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Karen is on a whole other level!!! Lol! 🧐👀🧐👀 You better get her Heather!!! Lolohlort lambily catass mynameisnotsusan itskaren

That’s right bitch’s...the Karen life was earned. Get on this level honey! . . . . . .karendose dailykaren karen meme instagram love friends catsofinstagram cat itskaren karenwho

I'd like to speak to your manager. 🤨itskaren karenhaircut snappy gotspunk leaderofthefreeworld

Happy Friday! Hope you like wallballs! 810crossfit itsKaren classicCrossFit worldclassfitnesslounge

In case anyone forgets my name during the newscasts tonight, I’m wearing a hint. 😅 (Thanks to my dear friend @lauren_matthias for the gift!!)

I paid too much for a frappe that lacked everything that made it a frappe. Tastes good thoitskaren hybriddoll basicallyanicedcoffee

Hanging in the backpack I got from the Disneyland tripitskaren yeluolidoll hybriddoll

I shouldn't be alone at work otherwise crap like this happens lmaohybriddoll itskaren yeluolidoll

Karen again. I really want to take her to the botanical gardens soon.itskaren hybriddoll yeluolidoll obitsudesignerhead

Staring me down before I went to bed last night.yeluolidoll hybriddoll obitsudesignerhead itskaren

So its far from perfect but i decided to color match her head and repaimt Karen's face (the fourth time in two years). I still wuv heritskaren hybriddoll yeluoli obitsudesignerhead

Oh boy, here comes Karen. igotjokes imhilarious canispeaktoyourmanager

When your shirt says Sunday Funday, you have permission to take as many selfies as you want 👯‍♀️💕 itskaren sundayz mojitos

Oh starbucks, close but not quite. starbucksnamefail itsKaren

Monday morning pining for mountains, fall foliage, and the best company. 😭😭😭😭 hiking girlswhohike colorado itsbeginningtolookalotlikeautumn guesswho itskaren indianpeakswilderness

In my greatest Caucasian voice-->No problem. . . No thank YOU! Feel free to call me or message me if you have any questions or concerns. have a wonderful day. 😁 *Hangs up* who tf do I think I am? Lol 😂😂😂 WhoIsShe ItsKaren WorkAlterEgo

Well that was one of the scariest things I've done 😂😂🙊 100m up and shitting bricks 😂😂parascending paracraft lanzarote isitabird isitaplane itskaren holiday scary boat sea floating

come and see us at MoCCA please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! moccafest #🤙🏼we have a VERY limited amt of work books and itskaren!!! And muskforce, weaklycomics!!!!

So many assume and very few know the history of my beingkarenalston hashtag. A few years ago when I finally made the jump to Instagram I wanted to add to my personal brand. I was a huge fan of the beauty and simplicity that @maraakil created in naming the hit TV show Being Mary Jane. During this time I knew the events and growth of my personal life was impacting others. Especially my personal growth as a woman. I also knew the complexity of my life could be captured in the hashtag. I could share who I am -- good, challenges, successes and growth and maintain the authenticity of just being me. I could share my nerdy, fun, intellectual, mischievous and empowering sides of myself. I started using the hashtag beingkarenalston in 2014 to share my life. I had no idea it would connect with others. Embrace your authentic self. beingkarenalston liveyourbestlife liveauthentic branding personalstyle personalbrand mylife karen karenisms itskaren karenismyname dccreatives creativepreneur thankfulgratefulblessed purposedrivenlife mynameiskaren

Barista: Hi, what can I get started for ya? Me: Grande NonFat Chai please. Barista: What's your name? Me: Karen Barista writes on cup. Get back to my desk...... whatdoesthatsay huh welligotaheart poscuseme itskaren #???

Ain't no party like a @kbookatz party because a @kbookatz party has three sizes of Tito's Handmade Vodka itskaren

Guess who is having a birthday? And it isn't Spot... itskaren

My Sisters ~ Joe's Daughters ~ Triplets itstoy itsash itskaren

Miley Cyrus: An emotionally intuitive sage cloaked as a soulless 'Millennial Barbarella' with a weakness for scrunchies, one-legged pantsuits and wearable pinatas. Repost @mileycyrus ・・・ Beautiful art from my beautiful friend @buuski karendontbesad www.mileycyrusandherdeadpetz.com ❤️

Requisite photo opp w/ my boo (@jakemorenocoplon) in front of vanity "ITSKAREN" step and repeat. (Product development and creative direction by post-basic powerhouse duo, @grandtheftamy & @bethanygl)

Happy birthday to this cute thang!

The itskaren step and repeat. Happy bday @kbookatz 🎂

Bless this mess. itskaren

A Barbra Streisand singing birthday telegram for @kbookatz itskaren

💥QUESTION; Why does everybody look at me crazy when I say I'm shy?!?! 😳 I'm hella shy! Yall are crazy! 😩✋ AnasWorld Shy Hellashy Shyascanbe Shyness ismymiddlename Lmfao Notreally ItsKaren butstill swerve Lol Songby Mariahcarey Alwaysbemybaby oldiebutgoodie !

❤️❤️ I can't imagine life without mine !! itskaren duh regramfrompeppermayo

Cumulus at Rab cc @kbookatz itskaren

"the clapper on crack or cumulus: an interactive exhibition of light and sound." itskaren

Last week at my bosses Casa!! fire smores itskaren mmm

Is there a Caddy Heron here? "It's pronounced Cady C-A-D-Y" Starbucks meangirls itskaren

Bitch stole my Venti Soy Latte. Cc: @grandtheftamy itskaren

itskaren don't fuck with me this my brother and I got 3 more don't call me a thot no more cause I will have them haunt u Down and beat your asss

Summer dress

Coming soon- เสื้อกระเหรี่ยงประยุกต์ เป็นผ้าฝ้ายทอมือ งานปราณีต ฝีมือช่างทอท้องถิ่น

Really Jack?😒 itskaren

151 of 365. Warrior Dash with @takin_karen_of_business you can't tell but we super muddy WarriorDash ItsTheWarriorDashNotWarriorWalk ThatsTheMotivationINeed DatAssDoe CasualMudPit CasualBarbedWire CasualWallClimb Muddy WeWarriors Ohio

My cousins are just the best. The result of not seeing each other for a few months, I miss you two ☺️❤️ cousinlove itskaren family poquitomas shermanoaks lovethem @illewsion98

Say Hi to Karen Guys ☺️👋👋 sayhi itsKaren WhosKaren Karen okaybye hi MiAmiga @whos_karen

show me your muffin top.

it's karen. @kbookatz

karen's cooter.

flan it if you got it.

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