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Double tap if this was you. 😂

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Sé lo que te está pasando. Lo sé porque a mi también me ha pasado muchas veces y soy consciente de que la sensación asoma en momentos como este: Tienes dudas, muchas dudas. Y últimamente estás pensando en probar formas nuevas de operar en Bolsa. Mírate un momento por dentro… ¿Cuántas vueltas le has dado a la cabeza con esto de la Bolsa? Muchas. ¿Cuántas horas has pasado mirando gráficos, atendiendo a noticias, leyendo novedades y a gente más experimentada que tú sobre Bolsa? Incontables. ¿Cuánto has ido aprendiendo poco a poco en todo este tiempo? Una auténtica barbaridad. Aunque no lo creas. ¿Realmente estás dispuesto a desecharlo todo de un plumazo y poner el punto de mira en otro sitio? ¿De verdad estás dispuesto a volver a empezar a cambio de nada? La respuesta es no. La respuesta es no por dos motivos. El primero es que tanto esfuerzo necesita una recompensa. El segundo es que, aunque ahora creas que puedes olvidarte de todo, lo cierto es que no puedes, y pensar lo contrario te impediría cambiar de estrategia adecuadamente. • Sigue a @cubemarkets para aprender más sobre trading. • Fuente: https://www.novatostradingclub.com/actitud/gana-consistencia-en-tu-trading/CubeMarkets GenesisTrading Trading BMV Mxico Traders PsicologaTrading Economa Inversionistas investing Finance Finanzas emprendedor entrepreneur daytrader trader crypto cripto criptomonedas profit success dinero blockchain bolsa stocks forex bitcoin marketing

My clients are all confirming that they’ve been able to get payments frozen & interest rates reduced from banks, credit card companies, and even their landlords. How? By asking. . Asking for help doesn’t come naturally to everyone. I had to show my client that she was only hurting herself by not asking for help. No one is coming to bail her out if she can’t pay her rent. . Here are some tips: . Do it nicely. Be respectful. Bees & honey remember? You’re talking to a human being and probably someone who is also struggling. You’re not talking to Mr. JP Morgan or Mr. CapitalOne. . State your case. Explain how you’ve been impacted by Covid19 then ask what type of assistance they’re offering. . Get all the details of the offer. Will you have to pay it back, fees, etc. . Get it in writing. . Get calling! .negotiation negotiationskills creditcard creditcards banks bills

Now that we are on a stayathomeorder you might have noticed that your fur baby 🐶 is not quite happy 🙁 with his &/or her current backyard situation and neither are you‼️ That is where I come in- 🦸🏼‍♀️ I will help you find a home 🏡 with a backyard that makes you both happy‼️ 😁😁😁 Give me a call at 📞318-366-1429‼️ • • • •carolinecloses scottsells imYOURagent louisianaliving realtorlife realestate virtualtours safedistancing realestateagent johnrearealty homeownership homeexpert buildingwealth buying selling leasing investing residential land commercial industrial northeastlouisiana callMEforALLyourRealEstateNeeds

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The chart from the Forex historical above shows another example of an up trending market. In this particular scenario we are looking at nice bullish Inside Day breakout trade. This setup had the potential to produce a large return. But instead, most traders would have cut their trade prematurely out of fear. The initial trouble area for most traders would have been the first market retracement. Those traders who sat there and watched their price charts all day would have probably pulled the plug on this one too.While the market was correcting back to the mean, it started eating away at the open trade’s floating profits.Weak traders crumble under the pressure and make regretful decisions. For the traders who remained discipline, the trend recovered and the trade and were rewarded with a healthy return. Looking further on into the Forex historical data, the chart demonstrates a second ‘trouble areal. The next bearish candle which had a moderate bearish close into the body. Lots of traders would have freaked out here too because the trade moved against them and started taking away their profits. Again, most traders bail at the first signs of trouble. As I said before, these trending markets offer so much reward. Despite the good opportunity, traders continuously sabotage themselves. This self-destructive behavior is fueled from the ‘fear of losing money’. This mentality blocks a lot of traders from allowing their trades to progress naturally into a healthy return. to learn more, i highly recommend you to join the supply and demand trading course, click on the link in bio or send me a private message.ForexSignals CurrencyTrading DayTraderLifeinvest investing forexgroup business marketentrepreneur forex CFD cfdtrader pipsfinancialmarkets wallstreet stocks cryptocurrenciescharts crypto bitcoin btc trading ethlitecoin finance forexhelp traderlifestyle bitcoinmillionairesmentor mtfxmentor

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TIP: Furniture bumpers are a great way to eliminate sound when closing noisy cabinets. If you currently have soft close cabinets; good for you!!!! 😍 But for those who may need to decrease sound, these bumpers are a great option SWIPE LEFT ⬅️⬅️⬅️ First video without bumper, 2nd video with bumper. ________________________________cabinets bumper softclose peace fireplace family renovation livingroom home remodel furniture swingchair love interiordesign design joy decor luxuryhome beforeandafter architecture momhomeideas husbandandwife house realestate investing picoftheday homeoftheday style indoor plantbased

Descubrir quién eres en realidad y la naturaleza de la que estas hecho, te puede sacudir desde la cabeza hasta los pies, hasta el punto de revolucionar todo tu cuerpo y toda tu existencia. Como digo, puedes estar viviendo una vida equivocada, incompleta y sin sentido alguno, haciendo cosas que no te gustan y rodeándote de personas que no te aportan. De modo que, deberás seleccionar cuidadosamente los sujetos que convivan contigo y con los que te relaciones. Así mismo, saber cuál es tu misión, te otorgará un cáliz diferente y la motivación suficiente para impulsarte cada día. Siempre he dicho que existen dos momentos claves y vitales en la vida de un ser humano. El primero, el día que nace, y el segundo, el día que descubre para qué nace… • Sigue a @cubemarkets para aprender más sobre trading. • Fuente: https://totalcoachingblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/31/rodeate-de-gente-con-la-misma-mision-que-tu/CubeMarkets GenesisTrading Trading BMV Mxico Traders PsicologaTrading Economa Inversionistas investing Finance Finanzas emprendedor entrepreneur daytrader trader crypto cripto criptomonedas profit success dinero blockchain bolsa stocks forex bitcoin marketing

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