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1 year ago vs toady, nothing has changed! I love you forever and a day babe! 🦇🎃👻🖤 @jpabstractart • •spirithalloween spirit halloween halloweenstore memories 1yearvsnow thenandnow spooky spoopy spookydate datenight halloweendate boyfriend bf jerbear lovehim myworld soulmate emocouple punkcouple

Beyond proud of this little champ who is making all his milestones, growing with leaps and bounds and sleeping through the night already! We are truely blessed to have you Jeremy ❤️ themanyfacesofjeremy jerbear almost6weeks

Said my last goodbye to this guy today! until next time.. jerbear jer jerry berry jj

Here’s me, Miau Miau Bean, and Jer-Bear enjoying a peaceful morning this past weekend, luckily meowmmy is addicted to 90 Day Fiancé and catdad watches football, so there was a lot of lounging and long petting sessions all weekend 🤗 🐱 Miauzy JerBear orangesiberiancat catshangingout

Like a steam locomotive, rolling down the track. He's gone, he's gone and nothings gonna bring him back. He's sold! Thank you everyone for the continuing support. guezalleria marqspusta jerrygarcia jerbear divinebarrel charlotte charlotteart queencityart qcart crowntown QC artnolongerforsale

Why did the bride change her last name? Because it had a nice 💍 to it 🤣 oh you beautiful 👰🏻 you, @jyoung604, you were just 🍺 perfect! I’m so glad I was able to witness and watch you guys become o🐟ial. Also, I have the prettiest friends. END STATEMENT. jbjyweds jbjywedding NHA🙅🏽‍♀️JerBear pantsuitsftw

Family Mass today for Jeremy’s school. He presented 😍 proudmomma jerbear sunday church sundaysareforchurch

10 years ago today I lost my beautiful friend Jerry to suicide. I’ll never forget the texts from him that night and everyone who tried to save his life. But more than that I won’t forget him and how special he was. September is National Suicide Prevention month. Be a lifeline. Be there when someone is in crisis and follow up. The guilt from losing someone to suicide is real and those wounds never heal. Get involved with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline program or the America Foundation of Suicide Prevention and learn how to recognize the signs, volunteer, walk, be a mentor, support the cause and most importantly support each other. Life is fragile and we need each other. bethe1to AFSP nationalsuicidepreventionmonth JerBear SpiritGuide

The best way to dry off sundaymorning jerbear ownidea

pizza + jerbear = amorboulder colorado @pizzerialocale

My JerBear 🐻🙊🙈 throwback to September Long 2019! 😉😍

Oops I didn’t add my watermark so please don’t steal it For @byler.void cuz she stans jerbear Underrated jerbear he deserves so much more attention ❤️ @jeremyraytaylor jeremy ray taylor jeremyraytaylor jerbear cute badass bad aftereffects ae edit it itchapter2 explore explorepage ben benhanscom

Jeremy’s first adventure to the beach! 💙 Jerbear freshair helovedit

Happy birthday to my lil papi Jeremy. My sweet boy turned 7 today ❤ He may or may not be my favorite kid. angrylilmidget mamasboy jerbear hasmewrapped

I made a commitment this month to get out and walk every morning with my boys. Sometimes I don’t feel like it but I always feel better after we do! Such a great way to start our day!! joeyray tommymartin jeraldezra sweetbabyboy littlesquishy jerbear boymom anoisewithdirtonit theharnishbrothers theharnishboys letthembelittle lifewithboys mythreesons livingourbestlife childofgod momlifeisthebestlife honestmotherhood motherhood

One month old and as squishy as ever 😍🐻 jerbear onemonthold

My Jeremiah 💪 jerbear strong stronglittleboy mommybabyboy💙 🤦🏽‍♀️

Dancing Rabbis - Grateful Dead Jer Bear mashup shirts! - Design by Anshie Kagan @anshie_art - Available in 10 different colors at our Etsy shop: https://etsy.me/2TTw6xD -avenumalkenudesigns phish phishlot hebrew israel jewish gratefuldead jerbear

-Watching Over You- I’ll be watching over you I’ll be blessing all you do I’ll be loving all of you Yes, now I’ll be watching over you • • Cole is sitting on the beach in this picture. His daddy loved the beach. I never got to go to the beach with my brother when he was in Florida but, last year I saw a guy on a paddle board standing up and paddling on the calm surf. It was morning time and this guy looked and paddled just like Jer. I could’ve sworn it was him. He’s still playing tricks on me. At least it was a good laugh. I miss him. 🏄‍♂️🐠🛶🏝 • • • • • • •watchingoveryou originallyrics gonetoosoon bro jerbear suicideawarenessmonth suicideprevention suicide awareness mentalhealthawareness alcoholicsanonymous alcohol alcoholink youareloved selflove dontgiveup lifeisworthliving

Another Wedding in the books! Check out that handsome Ring bearer (oops! I mean Ring Security) jerbear 💜 Follow @crwevents my eventplanning studio

These are my people. I held these beautiful lives in my arms when they were tiny, and now I get to watch them hold the tiny lives that I have birthed. It’s such a beautiful thing to see children you love grow and then in turn love your own children.... I’m so thankful for the treasure these young people are to me, so proud of them and so excited for their future. wren gracegirl jerbear sweetwilliam auntlife

Jerald will be 2 months on Monday! He is now smiling and cooing and loves to be held! His favorite activity is breast feeding (lol) and he loves having all of his siblings to watch and learn from! He’s growing so fast and needs to slow it down! jerbear 2monthpics

Another adventure at Kiwani’s today ♥️ jerbear studmuffin

Of course its Jeremy *I know he said wyatt snacks the most after* Trying to be more active and post a lot more Tags: jeremyraytaylor jerbear jerbearsquad jerrayray cute feelingpeachy feelingcute sophialillis jackdylangrazer jaedenmartell jaedenwesley jaedenlieberher idk explore explorepage itchapter2 it

Heck no Typhoid! Getting Moz ready! Praying, fasting, and still fundraising our way to Africa! CortezFamilyOnMission immunized MozHereWeCome! ezrababy jerbear

I have merch now and its available @ildoberescue https://www.ildoberescue.com/store/jerbear illinoisdobermanrescueplus adorabull rescue bulldogsofinstagram merch supportyourlocalrescue

Happy Birthday to our most favourite person ever! Jeremy and I are the luckiest alive to have a hubby and daddy like you looking out for us ❤️ such a beautiful day celebrating another lap around the sun and treasuring new memories with our little boy ☀️ birthdayadventures jerbear

“Jerry wanna take a selfie?” . . . . . .aapjerbearjerrycamelqualitytimeanimaladventureparkzookeeper

Me and my handsome boyfriend, my Jer Bear 🖤bfsofig handsomefella lovemybabe jerbear boyfriendofinsta lifeissplendid happyheart

Happy 30th Birthday to this AMAZING soul!! I can’t believe it’s only been a year since we met 😳 and since then it’s been.... •OTR II concert •Miami beach •Bali •Disney in Orlando •NYC shenanigans Next up....the rest of the world! ✈️🌍 Here’s to many more years of prosperity, love and blessings my friend! jerbeardirtythirtybirthdaygirlbalinesequeensmiamibabesdisneyprincessestravelnursesworkwifesouthernbellefriendsforever

Together for over 13 years and he still puts up with my weirdness. @jeremiahdanger you deserve a pat on the back. jerbear jerry jerome

PRAISE REPORT Today, I’m thankful for this desert season! A place where God allured us… where He spoke tenderly to us in the waiting. Where we learned at a greater measure than ever before of His loving-kindness, restoration, and character. Was it difficult to endure? ABSOLUTELY…BUT GOD! I cannot begin to count the wonderful ways HE tended to our hearts, gifted us with precious time for our family, restored our marriage, lifted us up in commUNITY, and led us to a place where all we could do was TRUST! BE ENCOURAGED: God is FOR YOU…never against you! He is a GOOD GOOD Father who simply wants to help us clean out our hearts until all that remains is HIS Love. Below is a post written by my husband that further captures where we were… and where HE is taking us next! All Glory To KING JESUS!! “5 long months of praying for a job will come to an end tomorrow morning as I start my new job as a Senior Staff Video Producer for SiriusXM Radio. Whaaat? Not only do I get to work for a great company, I get to work with friends and have benefits for the first time since we moved to TN. God really showed up big time on this one... he opened a door I had no idea even existed and shut so many I tried to walk through that were wrong for me. With no consistent income he kept us well fed, kept gas in our cars and our home in perfect condition. He provided a new school for Cam and gave me many sweet intimate morning moments in worship on the porch. He gave me time to rest, time to work on our nonprofit, time to serve at church, and time to reflect and appreciate what is really important. Thank you Jesus! 🙌 A special shout-out to my wife Amy Kletecka Weber who will be picking up the slack as I head back to work and to all of our amazing prayer warriors who have stood by us. We love you all! Our bank account may be a tad (only temporarily) depleted but I've never been more filled up. I can't wait to see how God uses me now!! Let's do this!”marriage desert hosea2 butgod kingdomfamily jerbear

You’re the only one that knows what my heart sounds like 💕mum momlife cuddles sandcastle beach jerbear babybear heartbreakweekend stayforever imu

Had a blast yesterday running around our own backyard! It's amazing the beauty you find in the most unexpected places when you just get out and look for it. denver colorado visitdenver colfax fivepoints rino mercurycafe edgewater getout graffiti artists undercoverartists color colorful photography lovemycity beautyinthestreets summer adventure sunflower jerbear happy rvca rvcahats

Kicking starting off the year with some awesome pics of my children🍎 may his year be blessed with wisdom and success, and may he be covered by the blood of the lamb♥️ jerbear mylove firstgrader stgregorythegreat myknightinshiningarmor

Some people just brighten your life by being in it ☀️ I love this dude more than I can express... & let me tell you, there is never a dull moment when we’re together 🤦🏻‍♀️😂🖤 SoulFamily SoulTribe JerBear NatNat DoubleTrouble HesAHoot BestFriends

You will never walk alone, you have my shoulders to lean on and you have my arms to call home. These rings are a promise that I love you with all my heart and that you have my heart until we get married and for the rest of my life. Vir Altyd Jouneengagement tweeisbeteraseen viraltydjoune hasie jerbear rings gay instagay men instatravel instamood instagram instapic instaquote instadaily

When your foster mom comes over to visit you show her all your love and appreciation xoxo @lolokelliher @ildoberescue jerbear americanbully fosteringsaveslives adopteddogsarethebest

My guy Jerry just snoring away JerBear BigBoySzn

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