly little kittens. ❤️❤️❤️ Two too gorgeous! 👇👇👇 Double tap if you agree.

BALU~ What could I do...? We‘ve weekend, it’s cold and rainy outside, my sis doesn’t wanna play with me, mummy has to learn...💤💤💤 S L E E Pbritishshorthaircat catlife britishshorthair catsofinstagram topcatphoto britishcat instacats catlover cutecats instacat kitten ilovemycat catstagram catsoftheworld katzen whiskas fluffy silvertabby britischkurzhaar kittylove meowing catsofinsta babykatze instakitten hallein bkhkitten #猫 nofilterchallenge

The things you have no control of are always the hardest. 🖤 Every kitten that has come through our door is an abundance of cherished memories. Each one teaches us something new & fills our hearts in ways we didn't expect. 🖤 Fostering has been such a gift & learning experience, but do not be fooled by all the cuteness, because it is also hard work. We love being apart of making a difference in the lives of the vulnerable babies, but like all things there is always the side of things no one wants to be on. For us, it's heartbreak. 💔 🖤 Saturday morning we got a call from one of our amazing adopters. Khloe's mom had messaged us in the middle of the night stating she was taking Khloe into the emergency vet for a swelled belly & lethargy. That mornings call was the one no foster or animal parent wants to hear. Khloe tested positive for FIP a fatal disease. There is no cure & therefore no other option than to relieve her from suffering. 🖤 FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) is a caused by the coronavirus. The coroavirus is common in cats & in most cases no cause for concern. However, there are the rare cases like Khloe where the animal will have a genetic mutation in their genes that causes the heartbreaking symptoms associated with clinical FIP. Veterinarians still don't fully understand this disease or why it happens. 🖤 We are beyond grateful that we had the chance to remove Khloe from the streets, give her a home filled with love, & pass her on to an amazing mommy, who we know gave her the best life she could in the short time they had together. 🖤 Our hearts are broken, but this is further testament to the work we are doing. If not for having fosters Khloe would have died alone on the streets and no animal deserves that. 🖤 In her honor we would love for our friends & followers to make a donation to your local animal shelter or foster groups. Your small gift makes a greater difference than you may ever know. Thank you

Repost from @cutepetsdesires • I'm so adorable how can you not love me.❤😍🐈📽 @insta_catskittens kitten instakitten instakitty instakittens instacat instacats catoftheday cats_of_instagram kittens kittenplay catlover meow lovecat animals animal pet petoftheday petofinstagram

He found the perfect place to hang!

Welcome Maestro! 😻 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 @houseofrob kitten kittens kittensofinstagram catstagram cats cat instakitten instacat catsofinstagram

Dakota malade, son frère reste collé à elle. Envoyez des ondes positives! 🎐 dakota baliinstakitten bbémaladeadoptionresponsable association protectionanimale strilisationsolutionbbésmagiques minousmagiques

Please brush me.

It’s getting cold outside so we’re curling up for cuddles with catmum, our catdad @Mattsharklfc and mum’s friend @claudyafrica. Not sure what I think of this hat mum has picked out though! instakitten kittengram instacat catinahat mittens dailykitten kittycat hygge wintervibes knithat thebigknit innocentbigknit @innocent meowmy whiskersonkittens catsofinstagram instacat tuxedocat tuxedocatsofinstagram sleepykitten kittycat catlady

Три шотландских прямоушки Сели рядом на подушке❤️❤️❤️ Каждый котик должен знать, Как полезно отдыхать😺 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 Котики Лайон и Марципан находятся в продаже, девочка Нутелла (самая младшенькая) зарезервирована. По вопросам покупки пишите в директ ✒️😊 #продажакотят #котятанапродажу #купитькотенка #котятакупить #страйт #хайленд #скоттишстрайт #рыжийкот #котэ #котикиправятмиром #безкотажизньнета #котятаизпитомника #котятаМосква #красивыекотята #породистыекотята #кошки #шотландскиекошки #котики #трио Kalistofiuscats kitten lovecats catlover scottishstraight funnycats sweetcats catstagram instakitten catoftheday catsoftheworld

📰 Good News ‼️ Porque notícia boa é para ser comemorada e compartilhada! 😊 Adivinhem quem passou o feriadão no conforto de seu lar, cercado de proteção e carinho? Isso mesmo, o gatinho mais velho da Resgatinhos, Carlito! 😍 Vejam quanto amor e felicidade esse menino está recebendo! Ele partiu ser feliz e agora é irmão da gatinha Chloe, adotada há alguns meses conosco. E como para amar e curtir a vida não tem idade, ele está aproveitando de montão sua merecida aposentadoria. Seja feliz, lindão! As tias aqui torceram muito por este momento! 🎉🎉🎉🎉😍🐱 resgatinhos_da_tia_lunaocompreadoteadotenaocompreeuamogatossinstacatsinstakittenbichanosBRadocaoresponsavelcatsofinstagramilovecats

ぼくは いつも ぜんりょくとうきゅうのはずでしゅが… おかしいでしゅ😽 * I always fight hard fairly😼✨ However, it seems to be wrong😽💦 * @pecotv さんに 可愛く編集して頂きました💓 * コメントお返事も訪問もできずにすみません🙏頂いたコメントは全て楽しく読ませてもらっています😊💓 * #きっちゃんのポカスカシリーズ  #東海ねこ部 #くうちゃんへ届け元気玉 #月輪グ戦士ぱっちゃん頑張ルンバ #マンチカン #猫 #ねこ cat cats #にゃんこ #ニャンコ #みんねこ #短足 munchkin instakitten #ペコねこ部 sippo #ねこのきもち pecotv #きじしろ #キジシロrakutenpet munchkinlovers

britishshorthair britishcat catsofinstagram instakitten #британскиекотята kittens instacat catlover cat cats catstagram cats_of_world #котенок #британскаякошка kittycat #британскаяшиншилла silvercat #британец kitten catpic britishchinchilla goldenbritish silverchinchilla mooneyes like4like cutekittens catoftheday

Поохотился 🐀, можно и поспать 💤 ______________________________________ #британскийкот #котики #инстакот #британскаязолотаяшиншила kotka fitted #Плюшевыйкот catofthedays meow kedi katz catstagram catlover catsuit catplaytime catsofinstagram club_of_cats gatto mao kittens kitty koty koto koten_insta kotzen kocka koátka instakitten instapets

🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 . . . . . . . . . .instameow instakittie instakitties instagramer instacat instakitten catstagram catlover cats_of_instagram catlovers cats catoftheday

I am definitely the grumpy dad who didn't want the damn cat but now absolutely adores her and can't imagine not having her 🥺🥰❤️ (post-jog hair but don't care) . . .kitten longhairedkitten blackkitten instacat instakitten catslife catsofinstagram kittensofinstagram newkitten rescuekitten dontshopadopt kittencuddles

I love going out for a walk♥️ exoticshorthair kitten instacat instameow instakitten instapet catsofinstagram meowdel meowed bestmeows bestmeowdels worldscutestcats cat cute catstagram catlovers #異國短毛貓 #幼貓 #加菲貓 #喵主子 #貓兒子 #鵝子 #貓咪

Serena got adopted today! Good luck in you're forever home ♥️

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